Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1nknA1nknA1nknA 1nknA 1nknA
1g3mA1g3mA1g3mA 1g3mA 1g3mA
1qqgA1qqgA1qqgA 1qqgA 1qqgA
1ls6A1ls6A1ls6A 1ls6A 1ls6A
1q2hA1q2hA1q2hA 1q2hA 1q2hA
2a3qA2a3qA2a3qA 2a3qA 2a3qA
1u69A1u69A1u69A 1u69A 1u69A
1hy3A1hy3A1hy3A 1hy3A 1hy3A
1m48A1m48A1m48A 1m48A 1m48A
1pu1A1pu1A1pu1A 1pu1A 1pu1A
2db9A2db9A2db9A 2db9A 2db9A
1nt2B1nt2B1nt2B 1nt2B 1nt2B
1q18A1q18A1q18A 1q18A 1q18A
1ug8A1ug8A1ug8A 1ug8A 1ug8A
1chuA1chuA1chuA 1chuA 1chuA
1z2cB1z2cB1z2cB 1z2cB 1z2cB
1y13A1y13A1y13A 1y13A 1y13A
1q44A1q44A1q44A 1q44A 1q44A
1j99A1j99A1j99A 1j99A 1j99A
1x59A1x59A1x59A 1x59A 1x59A
2etvA2etvA2etvA 2etvA 2etvA
1griA1griA1griA 1griA 1griA
1wxcB1wxcB1wxcB 1wxcB 1wxcB
1irl1irl1irl 1irl 1irl
1exg1exg1exg 1exg 1exg
2a50A2a50A2a50A 2a50A 2a50A
1ok8A1ok8A1ok8A 1ok8A 1ok8A
1aquA1aquA1aquA 1aquA 1aquA
1r1bA1r1bA1r1bA 1r1bA 1r1bA
1i6zA1i6zA1i6zA 1i6zA 1i6zA
1c1kA1c1kA1c1kA 1c1kA 1c1kA
1dzlA1dzlA1dzlA 1dzlA 1dzlA
1wzzA1wzzA1wzzA 1wzzA 1wzzA
1w33A1w33A1w33A 1w33A 1w33A
1bovA1bovA1bovA 1bovA 1bovA
4ull4ull4ull 4ull 4ull
1efdN1efdN1efdN 1efdN 1efdN
2bf5A2bf5A2bf5A 2bf5A 2bf5A
1x93A1x93A1x93A 1x93A 1x93A
1mnmC1mnmC1mnmC 1mnmC 1mnmC
1kutA1kutA1kutA 1kutA 1kutA
1t46A1t46A1t46A 1t46A 1t46A
1u7iA1u7iA1u7iA 1u7iA 1u7iA
1r4pB1r4pB1r4pB 1r4pB 1r4pB
1svb1svb1svb 1svb 1svb
1m7sA1m7sA1m7sA 1m7sA 1m7sA
1aoiB1aoiB1aoiB 1aoiB 1aoiB
1hq3D1hq3D1hq3D 1hq3D 1hq3D
2c5kT2c5kT2c5kT 2c5kT 2c5kT
1bh5A1bh5A1bh5A 1bh5A 1bh5A
1xbd1xbd1xbd 1xbd 1xbd
1nfvA1nfvA1nfvA 1nfvA 1nfvA
1fvrA1fvrA1fvrA 1fvrA 1fvrA
1qgc51qgc51qgc5 1qgc5 1qgc5
1emwA1emwA1emwA 1emwA 1emwA
1sz2A1sz2A1sz2A 1sz2A 1sz2A
1wlzA1wlzA1wlzA 1wlzA 1wlzA
2fhpA2fhpA2fhpA 2fhpA 2fhpA
3inkC3inkC3inkC 3inkC 3inkC
1rwtA1rwtA1rwtA 1rwtA 1rwtA
1ug7A1ug7A1ug7A 1ug7A 1ug7A
1u35C1u35C1u35C 1u35C 1u35C
2fpoA2fpoA2fpoA 2fpoA 2fpoA
