Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1c30B1c30B1c30B 1c30B 1c30B
1a9xB1a9xB1a9xB 1a9xB 1a9xB
1fcyA1fcyA1fcyA 1fcyA 1fcyA
4lbd4lbd4lbd 4lbd 4lbd
2lbd2lbd2lbd 2lbd 2lbd
1n46A1n46A1n46A 1n46A 1n46A
2crbA2crbA2crbA 2crbA 2crbA
1ocrC1ocrC1ocrC 1ocrC 1ocrC
1m13A1m13A1m13A 1m13A 1m13A
1v0aA1v0aA1v0aA 1v0aA 1v0aA
1n83A1n83A1n83A 1n83A 1n83A
3erdA3erdA3erdA 3erdA 3erdA
2cu3A2cu3A2cu3A 2cu3A 2cu3A
1hkxA1hkxA1hkxA 1hkxA 1hkxA
1v54C1v54C1v54C 1v54C 1v54C
1oc2A1oc2A1oc2A 1oc2A 1oc2A
2bzuA2bzuA2bzuA 2bzuA 2bzuA
2bzvA2bzvA2bzvA 2bzvA 2bzvA
2occC2occC2occC 2occC 2occC
1ovlA1ovlA1ovlA 1ovlA 1ovlA
1psyA1psyA1psyA 1psyA 1psyA
1ox6A1ox6A1ox6A 1ox6A 1ox6A
1b1uA1b1uA1b1uA 1b1uA 1b1uA
1ujlA1ujlA1ujlA 1ujlA 1ujlA
1zud21zud21zud2 1zud2 1zud2
1i4sA1i4sA1i4sA 1i4sA 1i4sA
3ertA3ertA3ertA 3ertA 3ertA
1u7zA1u7zA1u7zA 1u7zA 1u7zA
2gwxA2gwxA2gwxA 2gwxA 2gwxA
1i37A1i37A1i37A 1i37A 1i37A
1i7gA1i7gA1i7gA 1i7gA 1i7gA
1fm9D1fm9D1fm9D 1fm9D 1fm9D
1jfzA1jfzA1jfzA 1jfzA 1jfzA
1nq7A1nq7A1nq7A 1nq7A 1nq7A
1rl2A1rl2A1rl2A 1rl2A 1rl2A
1prgA1prgA1prgA 1prgA 1prgA
1k4wA1k4wA1k4wA 1k4wA 1k4wA
2prgA2prgA2prgA 2prgA 2prgA
1upvA1upvA1upvA 1upvA 1upvA
1zgyA1zgyA1zgyA 1zgyA 1zgyA
1vqoA1vqoA1vqoA 1vqoA 1vqoA
1y43A1y43A1y43A 1y43A 1y43A
2ez6A2ez6A2ez6A 2ez6A 2ez6A
1h7zA1h7zA1h7zA 1h7zA 1h7zA
1z6gA1z6gA1z6gA 1z6gA 1z6gA
1hg4A1hg4A1hg4A 1hg4A 1hg4A
1svcP1svcP1svcP 1svcP 1svcP
1hssA1hssA1hssA 1hssA 1hssA
2fnjC2fnjC2fnjC 2fnjC 2fnjC
1xipA1xipA1xipA 1xipA 1xipA
1j8bA1j8bA1j8bA 1j8bA 1j8bA
1lbd1lbd1lbd 1lbd 1lbd
1ybxA1ybxA1ybxA 1ybxA 1ybxA
1rzl1rzl1rzl 1rzl 1rzl
1o0wA1o0wA1o0wA 1o0wA 1o0wA
1ryiA1ryiA1ryiA 1ryiA 1ryiA
1tmqB1tmqB1tmqB 1tmqB 1tmqB
1y9uA1y9uA1y9uA 1y9uA 1y9uA
1wl8A1wl8A1wl8A 1wl8A 1wl8A
2ax6A2ax6A2ax6A 2ax6A 2ax6A
1l2iA1l2iA1l2iA 1l2iA 1l2iA
1g2nA1g2nA1g2nA 1g2nA 1g2nA
1oy1A1oy1A1oy1A 1oy1A 1oy1A
2fkbA2fkbA2fkbA 2fkbA 2fkbA
1s1hD1s1hD1s1hD 1s1hD 1s1hD
1f0zA1f0zA1f0zA 1f0zA 1f0zA
