Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
2fo1D2fo1D2fo1D 2fo1D 2fo1D
2ey4C2ey4C2ey4C 2ey4C 2ey4C
2sak2sak2sak 2sak 2sak
1ozhA1ozhA1ozhA 1ozhA 1ozhA
1svfB1svfB1svfB 1svfB 1svfB
1hyeA1hyeA1hyeA 1hyeA 1hyeA
2a8yA2a8yA2a8yA 2a8yA 2a8yA
1n0wA1n0wA1n0wA 1n0wA 1n0wA
1o7dE1o7dE1o7dE 1o7dE 1o7dE
1v63A1v63A1v63A 1v63A 1v63A
1v4vA1v4vA1v4vA 1v4vA 1v4vA
1vjuA1vjuA1vjuA 1vjuA 1vjuA
1yacA1yacA1yacA 1yacA 1yacA
2a35A2a35A2a35A 2a35A 2a35A
1upaA1upaA1upaA 1upaA 1upaA
2gu3A2gu3A2gu3A 2gu3A 2gu3A
1bzg1bzg1bzg 1bzg 1bzg
1efdN1efdN1efdN 1efdN 1efdN
2gdjA2gdjA2gdjA 2gdjA 2gdjA
2a4vA2a4vA2a4vA 2a4vA 2a4vA
1qtwA1qtwA1qtwA 1qtwA 1qtwA
1wtaA1wtaA1wtaA 1wtaA 1wtaA
1n2zA1n2zA1n2zA 1n2zA 1n2zA
2blfA2blfA2blfA 2blfA 2blfA
2fvvA2fvvA2fvvA 2fvvA 2fvvA
1odfA1odfA1odfA 1odfA 1odfA
1zh2A1zh2A1zh2A 1zh2A 1zh2A
1q77A1q77A1q77A 1q77A 1q77A
1oxkB1oxkB1oxkB 1oxkB 1oxkB
1dc1A1dc1A1dc1A 1dc1A 1dc1A
1hztA1hztA1hztA 1hztA 1hztA
1rzuA1rzuA1rzuA 1rzuA 1rzuA
1qtxB1qtxB1qtxB 1qtxB 1qtxB
1uqtA1uqtA1uqtA 1uqtA 1uqtA
1tqzA1tqzA1tqzA 1tqzA 1tqzA
1mvoA1mvoA1mvoA 1mvoA 1mvoA
2g0wA2g0wA2g0wA 2g0wA 2g0wA
2fxaA2fxaA2fxaA 2fxaA 2fxaA
1dbwA1dbwA1dbwA 1dbwA 1dbwA
1zgzA1zgzA1zgzA 1zgzA 1zgzA
1w4rA1w4rA1w4rA 1w4rA 1w4rA
1wzcA1wzcA1wzcA 1wzcA 1wzcA
2etvA2etvA2etvA 2etvA 2etvA
2azwA2azwA2azwA 2azwA 2azwA
1xwjB1xwjB1xwjB 1xwjB 1xwjB
1j3wA1j3wA1j3wA 1j3wA 1j3wA
1wu9A1wu9A1wu9A 1wu9A 1wu9A
2b0vA2b0vA2b0vA 2b0vA 2b0vA
1nxmA1nxmA1nxmA 1nxmA 1nxmA
1tcvA1tcvA1tcvA 1tcvA 1tcvA
1suuA1suuA1suuA 1suuA 1suuA
1vp8A1vp8A1vp8A 1vp8A 1vp8A
1dz3A1dz3A1dz3A 1dz3A 1dz3A
1u0sY1u0sY1u0sY 1u0sY 1u0sY
1cr1A1cr1A1cr1A 1cr1A 1cr1A
1qrvA1qrvA1qrvA 1qrvA 1qrvA
1ryaA1ryaA1ryaA 1ryaA 1ryaA
1b00A1b00A1b00A 1b00A 1b00A
2d7nA2d7nA2d7nA 2d7nA 2d7nA
1k2eA1k2eA1k2eA 1k2eA 1k2eA
1srrA1srrA1srrA 1srrA 1srrA
1wwpA1wwpA1wwpA 1wwpA 1wwpA
1muwA1muwA1muwA 1muwA 1muwA
1zosA1zosA1zosA 1zosA 1zosA
1w4vA1w4vA1w4vA 1w4vA 1w4vA
