Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1rlyA1rlyA1rlyA 1rlyA 1rlyA
1lv3A1lv3A1lv3A 1lv3A 1lv3A
2ct7A2ct7A2ct7A 2ct7A 2ct7A
2cttA2cttA2cttA 2cttA 2cttA
1dxgA1dxgA1dxgA 1dxgA 1dxgA
1rmd1rmd1rmd 1rmd 1rmd
2cklA2cklA2cklA 2cklA 2cklA
1dl0A1dl0A1dl0A 1dl0A 1dl0A
1ldjB1ldjB1ldjB 1ldjB 1ldjB
1fjgJ1fjgJ1fjgJ 1fjgJ 1fjgJ
1twfI1twfI1twfI 1twfI 1twfI
1rutX1rutX1rutX 1rutX 1rutX
1ybkA1ybkA1ybkA 1ybkA 1ybkA
4sgbI4sgbI4sgbI 4sgbI 4sgbI
3znf3znf3znf 3znf 3znf
1wimA1wimA1wimA 1wimA 1wimA
1fp0A1fp0A1fp0A 1fp0A 1fp0A
1q68B1q68B1q68B 1q68B 1q68B
1qxfA1qxfA1qxfA 1qxfA 1qxfA
1a7i1a7i1a7i 1a7i 1a7i
1erd1erd1erd 1erd 1erd
2b9dA2b9dA2b9dA 2b9dA 2b9dA
2ct0A2ct0A2ct0A 2ct0A 2ct0A
1x31D1x31D1x31D 1x31D 1x31D
1gwmA1gwmA1gwmA 1gwmA 1gwmA
2f42A2f42A2f42A 2f42A 2f42A
1wd2A1wd2A1wd2A 1wd2A 1wd2A
2cklB2cklB2cklB 2cklB 2cklB
1z6uA1z6uA1z6uA 1z6uA 1z6uA
1pb5A1pb5A1pb5A 1pb5A 1pb5A
2f5hA2f5hA2f5hA 2f5hA 2f5hA
2fj4A2fj4A2fj4A 2fj4A 2fj4A
1m1hA1m1hA1m1hA 1m1hA 1m1hA
1xpa1xpa1xpa 1xpa 1xpa
1wveC1wveC1wveC 1wveC 1wveC
1kbeA1kbeA1kbeA 1kbeA 1kbeA
1weoA1weoA1weoA 1weoA 1weoA
2cciF2cciF2cciF 2cciF 2cciF
2a20A2a20A2a20A 2a20A 2a20A
1brfA1brfA1brfA 1brfA 1brfA
1hxrA1hxrA1hxrA 1hxrA 1hxrA
1iro1iro1iro 1iro 1iro
1ls9A1ls9A1ls9A 1ls9A 1ls9A
1cl4A1cl4A1cl4A 1cl4A 1cl4A
1yk4A1yk4A1yk4A 1yk4A 1yk4A
1rdg1rdg1rdg 1rdg 1rdg
1odhA1odhA1odhA 1odhA 1odhA
1rb91rb91rb9 1rb9 1rb9
1c75A1c75A1c75A 1c75A 1c75A
2fcwB2fcwB2fcwB 2fcwB 2fcwB
1dqcA1dqcA1dqcA 1dqcA 1dqcA
6rxn6rxn6rxn 6rxn 6rxn
1m0gA1m0gA1m0gA 1m0gA 1m0gA
1xakA1xakA1xakA 1xakA 1xakA
1du9A1du9A1du9A 1du9A 1du9A
1ptq1ptq1ptq 1ptq 1ptq
1ctj1ctj1ctj 1ctj 1ctj
1ga3A1ga3A1ga3A 1ga3A 1ga3A
2gfaA2gfaA2gfaA 2gfaA 2gfaA
1b0nB1b0nB1b0nB 1b0nB 1b0nB
1eb6A1eb6A1eb6A 1eb6A 1eb6A
1twfL1twfL1twfL 1twfL 1twfL
