Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1exg1exg1exg 1exg 1exg
1dzlA1dzlA1dzlA 1dzlA 1dzlA
1pu1A1pu1A1pu1A 1pu1A 1pu1A
1ugpB1ugpB1ugpB 1ugpB 1ugpB
2db9A2db9A2db9A 2db9A 2db9A
1gwmA1gwmA1gwmA 1gwmA 1gwmA
1m48A1m48A1m48A 1m48A 1m48A
1tjoA1tjoA1tjoA 1tjoA 1tjoA
1i4mA1i4mA1i4mA 1i4mA 1i4mA
1vmgA1vmgA1vmgA 1vmgA 1vmgA
1svb1svb1svb 1svb 1svb
1wrdA1wrdA1wrdA 1wrdA 1wrdA
2faoA2faoA2faoA 2faoA 2faoA
1x93A1x93A1x93A 1x93A 1x93A
2a50A2a50A2a50A 2a50A 2a50A
2a3qA2a3qA2a3qA 2a3qA 2a3qA
1pufB1pufB1pufB 1pufB 1pufB
1yxmA1yxmA1yxmA 1yxmA 1yxmA
1j79A1j79A1j79A 1j79A 1j79A
2bf5A2bf5A2bf5A 2bf5A 2bf5A
1pa4A1pa4A1pa4A 1pa4A 1pa4A
1u69A1u69A1u69A 1u69A 1u69A
1gk7A1gk7A1gk7A 1gk7A 1gk7A
1fjgP1fjgP1fjgP 1fjgP 1fjgP
1l6kA1l6kA1l6kA 1l6kA 1l6kA
2fkzA2fkzA2fkzA 2fkzA 2fkzA
1k61A1k61A1k61A 1k61A 1k61A
1z3eA1z3eA1z3eA 1z3eA 1z3eA
1lf6A1lf6A1lf6A 1lf6A 1lf6A
1s0yB1s0yB1s0yB 1s0yB 1s0yB
1r4pB1r4pB1r4pB 1r4pB 1r4pB
1ualA1ualA1ualA 1ualA 1ualA
1nfvA1nfvA1nfvA 1nfvA 1nfvA
1efdN1efdN1efdN 1efdN 1efdN
1l3lA1l3lA1l3lA 1l3lA 1l3lA
1dljA1dljA1dljA 1dljA 1dljA
1bb1C1bb1C1bb1C 1bb1C 1bb1C
1o9rA1o9rA1o9rA 1o9rA 1o9rA
2a5yB2a5yB2a5yB 2a5yB 2a5yB
1jfrA1jfrA1jfrA 1jfrA 1jfrA
1jy2O1jy2O1jy2O 1jy2O 1jy2O
1josA1josA1josA 1josA 1josA
1onvB1onvB1onvB 1onvB 1onvB
2c5kT2c5kT2c5kT 2c5kT 2c5kT
1w33A1w33A1w33A 1w33A 1w33A
2etvA2etvA2etvA 2etvA 2etvA
1ufzA1ufzA1ufzA 1ufzA 1ufzA
1vjxA1vjxA1vjxA 1vjxA 1vjxA
1jg5A1jg5A1jg5A 1jg5A 1jg5A
1lyvA1lyvA1lyvA 1lyvA 1lyvA
1junA1junA1junA 1junA 1junA
2fxuA2fxuA2fxuA 2fxuA 2fxuA
1nzaA1nzaA1nzaA 1nzaA 1nzaA
1z6oA1z6oA1z6oA 1z6oA 1z6oA
1ug7A1ug7A1ug7A 1ug7A 1ug7A
1c1kA1c1kA1c1kA 1c1kA 1c1kA
1q2hA1q2hA1q2hA 1q2hA 1q2hA
1if1A1if1A1if1A 1if1A 1if1A
1z6oM1z6oM1z6oM 1z6oM 1z6oM
1bgf1bgf1bgf 1bgf 1bgf
1n13B1n13B1n13B 1n13B 1n13B
1atlA1atlA1atlA 1atlA 1atlA
2a6sA2a6sA2a6sA 2a6sA 2a6sA
1scy1scy1scy 1scy 1scy
1naqA1naqA1naqA 1naqA 1naqA
1q3eA1q3eA1q3eA 1q3eA 1q3eA
1ltqA1ltqA1ltqA 1ltqA 1ltqA
1o7fA1o7fA1o7fA 1o7fA 1o7fA
2d8rA2d8rA2d8rA 2d8rA 2d8rA
1r71A1r71A1r71A 1r71A 1r71A
2irfG2irfG2irfG 2irfG 2irfG
1in6A1in6A1in6A 1in6A 1in6A
1xkmB1xkmB1xkmB 1xkmB 1xkmB
1ukuA1ukuA1ukuA 1ukuA 1ukuA
1p1lA1p1lA1p1lA 1p1lA 1p1lA

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