Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1mj4A1mj4A1mj4A 1mj4A 1mj4A
1cyo1cyo1cyo 1cyo 1cyo
1x3xA1x3xA1x3xA 1x3xA 1x3xA
1eueA1eueA1eueA 1eueA 1eueA
1jdw1jdw1jdw 1jdw 1jdw
1cxyA1cxyA1cxyA 1cxyA 1cxyA
1om2A1om2A1om2A 1om2A 1om2A
1c7sA1c7sA1c7sA 1c7sA 1c7sA
1up6A1up6A1up6A 1up6A 1up6A
1tbfA1tbfA1tbfA 1tbfA 1tbfA
1f4lA1f4lA1f4lA 1f4lA 1f4lA
1t1uA1t1uA1t1uA 1t1uA 1t1uA
1rhxA1rhxA1rhxA 1rhxA 1rhxA
2f4mA2f4mA2f4mA 2f4mA 2f4mA
1rpxA1rpxA1rpxA 1rpxA 1rpxA
1x72A1x72A1x72A 1x72A 1x72A
1gvp1gvp1gvp 1gvp 1gvp
1vqb1vqb1vqb 1vqb 1vqb
1omp1omp1omp 1omp 1omp
1aszB1aszB1aszB 1aszB 1aszB
1f0xA1f0xA1f0xA 1f0xA 1f0xA
2amxA2amxA2amxA 2amxA 2amxA
1c1lA1c1lA1c1lA 1c1lA 1c1lA
1tg6A1tg6A1tg6A 1tg6A 1tg6A
1y5iA1y5iA1y5iA 1y5iA 1y5iA
1tyfA1tyfA1tyfA 1tyfA 1tyfA
4mbp4mbp4mbp 4mbp 4mbp
1f0jA1f0jA1f0jA 1f0jA 1f0jA
1bouB1bouB1bouB 1bouB 1bouB
1kqfC1kqfC1kqfC 1kqfC 1kqfC
1q16A1q16A1q16A 1q16A 1q16A
1mla1mla1mla 1mla 1mla
1u7zA1u7zA1u7zA 1u7zA 1u7zA
1a78A1a78A1a78A 1a78A 1a78A
1bkzA1bkzA1bkzA 1bkzA 1bkzA
1vjtA1vjtA1vjtA 1vjtA 1vjtA
1a3k1a3k1a3k 1a3k 1a3k
1j58A1j58A1j58A 1j58A 1j58A
2g0uA2g0uA2g0uA 2g0uA 2g0uA
1q35A1q35A1q35A 1q35A 1q35A
1byrA1byrA1byrA 1byrA 1byrA
1tbmA1tbmA1tbmA 1tbmA 1tbmA
2culA2culA2culA 2culA 2culA
1anf1anf1anf 1anf 1anf
1nnsA1nnsA1nnsA 1nnsA 1nnsA
1b8aA1b8aA1b8aA 1b8aA 1b8aA
1yg6A1yg6A1yg6A 1yg6A 1yg6A
2fzsA2fzsA2fzsA 2fzsA 2fzsA
1nnxA1nnxA1nnxA 1nnxA 1nnxA
1x3zA1x3zA1x3zA 1x3zA 1x3zA
1hr6A1hr6A1hr6A 1hr6A 1hr6A
1yu1A1yu1A1yu1A 1yu1A 1yu1A
1jpmA1jpmA1jpmA 1jpmA 1jpmA
1t0fA1t0fA1t0fA 1t0fA 1t0fA
1s9uA1s9uA1s9uA 1s9uA 1s9uA
2c2nA2c2nA2c2nA 2c2nA 2c2nA
1tu1A1tu1A1tu1A 1tu1A 1tu1A
1lcl1lcl1lcl 1lcl 1lcl
1zklA1zklA1zklA 1zklA 1zklA
1ojaA1ojaA1ojaA 1ojaA 1ojaA
1a4mA1a4mA1a4mA 1a4mA 1a4mA
1nz0A1nz0A1nz0A 1nz0A 1nz0A
1txuA1txuA1txuA 1txuA 1txuA
1df4A1df4A1df4A 1df4A 1df4A
1xknA1xknA1xknA 1xknA 1xknA
1y8aA1y8aA1y8aA 1y8aA 1y8aA
1rz3A1rz3A1rz3A 1rz3A 1rz3A
1b77A1b77A1b77A 1b77A 1b77A
