Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1c3d1c3d1c3d 1c3d 1c3d
2gujA2gujA2gujA 2gujA 2gujA
2a9iA2a9iA2a9iA 2a9iA 2a9iA
1hzfA1hzfA1hzfA 1hzfA 1hzfA
1qqfA1qqfA1qqfA 1qqfA 1qqfA
1gwmA1gwmA1gwmA 1gwmA 1gwmA
1wi1A1wi1A1wi1A 1wi1A 1wi1A
1mxmA1mxmA1mxmA 1mxmA 1mxmA
1hqi1hqi1hqi 1hqi 1hqi
2cciF2cciF2cciF 2cciF 2cciF
1hyhA1hyhA1hyhA 1hyhA 1hyhA
1txjA1txjA1txjA 1txjA 1txjA
1vk4A1vk4A1vk4A 1vk4A 1vk4A
1xvsA1xvsA1xvsA 1xvsA 1xvsA
2a33A2a33A2a33A 2a33A 2a33A
1wcdJ1wcdJ1wcdJ 1wcdJ 1wcdJ
1tzaA1tzaA1tzaA 1tzaA 1tzaA
1ydhA1ydhA1ydhA 1ydhA 1ydhA
1t35A1t35A1t35A 1t35A 1t35A
1mi8A1mi8A1mi8A 1mi8A 1mi8A
1k12A1k12A1k12A 1k12A 1k12A
2awdA2awdA2awdA 2awdA 2awdA
1ogdA1ogdA1ogdA 1ogdA 1ogdA
2abqA2abqA2abqA 2abqA 2abqA
2c5aA2c5aA2c5aA 2c5aA 2c5aA
1aozA1aozA1aozA 1aozA 1aozA
1eza1eza1eza 1eza 1eza
1d2zA1d2zA1d2zA 1d2zA 1d2zA
2f02A2f02A2f02A 2f02A 2f02A
1zymA1zymA1zymA 1zymA 1zymA
1przA1przA1przA 1przA 1przA
1gl4A1gl4A1gl4A 1gl4A 1gl4A
1d3uA1d3uA1d3uA 1d3uA 1d3uA
1aisA1aisA1aisA 1aisA 1aisA
2izhB2izhB2izhB 2izhB 2izhB
1yz1A1yz1A1yz1A 1yz1A 1yz1A
1erfA1erfA1erfA 1erfA 1erfA
1v96A1v96A1v96A 1v96A 1v96A
2ariA2ariA2ariA 2ariA 2ariA
1owtA1owtA1owtA 1owtA 1owtA
1qtqA1qtqA1qtqA 1qtqA 1qtqA
1eysH1eysH1eysH 1eysH 1eysH
1qh3A1qh3A1qh3A 1qh3A 1qh3A
1c1gA1c1gA1c1gA 1c1gA 1c1gA
1c8zA1c8zA1c8zA 1c8zA 1c8zA
1zeqX1zeqX1zeqX 1zeqX 1zeqX
1k5cA1k5cA1k5cA 1k5cA 1k5cA
1aep1aep1aep 1aep 1aep
1aa01aa01aa0 1aa0 1aa0
1sriA1sriA1sriA 1sriA 1sriA
1wekA1wekA1wekA 1wekA 1wekA
1us8A1us8A1us8A 1us8A 1us8A
2b69A2b69A2b69A 2b69A 2b69A
1uc2A1uc2A1uc2A 1uc2A 1uc2A
1ar721ar721ar72 1ar72 1ar72
1czyA1czyA1czyA 1czyA 1czyA
1t3tA1t3tA1t3tA 1t3tA 1t3tA
1jhfA1jhfA1jhfA 1jhfA 1jhfA
2ajrA2ajrA2ajrA 2ajrA 2ajrA
1bymA1bymA1bymA 1bymA 1bymA
1v9fA1v9fA1v9fA 1v9fA 1v9fA
1rkd1rkd1rkd 1rkd 1rkd
1edxA1edxA1edxA 1edxA 1edxA
1uarA1uarA1uarA 1uarA 1uarA
1tt7A1tt7A1tt7A 1tt7A 1tt7A
1kv9A1kv9A1kv9A 1kv9A 1kv9A
1gpjA1gpjA1gpjA 1gpjA 1gpjA
1xq6A1xq6A1xq6A 1xq6A 1xq6A
1pvc21pvc21pvc2 1pvc2 1pvc2
1pfjA1pfjA1pfjA 1pfjA 1pfjA
1efaA1efaA1efaA 1efaA 1efaA
1knb1knb1knb 1knb 1knb
1v0eA1v0eA1v0eA 1v0eA 1v0eA
1qu9C1qu9C1qu9C 1qu9C 1qu9C
1he2A1he2A1he2A 1he2A 1he2A
1s5lF1s5lF1s5lF 1s5lF 1s5lF
1us5A1us5A1us5A 1us5A 1us5A
1qd9A1qd9A1qd9A 1qd9A 1qd9A
1whtA1whtA1whtA 1whtA 1whtA
