Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1czyA1czyA1czyA 1czyA 1czyA
1t35A1t35A1t35A 1t35A 1t35A
1zymA1zymA1zymA 1zymA 1zymA
2cciF2cciF2cciF 2cciF 2cciF
1k5cA1k5cA1k5cA 1k5cA 1k5cA
2gujA2gujA2gujA 2gujA 2gujA
2a9iA2a9iA2a9iA 2a9iA 2a9iA
1h6qA1h6qA1h6qA 1h6qA 1h6qA
1vziA1vziA1vziA 1vziA 1vziA
1mxmA1mxmA1mxmA 1mxmA 1mxmA
1wcdJ1wcdJ1wcdJ 1wcdJ 1wcdJ
1v96A1v96A1v96A 1v96A 1v96A
2f1wA2f1wA2f1wA 2f1wA 2f1wA
1tzaA1tzaA1tzaA 1tzaA 1tzaA
2cxcA2cxcA2cxcA 2cxcA 2cxcA
1pfjA1pfjA1pfjA 1pfjA 1pfjA
1ydhA1ydhA1ydhA 1ydhA 1ydhA
1xvsA1xvsA1xvsA 1xvsA 1xvsA
2a33A2a33A2a33A 2a33A 2a33A
1fus1fus1fus 1fus 1fus
2f02A2f02A2f02A 2f02A 2f02A
1t0hB1t0hB1t0hB 1t0hB 1t0hB
1j5vA1j5vA1j5vA 1j5vA 1j5vA
1fi2A1fi2A1fi2A 1fi2A 1fi2A
2ariA2ariA2ariA 2ariA 2ariA
1whsA1whsA1whsA 1whsA 1whsA
1erfA1erfA1erfA 1erfA 1erfA
2b69A2b69A2b69A 2b69A 2b69A
1othA1othA1othA 1othA 1othA
1luaA1luaA1luaA 1luaA 1luaA
1ek6A1ek6A1ek6A 1ek6A 1ek6A
2f2gA2f2gA2f2gA 2f2gA 2f2gA
1aep1aep1aep 1aep 1aep
1yz1A1yz1A1yz1A 1yz1A 1yz1A
1us5A1us5A1us5A 1us5A 1us5A
1bx4A1bx4A1bx4A 1bx4A 1bx4A
1txjA1txjA1txjA 1txjA 1txjA
1bhe1bhe1bhe 1bhe 1bhe
1zeqX1zeqX1zeqX 1zeqX 1zeqX
1y3tA1y3tA1y3tA 1y3tA 1y3tA
2c5aA2c5aA2c5aA 2c5aA 2c5aA
1yr0A1yr0A1yr0A 1yr0A 1yr0A
1vjpA1vjpA1vjpA 1vjpA 1vjpA
1whtA1whtA1whtA 1whtA 1whtA
2f96A2f96A2f96A 2f96A 2f96A
1xizA1xizA1xizA 1xizA 1xizA
1smd1smd1smd 1smd 1smd
1i0vA1i0vA1i0vA 1i0vA 1i0vA
2bdvA2bdvA2bdvA 2bdvA 2bdvA
3fivA3fivA3fivA 3fivA 3fivA
2a9mL2a9mL2a9mL 2a9mL 2a9mL
2fojA2fojA2fojA 2fojA 2fojA
2bgzA2bgzA2bgzA 2bgzA 2bgzA
1y1nA1y1nA1y1nA 1y1nA 1y1nA
1hg8A1hg8A1hg8A 1hg8A 1hg8A
1xszA1xszA1xszA 1xszA 1xszA
1c3hA1c3hA1c3hA 1c3hA 1c3hA
1h6zA1h6zA1h6zA 1h6zA 1h6zA
1hdfA1hdfA1hdfA 1hdfA 1hdfA
1jtgB1jtgB1jtgB 1jtgB 1jtgB
1vk8A1vk8A1vk8A 1vk8A 1vk8A
1wi1A1wi1A1wi1A 1wi1A 1wi1A
1o91A1o91A1o91A 1o91A 1o91A
