Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1e5kA1e5kA1e5kA 1e5kA 1e5kA
1fr9A1fr9A1fr9A 1fr9A 1fr9A
1fxjA1fxjA1fxjA 1fxjA 1fxjA
2a10A2a10A2a10A 2a10A 2a10A
1vicA1vicA1vicA 1vicA 1vicA
2gjlA2gjlA2gjlA 2gjlA 2gjlA
1i2hA1i2hA1i2hA 1i2hA 1i2hA
1i7fA1i7fA1i7fA 1i7fA 1i7fA
1y6xA1y6xA1y6xA 1y6xA 1y6xA
1p4cA1p4cA1p4cA 1p4cA 1p4cA
2a7wA2a7wA2a7wA 2a7wA 2a7wA
1al81al81al8 1al8 1al8
1aoiC1aoiC1aoiC 1aoiC 1aoiC
1gylA1gylA1gylA 1gylA 1gylA
1wwuA1wwuA1wwuA 1wwuA 1wwuA
1hw7A1hw7A1hw7A 1hw7A 1hw7A
2b8eA2b8eA2b8eA 2b8eA 2b8eA
1zxuA1zxuA1zxuA 1zxuA 1zxuA
1dmlB1dmlB1dmlB 1dmlB 1dmlB
1q8iA1q8iA1q8iA 1q8iA 1q8iA
1xpkC1xpkC1xpkC 1xpkC 1xpkC
2kinB2kinB2kinB 2kinB 2kinB
1vzyA1vzyA1vzyA 1vzyA 1vzyA
1huvA1huvA1huvA 1huvA 1huvA
1gdhA1gdhA1gdhA 1gdhA 1gdhA
1br0A1br0A1br0A 1br0A 1br0A
1ok7A1ok7A1ok7A 1ok7A 1ok7A
1ez3A1ez3A1ez3A 1ez3A 1ez3A
1vq0A1vq0A1vq0A 1vq0A 1vq0A
3kinB3kinB3kinB 3kinB 3kinB
1jmxG1jmxG1jmxG 1jmxG 1jmxG
1pbyC1pbyC1pbyC 1pbyC 1pbyC
2polA2polA2polA 2polA 2polA
1jj2D1jj2D1jj2D 1jj2D 1jj2D
1fwyA1fwyA1fwyA 1fwyA 1fwyA
1ddvA1ddvA1ddvA 1ddvA 1ddvA
1nrwA1nrwA1nrwA 1nrwA 1nrwA
1lyp1lyp1lyp 1lyp 1lyp
1m3sA1m3sA1m3sA 1m3sA 1m3sA
1tplA1tplA1tplA 1tplA 1tplA
1wo8A1wo8A1wo8A 1wo8A 1wo8A
1gox1gox1gox 1gox 1gox
1zud11zud11zud1 1zud1 1zud1
1yjmA1yjmA1yjmA 1yjmA 1yjmA
1hq3A1hq3A1hq3A 1hq3A 1hq3A
1esxA1esxA1esxA 1esxA 1esxA
2d93A2d93A2d93A 2d93A 2d93A
1zkkA1zkkA1zkkA 1zkkA 1zkkA
1zpvA1zpvA1zpvA 1zpvA 1zpvA
1spvA1spvA1spvA 1spvA 1spvA
1tvzA1tvzA1tvzA 1tvzA 1tvzA
1qp8A1qp8A1qp8A 1qp8A 1qp8A
1kbjA1kbjA1kbjA 1kbjA 1kbjA
1vpkA1vpkA1vpkA 1vpkA 1vpkA
1ddwA1ddwA1ddwA 1ddwA 1ddwA
1wdtA1wdtA1wdtA 1wdtA 1wdtA
2cr9A2cr9A2cr9A 2cr9A 2cr9A
1jr1A1jr1A1jr1A 1jr1A 1jr1A
2gaxA2gaxA2gaxA 2gaxA 2gaxA
1i52A1i52A1i52A 1i52A 1i52A
1o4tA1o4tA1o4tA 1o4tA 1o4tA
