Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
2u1a884.0762e+00 2u1a d.58.7.1
1ejeA1928.0476e+00 1ejeA b.45.1.2
1vjeA1669.2818e+00   d.185.1.2
1innA1669.7044e+00 1j98A d.185.1.2
1lvaA2581.1990e+01   a.4.5.35 a.4.5.35 a.4.5.35 a.4.5.35
1q7zA5661.2128e+01   c.1.21.2 c.1.26.1
1oz9A1501.2627e+01   d.92.1.15
1aisB1941.3959e+01 1aisB a.74.1.2 a.74.1.2
1d3uB2021.4284e+01 1aisB a.74.1.2 a.74.1.2
1sviA1951.6593e+01   c.37.1.8
1e9rA4211.8461e+01   c.37.1.11
2fcr1731.9279e+01 1rcf c.23.5.1
1rm4A3372.1571e+01   c.2.1.3 d.81.1.1
1nz9A582.1880e+01   b.34.5.4
1rz1A1612.2095e+01   b.45.1.2
1qo0D1962.4198e+01 1qo0D c.23.1.3

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001