1vm7A1vm7A1vm7A 1vm7A 1vm7A
2afbA2afbA2afbA 2afbA 2afbA
1y07A1y07A1y07A 1y07A 1y07A
2absA2absA2absA 2absA 2absA
1ywwA1ywwA1ywwA 1ywwA 1ywwA
1db3A1db3A1db3A 1db3A 1db3A
1wehA1wehA1wehA 1wehA 1wehA
1knb1knb1knb 1knb 1knb
2b5rC2b5rC2b5rC 2b5rC 2b5rC
1pvvA1pvvA1pvvA 1pvvA 1pvvA
1rkxA1rkxA1rkxA 1rkxA 1rkxA
2dcnA2dcnA2dcnA 2dcnA 2dcnA
1rykA1rykA1rykA 1rykA 1rykA
1s21A1s21A1s21A 1s21A 1s21A
2bkaA2bkaA2bkaA 2bkaA 2bkaA
1sb8A1sb8A1sb8A 1sb8A 1sb8A
1xknA1xknA1xknA 1xknA 1xknA
1pvc21pvc21pvc2 1pvc2 1pvc2
1nhcA1nhcA1nhcA 1nhcA 1nhcA
1rfyA1rfyA1rfyA 1rfyA 1rfyA
2be1A2be1A2be1A 2be1A 2be1A
1owtA1owtA1owtA 1owtA 1owtA
1t2aA1t2aA1t2aA 1t2aA 1t2aA
1rds1rds1rds 1rds 1rds
1krs1krs1krs 1krs 1krs
1a3aA1a3aA1a3aA 1a3aA 1a3aA
3pvaA3pvaA3pvaA 3pvaA 3pvaA
2awdA2awdA2awdA 2awdA 2awdA
1uv7A1uv7A1uv7A 1uv7A 1uv7A
2df7A2df7A2df7A 2df7A 2df7A
1hkyA1hkyA1hkyA 1hkyA 1hkyA
1gwmA1gwmA1gwmA 1gwmA 1gwmA
1yy6A1yy6A1yy6A 1yy6A 1yy6A
1zatA1zatA1zatA 1zatA 1zatA
1t07A1t07A1t07A 1t07A 1t07A
1a6bB1a6bB1a6bB 1a6bB 1a6bB
1f1eA1f1eA1f1eA 1f1eA 1f1eA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1ogdA1ogdA1ogdA 1ogdA 1ogdA
1rtwA1rtwA1rtwA 1rtwA 1rtwA
2bb6A2bb6A2bb6A 2bb6A 2bb6A
2fbeA2fbeA2fbeA 2fbeA 2fbeA
1v0eA1v0eA1v0eA 1v0eA 1v0eA
1ojqA1ojqA1ojqA 1ojqA 1ojqA
1xs5A1xs5A1xs5A 1xs5A 1xs5A
6ldh6ldh6ldh 6ldh 6ldh
1qstA1qstA1qstA 1qstA 1qstA
1yreA1yreA1yreA 1yreA 1yreA
1e0cA1e0cA1e0cA 1e0cA 1e0cA
1tyyA1tyyA1tyyA 1tyyA 1tyyA
1wd6A1wd6A1wd6A 1wd6A 1wd6A
2g0cA2g0cA2g0cA 2g0cA 2g0cA
1a8l1a8l1a8l 1a8l 1a8l
1me4A1me4A1me4A 1me4A 1me4A
1sur1sur1sur 1sur 1sur
1lci1lci1lci 1lci 1lci
1pqhA1pqhA1pqhA 1pqhA 1pqhA
1oi2A1oi2A1oi2A 1oi2A 1oi2A
1on0A1on0A1on0A 1on0A 1on0A
1wmiA1wmiA1wmiA 1wmiA 1wmiA
1t3tA1t3tA1t3tA 1t3tA 1t3tA
1jyoE1jyoE1jyoE 1jyoE 1jyoE
1b74A1b74A1b74A 1b74A 1b74A
1c28A1c28A1c28A 1c28A 1c28A
2pvaA2pvaA2pvaA 2pvaA 2pvaA