1ceuA1ceuA1ceuA 1ceuA 1ceuA
1qhtA1qhtA1qhtA 1qhtA 1qhtA
1kf6D1kf6D1kf6D 1kf6D 1kf6D
1vhuA1vhuA1vhuA 1vhuA 1vhuA
1gesA1gesA1gesA 1gesA 1gesA
2brfA2brfA2brfA 2brfA 2brfA
2freA2freA2freA 2freA 2freA
1f48A1f48A1f48A 1f48A 1f48A
1gadO1gadO1gadO 1gadO 1gadO
1v05A1v05A1v05A 1v05A 1v05A
2b67A2b67A2b67A 2b67A 2b67A
1jw9B1jw9B1jw9B 1jw9B 1jw9B
1wgwA1wgwA1wgwA 1wgwA 1wgwA
1m2xA1m2xA1m2xA 1m2xA 1m2xA
1tgoA1tgoA1tgoA 1tgoA 1tgoA
1kilE1kilE1kilE 1kilE 1kilE
1psdA1psdA1psdA 1psdA 1psdA
1plq1plq1plq 1plq 1plq
1xpmA1xpmA1xpmA 1xpmA 1xpmA
1o6zA1o6zA1o6zA 1o6zA 1o6zA
1r61A1r61A1r61A 1r61A 1r61A
1f2vA1f2vA1f2vA 1f2vA 1f2vA
1m0qA1m0qA1m0qA 1m0qA 1m0qA
1t71A1t71A1t71A 1t71A 1t71A
1mmiA1mmiA1mmiA 1mmiA 1mmiA
1qidA1qidA1qidA 1qidA 1qidA
1b3uA1b3uA1b3uA 1b3uA 1b3uA
1b93A1b93A1b93A 1b93A 1b93A
1h97A1h97A1h97A 1h97A 1h97A
1y8qA1y8qA1y8qA 1y8qA 1y8qA
1kx5C1kx5C1kx5C 1kx5C 1kx5C
1fnmA1fnmA1fnmA 1fnmA 1fnmA
1q98A1q98A1q98A 1q98A 1q98A
1l4aE1l4aE1l4aE 1l4aE 1l4aE
1ad21ad21ad2 1ad2 1ad2
487dH487dH487dH 487dH 487dH
1cbuA1cbuA1cbuA 1cbuA 1cbuA
1ypfA1ypfA1ypfA 1ypfA 1ypfA
2dkb2dkb2dkb 2dkb 2dkb

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
2g1uA2g1uA2g1uA 2g1uA 2g1uA
1be3D1be3D1be3D 1be3D 1be3D
1qxhA1qxhA1qxhA 1qxhA 1qxhA
1vxrA1vxrA1vxrA 1vxrA 1vxrA
1ih7A1ih7A1ih7A 1ih7A 1ih7A
1ae9A1ae9A1ae9A 1ae9A 1ae9A
1d3gA1d3gA1d3gA 1d3gA 1d3gA
1rwzA1rwzA1rwzA 1rwzA 1rwzA
2cmd2cmd2cmd 2cmd 2cmd
2aefA2aefA2aefA 2aefA 2aefA
1h7wB1h7wB1h7wB 1h7wB 1h7wB
1s29A1s29A1s29A 1s29A 1s29A
1clqA1clqA1clqA 1clqA 1clqA
1a7hA1a7hA1a7hA 1a7hA 1a7hA
1gtfA1gtfA1gtfA 1gtfA 1gtfA
1qcwA1qcwA1qcwA 1qcwA 1qcwA
1lsuA1lsuA1lsuA 1lsuA 1lsuA
1lk5A1lk5A1lk5A 1lk5A 1lk5A
1o5uA1o5uA1o5uA 1o5uA 1o5uA
1zchA1zchA1zchA 1zchA 1zchA
1v30A1v30A1v30A 1v30A 1v30A
1sur1sur1sur 1sur 1sur