1h0hA1h0hA1h0hA 1h0hA 1h0hA
1pt1A1pt1A1pt1A 1pt1A 1pt1A
1h6zA1h6zA1h6zA 1h6zA 1h6zA
1m3sA1m3sA1m3sA 1m3sA 1m3sA
1qu9A1qu9A1qu9A 1qu9A 1qu9A
1vokA1vokA1vokA 1vokA 1vokA
1peeA1peeA1peeA 1peeA 1peeA
1whsA1whsA1whsA 1whsA 1whsA
1yakA1yakA1yakA 1yakA 1yakA
2ewcA2ewcA2ewcA 2ewcA 2ewcA
1wehA1wehA1wehA 1wehA 1wehA
1rcuA1rcuA1rcuA 1rcuA 1rcuA
1l921l921l92 1l92 1l92
1bcsA1bcsA1bcsA 1bcsA 1bcsA
1s21A1s21A1s21A 1s21A 1s21A
1pzgA1pzgA1pzgA 1pzgA 1pzgA
1yqhA1yqhA1yqhA 1yqhA 1yqhA
1b65A1b65A1b65A 1b65A 1b65A
2fgtA2fgtA2fgtA 2fgtA 2fgtA
1ek6A1ek6A1ek6A 1ek6A 1ek6A
1c3hA1c3hA1c3hA 1c3hA 1c3hA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1yge1yge1yge 1yge 1yge
1rfyA1rfyA1rfyA 1rfyA 1rfyA
1w6sA1w6sA1w6sA 1w6sA 1w6sA
1euoA1euoA1euoA 1euoA 1euoA
1mp9A1mp9A1mp9A 1mp9A 1mp9A
1s1iD1s1iD1s1iD 1s1iD 1s1iD
1db3A1db3A1db3A 1db3A 1db3A
1smlA1smlA1smlA 1smlA 1smlA
1dfx1dfx1dfx 1dfx 1dfx
2a73B2a73B2a73B 2a73B 2a73B
1bx4A1bx4A1bx4A 1bx4A 1bx4A
1pqhA1pqhA1pqhA 1pqhA 1pqhA
1t07A1t07A1t07A 1t07A 1t07A
1dcjA1dcjA1dcjA 1dcjA 1dcjA
1a6bB1a6bB1a6bB 1a6bB 1a6bB
1a3aA1a3aA1a3aA 1a3aA 1a3aA
1ywwA1ywwA1ywwA 1ywwA 1ywwA
1xa0A1xa0A1xa0A 1xa0A 1xa0A
1e6uA1e6uA1e6uA 1e6uA 1e6uA
1jdqA1jdqA1jdqA 1jdqA 1jdqA
2cz1B2cz1B2cz1B 2cz1B 2cz1B
1hy9A1hy9A1hy9A 1hy9A 1hy9A
1w6gA1w6gA1w6gA 1w6gA 1w6gA
1cdwA1cdwA1cdwA 1cdwA 1cdwA
2f1wA2f1wA2f1wA 2f1wA 2f1wA
1vr0A1vr0A1vr0A 1vr0A 1vr0A
1dqiA1dqiA1dqiA 1dqiA 1dqiA
1c9bB1c9bB1c9bB 1c9bB 1c9bB
2g3aA2g3aA2g3aA 2g3aA 2g3aA
1wraA1wraA1wraA 1wraA 1wraA
1lrwA1lrwA1lrwA 1lrwA 1lrwA
1vk8A1vk8A1vk8A 1vk8A 1vk8A
1udc1udc1udc 1udc 1udc
1tiqA1tiqA1tiqA 1tiqA 1tiqA
1mqsA1mqsA1mqsA 1mqsA 1mqsA
2udpA2udpA2udpA 2udpA 2udpA
1xpiA1xpiA1xpiA 1xpiA 1xpiA
2aujD2aujD2aujD 2aujD 2aujD
1uu1A1uu1A1uu1A 1uu1A 1uu1A
1i6wA1i6wA1i6wA 1i6wA 1i6wA
1jyoE1jyoE1jyoE 1jyoE 1jyoE
1ytbB1ytbB1ytbB 1ytbB 1ytbB
1fus1fus1fus 1fus 1fus
1y82A1y82A1y82A 1y82A 1y82A
1rck1rck1rck 1rck 1rck
1t5jA1t5jA1t5jA 1t5jA 1t5jA
1v58A1v58A1v58A 1v58A 1v58A
1wlgA1wlgA1wlgA 1wlgA 1wlgA
1qstA1qstA1qstA 1qstA 1qstA
1j0wA1j0wA1j0wA 1j0wA 1j0wA
1zq1C1zq1C1zq1C 1zq1C 1zq1C
1lci1lci1lci 1lci 1lci
1o91A1o91A1o91A 1o91A 1o91A
1vhsA1vhsA1vhsA 1vhsA 1vhsA
1je3A1je3A1je3A 1je3A 1je3A
1arzC1arzC1arzC 1arzC 1arzC
2abwA2abwA2abwA 2abwA 2abwA