1dgrW1dgrW1dgrW 1dgrW 1dgrW
1y4tA1y4tA1y4tA 1y4tA 1y4tA
1l6hA1l6hA1l6hA 1l6hA 1l6hA
1w2qA1w2qA1w2qA 1w2qA 1w2qA
1ie9A1ie9A1ie9A 1ie9A 1ie9A
1n57A1n57A1n57A 1n57A 1n57A
1fk5A1fk5A1fk5A 1fk5A 1fk5A
1a93B1a93B1a93B 1a93B 1a93B
1eq1A1eq1A1eq1A 1eq1A 1eq1A
1midA1midA1midA 1midA 1midA
2aclB2aclB2aclB 2aclB 2aclB
1winA1winA1winA 1winA 1winA
1e6uA1e6uA1e6uA 1e6uA 1e6uA
1pnbB1pnbB1pnbB 1pnbB 1pnbB
1r6dA1r6dA1r6dA 1r6dA 1r6dA
1d5tA1d5tA1d5tA 1d5tA 1d5tA
1a52A1a52A1a52A 1a52A 1a52A
2ewcA2ewcA2ewcA 2ewcA 2ewcA
1afh1afh1afh 1afh 1afh
1db1A1db1A1db1A 1db1A 1db1A
1xkpB1xkpB1xkpB 1xkpB 1xkpB
1p9oA1p9oA1p9oA 1p9oA 1p9oA
2cxaA2cxaA2cxaA 2cxaA 2cxaA
2bx2L2bx2L2bx2L 2bx2L 2bx2L
1jakA1jakA1jakA 1jakA 1jakA
1gjsA1gjsA1gjsA 1gjsA 1gjsA
1eysH1eysH1eysH 1eysH 1eysH
1qpoA1qpoA1qpoA 1qpoA 1qpoA
1s6dA1s6dA1s6dA 1s6dA 1s6dA
1gnd1gnd1gnd 1gnd 1gnd
1e0lA1e0lA1e0lA 1e0lA 1e0lA
1fi2A1fi2A1fi2A 1fi2A 1fi2A
4aahA4aahA4aahA 4aahA 4aahA
1cs0B1cs0B1cs0B 1cs0B 1cs0B

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1bt3A1bt3A1bt3A 1bt3A 1bt3A
1uz3A1uz3A1uz3A 1uz3A 1uz3A
1pq9A1pq9A1pq9A 1pq9A 1pq9A
1cwpA1cwpA1cwpA 1cwpA 1cwpA
2aaxA2aaxA2aaxA 2aaxA 2aaxA
1qhvA1qhvA1qhvA 1qhvA 1qhvA
1uf2A1uf2A1uf2A 1uf2A 1uf2A
1ng4A1ng4A1ng4A 1ng4A 1ng4A
1dgwY1dgwY1dgwY 1dgwY 1dgwY
1zwc1zwc1zwc 1zwc 1zwc
1vhqA1vhqA1vhqA 1vhqA 1vhqA
1xiuA1xiuA1xiuA 1xiuA 1xiuA
2gkwB2gkwB2gkwB 2gkwB 2gkwB
1kepA1kepA1kepA 1kepA 1kepA
1wgrA1wgrA1wgrA 1wgrA 1wgrA
1xgkA1xgkA1xgkA 1xgkA 1xgkA
1mzm1mzm1mzm 1mzm 1mzm
2cwoA2cwoA2cwoA 2cwoA 2cwoA
1tygB1tygB1tygB 1tygB 1tygB
1sr7A1sr7A1sr7A 1sr7A 1sr7A
2f1rA2f1rA2f1rA 2f1rA 2f1rA
1g5yA1g5yA1g5yA 1g5yA 1g5yA
1rpnA1rpnA1rpnA 1rpnA 1rpnA
1za7A1za7A1za7A 1za7A 1za7A
1yucA1yucA1yucA 1yucA 1yucA
1hp4A1hp4A1hp4A 1hp4A 1hp4A
1f4kA1f4kA1f4kA 1f4kA 1f4kA
2f0cA2f0cA2f0cA 2f0cA 2f0cA
1gfsA1gfsA1gfsA 1gfsA 1gfsA
1t9xA1t9xA1t9xA 1t9xA 1t9xA
1jj2A1jj2A1jj2A 1jj2A 1jj2A
