Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
2g0qA2g0qA2g0qA 2g0qA 2g0qA
1vkbA1vkbA1vkbA 1vkbA 1vkbA
1v30A1v30A1v30A 1v30A 1v30A
1yewC1yewC1yewC 1yewC 1yewC
1zq4A1zq4A1zq4A 1zq4A 1zq4A
2eboA2eboA2eboA 2eboA 2eboA
1jb0E1jb0E1jb0E 1jb0E 1jb0E
1ebfA1ebfA1ebfA 1ebfA 1ebfA
2cwzA2cwzA2cwzA 2cwzA 2cwzA
2cdcA2cdcA2cdcA 2cdcA 2cdcA
1x8dA1x8dA1x8dA 1x8dA 1x8dA
1f39A1f39A1f39A 1f39A 1f39A
1u2eA1u2eA1u2eA 1u2eA 1u2eA
1v66A1v66A1v66A 1v66A 1v66A
1gefA1gefA1gefA 1gefA 1gefA
1sh8A1sh8A1sh8A 1sh8A 1sh8A
1mwwA1mwwA1mwwA 1mwwA 1mwwA
1r4kA1r4kA1r4kA 1r4kA 1r4kA
1wsrA1wsrA1wsrA 1wsrA 1wsrA
1q8dA1q8dA1q8dA 1q8dA 1q8dA
1uwwA1uwwA1uwwA 1uwwA 1uwwA
1wolA1wolA1wolA 1wolA 1wolA
1l8bA1l8bA1l8bA 1l8bA 1l8bA
1gypA1gypA1gypA 1gypA 1gypA
1ih8A1ih8A1ih8A 1ih8A 1ih8A
1rl4A1rl4A1rl4A 1rl4A 1rl4A
1zbfA1zbfA1zbfA 1zbfA 1zbfA
1g2aA1g2aA1g2aA 1g2aA 1g2aA
1iq6A1iq6A1iq6A 1iq6A 1iq6A
1y9aA1y9aA1y9aA 1y9aA 1y9aA
1uylA1uylA1uylA 1uylA 1uylA
1bs4A1bs4A1bs4A 1bs4A 1bs4A
2fz0A2fz0A2fz0A 2fz0A 2fz0A
1g31A1g31A1g31A 1g31A 1g31A
1yy6A1yy6A1yy6A 1yy6A 1yy6A
2b49A2b49A2b49A 2b49A 2b49A
1x59A1x59A1x59A 1x59A 1x59A
1cl8A1cl8A1cl8A 1cl8A 1cl8A
1yavA1yavA1yavA 1yavA 1yavA
1xngA1xngA1xngA 1xngA 1xngA
1xeoA1xeoA1xeoA 1xeoA 1xeoA
1e7uA1e7uA1e7uA 1e7uA 1e7uA
1k3tA1k3tA1k3tA 1k3tA 1k3tA
1yqdA1yqdA1yqdA 1yqdA 1yqdA
2f1wA2f1wA2f1wA 2f1wA 2f1wA
1xweA1xweA1xweA 1xweA 1xweA
1kqpA1kqpA1kqpA 1kqpA 1kqpA
2bv5A2bv5A2bv5A 2bv5A 2bv5A
2f71A2f71A2f71A 2f71A 2f71A
1v9yA1v9yA1v9yA 1v9yA 1v9yA
1ehyA1ehyA1ehyA 1ehyA 1ehyA
2bnuB2bnuB2bnuB 2bnuB 2bnuB
1czyA1czyA1czyA 1czyA 1czyA
2agcA2agcA2agcA 2agcA 2agcA
1iuqA1iuqA1iuqA 1iuqA 1iuqA
1u04A1u04A1u04A 1u04A 1u04A
2fojA2fojA2fojA 2fojA 2fojA
1n5nA1n5nA1n5nA 1n5nA 1n5nA
2bycA2bycA2bycA 2bycA 2bycA
1gmiA1gmiA1gmiA 1gmiA 1gmiA
1ezvC1ezvC1ezvC 1ezvC 1ezvC
1qyaA1qyaA1qyaA 1qyaA 1qyaA
1x0oA1x0oA1x0oA 1x0oA 1x0oA
1pfsA1pfsA1pfsA 1pfsA 1pfsA
1rwrA1rwrA1rwrA 1rwrA 1rwrA
1hpgA1hpgA1hpgA 1hpgA 1hpgA
2bijA2bijA2bijA 2bijA 2bijA
1y7bA1y7bA1y7bA 1y7bA 1y7bA
1jnuA1jnuA1jnuA 1jnuA 1jnuA
1k9jA1k9jA1k9jA 1k9jA 1k9jA
1n9lA1n9lA1n9lA 1n9lA 1n9lA
2bzlA2bzlA2bzlA 2bzlA 2bzlA
1ehkA1ehkA1ehkA 1ehkA 1ehkA
