Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1ihgA1ihgA1ihgA 1ihgA 1ihgA
2rmcA2rmcA2rmcA 2rmcA 2rmcA
2bitX2bitX2bitX 2bitX 2bitX
1dywA1dywA1dywA 1dywA 1dywA
1h0pA1h0pA1h0pA 1h0pA 1h0pA
2cfeA2cfeA2cfeA 2cfeA 2cfeA
2fu0A2fu0A2fu0A 2fu0A 2fu0A
1xo7A1xo7A1xo7A 1xo7A 1xo7A
1yndA1yndA1yndA 1yndA 1yndA
1vdnA1vdnA1vdnA 1vdnA 1vdnA
1zcxA1zcxA1zcxA 1zcxA 1zcxA
1zkcA1zkcA1zkcA 1zkcA 1zkcA
2a2nA2a2nA2a2nA 2a2nA 2a2nA
1v9tA1v9tA1v9tA 1v9tA 1v9tA
1lopA1lopA1lopA 1lopA 1lopA
1eaiC1eaiC1eaiC 1eaiC 1eaiC
1df6A1df6A1df6A 1df6A 1df6A
1hx2A1hx2A1hx2A 1hx2A 1hx2A
1in4A1in4A1in4A 1in4A 1in4A
1ye8A1ye8A1ye8A 1ye8A 1ye8A
1w9iA1w9iA1w9iA 1w9iA 1w9iA
1d2nA1d2nA1d2nA 1d2nA 1d2nA
1g8pA1g8pA1g8pA 1g8pA 1g8pA
1w7jA1w7jA1w7jA 1w7jA 1w7jA
1kcp1kcp1kcp 1kcp 1kcp
1in6A1in6A1in6A 1in6A 1in6A
1jbkA1jbkA1jbkA 1jbkA 1jbkA
1xewX1xewX1xewX 1xewX 1xewX
1pb5A1pb5A1pb5A 1pb5A 1pb5A
1vpbA1vpbA1vpbA 1vpbA 1vpbA
1k24A1k24A1k24A 1k24A 1k24A
1yphE1yphE1yphE 1yphE 1yphE
1fbr1fbr1fbr 1fbr 1fbr
1pvvA1pvvA1pvvA 1pvvA 1pvvA
1si2A1si2A1si2A 1si2A 1si2A
2pspA2pspA2pspA 2pspA 2pspA
2a05A2a05A2a05A 2a05A 2a05A
1zu4A1zu4A1zu4A 1zu4A 1zu4A
2f6rA2f6rA2f6rA 2f6rA 2f6rA
1j8mF1j8mF1j8mF 1j8mF 1j8mF
2fnaA2fnaA2fnaA 2fnaA 2fnaA
1htwA1htwA1htwA 1htwA 1htwA
1v90A1v90A1v90A 1v90A 1v90A
2bjvA2bjvA2bjvA 2bjvA 2bjvA
1w5tA1w5tA1w5tA 1w5tA 1w5tA
1rpqW1rpqW1rpqW 1rpqW 1rpqW
2gnoA2gnoA2gnoA 2gnoA 2gnoA
2gdjA2gdjA2gdjA 2gdjA 2gdjA
2a5yB2a5yB2a5yB 2a5yB 2a5yB
1vmaA1vmaA1vmaA 1vmaA 1vmaA
1uzkA1uzkA1uzkA 1uzkA 1uzkA
1v54C1v54C1v54C 1v54C 1v54C
1cr1A1cr1A1cr1A 1cr1A 1cr1A
2bdrA2bdrA2bdrA 2bdrA 2bdrA
1du9A1du9A1du9A 1du9A 1du9A
1uzpA1uzpA1uzpA 1uzpA 1uzpA
1cd9B1cd9B1cd9B 1cd9B 1cd9B
1qhdA1qhdA1qhdA 1qhdA 1qhdA
2ffsA2ffsA2ffsA 2ffsA 2ffsA
1fnnA1fnnA1fnnA 1fnnA 1fnnA
1ls1A1ls1A1ls1A 1ls1A 1ls1A
1jbiA1jbiA1jbiA 1jbiA 1jbiA
1za8A1za8A1za8A 1za8A 1za8A
2bokL2bokL2bokL 2bokL 2bokL
1i1qA1i1qA1i1qA 1i1qA 1i1qA
2ck3I2ck3I2ck3I 2ck3I 2ck3I
2eriA2eriA2eriA 2eriA 2eriA
1sq5A1sq5A1sq5A 1sq5A 1sq5A
1dw4A1dw4A1dw4A 1dw4A 1dw4A
1gh9A1gh9A1gh9A 1gh9A 1gh9A
2vhbA2vhbA2vhbA 2vhbA 2vhbA
1r8mE1r8mE1r8mE 1r8mE 1r8mE
1dqbA1dqbA1dqbA 1dqbA 1dqbA