1bm9A1bm9A1bm9A 1bm9A 1bm9A
1o4uA1o4uA1o4uA 1o4uA 1o4uA
2c5aA2c5aA2c5aA 2c5aA 2c5aA
1h70A1h70A1h70A 1h70A 1h70A
1hzmA1hzmA1hzmA 1hzmA 1hzmA
1cauB1cauB1cauB 1cauB 1cauB
1dgrM1dgrM1dgrM 1dgrM 1dgrM
1bwsA1bwsA1bwsA 1bwsA 1bwsA
1wd7A1wd7A1wd7A 1wd7A 1wd7A
1uxaA1uxaA1uxaA 1uxaA 1uxaA
1n7hA1n7hA1n7hA 1n7hA 1n7hA
1e08D1e08D1e08D 1e08D 1e08D
1cawB1cawB1cawB 1cawB 1cawB
1t2aA1t2aA1t2aA 1t2aA 1t2aA
1bwx1bwx1bwx 1bwx 1bwx
1hfeS1hfeS1hfeS 1hfeS 1hfeS
1knb1knb1knb 1knb 1knb
2ax8A2ax8A2ax8A 2ax8A 2ax8A
2cfaA2cfaA2cfaA 2cfaA 2cfaA
1hph1hph1hph 1hph 1hph
1v9mA1v9mA1v9mA 1v9mA 1v9mA
1hev1hev1hev 1hev 1hev
1caxB1caxB1caxB 1caxB 1caxB
1oshA1oshA1oshA 1oshA 1oshA
1q9bA1q9bA1q9bA 1q9bA 1q9bA
1mmc1mmc1mmc 1mmc 1mmc
2bdpA2bdpA2bdpA 2bdpA 2bdpA
1zhvA1zhvA1zhvA 1zhvA 1zhvA
1i3kA1i3kA1i3kA 1i3kA 1i3kA
1aoiG1aoiG1aoiG 1aoiG 1aoiG
1bmp1bmp1bmp 1bmp 1bmp
1mznA1mznA1mznA 1mznA 1mznA
1sqnA1sqnA1sqnA 1sqnA 1sqnA
1qdlB1qdlB1qdlB 1qdlB 1qdlB
1xpcA1xpcA1xpcA 1xpcA 1xpcA
1f32A1f32A1f32A 1f32A 1f32A
2ax9A2ax9A2ax9A 2ax9A 2ax9A
1rlr1rlr1rlr 1rlr 1rlr
2fs3A2fs3A2fs3A 2fs3A 2fs3A
1utuA1utuA1utuA 1utuA 1utuA
1e7rA1e7rA1e7rA 1e7rA 1e7rA
1g72A1g72A1g72A 1g72A 1g72A
1qkmA1qkmA1qkmA 1qkmA 1qkmA
1ckwA1ckwA1ckwA 1ckwA 1ckwA
2bhgA2bhgA2bhgA 2bhgA 2bhgA
2a11A2a11A2a11A 2a11A 2a11A
1c3oB1c3oB1c3oB 1c3oB 1c3oB
1bsvA1bsvA1bsvA 1bsvA 1bsvA
1t7rA1t7rA1t7rA 1t7rA 1t7rA
1i7qB1i7qB1i7qB 1i7qB 1i7qB
1wc9A1wc9A1wc9A 1wc9A 1wc9A
1k6xA1k6xA1k6xA 1k6xA 1k6xA
1qo0D1qo0D1qo0D 1qo0D 1qo0D
1dt6A1dt6A1dt6A 1dt6A 1dt6A
1pj5A1pj5A1pj5A 1pj5A 1pj5A
1mrp1mrp1mrp 1mrp 1mrp
1h32A1h32A1h32A 1h32A 1h32A
1xfiA1xfiA1xfiA 1xfiA 1xfiA
1bxkA1bxkA1bxkA 1bxkA 1bxkA
1a28A1a28A1a28A 1a28A 1a28A
1r5zA1r5zA1r5zA 1r5zA 1r5zA
1sb8A1sb8A1sb8A 1sb8A 1sb8A
1nlwB1nlwB1nlwB 1nlwB 1nlwB
1fwxA1fwxA1fwxA 1fwxA 1fwxA
1qc5A1qc5A1qc5A 1qc5A 1qc5A
1sig1sig1sig 1sig 1sig
1m41A1m41A1m41A 1m41A 1m41A
1v7nV1v7nV1v7nV 1v7nV 1v7nV