1vcdA1vcdA1vcdA 1vcdA 1vcdA
1faaA1faaA1faaA 1faaA 1faaA
1yh3A1yh3A1yh3A 1yh3A 1yh3A
1efvA1efvA1efvA 1efvA 1efvA
2aexA2aexA2aexA 2aexA 2aexA
1nswA1nswA1nswA 1nswA 1nswA
1jysA1jysA1jysA 1jysA 1jysA
2ez9A2ez9A2ez9A 2ez9A 2ez9A
1fuiA1fuiA1fuiA 1fuiA 1fuiA
2g0qA2g0qA2g0qA 2g0qA 2g0qA
2a9dA2a9dA2a9dA 2a9dA 2a9dA
1lldA1lldA1lldA 1lldA 1lldA
1vk9A1vk9A1vk9A 1vk9A 1vk9A
1iirA1iirA1iirA 1iirA 1iirA
2pia2pia2pia 2pia 2pia
1mb3A1mb3A1mb3A 1mb3A 1mb3A
1qyaA1qyaA1qyaA 1qyaA 1qyaA
2g5cA2g5cA2g5cA 2g5cA 2g5cA
2f9sA2f9sA2f9sA 2f9sA 2f9sA
2fkbA2fkbA2fkbA 2fkbA 2fkbA
1tmy1tmy1tmy 1tmy 1tmy
1tk9A1tk9A1tk9A 1tk9A 1tk9A
1zmaA1zmaA1zmaA 1zmaA 1zmaA
1cv81cv81cv8 1cv8 1cv8
2bkkA2bkkA2bkkA 2bkkA 2bkkA
1um0A1um0A1um0A 1um0A 1um0A
1ghhA1ghhA1ghhA 1ghhA 1ghhA
1y6xA1y6xA1y6xA 1y6xA 1y6xA
2cciF2cciF2cciF 2cciF 2cciF
1cb0A1cb0A1cb0A 1cb0A 1cb0A
1vjpA1vjpA1vjpA 1vjpA 1vjpA
1u9iA1u9iA1u9iA 1u9iA 1u9iA
2trxA2trxA2trxA 2trxA 2trxA
1erv1erv1erv 1erv 1erv
1sjyA1sjyA1sjyA 1sjyA 1sjyA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1o8xA1o8xA1o8xA 1o8xA 1o8xA
1y7911y7911y791 1y791 1y791
2a67A2a67A2a67A 2a67A 2a67A
2azpA2azpA2azpA 2azpA 2azpA
1q6zA1q6zA1q6zA 1q6zA 1q6zA
1qkkA1qkkA1qkkA 1qkkA 1qkkA
2cq2A2cq2A2cq2A 2cq2A 2cq2A
1f0kA1f0kA1f0kA 1f0kA 1f0kA
1nqzA1nqzA1nqzA 1nqzA 1nqzA
1g1kA1g1kA1g1kA 1g1kA 1g1kA
1yd7A1yd7A1yd7A 1yd7A 1yd7A
6ldh6ldh6ldh 6ldh 6ldh
1bxyA1bxyA1bxyA 1bxyA 1bxyA
1upkA1upkA1upkA 1upkA 1upkA
1hdoA1hdoA1hdoA 1hdoA 1hdoA
1wz4A1wz4A1wz4A 1wz4A 1wz4A
1ps1A1ps1A1ps1A 1ps1A 1ps1A
2axcA2axcA2axcA 2axcA 2axcA
1lt8A1lt8A1lt8A 1lt8A 1lt8A
1ash1ash1ash 1ash 1ash
1jbeA1jbeA1jbeA 1jbeA 1jbeA
1erw1erw1erw 1erw 1erw
1t9bA1t9bA1t9bA 1t9bA 1t9bA
1g4yB1g4yB1g4yB 1g4yB 1g4yB
2cqnA2cqnA2cqnA 2cqnA 2cqnA
1z6nA1z6nA1z6nA 1z6nA 1z6nA
1s6xA1s6xA1s6xA 1s6xA 1s6xA
1fxlA1fxlA1fxlA 1fxlA 1fxlA
1b8oA1b8oA1b8oA 1b8oA 1b8oA
1ktgA1ktgA1ktgA 1ktgA 1ktgA
2b06A2b06A2b06A 2b06A 2b06A
1eteA1eteA1eteA 1eteA 1eteA