1u6tA1u6tA1u6tA 1u6tA 1u6tA
1ta0A1ta0A1ta0A 1ta0A 1ta0A
1ujxA1ujxA1ujxA 1ujxA 1ujxA
1nhcA1nhcA1nhcA 1nhcA 1nhcA
1yu0A1yu0A1yu0A 1yu0A 1yu0A
1jipA1jipA1jipA 1jipA 1jipA
1tueA1tueA1tueA 1tueA 1tueA
1xorA1xorA1xorA 1xorA 1xorA
1ghpA1ghpA1ghpA 1ghpA 1ghpA
1y0eA1y0eA1y0eA 1y0eA 1y0eA
1ijaA1ijaA1ijaA 1ijaA 1ijaA
1laxA1laxA1laxA 1laxA 1laxA
1zq1A1zq1A1zq1A 1zq1A 1zq1A
1tkkA1tkkA1tkkA 1tkkA 1tkkA
1ytvA1ytvA1ytvA 1ytvA 1ytvA
1rkpA1rkpA1rkpA 1rkpA 1rkpA
1pot1pot1pot 1pot 1pot
2dnjA2dnjA2dnjA 2dnjA 2dnjA
1sltA1sltA1sltA 1sltA 1sltA
1k7hA1k7hA1k7hA 1k7hA 1k7hA
1hyhA1hyhA1hyhA 1hyhA 1hyhA
2jdxA2jdxA2jdxA 2jdxA 2jdxA
1f1zA1f1zA1f1zA 1f1zA 1f1zA
1gzwA1gzwA1gzwA 1gzwA 1gzwA
2a9gA2a9gA2a9gA 2a9gA 2a9gA
1yeyA1yeyA1yeyA 1yeyA 1yeyA
1b0pA1b0pA1b0pA 1b0pA 1b0pA
1is3A1is3A1is3A 1is3A 1is3A
4pgaA4pgaA4pgaA 4pgaA 4pgaA
1upaA1upaA1upaA 1upaA 1upaA
1ohuA1ohuA1ohuA 1ohuA 1ohuA
1e9rA1e9rA1e9rA 1e9rA 1e9rA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
2ci1A2ci1A2ci1A 2ci1A 2ci1A
1yu3A1yu3A1yu3A 1yu3A 1yu3A
2his2his2his 2his 2his
1yrrA1yrrA1yrrA 1yrrA 1yrrA
1qbzA1qbzA1qbzA 1qbzA 1qbzA
2b1eA2b1eA2b1eA 2b1eA 2b1eA
1guzA1guzA1guzA 1guzA 1guzA
2d1pC2d1pC2d1pC 2d1pC 2d1pC
1uxaA1uxaA1uxaA 1uxaA 1uxaA
1a6f1a6f1a6f 1a6f 1a6f
2bjqA2bjqA2bjqA 2bjqA 2bjqA
1vi6A1vi6A1vi6A 1vi6A 1vi6A
1a481a481a48 1a48 1a48
1vfgA1vfgA1vfgA 1vfgA 1vfgA
1o94A1o94A1o94A 1o94A 1o94A
1vqoE1vqoE1vqoE 1vqoE 1vqoE
1h1yA1h1yA1h1yA 1h1yA 1h1yA
1t8kA1t8kA1t8kA 1t8kA 1t8kA
1tbbA1tbbA1tbbA 1tbbA 1tbbA
1kjlA1kjlA1kjlA 1kjlA 1kjlA
2f2lA2f2lA2f2lA 2f2lA 2f2lA
1g4wR1g4wR1g4wR 1g4wR 1g4wR
1jk7A1jk7A1jk7A 1jk7A 1jk7A
1h2kA1h2kA1h2kA 1h2kA 1h2kA
1uldA1uldA1uldA 1uldA 1uldA
1eu8A1eu8A1eu8A 1eu8A 1eu8A
1xl7A1xl7A1xl7A 1xl7A 1xl7A
1xewY1xewY1xewY 1xewY 1xewY
1so2A1so2A1so2A 1so2A 1so2A
1qr6A1qr6A1qr6A 1qr6A 1qr6A
1emvB1emvB1emvB 1emvB 1emvB
1x0hA1x0hA1x0hA 1x0hA 1x0hA
1y2kA1y2kA1y2kA 1y2kA 1y2kA
2fnjA2fnjA2fnjA 2fnjA 2fnjA
2tmdA2tmdA2tmdA 2tmdA 2tmdA
