Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1hdkA1hdkA1hdkA 1hdkA 1hdkA
1bkzA1bkzA1bkzA 1bkzA 1bkzA
1kjlA1kjlA1kjlA 1kjlA 1kjlA
1gwmA1gwmA1gwmA 1gwmA 1gwmA
2aw4R2aw4R2aw4R 2aw4R 2aw4R
1s8kA1s8kA1s8kA 1s8kA 1s8kA
1c1lA1c1lA1c1lA 1c1lA 1c1lA
1tbfA1tbfA1tbfA 1tbfA 1tbfA
2d1pC2d1pC2d1pC 2d1pC 2d1pC
1z1lA1z1lA1z1lA 1z1lA 1z1lA
1gvnB1gvnB1gvnB 1gvnB 1gvnB
2g0uA2g0uA2g0uA 2g0uA 2g0uA
2if12if12if1 2if1 2if1
1jb0I1jb0I1jb0I 1jb0I 1jb0I
1w6nA1w6nA1w6nA 1w6nA 1w6nA
2akfA2akfA2akfA 2akfA 2akfA
1q5hA1q5hA1q5hA 1q5hA 1q5hA
1wfyA1wfyA1wfyA 1wfyA 1wfyA
1i39A1i39A1i39A 1i39A 1i39A
1is3A1is3A1is3A 1is3A 1is3A
1t1uA1t1uA1t1uA 1t1uA 1t1uA
1b3aA1b3aA1b3aA 1b3aA 1b3aA
1sg7A1sg7A1sg7A 1sg7A 1sg7A
1x0hA1x0hA1x0hA 1x0hA 1x0hA
1sixA1sixA1sixA 1sixA 1sixA
1yw0A1yw0A1yw0A 1yw0A 1yw0A
1m1fA1m1fA1m1fA 1m1fA 1m1fA
1tafA1tafA1tafA 1tafA 1tafA
1nu4A1nu4A1nu4A 1nu4A 1nu4A
1a78A1a78A1a78A 1a78A 1a78A
1tazA1tazA1tazA 1tazA 1tazA
1r6oC1r6oC1r6oC 1r6oC 1r6oC
1zklA1zklA1zklA 1zklA 1zklA
1zxtA1zxtA1zxtA 1zxtA 1zxtA
1vqoX1vqoX1vqoX 1vqoX 1vqoX
1dd9A1dd9A1dd9A 1dd9A 1dd9A
1nr4A1nr4A1nr4A 1nr4A 1nr4A
2bblA2bblA2bblA 2bblA 2bblA
1edn1edn1edn 1edn 1edn
1ur6B1ur6B1ur6B 1ur6B 1ur6B
1fr2B1fr2B1fr2B 1fr2B 1fr2B
1o9aB1o9aB1o9aB 1o9aB 1o9aB
1p9oA1p9oA1p9oA 1p9oA 1p9oA
1ixlA1ixlA1ixlA 1ixlA 1ixlA
1inp1inp1inp 1inp 1inp
1wvhA1wvhA1wvhA 1wvhA 1wvhA
1lrzA1lrzA1lrzA 1lrzA 1lrzA
1qq5A1qq5A1qq5A 1qq5A 1qq5A
1vp6A1vp6A1vp6A 1vp6A 1vp6A
1ugxA1ugxA1ugxA 1ugxA 1ugxA
2apoA2apoA2apoA 2apoA 2apoA
1pdkB1pdkB1pdkB 1pdkB 1pdkB
1f2lA1f2lA1f2lA 1f2lA 1f2lA
1t95A1t95A1t95A 1t95A 1t95A
1erp1erp1erp 1erp 1erp
1y2kA1y2kA1y2kA 1y2kA 1y2kA
1rf6A1rf6A1rf6A 1rf6A 1rf6A
1h8bA1h8bA1h8bA 1h8bA 1h8bA
1io2A1io2A1io2A 1io2A 1io2A
1w1oA1w1oA1w1oA 1w1oA 1w1oA
1ajj1ajj1ajj 1ajj 1ajj
1sh8A1sh8A1sh8A 1sh8A 1sh8A
1idaA1idaA1idaA 1idaA 1idaA
2fcwB2fcwB2fcwB 2fcwB 2fcwB
1tdhA1tdhA1tdhA 1tdhA 1tdhA
1p65A1p65A1p65A 1p65A 1p65A
2au3A2au3A2au3A 2au3A 2au3A
1yliA1yliA1yliA 1yliA 1yliA
1e8gA1e8gA1e8gA 1e8gA 1e8gA
1euwA1euwA1euwA 1euwA 1euwA
1wvfA1wvfA1wvfA 1wvfA 1wvfA
1byrA1byrA1byrA 1byrA 1byrA
1ka2A1ka2A1ka2A 1ka2A 1ka2A
