Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1jb0X1jb0X1jb0X 1jb0X 1jb0X
1vb3A1vb3A1vb3A 1vb3A 1vb3A
1qahA1qahA1qahA 1qahA 1qahA
1yj7A1yj7A1yj7A 1yj7A 1yj7A
1jd1A1jd1A1jd1A 1jd1A 1jd1A
1qd9A1qd9A1qd9A 1qd9A 1qd9A
1h7cA1h7cA1h7cA 1h7cA 1h7cA
2cvlA2cvlA2cvlA 2cvlA 2cvlA
2f86B2f86B2f86B 2f86B 2f86B
2fiuA2fiuA2fiuA 2fiuA 2fiuA
1pf5A1pf5A1pf5A 1pf5A 1pf5A
1i76A1i76A1i76A 1i76A 1i76A
1mp1A1mp1A1mp1A 1mp1A 1mp1A
1g61A1g61A1g61A 1g61A 1g61A
1tvgA1tvgA1tvgA 1tvgA 1tvgA
1qu9A1qu9A1qu9A 1qu9A 1qu9A
1y03A1y03A1y03A 1y03A 1y03A
1hfc1hfc1hfc 1hfc 1hfc
1rgqC1rgqC1rgqC 1rgqC 1rgqC
2fbwC2fbwC2fbwC 2fbwC 2fbwC
1svmA1svmA1svmA 1svmA 1svmA
2d1uA2d1uA2d1uA 2d1uA 2d1uA
2a23A2a23A2a23A 2a23A 2a23A
2culA2culA2culA 2culA 2culA
1nekC1nekC1nekC 1nekC 1nekC
1vm0A1vm0A1vm0A 1vm0A 1vm0A
2f15A2f15A2f15A 2f15A 2f15A
1r7jA1r7jA1r7jA 1r7jA 1r7jA
1r6xA1r6xA1r6xA 1r6xA 1r6xA
1qsdA1qsdA1qsdA 1qsdA 1qsdA
1ujwB1ujwB1ujwB 1ujwB 1ujwB
1joyA1joyA1joyA 1joyA 1joyA
1yb2A1yb2A1yb2A 1yb2A 1yb2A
1m7lA1m7lA1m7lA 1m7lA 1m7lA
1uw4B1uw4B1uw4B 1uw4B 1uw4B
1ewsA1ewsA1ewsA 1ewsA 1ewsA
1ualA1ualA1ualA 1ualA 1ualA
1zg2A1zg2A1zg2A 1zg2A 1zg2A
1vr5A1vr5A1vr5A 1vr5A 1vr5A
1jli1jli1jli 1jli 1jli
1cb0A1cb0A1cb0A 1cb0A 1cb0A
1z0nA1z0nA1z0nA 1z0nA 1z0nA
1xc0A1xc0A1xc0A 1xc0A 1xc0A
1y7qA1y7qA1y7qA 1y7qA 1y7qA
1gxqA1gxqA1gxqA 1gxqA 1gxqA
1gh9A1gh9A1gh9A 1gh9A 1gh9A
1bd3A1bd3A1bd3A 1bd3A 1bd3A
2f9hA2f9hA2f9hA 2f9hA 2f9hA
1pba1pba1pba 1pba 1pba
1j3mA1j3mA1j3mA 1j3mA 1j3mA
1hfoA1hfoA1hfoA 1hfoA 1hfoA

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