1fgyA1fgyA1fgyA 1fgyA 1fgyA
1dekA1dekA1dekA 1dekA 1dekA
1pjr1pjr1pjr 1pjr 1pjr
1fr2B1fr2B1fr2B 1fr2B 1fr2B
1r9lA1r9lA1r9lA 1r9lA 1r9lA
1jhsA1jhsA1jhsA 1jhsA 1jhsA
1poxA1poxA1poxA 1poxA 1poxA
1wt4A1wt4A1wt4A 1wt4A 1wt4A
1y8qB1y8qB1y8qB 1y8qB 1y8qB
1eq6A1eq6A1eq6A 1eq6A 1eq6A
1ci4A1ci4A1ci4A 1ci4A 1ci4A
1hdkA1hdkA1hdkA 1hdkA 1hdkA
1vqoX1vqoX1vqoX 1vqoX 1vqoX
1qhvA1qhvA1qhvA 1qhvA 1qhvA
1t2wA1t2wA1t2wA 1t2wA 1t2wA
2akaB2akaB2akaB 2akaB 2akaB
1obdA1obdA1obdA 1obdA 1obdA
1wvfA1wvfA1wvfA 1wvfA 1wvfA
1h7zA1h7zA1h7zA 1h7zA 1h7zA
1a8d1a8d1a8d 1a8d 1a8d
1qopA1qopA1qopA 1qopA 1qopA
1ps9A1ps9A1ps9A 1ps9A 1ps9A
1vgyA1vgyA1vgyA 1vgyA 1vgyA
1i0sA1i0sA1i0sA 1i0sA 1i0sA
1o12A1o12A1o12A 1o12A 1o12A
1i0rA1i0rA1i0rA 1i0rA 1i0rA
1vjkA1vjkA1vjkA 1vjkA 1vjkA
1wfyA1wfyA1wfyA 1wfyA 1wfyA
2aw5A2aw5A2aw5A 2aw5A 2aw5A
1tr9A1tr9A1tr9A 1tr9A 1tr9A
1izoA1izoA1izoA 1izoA 1izoA
1jx2B1jx2B1jx2B 1jx2B 1jx2B
1xi3A1xi3A1xi3A 1xi3A 1xi3A
1u32A1u32A1u32A 1u32A 1u32A
1qjvA1qjvA1qjvA 1qjvA 1qjvA
1z98A1z98A1z98A 1z98A 1z98A
1fxxA1fxxA1fxxA 1fxxA 1fxxA
1wgzA1wgzA1wgzA 1wgzA 1wgzA
1f2lA1f2lA1f2lA 1f2lA 1f2lA
1zs4A1zs4A1zs4A 1zs4A 1zs4A
1q5hA1q5hA1q5hA 1q5hA 1q5hA
1nowA1nowA1nowA 1nowA 1nowA
1j09A1j09A1j09A 1j09A 1j09A
2ar1A2ar1A2ar1A 2ar1A 2ar1A
1esmA1esmA1esmA 1esmA 1esmA
2fs3A2fs3A2fs3A 2fs3A 2fs3A
1qb2A1qb2A1qb2A 1qb2A 1qb2A
1uanA1uanA1uanA 1uanA 1uanA
1sixA1sixA1sixA 1sixA 1sixA
1wlsA1wlsA1wlsA 1wlsA 1wlsA
1u5uA1u5uA1u5uA 1u5uA 1u5uA
2fgtA2fgtA2fgtA 2fgtA 2fgtA
1eljA1eljA1eljA 1eljA 1eljA
1tr8A1tr8A1tr8A 1tr8A 1tr8A
1yseA1yseA1yseA 1yseA 1yseA
1kevA1kevA1kevA 1kevA 1kevA
2fbyA2fbyA2fbyA 2fbyA 2fbyA
1yliA1yliA1yliA 1yliA 1yliA
1i50B1i50B1i50B 1i50B 1i50B
1oyeA1oyeA1oyeA 1oyeA 1oyeA
1wvhA1wvhA1wvhA 1wvhA 1wvhA
1n4kA1n4kA1n4kA 1n4kA 1n4kA
1nnfA1nnfA1nnfA 1nnfA 1nnfA
1yloA1yloA1yloA 1yloA 1yloA
1dqaA1dqaA1dqaA 1dqaA 1dqaA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1s1hD1s1hD1s1hD 1s1hD 1s1hD