1vhtA1vhtA1vhtA 1vhtA 1vhtA
1t0hB1t0hB1t0hB 1t0hB 1t0hB
1v54K1v54K1v54K 1v54K 1v54K
1s5lX1s5lX1s5lX 1s5lX 1s5lX
2bdvA2bdvA2bdvA 2bdvA 2bdvA
1tbxA1tbxA1tbxA 1tbxA 1tbxA
1lv7A1lv7A1lv7A 1lv7A 1lv7A
1puiA1puiA1puiA 1puiA 1puiA
2a8eA2a8eA2a8eA 2a8eA 2a8eA
2fpmA2fpmA2fpmA 2fpmA 2fpmA
1fzqA1fzqA1fzqA 1fzqA 1fzqA
1f6bA1f6bA1f6bA 1f6bA 1f6bA
1b0nB1b0nB1b0nB 1b0nB 1b0nB
1jy2P1jy2P1jy2P 1jy2P 1jy2P
2bmjA2bmjA2bmjA 2bmjA 2bmjA
1acw1acw1acw 1acw 1acw
1dun1dun1dun 1dun 1dun
1hic1hic1hic 1hic 1hic
1z6eB1z6eB1z6eB 1z6eB 1z6eB
1segA1segA1segA 1segA 1segA
1t6nA1t6nA1t6nA 1t6nA 1t6nA
1f7dA1f7dA1f7dA 1f7dA 1f7dA
1ofwA1ofwA1ofwA 1ofwA 1ofwA
1iejA1iejA1iejA 1iejA 1iejA
1qeyA1qeyA1qeyA 1qeyA 1qeyA
1djtA1djtA1djtA 1djtA 1djtA
1eit1eit1eit 1eit 1eit

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1kv0A1kv0A1kv0A 1kv0A 1kv0A
1sn4A1sn4A1sn4A 1sn4A 1sn4A
1aho1aho1aho 1aho 1aho
1pfiA1pfiA1pfiA 1pfiA 1pfiA
1ka1A1ka1A1ka1A 1ka1A 1ka1A
1cqtI1cqtI1cqtI 1cqtI 1cqtI
1omyA1omyA1omyA 1omyA 1omyA
1rz2A1rz2A1rz2A 1rz2A 1rz2A
1yzxA1yzxA1yzxA 1yzxA 1yzxA
2a5dA2a5dA2a5dA 2a5dA 2a5dA
1exbA1exbA1exbA 1exbA 1exbA
1vecA1vecA1vecA 1vecA 1vecA
1xsqA1xsqA1xsqA 1xsqA 1xsqA
1vlbA1vlbA1vlbA 1vlbA 1vlbA
1dxrC1dxrC1dxrC 1dxrC 1dxrC
1mr3F1mr3F1mr3F 1mr3F 1mr3F
1weqA1weqA1weqA 1weqA 1weqA
1o3yA1o3yA1o3yA 1o3yA 1o3yA
1tu9A1tu9A1tu9A 1tu9A 1tu9A
1wmsA1wmsA1wmsA 1wmsA 1wmsA
3pcgA3pcgA3pcgA 3pcgA 3pcgA
1l9lA1l9lA1l9lA 1l9lA 1l9lA
1d7qA1d7qA1d7qA 1d7qA 1d7qA
1k5kA1k5kA1k5kA 1k5kA 1k5kA
1vchA1vchA1vchA 1vchA 1vchA
2a5jA2a5jA2a5jA 2a5jA 2a5jA
2cbzA2cbzA2cbzA 2cbzA 2cbzA
2ct7A2ct7A2ct7A 2ct7A 2ct7A
1hhnA1hhnA1hhnA 1hhnA 1hhnA
2bjiA2bjiA2bjiA 2bjiA 2bjiA
2f9lA2f9lA2f9lA 2f9lA 2f9lA
1byi1byi1byi 1byi 1byi
1puc1puc1puc 1puc 1puc
2alaA2alaA2alaA 2alaA 2alaA
1q0uA1q0uA1q0uA 1q0uA 1q0uA
1ci4A1ci4A1ci4A 1ci4A 1ci4A
1mz4A1mz4A1mz4A 1mz4A 1mz4A
2acmB2acmB2acmB 2acmB 2acmB
3pcgM3pcgM3pcgM 3pcgM 3pcgM
1nf3A1nf3A1nf3A 1nf3A 1nf3A
1s1hN1s1hN1s1hN 1s1hN 1s1hN
1dgwX1dgwX1dgwX 1dgwX 1dgwX
1f9vA1f9vA1f9vA 1f9vA 1f9vA
1p0hA1p0hA1p0hA 1p0hA 1p0hA
1r8sE1r8sE1r8sE 1r8sE 1r8sE
1zd9A1zd9A1zd9A 1zd9A 1zd9A
1vl2A1vl2A1vl2A 1vl2A 1vl2A