1k1eA1k1eA1k1eA 1k1eA 1k1eA
1v5eA1v5eA1v5eA 1v5eA 1v5eA
1xvqA1xvqA1xvqA 1xvqA 1xvqA
1gs9A1gs9A1gs9A 1gs9A 1gs9A
1a8l1a8l1a8l 1a8l 1a8l
1wuiL1wuiL1wuiL 1wuiL 1wuiL
1w96A1w96A1w96A 1w96A 1w96A
1t00A1t00A1t00A 1t00A 1t00A
1my7A1my7A1my7A 1my7A 1my7A
1id1A1id1A1id1A 1id1A 1id1A
1vmbA1vmbA1vmbA 1vmbA 1vmbA
1xp8A1xp8A1xp8A 1xp8A 1xp8A
1lugA1lugA1lugA 1lugA 1lugA
2czrA2czrA2czrA 2czrA 2czrA
1eg2A1eg2A1eg2A 1eg2A 1eg2A
1guzA1guzA1guzA 1guzA 1guzA
1v98A1v98A1v98A 1v98A 1v98A
1r26A1r26A1r26A 1r26A 1r26A
1f1eA1f1eA1f1eA 1f1eA 1f1eA
1jr7A1jr7A1jr7A 1jr7A 1jr7A
1thx1thx1thx 1thx 1thx
1ttuA1ttuA1ttuA 1ttuA 1ttuA
1jbiA1jbiA1jbiA 1jbiA 1jbiA
2aw402aw402aw40 2aw40 2aw40
1bg41bg41bg4 1bg4 1bg4
1v54D1v54D1v54D 1v54D 1v54D
1wdpA1wdpA1wdpA 1wdpA 1wdpA
1hl9A1hl9A1hl9A 1hl9A 1hl9A
2brqA2brqA2brqA 2brqA 2brqA
1u69A1u69A1u69A 1u69A 1u69A
1i3cA1i3cA1i3cA 1i3cA 1i3cA
1isiA1isiA1isiA 1isiA 1isiA
2biiA2biiA2biiA 2biiA 2biiA
2cvhA2cvhA2cvhA 2cvhA 2cvhA
2b5nA2b5nA2b5nA 2b5nA 2b5nA
2c31A2c31A2c31A 2c31A 2c31A
1s8nA1s8nA1s8nA 1s8nA 1s8nA
1qsaA1qsaA1qsaA 1qsaA 1qsaA
1jl1A1jl1A1jl1A 1jl1A 1jl1A
1jfuA1jfuA1jfuA 1jfuA 1jfuA
1squA1squA1squA 1squA 1squA
1yx1A1yx1A1yx1A 1yx1A 1yx1A
1w9pA1w9pA1w9pA 1w9pA 1w9pA
2bkaA2bkaA2bkaA 2bkaA 2bkaA
1vquA1vquA1vquA 1vquA 1vquA
1qynA1qynA1qynA 1qynA 1qynA
1ru3A1ru3A1ru3A 1ru3A 1ru3A
1ir6A1ir6A1ir6A 1ir6A 1ir6A
1fljA1fljA1fljA 1fljA 1fljA
1wycA1wycA1wycA 1wycA 1wycA
1oaoC1oaoC1oaoC 1oaoC 1oaoC
1t71A1t71A1t71A 1t71A 1t71A
1oxxK1oxxK1oxxK 1oxxK 1oxxK
1iro1iro1iro 1iro 1iro
1m6yA1m6yA1m6yA 1m6yA 1m6yA
2hft2hft2hft 2hft 2hft
1r12A1r12A1r12A 1r12A 1r12A
1w85I1w85I1w85I 1w85I 1w85I
2b7kA2b7kA2b7kA 2b7kA 2b7kA
1ka9H1ka9H1ka9H 1ka9H 1ka9H
1z47A1z47A1z47A 1z47A 1z47A
1ohpA1ohpA1ohpA 1ohpA 1ohpA
1qqp41qqp41qqp4 1qqp4 1qqp4
1wkvA1wkvA1wkvA 1wkvA 1wkvA
1pprM1pprM1pprM 1pprM 1pprM
1brfA1brfA1brfA 1brfA 1brfA
1gmlA1gmlA1gmlA 1gmlA 1gmlA
1o97C1o97C1o97C 1o97C 1o97C