1ahc1ahc1ahc 1ahc 1ahc
1ldm1ldm1ldm 1ldm 1ldm
1k1eA1k1eA1k1eA 1k1eA 1k1eA
1gteA1gteA1gteA 1gteA 1gteA
1wapA1wapA1wapA 1wapA 1wapA
1jeoA1jeoA1jeoA 1jeoA 1jeoA
1d3hA1d3hA1d3hA 1d3hA 1d3hA
1zfjA1zfjA1zfjA 1zfjA 1zfjA
1s5lB1s5lB1s5lB 1s5lB 1s5lB
1s7iA1s7iA1s7iA 1s7iA 1s7iA
1ea5A1ea5A1ea5A 1ea5A 1ea5A
1i1hA1i1hA1i1hA 1i1hA 1i1hA
1bccD1bccD1bccD 1bccD 1bccD
2a4aA2a4aA2a4aA 2a4aA 2a4aA
1j8dA1j8dA1j8dA 1j8dA 1j8dA
1hbxG1hbxG1hbxG 1hbxG 1hbxG
2d7nA2d7nA2d7nA 2d7nA 2d7nA
1kb9D1kb9D1kb9D 1kb9D 1kb9D
1o65A1o65A1o65A 1o65A 1o65A
2acfA2acfA2acfA 2acfA 2acfA
1xzoA1xzoA1xzoA 1xzoA 1xzoA
1hjzA1hjzA1hjzA 1hjzA 1hjzA
1vimA1vimA1vimA 1vimA 1vimA
1ynmA1ynmA1ynmA 1ynmA 1ynmA
1s72E1s72E1s72E 1s72E 1s72E
1dx0A1dx0A1dx0A 1dx0A 1dx0A
1gypA1gypA1gypA 1gypA 1gypA
1e8pA1e8pA1e8pA 1e8pA 1e8pA
2b30A2b30A2b30A 2b30A 2b30A
1i9bA1i9bA1i9bA 1i9bA 1i9bA
1i74A1i74A1i74A 1i74A 1i74A
1aonO1aonO1aonO 1aonO 1aonO
1k3bA1k3bA1k3bA 1k3bA 1k3bA
1b93B1b93B1b93B 1b93B 1b93B
1al0G1al0G1al0G 1al0G 1al0G
2bpa22bpa22bpa2 2bpa2 2bpa2
1dyzA1dyzA1dyzA 1dyzA 1dyzA
1aoiG1aoiG1aoiG 1aoiG 1aoiG
2fkcA2fkcA2fkcA 2fkcA 2fkcA
1mzhA1mzhA1mzhA 1mzhA 1mzhA
2cs2A2cs2A2cs2A 2cs2A 2cs2A
1yhnB1yhnB1yhnB 1yhnB 1yhnB
1ywqA1ywqA1ywqA 1ywqA 1ywqA
1yfuA1yfuA1yfuA 1yfuA 1yfuA
1uilA1uilA1uilA 1uilA 1uilA
1h7cA1h7cA1h7cA 1h7cA 1h7cA
1lfwA1lfwA1lfwA 1lfwA 1lfwA
1eysH1eysH1eysH 1eysH 1eysH
1qqcA1qqcA1qqcA 1qqcA 1qqcA
1y0nA1y0nA1y0nA 1y0nA 1y0nA
1qawF1qawF1qawF 1qawF 1qawF
1vqoE1vqoE1vqoE 1vqoE 1vqoE
1ldnA1ldnA1ldnA 1ldnA 1ldnA
1yd9A1yd9A1yd9A 1yd9A 1yd9A
2nadA2nadA2nadA 2nadA 2nadA
1j79A1j79A1j79A 1j79A 1j79A
2bj0A2bj0A2bj0A 2bj0A 2bj0A
1a5z1a5z1a5z 1a5z 1a5z
1s5jA1s5jA1s5jA 1s5jA 1s5jA
2nacA2nacA2nacA 2nacA 2nacA
1k20A1k20A1k20A 1k20A 1k20A
3nll3nll3nll 3nll 3nll
1qfeA1qfeA1qfeA 1qfeA 1qfeA