1xq8A1xq8A1xq8A 1xq8A 1xq8A
1iz0A1iz0A1iz0A 1iz0A 1iz0A
2cb4A2cb4A2cb4A 2cb4A 2cb4A
1tyyA1tyyA1tyyA 1tyyA 1tyyA
1ca9A1ca9A1ca9A 1ca9A 1ca9A
1ssn1ssn1ssn 1ssn 1ssn
1isiA1isiA1isiA 1isiA 1isiA
1ckv1ckv1ckv 1ckv 1ckv
1t2dA1t2dA1t2dA 1t2dA 1t2dA
1pczA1pczA1pczA 1pczA 1pczA
2aioA2aioA2aioA 2aioA 2aioA
1ltm1ltm1ltm 1ltm 1ltm
1udb1udb1udb 1udb 1udb
1y07A1y07A1y07A 1y07A 1y07A
1g10A1g10A1g10A 1g10A 1g10A
1qusA1qusA1qusA 1qusA 1qusA
1ny4A1ny4A1ny4A 1ny4A 1ny4A
1xk4C1xk4C1xk4C 1xk4C 1xk4C
1u34A1u34A1u34A 1u34A 1u34A
1pkm1pkm1pkm 1pkm 1pkm
1jaxA1jaxA1jaxA 1jaxA 1jaxA
1xk5A1xk5A1xk5A 1xk5A 1xk5A
1liuA1liuA1liuA 1liuA 1liuA
2df7A2df7A2df7A 2df7A 2df7A
1jflA1jflA1jflA 1jflA 1jflA
1vziA1vziA1vziA 1vziA 1vziA
1tbaB1tbaB1tbaB 1tbaB 1tbaB
1c30B1c30B1c30B 1c30B 1c30B
3pfk3pfk3pfk 3pfk 3pfk
1mdbA1mdbA1mdbA 1mdbA 1mdbA
1udiI1udiI1udiI 1udiI 1udiI
1ugiA1ugiA1ugiA 1ugiA 1ugiA
2sak2sak2sak 2sak 2sak
1whi1whi1whi 1whi 1whi
1ughI1ughI1ughI 1ughI 1ughI
2ab0A2ab0A2ab0A 2ab0A 2ab0A
1jssA1jssA1jssA 1jssA 1jssA
1d4tA1d4tA1d4tA 1d4tA 1d4tA
1bgvA1bgvA1bgvA 1bgvA 1bgvA
1oi2A1oi2A1oi2A 1oi2A 1oi2A
1gkkA1gkkA1gkkA 1gkkA 1gkkA
2a0jA2a0jA2a0jA 2a0jA 2a0jA
1kqaA1kqaA1kqaA 1kqaA 1kqaA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1umuA1umuA1umuA 1umuA 1umuA
1q7hA1q7hA1q7hA 1q7hA 1q7hA
1qnaA1qnaA1qnaA 1qnaA 1qnaA
1gklA1gklA1gklA 1gklA 1gklA
1z4rA1z4rA1z4rA 1z4rA 1z4rA
1ka6A1ka6A1ka6A 1ka6A 1ka6A
1qhvA1qhvA1qhvA 1qhvA 1qhvA
1gouA1gouA1gouA 1gouA 1gouA
1e0cA1e0cA1e0cA 1e0cA 1e0cA
1xel1xel1xel 1xel 1xel
9ldtA9ldtA9ldtA 9ldtA 9ldtA
1vmbA1vmbA1vmbA 1vmbA 1vmbA
2db9A2db9A2db9A 2db9A 2db9A
1zgkA1zgkA1zgkA 1zgkA 1zgkA
1i4vA1i4vA1i4vA 1i4vA 1i4vA
1v9kA1v9kA1v9kA 1v9kA 1v9kA
1i3kA1i3kA1i3kA 1i3kA 1i3kA
1dfuP1dfuP1dfuP 1dfuP 1dfuP
1nfn1nfn1nfn 1nfn 1nfn
1huxA1huxA1huxA 1huxA 1huxA
1umuB1umuB1umuB 1umuB 1umuB
1g2yA1g2yA1g2yA 1g2yA 1g2yA
1wl4A1wl4A1wl4A 1wl4A 1wl4A
1d8dB1d8dB1d8dB 1d8dB 1d8dB
1czyC1czyC1czyC 1czyC 1czyC
1c76A1c76A1c76A 1c76A 1c76A
1h8lA1h8lA1h8lA 1h8lA 1h8lA
1jftA1jftA1jftA 1jftA 1jftA
1ay9A1ay9A1ay9A 1ay9A 1ay9A
1qfjA1qfjA1qfjA 1qfjA 1qfjA
1a161a161a16 1a16 1a16
1kblA1kblA1kblA 1kblA 1kblA
1smd1smd1smd 1smd 1smd
1a6jA1a6jA1a6jA 1a6jA 1a6jA
1h6qA1h6qA1h6qA 1h6qA 1h6qA

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001