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1q74A1q74A1q74A 1q74A 1q74A
1k66A1k66A1k66A 1k66A 1k66A
1dmhA1dmhA1dmhA 1dmhA 1dmhA
1vk6A1vk6A1vk6A 1vk6A 1vk6A
1n81A1n81A1n81A 1n81A 1n81A
2bsxA2bsxA2bsxA 2bsxA 2bsxA
1odkA1odkA1odkA 1odkA 1odkA
1yl3V1yl3V1yl3V 1yl3V 1yl3V
1i60A1i60A1i60A 1i60A 1i60A
1rb91rb91rb9 1rb9 1rb9
1kafA1kafA1kafA 1kafA 1kafA
1yk4A1yk4A1yk4A 1yk4A 1yk4A
1j2rA1j2rA1j2rA 1j2rA 1j2rA
1ignA1ignA1ignA 1ignA 1ignA
1pwgA1pwgA1pwgA 1pwgA 1pwgA
1tzlA1tzlA1tzlA 1tzlA 1tzlA
1rdg1rdg1rdg 1rdg 1rdg
1i1wA1i1wA1i1wA 1i1wA 1i1wA
1xs1A1xs1A1xs1A 1xs1A 1xs1A
1rxyA1rxyA1rxyA 1rxyA 1rxyA
1p8xA1p8xA1p8xA 1p8xA 1p8xA
1vhwA1vhwA1vhwA 1vhwA 1vhwA
1zpdA1zpdA1zpdA 1zpdA 1zpdA
1ytlA1ytlA1ytlA 1ytlA 1ytlA
1o97D1o97D1o97D 1o97D 1o97D
1st9A1st9A1st9A 1st9A 1st9A
1jv1A1jv1A1jv1A 1jv1A 1jv1A
1uanA1uanA1uanA 1uanA 1uanA
1xdyA1xdyA1xdyA 1xdyA 1xdyA
1vloA1vloA1vloA 1vloA 1vloA
1vrmA1vrmA1vrmA 1vrmA 1vrmA
1fexA1fexA1fexA 1fexA 1fexA
1l6kA1l6kA1l6kA 1l6kA 1l6kA
1q9uA1q9uA1q9uA 1q9uA 1q9uA
1gqiA1gqiA1gqiA 1gqiA 1gqiA
1kgsA1kgsA1kgsA 1kgsA 1kgsA
1u94A1u94A1u94A 1u94A 1u94A
1so9A1so9A1so9A 1so9A 1so9A
1ccwA1ccwA1ccwA 1ccwA 1ccwA
1dp4A1dp4A1dp4A 1dp4A 1dp4A
1oltA1oltA1oltA 1oltA 1oltA
1on3A1on3A1on3A 1on3A 1on3A
1jalA1jalA1jalA 1jalA 1jalA
1ysrA1ysrA1ysrA 1ysrA 1ysrA
1ve1A1ve1A1ve1A 1ve1A 1ve1A
1kcqA1kcqA1kcqA 1kcqA 1kcqA
1iicA1iicA1iicA 1iicA 1iicA
1qopB1qopB1qopB 1qopB 1qopB
1qwnA1qwnA1qwnA 1qwnA 1qwnA
1g5jB1g5jB1g5jB 1g5jB 1g5jB
1lvmA1lvmA1lvmA 1lvmA 1lvmA
1rwtA1rwtA1rwtA 1rwtA 1rwtA
1o04A1o04A1o04A 1o04A 1o04A
1gtmA1gtmA1gtmA 1gtmA 1gtmA
1zzoA1zzoA1zzoA 1zzoA 1zzoA
1ekrA1ekrA1ekrA 1ekrA 1ekrA
1u8xX1u8xX1u8xX 1u8xX 1u8xX
1e8pA1e8pA1e8pA 1e8pA 1e8pA
1ybkA1ybkA1ybkA 1ybkA 1ybkA
1z8uA1z8uA1z8uA 1z8uA 1z8uA
2d1pA2d1pA2d1pA 2d1pA 2d1pA
1fr2B1fr2B1fr2B 1fr2B 1fr2B
1gwyA1gwyA1gwyA 1gwyA 1gwyA

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001