1xn5A1xn5A1xn5A 1xn5A 1xn5A
1womA1womA1womA 1womA 1womA
1kb9C1kb9C1kb9C 1kb9C 1kb9C
1v3vA1v3vA1v3vA 1v3vA 1v3vA
1v3yA1v3yA1v3yA 1v3yA 1v3yA
1uhwA1uhwA1uhwA 1uhwA 1uhwA
1yasA1yasA1yasA 1yasA 1yasA
1ifrA1ifrA1ifrA 1ifrA 1ifrA
1sbp1sbp1sbp 1sbp 1sbp
1y37A1y37A1y37A 1y37A 1y37A
1d5tA1d5tA1d5tA 1d5tA 1d5tA
1t5yA1t5yA1t5yA 1t5yA 1t5yA
1cl7I1cl7I1cl7I 1cl7I 1cl7I
1efvB1efvB1efvB 1efvB 1efvB
1a6s1a6s1a6s 1a6s 1a6s
1imjA1imjA1imjA 1imjA 1imjA
1uk8A1uk8A1uk8A 1uk8A 1uk8A
1f94A1f94A1f94A 1f94A 1f94A
1ei9A1ei9A1ei9A 1ei9A 1ei9A
1ob8A1ob8A1ob8A 1ob8A 1ob8A
1g55A1g55A1g55A 1g55A 1g55A
2c7hA2c7hA2c7hA 2c7hA 2c7hA
1wxiA1wxiA1wxiA 1wxiA 1wxiA
1chmA1chmA1chmA 1chmA 1chmA
1g1tA1g1tA1g1tA 1g1tA 1g1tA
1qlwA1qlwA1qlwA 1qlwA 1qlwA
2bjvA2bjvA2bjvA 2bjvA 2bjvA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1yhtA1yhtA1yhtA 1yhtA 1yhtA
1n93X1n93X1n93X 1n93X 1n93X
1sl4A1sl4A1sl4A 1sl4A 1sl4A
1d2rA1d2rA1d2rA 1d2rA 1d2rA
1auoA1auoA1auoA 1auoA 1auoA
1mgtA1mgtA1mgtA 1mgtA 1mgtA
1rm4A1rm4A1rm4A 1rm4A 1rm4A
2b5wA2b5wA2b5wA 2b5wA 2b5wA
1y6hA1y6hA1y6hA 1y6hA 1y6hA
1bob1bob1bob 1bob 1bob
2ag9A2ag9A2ag9A 2ag9A 2ag9A
1xj4A1xj4A1xj4A 1xj4A 1xj4A
1kxgA1kxgA1kxgA 1kxgA 1kxgA
1yqhA1yqhA1yqhA 1yqhA 1yqhA
1yaxA1yaxA1yaxA 1yaxA 1yaxA
1hkhA1hkhA1hkhA 1hkhA 1hkhA
1iupA1iupA1iupA 1iupA 1iupA
2cblA2cblA2cblA 2cblA 2cblA
1kolA1kolA1kolA 1kolA 1kolA
1p0fA1p0fA1p0fA 1p0fA 1p0fA
1ycoA1ycoA1ycoA 1ycoA 1ycoA
1iwlA1iwlA1iwlA 1iwlA 1iwlA
1xc1A1xc1A1xc1A 1xc1A 1xc1A
3seb3seb3seb 3seb 3seb
1qj4A1qj4A1qj4A 1qj4A 1qj4A
2fn0A2fn0A2fn0A 2fn0A 2fn0A
1esl1esl1esl 1esl 1esl
2bi0A2bi0A2bi0A 2bi0A 2bi0A
1u3wA1u3wA1u3wA 1u3wA 1u3wA
1bywA1bywA1bywA 1bywA 1bywA
1f35A1f35A1f35A 1f35A 1f35A
1p5fA1p5fA1p5fA 1p5fA 1p5fA
1fl0A1fl0A1fl0A 1fl0A 1fl0A
2a74C2a74C2a74C 2a74C 2a74C
1dssG1dssG1dssG 1dssG 1dssG
1a8s1a8s1a8s 1a8s 1a8s
3pviA3pviA3pviA 3pviA 3pviA
7aatA7aatA7aatA 7aatA 7aatA
1g13A1g13A1g13A 1g13A 1g13A
1x1fA1x1fA1x1fA 1x1fA 1x1fA
1n26A1n26A1n26A 1n26A 1n26A
2bklA2bklA2bklA 2bklA 2bklA
1o7tA1o7tA1o7tA 1o7tA 1o7tA
1gg3A1gg3A1gg3A 1gg3A 1gg3A
2c46A2c46A2c46A 2c46A 2c46A
1f37A1f37A1f37A 1f37A 1f37A
1t9fA1t9fA1t9fA 1t9fA 1t9fA
2d0oB2d0oB2d0oB 2d0oB 2d0oB