1b8iB1b8iB1b8iB 1b8iB 1b8iB
1du6A1du6A1du6A 1du6A 1du6A
1ugpB1ugpB1ugpB 1ugpB 1ugpB
1pufB1pufB1pufB 1pufB 1pufB
1yirA1yirA1yirA 1yirA 1yirA
2faoA2faoA2faoA 2faoA 2faoA
1zbdB1zbdB1zbdB 1zbdB 1zbdB
2ap1A2ap1A2ap1A 2ap1A 2ap1A
1d6jA1d6jA1d6jA 1d6jA 1d6jA
1s0yB1s0yB1s0yB 1s0yB 1s0yB
1g10A1g10A1g10A 1g10A 1g10A
1ag21ag21ag2 1ag2 1ag2
2cwlA2cwlA2cwlA 2cwlA 2cwlA
1hqi1hqi1hqi 1hqi 1hqi
1k61A1k61A1k61A 1k61A 1k61A
1d2dA1d2dA1d2dA 1d2dA 1d2dA
1pufA1pufA1pufA 1pufA 1pufA
2gwhA2gwhA2gwhA 2gwhA 2gwhA
2bhwA2bhwA2bhwA 2bhwA 2bhwA
1awe1awe1awe 1awe 1awe
1x1fA1x1fA1x1fA 1x1fA 1x1fA
1yrnB1yrnB1yrnB 1yrnB 1yrnB
1lvfA1lvfA1lvfA 1lvfA 1lvfA
1b72B1b72B1b72B 1b72B 1b72B
1r0pA1r0pA1r0pA 1r0pA 1r0pA
1vjyA1vjyA1vjyA 1vjyA 1vjyA
1akhB1akhB1akhB 1akhB 1akhB
1j1iA1j1iA1j1iA 1j1iA 1j1iA
1ualA1ualA1ualA 1ualA 1ualA
1l9fA1l9fA1l9fA 1l9fA 1l9fA
1br0A1br0A1br0A 1br0A 1br0A
1eumA1eumA1eumA 1eumA 1eumA
1naqA1naqA1naqA 1naqA 1naqA
2fuqA2fuqA2fuqA 2fuqA 2fuqA
1u59A1u59A1u59A 1u59A 1u59A
1mdoA1mdoA1mdoA 1mdoA 1mdoA
2aheA2aheA2aheA 2aheA 2aheA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1fqvA1fqvA1fqvA 1fqvA 1fqvA
1jgcA1jgcA1jgcA 1jgcA 1jgcA
1kr4A1kr4A1kr4A 1kr4A 1kr4A
1nvpD1nvpD1nvpD 1nvpD 1nvpD
1ukuA1ukuA1ukuA 1ukuA 1ukuA
1gw5A1gw5A1gw5A 1gw5A 1gw5A
1rp4A1rp4A1rp4A 1rp4A 1rp4A
1fjgP1fjgP1fjgP 1fjgP 1fjgP
1ireB1ireB1ireB 1ireB 1ireB
1bb1C1bb1C1bb1C 1bb1C 1bb1C
2eu9A2eu9A2eu9A 2eu9A 2eu9A
1ez3A1ez3A1ez3A 1ez3A 1ez3A
1onvB1onvB1onvB 1onvB 1onvB
1kjkA1kjkA1kjkA 1kjkA 1kjkA
3lck3lck3lck 3lck 3lck
1py5A1py5A1py5A 1py5A 1py5A
2bvaA2bvaA2bvaA 2bvaA 2bvaA
1ib2A1ib2A1ib2A 1ib2A 1ib2A
1v5dA1v5dA1v5dA 1v5dA 1v5dA
1z3eA1z3eA1z3eA 1z3eA 1z3eA
1l0oC1l0oC1l0oC 1l0oC 1l0oC
1r4pA1r4pA1r4pA 1r4pA 1r4pA
2xis2xis2xis 2xis 2xis
1ir3A1ir3A1ir3A 1ir3A 1ir3A
2es4D2es4D2es4D 2es4D 2es4D
1y1jX1y1jX1y1jX 1y1jX 1y1jX
16pk16pk16pk 16pk 16pk