1mrg1mrg1mrg 1mrg 1mrg
2bce2bce2bce 2bce 2bce
1qgrA1qgrA1qgrA 1qgrA 1qgrA
1w53A1w53A1w53A 1w53A 1w53A
1ub3A1ub3A1ub3A 1ub3A 1ub3A
1tzaA1tzaA1tzaA 1tzaA 1tzaA
1uj6A1uj6A1uj6A 1uj6A 1uj6A
1z15A1z15A1z15A 1z15A 1z15A
1o2dA1o2dA1o2dA 1o2dA 1o2dA
1t0aA1t0aA1t0aA 1t0aA 1t0aA
1ujxA1ujxA1ujxA 1ujxA 1ujxA
1jy8A1jy8A1jy8A 1jy8A 1jy8A
1h7eA1h7eA1h7eA 1h7eA 1h7eA
1us5A1us5A1us5A 1us5A 1us5A
1p32C1p32C1p32C 1p32C 1p32C

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1plr1plr1plr 1plr 1plr
1g2yA1g2yA1g2yA 1g2yA 1g2yA
1yxyA1yxyA1yxyA 1yxyA 1yxyA
1v54G1v54G1v54G 1v54G 1v54G
1ou0A1ou0A1ou0A 1ou0A 1ou0A
1id1A1id1A1id1A 1id1A 1id1A
2c78A2c78A2c78A 2c78A 2c78A
1h7wD1h7wD1h7wD 1h7wD 1h7wD
1uxoA1uxoA1uxoA 1uxoA 1uxoA
1gthB1gthB1gthB 1gthB 1gthB
1gx1A1gx1A1gx1A 1gx1A 1gx1A
1mqoA1mqoA1mqoA 1mqoA 1mqoA
1uw6A1uw6A1uw6A 1uw6A 1uw6A
1iv3A1iv3A1iv3A 1iv3A 1iv3A
1etc1etc1etc 1etc 1etc
1otrA1otrA1otrA 1otrA 1otrA
2bg5A2bg5A2bg5A 2bg5A 2bg5A
1hxs31hxs31hxs3 1hxs3 1hxs3
1gd7A1gd7A1gd7A 1gd7A 1gd7A
1lssA1lssA1lssA 1lssA 1lssA
1vz6A1vz6A1vz6A 1vz6A 1vz6A
1x3kA1x3kA1x3kA 1x3kA 1x3kA
1aiw1aiw1aiw 1aiw 1aiw
1qy1A1qy1A1qy1A 1qy1A 1qy1A
1c9kB1c9kB1c9kB 1c9kB 1c9kB
1lvl1lvl1lvl 1lvl 1lvl
1ymqA1ymqA1ymqA 1ymqA 1ymqA
1s1dA1s1dA1s1dA 1s1dA 1s1dA
1vqoH1vqoH1vqoH 1vqoH 1vqoH
1au1A1au1A1au1A 1au1A 1au1A
1ib2A1ib2A1ib2A 1ib2A 1ib2A
1xvsA1xvsA1xvsA 1xvsA 1xvsA
2bleA2bleA2bleA 2bleA 2bleA
1yhfA1yhfA1yhfA 1yhfA 1yhfA
1ppjD1ppjD1ppjD 1ppjD 1ppjD
2amyA2amyA2amyA 2amyA 2amyA
1tffA1tffA1tffA 1tffA 1tffA
2fvx2fvx2fvx 2fvx 2fvx
1e4eA1e4eA1e4eA 1e4eA 1e4eA
1ztsA1ztsA1ztsA 1ztsA 1ztsA
1eziA1eziA1eziA 1eziA 1eziA
1obs1obs1obs 1obs 1obs
1noyA1noyA1noyA 1noyA 1noyA
1eca1eca1eca 1eca 1eca
1ecd1ecd1ecd 1ecd 1ecd
1xkiA1xkiA1xkiA 1xkiA 1xkiA
1eco1eco1eco 1eco 1eco
1fc4A1fc4A1fc4A 1fc4A 1fc4A