2a6zA2a6zA2a6zA 2a6zA 2a6zA
1widA1widA1widA 1widA 1widA
1cv2A1cv2A1cv2A 1cv2A 1cv2A
1pl8A1pl8A1pl8A 1pl8A 1pl8A
3tss3tss3tss 3tss 3tss
1v7rA1v7rA1v7rA 1v7rA 1v7rA
1uufA1uufA1uufA 1uufA 1uufA
1vdc1vdc1vdc 1vdc 1vdc
1q3lA1q3lA1q3lA 1q3lA 1q3lA
2pviA2pviA2pviA 2pviA 2pviA
1mogA1mogA1mogA 1mogA 1mogA
1mj5A1mj5A1mj5A 1mj5A 1mj5A
1kgdA1kgdA1kgdA 1kgdA 1kgdA
1jvbA1jvbA1jvbA 1jvbA 1jvbA
2bo9B2bo9B2bo9B 2bo9B 2bo9B
1c8zA1c8zA1c8zA 1c8zA 1c8zA
1yifA1yifA1yifA 1yifA 1yifA
1pn2A1pn2A1pn2A 1pn2A 1pn2A
1lqtA1lqtA1lqtA 1lqtA 1lqtA
2ohxA2ohxA2ohxA 2ohxA 2ohxA
1v9nA1v9nA1v9nA 1v9nA 1v9nA
1fmtA1fmtA1fmtA 1fmtA 1fmtA
1m2dA1m2dA1m2dA 1m2dA 1m2dA
1e0gA1e0gA1e0gA 1e0gA 1e0gA
1vheA1vheA1vheA 1vheA 1vheA
1nrkA1nrkA1nrkA 1nrkA 1nrkA
1eu3A1eu3A1eu3A 1eu3A 1eu3A
1tca1tca1tca 1tca 1tca
1ail1ail1ail 1ail 1ail
1pdqA1pdqA1pdqA 1pdqA 1pdqA
1wosA1wosA1wosA 1wosA 1wosA
1nn5A1nn5A1nn5A 1nn5A 1nn5A
1dkuA1dkuA1dkuA 1dkuA 1dkuA
1dar1dar1dar 1dar 1dar
1vbiA1vbiA1vbiA 1vbiA 1vbiA
1hh1A1hh1A1hh1A 1hh1A 1hh1A
1e3jA1e3jA1e3jA 1e3jA 1e3jA
1hetA1hetA1hetA 1hetA 1hetA
1sqwA1sqwA1sqwA 1sqwA 1sqwA
2bx2L2bx2L2bx2L 2bx2L 2bx2L
1xphA1xphA1xphA 1xphA 1xphA
1h2bA1h2bA1h2bA 1h2bA 1h2bA
1wmtA1wmtA1wmtA 1wmtA 1wmtA
2arzA2arzA2arzA 2arzA 2arzA
1lw1A1lw1A1lw1A 1lw1A 1lw1A
1zcdA1zcdA1zcdA 1zcdA 1zcdA
1lm6A1lm6A1lm6A 1lm6A 1lm6A
1p5zB1p5zB1p5zB 1p5zB 1p5zB
1f42A1f42A1f42A 1f42A 1f42A
1hoe1hoe1hoe 1hoe 1hoe
1ok0A1ok0A1ok0A 1ok0A 1ok0A
2axjA2axjA2axjA 2axjA 2axjA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1f8fA1f8fA1f8fA 1f8fA 1f8fA
2f5yA2f5yA2f5yA 2f5yA 2f5yA
1n8kA1n8kA1n8kA 1n8kA 1n8kA
1zoiA1zoiA1zoiA 1zoiA 1zoiA
2fh7A2fh7A2fh7A 2fh7A 2fh7A
1qorA1qorA1qorA 1qorA 1qorA
1b6a1b6a1b6a 1b6a 1b6a
2b4rO2b4rO2b4rO 2b4rO 2b4rO
1yl321yl321yl32 1yl32 1yl32
1lswA1lswA1lswA 1lswA 1lswA
2a10A2a10A2a10A 2a10A 2a10A
1a88A1a88A1a88A 1a88A 1a88A
1r6jA1r6jA1r6jA 1r6jA 1r6jA
1pxvA1pxvA1pxvA 1pxvA 1pxvA
1ugmA1ugmA1ugmA 1ugmA 1ugmA
2bk7B2bk7B2bk7B 2bk7B 2bk7B
1broA1broA1broA 1broA 1broA
1gnuA1gnuA1gnuA 1gnuA 1gnuA
1gvhA1gvhA1gvhA 1gvhA 1gvhA
2ak4E2ak4E2ak4E 2ak4E 2ak4E

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001