1jy3O1jy3O1jy3O 1jy3O 1jy3O
1ywnA1ywnA1ywnA 1ywnA 1ywnA
1jy2O1jy2O1jy2O 1jy2O 1jy2O
2thiA2thiA2thiA 2thiA 2thiA
2h88C2h88C2h88C 2h88C 2h88C
1x58A1x58A1x58A 1x58A 1x58A
2b7aA2b7aA2b7aA 2b7aA 2b7aA
1cyw1cyw1cyw 1cyw 1cyw
1fmjA1fmjA1fmjA 1fmjA 1fmjA
1sw5B1sw5B1sw5B 1sw5B 1sw5B
1utaA1utaA1utaA 1utaA 1utaA
1q1hA1q1hA1q1hA 1q1hA 1q1hA
1s0yA1s0yA1s0yA 1s0yA 1s0yA
1yrlA1yrlA1yrlA 1yrlA 1yrlA
1xbbA1xbbA1xbbA 1xbbA 1xbbA
1tzyD1tzyD1tzyD 1tzyD 1tzyD
1jilA1jilA1jilA 1jilA 1jilA
1tlqA1tlqA1tlqA 1tlqA 1tlqA
1s4bP1s4bP1s4bP 1s4bP 1s4bP
1vjeA1vjeA1vjeA 1vjeA 1vjeA
1lv7A1lv7A1lv7A 1lv7A 1lv7A
1yjsA1yjsA1yjsA 1yjsA 1yjsA
1innA1innA1innA 1innA 1innA
1irk1irk1irk 1irk 1irk
1kd8A1kd8A1kd8A 1kd8A 1kd8A
1j5vA1j5vA1j5vA 1j5vA 1j5vA
1bxsA1bxsA1bxsA 1bxsA 1bxsA
1t8tA1t8tA1t8tA 1t8tA 1t8tA
1rfzA1rfzA1rfzA 1rfzA 1rfzA
1lwyA1lwyA1lwyA 1lwyA 1lwyA
1rzsA1rzsA1rzsA 1rzsA 1rzsA
1ckv1ckv1ckv 1ckv 1ckv
1kx5B1kx5B1kx5B 1kx5B 1kx5B
2c7hA2c7hA2c7hA 2c7hA 2c7hA
1h4uA1h4uA1h4uA 1h4uA 1h4uA
1rcqA1rcqA1rcqA 1rcqA 1rcqA
1q9jA1q9jA1q9jA 1q9jA 1q9jA
1uruA1uruA1uruA 1uruA 1uruA
1yxmA1yxmA1yxmA 1yxmA 1yxmA
1wbpA1wbpA1wbpA 1wbpA 1wbpA
1dpuA1dpuA1dpuA 1dpuA 1dpuA
1scy1scy1scy 1scy 1scy
1hf8A1hf8A1hf8A 1hf8A 1hf8A
1f43A1f43A1f43A 1f43A 1f43A
1hom1hom1hom 1hom 1hom
1j98A1j98A1j98A 1j98A 1j98A
1xkmB1xkmB1xkmB 1xkmB 1xkmB
2cmwA2cmwA2cmwA 2cmwA 2cmwA
1z57A1z57A1z57A 1z57A 1z57A
1s21A1s21A1s21A 1s21A 1s21A
1nh2D1nh2D1nh2D 1nh2D 1nh2D
1z6oM1z6oM1z6oM 1z6oM 1z6oM
1dgfA1dgfA1dgfA 1dgfA 1dgfA
1tzyA1tzyA1tzyA 1tzyA 1tzyA
1b5eA1b5eA1b5eA 1b5eA 1b5eA
1xrxA1xrxA1xrxA 1xrxA 1xrxA
2c30A2c30A2c30A 2c30A 2c30A
2gupA2gupA2gupA 2gupA 2gupA
1m33A1m33A1m33A 1m33A 1m33A
1mb4A1mb4A1mb4A 1mb4A 1mb4A
2chgA2chgA2chgA 2chgA 2chgA
1rp3B1rp3B1rp3B 1rp3B 1rp3B
1ahdP1ahdP1ahdP 1ahdP 1ahdP

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