1b3oA1b3oA1b3oA 1b3oA 1b3oA
1u8sA1u8sA1u8sA 1u8sA 1u8sA
1iq4A1iq4A1iq4A 1iq4A 1iq4A
1c9oA1c9oA1c9oA 1c9oA 1c9oA
1ux2A1ux2A1ux2A 1ux2A 1ux2A
2brqA2brqA2brqA 2brqA 2brqA
1fliA1fliA1fliA 1fliA 1fliA
5nul5nul5nul 5nul 5nul
1efuA1efuA1efuA 1efuA 1efuA
1j1nA1j1nA1j1nA 1j1nA 1j1nA
1jj2F1jj2F1jj2F 1jj2F 1jj2F
2f4pA2f4pA2f4pA 2f4pA 2f4pA
1yqeA1yqeA1yqeA 1yqeA 1yqeA
1c0eA1c0eA1c0eA 1c0eA 1c0eA
2h0uA2h0uA2h0uA 2h0uA 2h0uA
1px5A1px5A1px5A 1px5A 1px5A
1ez1A1ez1A1ez1A 1ez1A 1ez1A
2occG2occG2occG 2occG 2occG
1ksr1ksr1ksr 1ksr 1ksr
2bwnA2bwnA2bwnA 2bwnA 2bwnA
2ah6A2ah6A2ah6A 2ah6A 2ah6A
1axcA1axcA1axcA 1axcA 1axcA
1mx3A1mx3A1mx3A 1mx3A 1mx3A
1duxC1duxC1duxC 1duxC 1duxC
1ann1ann1ann 1ann 1ann
1ktbA1ktbA1ktbA 1ktbA 1ktbA
1b0lA1b0lA1b0lA 1b0lA 1b0lA
1hv9A1hv9A1hv9A 1hv9A 1hv9A
1y0eA1y0eA1y0eA 1y0eA 1y0eA
2gwnA2gwnA2gwnA 2gwnA 2gwnA
1sfdA1sfdA1sfdA 1sfdA 1sfdA
2bv2A2bv2A2bv2A 2bv2A 2bv2A
2awaA2awaA2awaA 2awaA 2awaA
1h7xC1h7xC1h7xC 1h7xC 1h7xC
1uv6A1uv6A1uv6A 1uv6A 1uv6A
1repC1repC1repC 1repC 1repC
2amlA2amlA2amlA 2amlA 2amlA
2fhzA2fhzA2fhzA 2fhzA 2fhzA
1ud9A1ud9A1ud9A 1ud9A 1ud9A
1xewY1xewY1xewY 1xewY 1xewY
1vr6A1vr6A1vr6A 1vr6A 1vr6A
1yovA1yovA1yovA 1yovA 1yovA
1bkjA1bkjA1bkjA 1bkjA 1bkjA
1vqtA1vqtA1vqtA 1vqtA 1vqtA
1nnlA1nnlA1nnlA 1nnlA 1nnlA
1dxeA1dxeA1dxeA 1dxeA 1dxeA
1mldA1mldA1mldA 1mldA 1mldA
1ak51ak51ak5 1ak5 1ak5
1c24A1c24A1c24A 1c24A 1c24A
2ft6A2ft6A2ft6A 2ft6A 2ft6A
1f5vA1f5vA1f5vA 1f5vA 1f5vA
1f66C1f66C1f66C 1f66C 1f66C

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1h2kA1h2kA1h2kA 1h2kA 1h2kA
1ift1ift1ift 1ift 1ift
1keeC1keeC1keeC 1keeC 1keeC
1gteD1gteD1gteD 1gteD 1gteD
1w77A1w77A1w77A 1w77A 1w77A
1p9eA1p9eA1p9eA 1p9eA 1p9eA
1j1hA1j1hA1j1hA 1j1hA 1j1hA

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001