1vziA1vziA1vziA 1vziA 1vziA
1vpsA1vpsA1vpsA 1vpsA 1vpsA
1z2tA1z2tA1z2tA 1z2tA 1z2tA
1gdvA1gdvA1gdvA 1gdvA 1gdvA
2aw412aw412aw41 2aw41 2aw41
1yuiA1yuiA1yuiA 1yuiA 1yuiA
1ur6B1ur6B1ur6B 1ur6B 1ur6B
2f5uA2f5uA2f5uA 2f5uA 2f5uA
1n5gA1n5gA1n5gA 1n5gA 1n5gA
2avuE2avuE2avuE 2avuE 2avuE
2bx9A2bx9A2bx9A 2bx9A 2bx9A
1vckA1vckA1vckA 1vckA 1vckA
1vqoZ1vqoZ1vqoZ 1vqoZ 1vqoZ
1vm9A1vm9A1vm9A 1vm9A 1vm9A
1ryqA1ryqA1ryqA 1ryqA 1ryqA
1ma3A1ma3A1ma3A 1ma3A 1ma3A
1se0A1se0A1se0A 1se0A 1se0A
1yphE1yphE1yphE 1yphE 1yphE
1g73C1g73C1g73C 1g73C 1g73C
1j8fA1j8fA1j8fA 1j8fA 1j8fA
1dcjA1dcjA1dcjA 1dcjA 1dcjA
1jd5A1jd5A1jd5A 1jd5A 1jd5A
1znf1znf1znf 1znf 1znf
2a1rA2a1rA2a1rA 2a1rA 2a1rA
1vfyA1vfyA1vfyA 1vfyA 1vfyA
1jhdA1jhdA1jhdA 1jhdA 1jhdA
1wmiB1wmiB1wmiB 1wmiB 1wmiB
1fqtA1fqtA1fqtA 1fqtA 1fqtA
1hziA1hziA1hziA 1hziA 1hziA
1qg7A1qg7A1qg7A 1qg7A 1qg7A
1x4sA1x4sA1x4sA 1x4sA 1x4sA
1e7lA1e7lA1e7lA 1e7lA 1e7lA
2ervA2ervA2ervA 2ervA 2ervA
1tw6A1tw6A1tw6A 1tw6A 1tw6A
1ts9A1ts9A1ts9A 1ts9A 1ts9A
1ekgA1ekgA1ekgA 1ekgA 1ekgA
1weuA1weuA1weuA 1weuA 1weuA
2bj0A2bj0A2bj0A 2bj0A 2bj0A

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1yc5A1yc5A1yc5A 1yc5A 1yc5A
2d48A2d48A2d48A 2d48A 2d48A
1njqA1njqA1njqA 1njqA 1njqA
2gatA2gatA2gatA 2gatA 2gatA
1oi7A1oi7A1oi7A 1oi7A 1oi7A
1vf6A1vf6A1vf6A 1vf6A 1vf6A
1wwuA1wwuA1wwuA 1wwuA 1wwuA
1jyoA1jyoA1jyoA 1jyoA 1jyoA
1ggzA1ggzA1ggzA 1ggzA 1ggzA
2ctdA2ctdA2ctdA 2ctdA 2ctdA
1loi1loi1loi 1loi 1loi
1qwoA1qwoA1qwoA 1qwoA 1qwoA
1s6bA1s6bA1s6bA 1s6bA 1s6bA
2ffwA2ffwA2ffwA 2ffwA 2ffwA
1t0qA1t0qA1t0qA 1t0qA 1t0qA
1g12A1g12A1g12A 1g12A 1g12A
1xe1A1xe1A1xe1A 1xe1A 1xe1A
1m4fA1m4fA1m4fA 1m4fA 1m4fA
2fa8A2fa8A2fa8A 2fa8A 2fa8A
1rh6A1rh6A1rh6A 1rh6A 1rh6A
1xuvA1xuvA1xuvA 1xuvA 1xuvA

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001