1kewA1kewA1kewA 1kewA 1kewA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1i1qB1i1qB1i1qB 1i1qB 1i1qB
1ea7A1ea7A1ea7A 1ea7A 1ea7A
1p9gA1p9gA1p9gA 1p9gA 1p9gA
2bllA2bllA2bllA 2bllA 2bllA
1nnfA1nnfA1nnfA 1nnfA 1nnfA
1m4uL1m4uL1m4uL 1m4uL 1m4uL
1mvcA1mvcA1mvcA 1mvcA 1mvcA
1qhxA1qhxA1qhxA 1qhxA 1qhxA
1lxiA1lxiA1lxiA 1lxiA 1lxiA
1jgtA1jgtA1jgtA 1jgtA 1jgtA
2c46A2c46A2c46A 2c46A 2c46A
1o6dA1o6dA1o6dA 1o6dA 1o6dA
1pe0A1pe0A1pe0A 1pe0A 1pe0A
2cw6A2cw6A2cw6A 2cw6A 2cw6A
1j6pA1j6pA1j6pA 1j6pA 1j6pA
1kkoA1kkoA1kkoA 1kkoA 1kkoA
1rxwA1rxwA1rxwA 1rxwA 1rxwA
1nqkA1nqkA1nqkA 1nqkA 1nqkA
2f6uA2f6uA2f6uA 2f6uA 2f6uA
2arpA2arpA2arpA 2arpA 2arpA
2af6A2af6A2af6A 2af6A 2af6A
1kv9A1kv9A1kv9A 1kv9A 1kv9A
1kt8A1kt8A1kt8A 1kt8A 1kt8A
1yewB1yewB1yewB 1yewB 1yewB
1nowA1nowA1nowA 1nowA 1nowA
1wy2A1wy2A1wy2A 1wy2A 1wy2A
1pk5A1pk5A1pk5A 1pk5A 1pk5A
1ydnA1ydnA1ydnA 1ydnA 1ydnA
1fl2A1fl2A1fl2A 1fl2A 1fl2A
1dkfA1dkfA1dkfA 1dkfA 1dkfA
1rewA1rewA1rewA 1rewA 1rewA
1hd7A1hd7A1hd7A 1hd7A 1hd7A
1nn7A1nn7A1nn7A 1nn7A 1nn7A
1ek6A1ek6A1ek6A 1ek6A 1ek6A
2fblA2fblA2fblA 2fblA 2fblA
1agqD1agqD1agqD 1agqD 1agqD
1ujmA1ujmA1ujmA 1ujmA 1ujmA
1cojA1cojA1cojA 1cojA 1cojA
1yhtA1yhtA1yhtA 1yhtA 1yhtA
1korA1korA1korA 1korA 1korA
1nouA1nouA1nouA 1nouA 1nouA
1izlC1izlC1izlC 1izlC 1izlC
1vor21vor21vor2 1vor2 1vor2
2rgf2rgf2rgf 2rgf 2rgf
1vk4A1vk4A1vk4A 1vk4A 1vk4A
1ny9A1ny9A1ny9A 1ny9A 1ny9A
1db3A1db3A1db3A 1db3A 1db3A
1repC1repC1repC 1repC 1repC
1qcrD1qcrD1qcrD 1qcrD 1qcrD
1a5j1a5j1a5j 1a5j 1a5j
1hp5A1hp5A1hp5A 1hp5A 1hp5A
1he2A1he2A1he2A 1he2A 1he2A
1ijbA1ijbA1ijbA 1ijbA 1ijbA
1dt7X1dt7X1dt7X 1dt7X 1dt7X
5fbpA5fbpA5fbpA 5fbpA 5fbpA
1a49A1a49A1a49A 1a49A 1a49A
1s12A1s12A1s12A 1s12A 1s12A
1a161a161a16 1a16 1a16
2g64A2g64A2g64A 2g64A 2g64A
1vqo21vqo21vqo2 1vqo2 1vqo2
1g4yB1g4yB1g4yB 1g4yB 1g4yB
1tcvA1tcvA1tcvA 1tcvA 1tcvA
1qzpA1qzpA1qzpA 1qzpA 1qzpA
1jl1A1jl1A1jl1A 1jl1A 1jl1A
1avmA1avmA1avmA 1avmA 1avmA
1idk1idk1idk 1idk 1idk
