Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
2b4zA2b4zA2b4zA 2b4zA 2b4zA
1udzA1udzA1udzA 1udzA 1udzA
1ccr1ccr1ccr 1ccr 1ccr
1c75A1c75A1c75A 1c75A 1c75A
1m70A1m70A1m70A 1m70A 1m70A
5cytR5cytR5cytR 5cytR 5cytR
1fs7A1fs7A1fs7A 1fs7A 1fs7A
1ycc1ycc1ycc 1ycc 1ycc
2bq4A2bq4A2bq4A 2bq4A 2bq4A
1jg5A1jg5A1jg5A 1jg5A 1jg5A
1w7oA1w7oA1w7oA 1w7oA 1w7oA
1wnyA1wnyA1wnyA 1wnyA 1wnyA
1u7iA1u7iA1u7iA 1u7iA 1u7iA
1sp3A1sp3A1sp3A 1sp3A 1sp3A
1wkaA1wkaA1wkaA 1wkaA 1wkaA
1wy7A1wy7A1wy7A 1wy7A 1wy7A
1w2lA1w2lA1w2lA 1w2lA 1w2lA
1wxxA1wxxA1wxxA 1wxxA 1wxxA
1ql3A1ql3A1ql3A 1ql3A 1ql3A
1c521c521c52 1c52 1c52
1cb0A1cb0A1cb0A 1cb0A 1cb0A
1gyoA1gyoA1gyoA 1gyoA 1gyoA
2czsA2czsA2czsA 2czsA 2czsA
1ls9A1ls9A1ls9A 1ls9A 1ls9A
1os6A1os6A1os6A 1os6A 1os6A
1wad1wad1wad 1wad 1wad
1wveC1wveC1wveC 1wveC 1wveC
1co6A1co6A1co6A 1co6A 1co6A
1j0pA1j0pA1j0pA 1j0pA 1j0pA
1ofwA1ofwA1ofwA 1ofwA 1ofwA
1up9A1up9A1up9A 1up9A 1up9A
1fe0A1fe0A1fe0A 1fe0A 1fe0A
19hcA19hcA19hcA 19hcA 19hcA
1osdA1osdA1osdA 1osdA 1osdA
1gdvA1gdvA1gdvA 1gdvA 1gdvA
1ummA1ummA1ummA 1ummA 1ummA
1fjgE1fjgE1fjgE 1fjgE 1fjgE
1bn8A1bn8A1bn8A 1bn8A 1bn8A
1ctj1ctj1ctj 1ctj 1ctj
2a8yA2a8yA2a8yA 2a8yA 2a8yA
1t0fA1t0fA1t0fA 1t0fA 1t0fA
2bh4X2bh4X2bh4X 2bh4X 2bh4X
2blfB2blfB2blfB 2blfB 2blfB
1h1oA1h1oA1h1oA 1h1oA 1h1oA
1h32B1h32B1h32B 1h32B 1h32B
1z1nX1z1nX1z1nX 1z1nX 1z1nX
3caoA3caoA3caoA 3caoA 3caoA
2ajgA2ajgA2ajgA 2ajgA 2ajgA
1urrA1urrA1urrA 1urrA 1urrA
1ijtA1ijtA1ijtA 1ijtA 1ijtA
1odp1odp1odp 1odp 1odp
1hh5A1hh5A1hh5A 1hh5A 1hh5A
1winA1winA1winA 1winA 1winA
2gcfA2gcfA2gcfA 2gcfA 2gcfA
2cy32cy32cy3 2cy3 2cy3
1wohA1wohA1wohA 1wohA 1wohA
2acy2acy2acy 2acy 2acy
1cxc1cxc1cxc 1cxc 1cxc
2a3mA2a3mA2a3mA 2a3mA 2a3mA
1whzA1whzA1whzA 1whzA 1whzA
2c8sA2c8sA2c8sA 2c8sA 2c8sA
2fdbM2fdbM2fdbM 2fdbM 2fdbM
1t0fC1t0fC1t0fC 1t0fC 1t0fC
3c2c3c2c3c2c 3c2c 3c2c
1bb1B1bb1B1bb1B 1bb1B 1bb1B
2d0sA2d0sA2d0sA 2d0sA 2d0sA
1m1qA1m1qA1m1qA 1m1qA 1m1qA
1bfg1bfg1bfg 1bfg 1bfg
1nhkL1nhkL1nhkL 1nhkL 1nhkL
1u1sA1u1sA1u1sA 1u1sA 1u1sA
1u1tA1u1tA1u1tA 1u1tA 1u1tA
2c1dB2c1dB2c1dB 2c1dB 2c1dB
1l0lK1l0lK1l0lK 1l0lK 1l0lK
1ucnA1ucnA1ucnA 1ucnA 1ucnA
1pwaA1pwaA1pwaA 1pwaA 1pwaA
1s57A1s57A1s57A 1s57A 1s57A
451c451c451c 451c 451c
1ovxA1ovxA1ovxA 1ovxA 1ovxA
1cc8A1cc8A1cc8A 1cc8A 1cc8A
1dszA1dszA1dszA 1dszA 1dszA
2fgoA2fgoA2fgoA 2fgoA 2fgoA
1x9gA1x9gA1x9gA 1x9gA 1x9gA
1owtA1owtA1owtA 1owtA 1owtA
1zejA1zejA1zejA 1zejA 1zejA