1te2A1te2A1te2A 1te2A 1te2A
1ppjD1ppjD1ppjD 1ppjD 1ppjD
2br9A2br9A2br9A 2br9A 2br9A
1t9bA1t9bA1t9bA 1t9bA 1t9bA
1tocR1tocR1tocR 1tocR 1tocR
2cnqA2cnqA2cnqA 2cnqA 2cnqA
1wd7A1wd7A1wd7A 1wd7A 1wd7A
1rvkA1rvkA1rvkA 1rvkA 1rvkA
1qgtA1qgtA1qgtA 1qgtA 1qgtA
1ku0A1ku0A1ku0A 1ku0A 1ku0A
1uurA1uurA1uurA 1uurA 1uurA
1cyx1cyx1cyx 1cyx 1cyx
1u94A1u94A1u94A 1u94A 1u94A
1vhmA1vhmA1vhmA 1vhmA 1vhmA
1erp1erp1erp 1erp 1erp
1s7jA1s7jA1s7jA 1s7jA 1s7jA
1zxtA1zxtA1zxtA 1zxtA 1zxtA
1em8A1em8A1em8A 1em8A 1em8A
1knb1knb1knb 1knb 1knb
2eveA2eveA2eveA 2eveA 2eveA
2agmA2agmA2agmA 2agmA 2agmA
1fjmA1fjmA1fjmA 1fjmA 1fjmA
2cvlA2cvlA2cvlA 2cvlA 2cvlA
1lghA1lghA1lghA 1lghA 1lghA
2db2A2db2A2db2A 2db2A 2db2A
1r6lA1r6lA1r6lA 1r6lA 1r6lA
1xhcA1xhcA1xhcA 1xhcA 1xhcA
1s8kA1s8kA1s8kA 1s8kA 1s8kA
1b3aA1b3aA1b3aA 1b3aA 1b3aA
1ee8A1ee8A1ee8A 1ee8A 1ee8A
1m7gA1m7gA1m7gA 1m7gA 1m7gA
2exnA2exnA2exnA 2exnA 2exnA
1qjbA1qjbA1qjbA 1qjbA 1qjbA
1x42A1x42A1x42A 1x42A 1x42A
1xrjA1xrjA1xrjA 1xrjA 1xrjA
1vd4A1vd4A1vd4A 1vd4A 1vd4A
1xwfA1xwfA1xwfA 1xwfA 1xwfA
1uj2A1uj2A1uj2A 1uj2A 1uj2A
1rzrA1rzrA1rzrA 1rzrA 1rzrA
2akzA2akzA2akzA 2akzA 2akzA
1s3cA1s3cA1s3cA 1s3cA 1s3cA
1w1iE1w1iE1w1iE 1w1iE 1w1iE
2tpsA2tpsA2tpsA 2tpsA 2tpsA
1p3dA1p3dA1p3dA 1p3dA 1p3dA
1n7sD1n7sD1n7sD 1n7sD 1n7sD
1tqjA1tqjA1tqjA 1tqjA 1tqjA
1jb0I1jb0I1jb0I 1jb0I 1jb0I
1x1gA1x1gA1x1gA 1x1gA 1x1gA
1wnfA1wnfA1wnfA 1wnfA 1wnfA
1o9aB1o9aB1o9aB 1o9aB 1o9aB
1n2sA1n2sA1n2sA 1n2sA 1n2sA
1h8bA1h8bA1h8bA 1h8bA 1h8bA
1ua4A1ua4A1ua4A 1ua4A 1ua4A
1yw4A1yw4A1yw4A 1yw4A 1yw4A
1x05A1x05A1x05A 1x05A 1x05A
1yoyA1yoyA1yoyA 1yoyA 1yoyA
1b35D1b35D1b35D 1b35D 1b35D
1z1lA1z1lA1z1lA 1z1lA 1z1lA
1sq5A1sq5A1sq5A 1sq5A 1sq5A
1rowA1rowA1rowA 1rowA 1rowA
1djnA1djnA1djnA 1djnA 1djnA
1o0sA1o0sA1o0sA 1o0sA 1o0sA
1j9bA1j9bA1j9bA 1j9bA 1j9bA
1ozhA1ozhA1ozhA 1ozhA 1ozhA
1gg4A1gg4A1gg4A 1gg4A 1gg4A
1w6nA1w6nA1w6nA 1w6nA 1w6nA
1oiaA1oiaA1oiaA 1oiaA 1oiaA
1nu4A1nu4A1nu4A 1nu4A 1nu4A