1ppjI1ppjI1ppjI 1ppjI 1ppjI
1iz0A1iz0A1iz0A 1iz0A 1iz0A
2cwcA2cwcA2cwcA 2cwcA 2cwcA
1vi6A1vi6A1vi6A 1vi6A 1vi6A
1tqyB1tqyB1tqyB 1tqyB 1tqyB
1z5vA1z5vA1z5vA 1z5vA 1z5vA
1yqhA1yqhA1yqhA 1yqhA 1yqhA
1tw0A1tw0A1tw0A 1tw0A 1tw0A
1ud9A1ud9A1ud9A 1ud9A 1ud9A
2aq8A2aq8A2aq8A 2aq8A 2aq8A
1gr3A1gr3A1gr3A 1gr3A 1gr3A
2abwA2abwA2abwA 2abwA 2abwA
2fvtA2fvtA2fvtA 2fvtA 2fvtA
1xk4A1xk4A1xk4A 1xk4A 1xk4A
1rcuA1rcuA1rcuA 1rcuA 1rcuA
2d0tA2d0tA2d0tA 2d0tA 2d0tA
2brfA2brfA2brfA 2brfA 2brfA
1y82A1y82A1y82A 1y82A 1y82A
2b3hA2b3hA2b3hA 2b3hA 2b3hA
1a9xB1a9xB1a9xB 1a9xB 1a9xB
1vmbA1vmbA1vmbA 1vmbA 1vmbA
1p9eA1p9eA1p9eA 1p9eA 1p9eA
1gheA1gheA1gheA 1gheA 1gheA
1j08A1j08A1j08A 1j08A 1j08A
1dcjA1dcjA1dcjA 1dcjA 1dcjA
1f2aA1f2aA1f2aA 1f2aA 1f2aA
1v1aA1v1aA1v1aA 1v1aA 1v1aA
2b7uA2b7uA2b7uA 2b7uA 2b7uA
2ajrA2ajrA2ajrA 2ajrA 2ajrA
1qs0B1qs0B1qs0B 1qs0B 1qs0B
1ugiA1ugiA1ugiA 1ugiA 1ugiA
2blfB2blfB2blfB 2blfB 2blfB
1ughI1ughI1ughI 1ughI 1ughI
1x0cA1x0cA1x0cA 1x0cA 1x0cA
1qu9A1qu9A1qu9A 1qu9A 1qu9A
1viuA1viuA1viuA 1viuA 1viuA
1uarA1uarA1uarA 1uarA 1uarA
2aioA2aioA2aioA 2aioA 2aioA
1qd9A1qd9A1qd9A 1qd9A 1qd9A
1ib8A1ib8A1ib8A 1ib8A 1ib8A
1uz5A1uz5A1uz5A 1uz5A 1uz5A
1u9jA1u9jA1u9jA 1u9jA 1u9jA
1smlA1smlA1smlA 1smlA 1smlA
2ax3A2ax3A2ax3A 2ax3A 2ax3A
1uc2A1uc2A1uc2A 1uc2A 1uc2A
1mqeA1mqeA1mqeA 1mqeA 1mqeA
1g2yA1g2yA1g2yA 1g2yA 1g2yA
1vj2A1vj2A1vj2A 1vj2A 1vj2A
1rpnA1rpnA1rpnA 1rpnA 1rpnA
1g24A1g24A1g24A 1g24A 1g24A
1yvoA1yvoA1yvoA 1yvoA 1yvoA
1vhsA1vhsA1vhsA 1vhsA 1vhsA
2a6hC2a6hC2a6hC 2a6hC 2a6hC
1kb9C1kb9C1kb9C 1kb9C 1kb9C
1kewA1kewA1kewA 1kewA 1kewA
1eny1eny1eny 1eny 1eny
1u6dX1u6dX1u6dX 1u6dX 1u6dX
1ry3A1ry3A1ry3A 1ry3A 1ry3A
1us6A1us6A1us6A 1us6A 1us6A
1at01at01at0 1at0 1at0
1zgkA1zgkA1zgkA 1zgkA 1zgkA
1xa0A1xa0A1xa0A 1xa0A 1xa0A

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001