2gjlA2gjlA2gjlA 2gjlA 2gjlA
1n0uA1n0uA1n0uA 1n0uA 1n0uA
1yl351yl351yl35 1yl35 1yl35
1lrwA1lrwA1lrwA 1lrwA 1lrwA
8dfr8dfr8dfr 8dfr 8dfr
1bg1A1bg1A1bg1A 1bg1A 1bg1A
1ujsA1ujsA1ujsA 1ujsA 1ujsA
1raxA1raxA1raxA 1raxA 1raxA
1j7dA1j7dA1j7dA 1j7dA 1j7dA
1ngmB1ngmB1ngmB 1ngmB 1ngmB
1lfdA1lfdA1lfdA 1lfdA 1lfdA
1lxdA1lxdA1lxdA 1lxdA 1lxdA
1nwaA1nwaA1nwaA 1nwaA 1nwaA
1w85A1w85A1w85A 1w85A 1w85A
1a0sP1a0sP1a0sP 1a0sP 1a0sP
1xc1A1xc1A1xc1A 1xc1A 1xc1A
1bsmA1bsmA1bsmA 1bsmA 1bsmA
2a6sA2a6sA2a6sA 2a6sA 2a6sA
1t5yA1t5yA1t5yA 1t5yA 1t5yA
1i9aA1i9aA1i9aA 1i9aA 1i9aA
1t7lA1t7lA1t7lA 1t7lA 1t7lA
1n7zA1n7zA1n7zA 1n7zA 1n7zA
1fe8A1fe8A1fe8A 1fe8A 1fe8A
1wl9A1wl9A1wl9A 1wl9A 1wl9A
1qqvA1qqvA1qqvA 1qqvA 1qqvA
1s7zA1s7zA1s7zA 1s7zA 1s7zA
1o17A1o17A1o17A 1o17A 1o17A
1by0A1by0A1by0A 1by0A 1by0A
1ouoA1ouoA1ouoA 1ouoA 1ouoA
2fj6A2fj6A2fj6A 2fj6A 2fj6A
1p5fA1p5fA1p5fA 1p5fA 1p5fA
1wtyA1wtyA1wtyA 1wtyA 1wtyA
1pt6A1pt6A1pt6A 1pt6A 1pt6A
1q15A1q15A1q15A 1q15A 1q15A

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1h8eG1h8eG1h8eG 1h8eG 1h8eG
1jbiA1jbiA1jbiA 1jbiA 1jbiA
1nrlA1nrlA1nrlA 1nrlA 1nrlA
1q35A1q35A1q35A 1q35A 1q35A
1u4bA1u4bA1u4bA 1u4bA 1u4bA
1oz2A1oz2A1oz2A 1oz2A 1oz2A
1a9z1a9z1a9z 1a9z 1a9z
1p1lA1p1lA1p1lA 1p1lA 1p1lA
1agqA1agqA1agqA 1agqA 1agqA
1fftC1fftC1fftC 1fftC 1fftC
1tdzA1tdzA1tdzA 1tdzA 1tdzA
1pc3A1pc3A1pc3A 1pc3A 1pc3A
2a8yA2a8yA2a8yA 2a8yA 2a8yA
2fk9A2fk9A2fk9A 2fk9A 2fk9A
1x1oA1x1oA1x1oA 1x1oA 1x1oA
1itvA1itvA1itvA 1itvA 1itvA
1r53A1r53A1r53A 1r53A 1r53A
1b3mA1b3mA1b3mA 1b3mA 1b3mA
1dxrH1dxrH1dxrH 1dxrH 1dxrH
1ik9A1ik9A1ik9A 1ik9A 1ik9A
1z7bA1z7bA1z7bA 1z7bA 1z7bA
1si7A1si7A1si7A 1si7A 1si7A
1fe6C1fe6C1fe6C 1fe6C 1fe6C
1w94A1w94A1w94A 1w94A 1w94A
1chmA1chmA1chmA 1chmA 1chmA
1n1jB1n1jB1n1jB 1n1jB 1n1jB
1bf5A1bf5A1bf5A 1bf5A 1bf5A
1gx3A1gx3A1gx3A 1gx3A 1gx3A
1jzxM1jzxM1jzxM 1jzxM 1jzxM

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001