1wryA1wryA1wryA 1wryA 1wryA
2ez9A2ez9A2ez9A 2ez9A 2ez9A
2fliA2fliA2fliA 2fliA 2fliA
1s95A1s95A1s95A 1s95A 1s95A
1y96A1y96A1y96A 1y96A 1y96A
1q3iA1q3iA1q3iA 1q3iA 1q3iA
1urnA1urnA1urnA 1urnA 1urnA
1wwjA1wwjA1wwjA 1wwjA 1wwjA
1dd9A1dd9A1dd9A 1dd9A 1dd9A
1y9aA1y9aA1y9aA 1y9aA 1y9aA
1jqbA1jqbA1jqbA 1jqbA 1jqbA
1qhxA1qhxA1qhxA 1qhxA 1qhxA
1nu5A1nu5A1nu5A 1nu5A 1nu5A
1kdoA1kdoA1kdoA 1kdoA 1kdoA
1pvvA1pvvA1pvvA 1pvvA 1pvvA
1s72X1s72X1s72X 1s72X 1s72X
1cm9A1cm9A1cm9A 1cm9A 1cm9A
1nlfA1nlfA1nlfA 1nlfA 1nlfA
1idaA1idaA1idaA 1idaA 1idaA
1a411a411a41 1a41 1a41
1jyeA1jyeA1jyeA 1jyeA 1jyeA
2g50A2g50A2g50A 2g50A 2g50A
1gs5A1gs5A1gs5A 1gs5A 1gs5A
1sxrA1sxrA1sxrA 1sxrA 1sxrA
1yxyA1yxyA1yxyA 1yxyA 1yxyA
1z3iX1z3iX1z3iX 1z3iX 1z3iX
1sw5B1sw5B1sw5B 1sw5B 1sw5B
1c8cA1c8cA1c8cA 1c8cA 1c8cA
1f80D1f80D1f80D 1f80D 1f80D
2bnlA2bnlA2bnlA 2bnlA 2bnlA
1ro5A1ro5A1ro5A 1ro5A 1ro5A

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1t6kA1t6kA1t6kA 1t6kA 1t6kA
1ww8A1ww8A1ww8A 1ww8A 1ww8A
1v84A1v84A1v84A 1v84A 1v84A
1ub9A1ub9A1ub9A 1ub9A 1ub9A
1u6bA1u6bA1u6bA 1u6bA 1u6bA
2b9lA2b9lA2b9lA 2b9lA 2b9lA
1vybA1vybA1vybA 1vybA 1vybA
1vkkA1vkkA1vkkA 1vkkA 1vkkA
1bt3A1bt3A1bt3A 1bt3A 1bt3A
1oi7A1oi7A1oi7A 1oi7A 1oi7A
1tltA1tltA1tltA 1tltA 1tltA
1o0uA1o0uA1o0uA 1o0uA 1o0uA
1nr4A1nr4A1nr4A 1nr4A 1nr4A
1xfoA1xfoA1xfoA 1xfoA 1xfoA
1fnoA1fnoA1fnoA 1fnoA 1fnoA
1zoqC1zoqC1zoqC 1zoqC 1zoqC
1k8kF1k8kF1k8kF 1k8kF 1k8kF
1zclA1zclA1zclA 1zclA 1zclA
2mnr2mnr2mnr 2mnr 2mnr
1rcqA1rcqA1rcqA 1rcqA 1rcqA
1y1uA1y1uA1y1uA 1y1uA 1y1uA
2aioA2aioA2aioA 2aioA 2aioA
1ye8A1ye8A1ye8A 1ye8A 1ye8A
2d42A2d42A2d42A 2d42A 2d42A
1j1nA1j1nA1j1nA 1j1nA 1j1nA
2if12if12if1 2if1 2if1
1wl9A1wl9A1wl9A 1wl9A 1wl9A
2c31A2c31A2c31A 2c31A 2c31A
1el6A1el6A1el6A 1el6A 1el6A
1icpA1icpA1icpA 1icpA 1icpA
1s72E1s72E1s72E 1s72E 1s72E
1h6dA1h6dA1h6dA 1h6dA 1h6dA
2ar0A2ar0A2ar0A 2ar0A 2ar0A
1fipA1fipA1fipA 1fipA 1fipA

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001