1n00A1n00A1n00A 1n00A 1n00A
1h7cA1h7cA1h7cA 1h7cA 1h7cA
1wixA1wixA1wixA 1wixA 1wixA
2gfgA2gfgA2gfgA 2gfgA 2gfgA
1ct9A1ct9A1ct9A 1ct9A 1ct9A
1rz3A1rz3A1rz3A 1rz3A 1rz3A
1x1rA1x1rA1x1rA 1x1rA 1x1rA
1n7sC1n7sC1n7sC 1n7sC 1n7sC
1qbjA1qbjA1qbjA 1qbjA 1qbjA
3dfr3dfr3dfr 3dfr 3dfr
2cttA2cttA2cttA 2cttA 2cttA
1e1hA1e1hA1e1hA 1e1hA 1e1hA
1ufkA1ufkA1ufkA 1ufkA 1ufkA
1bomB1bomB1bomB 1bomB 1bomB
1sviA1sviA1sviA 1sviA 1sviA
2bjnA2bjnA2bjnA 2bjnA 2bjnA
1s3zA1s3zA1s3zA 1s3zA 1s3zA
1ryoA1ryoA1ryoA 1ryoA 1ryoA
1wrrA1wrrA1wrrA 1wrrA 1wrrA
1tmxA1tmxA1tmxA 1tmxA 1tmxA
1jsf1jsf1jsf 1jsf 1jsf
1iloA1iloA1iloA 1iloA 1iloA
1weuA1weuA1weuA 1weuA 1weuA
1tiqA1tiqA1tiqA 1tiqA 1tiqA
1w7bA1w7bA1w7bA 1w7bA 1w7bA
2b5iC2b5iC2b5iC 2b5iC 2b5iC
2d2eA2d2eA2d2eA 2d2eA 2d2eA
1eciA1eciA1eciA 1eciA 1eciA
1u0jA1u0jA1u0jA 1u0jA 1u0jA
1yqtA1yqtA1yqtA 1yqtA 1yqtA
1z4rA1z4rA1z4rA 1z4rA 1z4rA
2bz6H2bz6H2bz6H 2bz6H 2bz6H
2bbsA2bbsA2bbsA 2bbsA 2bbsA
1ydiA1ydiA1ydiA 1ydiA 1ydiA
1zj6A1zj6A1zj6A 1zj6A 1zj6A
3cms3cms3cms 3cms 3cms
1r2mA1r2mA1r2mA 1r2mA 1r2mA
2b97A2b97A2b97A 2b97A 2b97A
1k4zA1k4zA1k4zA 1k4zA 1k4zA
1am9A1am9A1am9A 1am9A 1am9A
1ml4A1ml4A1ml4A 1ml4A 1ml4A
1k1vA1k1vA1k1vA 1k1vA 1k1vA
1wusA1wusA1wusA 1wusA 1wusA
1abv1abv1abv 1abv 1abv
1k78A1k78A1k78A 1k78A 1k78A
1a3aA1a3aA1a3aA 1a3aA 1a3aA
1cb0A1cb0A1cb0A 1cb0A 1cb0A
1dmhA1dmhA1dmhA 1dmhA 1dmhA
2eryA2eryA2eryA 2eryA 2eryA
2cy2A2cy2A2cy2A 2cy2A 2cy2A
1ff4A1ff4A1ff4A 1ff4A 1ff4A
1a2xB1a2xB1a2xB 1a2xB 1a2xB
1h7dA1h7dA1h7dA 1h7dA 1h7dA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
2gjsA2gjsA2gjsA 2gjsA 2gjsA
2fcwB2fcwB2fcwB 2fcwB 2fcwB
1m7gA1m7gA1m7gA 1m7gA 1m7gA
1ft5A1ft5A1ft5A 1ft5A 1ft5A
1l2tA1l2tA1l2tA 1l2tA 1l2tA
8dfr8dfr8dfr 8dfr 8dfr
1zpxA1zpxA1zpxA 1zpxA 1zpxA
1gqvA1gqvA1gqvA 1gqvA 1gqvA
1v5rA1v5rA1v5rA 1v5rA 1v5rA
1sfp1sfp1sfp 1sfp 1sfp
1qdeA1qdeA1qdeA 1qdeA 1qdeA
1rwzA1rwzA1rwzA 1rwzA 1rwzA
1duvG1duvG1duvG 1duvG 1duvG
1t07A1t07A1t07A 1t07A 1t07A
1sgwA1sgwA1sgwA 1sgwA 1sgwA
1dl0A1dl0A1dl0A 1dl0A 1dl0A
2bywA2bywA2bywA 2bywA 2bywA
1ek0A1ek0A1ek0A 1ek0A 1ek0A
1yrkA1yrkA1yrkA 1yrkA 1yrkA

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