1uldA1uldA1uldA 1uldA 1uldA
2ck3A2ck3A2ck3A 2ck3A 2ck3A
1ub4A1ub4A1ub4A 1ub4A 1ub4A
2fhfA2fhfA2fhfA 2fhfA 2fhfA
1xtaA1xtaA1xtaA 1xtaA 1xtaA
1ywwA1ywwA1ywwA 1ywwA 1ywwA
1di1A1di1A1di1A 1di1A 1di1A
2exrA2exrA2exrA 2exrA 2exrA
1z64A1z64A1z64A 1z64A 1z64A
1mijA1mijA1mijA 1mijA 1mijA
1d1gA1d1gA1d1gA 1d1gA 1d1gA
2h4uA2h4uA2h4uA 2h4uA 2h4uA
2ayuA2ayuA2ayuA 2ayuA 2ayuA
1f5mA1f5mA1f5mA 1f5mA 1f5mA
1ew4A1ew4A1ew4A 1ew4A 1ew4A
1o1xA1o1xA1o1xA 1o1xA 1o1xA
2ccvA2ccvA2ccvA 2ccvA 2ccvA
1r6lA1r6lA1r6lA 1r6lA 1r6lA
1dokA1dokA1dokA 1dokA 1dokA
1x58A1x58A1x58A 1x58A 1x58A
2f9dA2f9dA2f9dA 2f9dA 2f9dA
2plc2plc2plc 2plc 2plc
1vybA1vybA1vybA 1vybA 1vybA
1rc9A1rc9A1rc9A 1rc9A 1rc9A
1ogaD1ogaD1ogaD 1ogaD 1ogaD
1wluA1wluA1wluA 1wluA 1wluA
2g62A2g62A2g62A 2g62A 2g62A

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1ga8A1ga8A1ga8A 1ga8A 1ga8A
1t0fA1t0fA1t0fA 1t0fA 1t0fA
1lghA1lghA1lghA 1lghA 1lghA
1usgA1usgA1usgA 1usgA 1usgA
1qg7A1qg7A1qg7A 1qg7A 1qg7A
1qd6C1qd6C1qd6C 1qd6C 1qd6C
1li5A1li5A1li5A 1li5A 1li5A
1em8A1em8A1em8A 1em8A 1em8A
1dkqA1dkqA1dkqA 1dkqA 1dkqA
1vlrA1vlrA1vlrA 1vlrA 1vlrA
2an9A2an9A2an9A 2an9A 2an9A
1t0qC1t0qC1t0qC 1t0qC 1t0qC
1ne8A1ne8A1ne8A 1ne8A 1ne8A
1qwoA1qwoA1qwoA 1qwoA 1qwoA
1w44A1w44A1w44A 1w44A 1w44A
1wgsA1wgsA1wgsA 1wgsA 1wgsA
1dynA1dynA1dynA 1dynA 1dynA
1n71A1n71A1n71A 1n71A 1n71A
1ekeA1ekeA1ekeA 1ekeA 1ekeA
1jy2O1jy2O1jy2O 1jy2O 1jy2O
1d2oA1d2oA1d2oA 1d2oA 1d2oA
1vpmA1vpmA1vpmA 1vpmA 1vpmA
1txuA1txuA1txuA 1txuA 1txuA
1jb0M1jb0M1jb0M 1jb0M 1jb0M
1vbwA1vbwA1vbwA 1vbwA 1vbwA
2d0sA2d0sA2d0sA 2d0sA 2d0sA
1dgnA1dgnA1dgnA 1dgnA 1dgnA
1x1zA1x1zA1x1zA 1x1zA 1x1zA
1ejdA1ejdA1ejdA 1ejdA 1ejdA
1gxjA1gxjA1gxjA 1gxjA 1gxjA
2bnlA2bnlA2bnlA 2bnlA 2bnlA
1j1yA1j1yA1j1yA 1j1yA 1j1yA
1l6eA1l6eA1l6eA 1l6eA 1l6eA
1g6sA1g6sA1g6sA 1g6sA 1g6sA
1xpkC1xpkC1xpkC 1xpkC 1xpkC
2ck3D2ck3D2ck3D 2ck3D 2ck3D
1us7B1us7B1us7B 1us7B 1us7B
1r6xA1r6xA1r6xA 1r6xA 1r6xA
1latA1latA1latA 1latA 1latA
1ceo1ceo1ceo 1ceo 1ceo
1lam1lam1lam 1lam 1lam
1h8eD1h8eD1h8eD 1h8eD 1h8eD
1vmbA1vmbA1vmbA 1vmbA 1vmbA
2bjvA2bjvA2bjvA 2bjvA 2bjvA

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