2b2yA2b2yA2b2yA 2b2yA 2b2yA
1npk1npk1npk 1npk 1npk
1dxrC1dxrC1dxrC 1dxrC 1dxrC
1b8oA1b8oA1b8oA 1b8oA 1b8oA
1ft5A1ft5A1ft5A 1ft5A 1ft5A
2cwkA2cwkA2cwkA 2cwkA 2cwkA
2a0mA2a0mA2a0mA 2a0mA 2a0mA
2bapC2bapC2bapC 2bapC 2bapC
1bb1C1bb1C1bb1C 1bb1C 1bb1C
2igd2igd2igd 2igd 2igd
1y8qA1y8qA1y8qA 1y8qA 1y8qA
1dszB1dszB1dszB 1dszB 1dszB
1ppjD1ppjD1ppjD 1ppjD 1ppjD
1twfI1twfI1twfI 1twfI 1twfI
1vkfA1vkfA1vkfA 1vkfA 1vkfA
1wtaA1wtaA1wtaA 1wtaA 1wtaA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
2etxA2etxA2etxA 2etxA 2etxA
2cc6A2cc6A2cc6A 2cc6A 2cc6A
1kzyC1kzyC1kzyC 1kzyC 1kzyC
1dmlB1dmlB1dmlB 1dmlB 1dmlB
1mz4A1mz4A1mz4A 1mz4A 1mz4A
1fjgP1fjgP1fjgP 1fjgP 1fjgP
1wbhA1wbhA1wbhA 1wbhA 1wbhA
1latA1latA1latA 1latA 1latA
2f1kA2f1kA2f1kA 2f1kA 2f1kA
1kb9D1kb9D1kb9D 1kb9D 1kb9D
2d8sA2d8sA2d8sA 2d8sA 2d8sA
2cqeA2cqeA2cqeA 2cqeA 2cqeA
1d0cA1d0cA1d0cA 1d0cA 1d0cA
1sqeA1sqeA1sqeA 1sqeA 1sqeA
1p0hA1p0hA1p0hA 1p0hA 1p0hA
1e29A1e29A1e29A 1e29A 1e29A
1h99A1h99A1h99A 1h99A 1h99A
1tcvA1tcvA1tcvA 1tcvA 1tcvA
1ihkA1ihkA1ihkA 1ihkA 1ihkA
2d9kA2d9kA2d9kA 2d9kA 2d9kA
1qfnB1qfnB1qfnB 1qfnB 1qfnB
1k47A1k47A1k47A 1k47A 1k47A
1v5iB1v5iB1v5iB 1v5iB 1v5iB
2c1vA2c1vA2c1vA 2c1vA 2c1vA
1r0rI1r0rI1r0rI 1r0rI 1r0rI
2as0A2as0A2as0A 2as0A 2as0A
1iqcA1iqcA1iqcA 1iqcA 1iqcA
1on2A1on2A1on2A 1on2A 1on2A
1tf5A1tf5A1tf5A 1tf5A 1tf5A
2ct0A2ct0A2ct0A 2ct0A 2ct0A
1jniA1jniA1jniA 1jniA 1jniA
1m6eX1m6eX1m6eX 1m6eX 1m6eX
2f1rA2f1rA2f1rA 2f1rA 2f1rA
1urfA1urfA1urfA 1urfA 1urfA
1yb2A1yb2A1yb2A 1yb2A 1yb2A
1rijA1rijA1rijA 1rijA 1rijA
1lo7A1lo7A1lo7A 1lo7A 1lo7A
1klrA1klrA1klrA 1klrA 1klrA
1x72A1x72A1x72A 1x72A 1x72A
2fctA2fctA2fctA 2fctA 2fctA
1jdlA1jdlA1jdlA 1jdlA 1jdlA
2c71A2c71A2c71A 2c71A 2c71A
1zavU1zavU1zavU 1zavU 1zavU
2fzsA2fzsA2fzsA 2fzsA 2fzsA
2cvcA2cvcA2cvcA 2cvcA 2cvcA
1s6wA1s6wA1s6wA 1s6wA 1s6wA
2ifo2ifo2ifo 2ifo 2ifo
1vyxA1vyxA1vyxA 1vyxA 1vyxA
1i8oA1i8oA1i8oA 1i8oA 1i8oA
1stfI1stfI1stfI 1stfI 1stfI
1np3A1np3A1np3A 1np3A 1np3A
1h32A1h32A1h32A 1h32A 1h32A
1evyA1evyA1evyA 1evyA 1evyA
1ez3A1ez3A1ez3A 1ez3A 1ez3A
1u2cA1u2cA1u2cA 1u2cA 1u2cA
2gs8A2gs8A2gs8A 2gs8A 2gs8A
1u07A1u07A1u07A 1u07A 1u07A
1u6pA1u6pA1u6pA 1u6pA 1u6pA
2bh1A2bh1A2bh1A 2bh1A 2bh1A
2gwnA2gwnA2gwnA 2gwnA 2gwnA
1t8tA1t8tA1t8tA 1t8tA 1t8tA
2aebA2aebA2aebA 2aebA 2aebA
1ks9A1ks9A1ks9A 1ks9A 1ks9A
1mi8A1mi8A1mi8A 1mi8A 1mi8A

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