Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
2bwnA2bwnA2bwnA 2bwnA 2bwnA
1fc4A1fc4A1fc4A 1fc4A 1fc4A
1cl1A1cl1A1cl1A 1cl1A 1cl1A
1eluA1eluA1eluA 1eluA 1eluA
1bs0A1bs0A1bs0A 1bs0A 1bs0A
1eg5A1eg5A1eg5A 1eg5A 1eg5A
1gc0A1gc0A1gc0A 1gc0A 1gc0A
1cs1A1cs1A1cs1A 1cs1A 1cs1A
1vjoA1vjoA1vjoA 1vjoA 1vjoA
1o69A1o69A1o69A 1o69A 1o69A
1lk9A1lk9A1lk9A 1lk9A 1lk9A
1wyuA1wyuA1wyuA 1wyuA 1wyuA
1jf9A1jf9A1jf9A 1jf9A 1jf9A
1qz9A1qz9A1qz9A 1qz9A 1qz9A
1js3A1js3A1js3A 1js3A 1js3A
1c7gA1c7gA1c7gA 1c7gA 1c7gA
1iugA1iugA1iugA 1iugA 1iugA
1m32A1m32A1m32A 1m32A 1m32A
1svvA1svvA1svvA 1svvA 1svvA
1pmmA1pmmA1pmmA 1pmmA 1pmmA
1lc5A1lc5A1lc5A 1lc5A 1lc5A
1v72A1v72A1v72A 1v72A 1v72A
1t3iA1t3iA1t3iA 1t3iA 1t3iA
1vp4A1vp4A1vp4A 1vp4A 1vp4A
1s0aA1s0aA1s0aA 1s0aA 1s0aA
1wstA1wstA1wstA 1wstA 1wstA
1gdeA1gdeA1gdeA 1gdeA 1gdeA
1v2dA1v2dA1v2dA 1v2dA 1v2dA
1fg7A1fg7A1fg7A 1fg7A 1fg7A
1uu1A1uu1A1uu1A 1uu1A 1uu1A
1c7nA1c7nA1c7nA 1c7nA 1c7nA
1ohvA1ohvA1ohvA 1ohvA 1ohvA
1vefA1vefA1vefA 1vefA 1vefA
2fnuA2fnuA2fnuA 2fnuA 2fnuA
1ajsA1ajsA1ajsA 1ajsA 1ajsA
1b5pA1b5pA1b5pA 1b5pA 1b5pA
1m7yA1m7yA1m7yA 1m7yA 1m7yA
1mdoA1mdoA1mdoA 1mdoA 1mdoA
1w23A1w23A1w23A 1w23A 1w23A
1d2fA1d2fA1d2fA 1d2fA 1d2fA
2oatA2oatA2oatA 2oatA 2oatA
1wyuB1wyuB1wyuB 1wyuB 1wyuB
1w7lA1w7lA1w7lA 1w7lA 1w7lA
1bw0A1bw0A1bw0A 1bw0A 1bw0A
1b9hA1b9hA1b9hA 1b9hA 1b9hA
1kl1A1kl1A1kl1A 1kl1A 1kl1A
1yjsA1yjsA1yjsA 1yjsA 1yjsA
1yiyA1yiyA1yiyA 1yiyA 1yiyA
2c0rA2c0rA2c0rA 2c0rA 2c0rA
1sffA1sffA1sffA 1sffA 1sffA
1ars1ars1ars 1ars 1ars
1d7uA1d7uA1d7uA 1d7uA 1d7uA
1m6sA1m6sA1m6sA 1m6sA 1m6sA
2aeuA2aeuA2aeuA 2aeuA 2aeuA
1yizA1yizA1yizA 1yizA 1yizA
1o4sA1o4sA1o4sA 1o4sA 1o4sA
7aatA7aatA7aatA 7aatA 7aatA
2alaA2alaA2alaA 2alaA 2alaA
1ivnA1ivnA1ivnA 1ivnA 1ivnA
1avyA1avyA1avyA 1avyA 1avyA
1kqfA1kqfA1kqfA 1kqfA 1kqfA
1gox1gox1gox 1gox 1gox
1es9A1es9A1es9A 1es9A 1es9A
1ykhA1ykhA1ykhA 1ykhA 1ykhA
1nsj1nsj1nsj 1nsj 1nsj
1h2kA1h2kA1h2kA 1h2kA 1h2kA
1uuyA1uuyA1uuyA 1uuyA 1uuyA
1mkzA1mkzA1mkzA 1mkzA 1mkzA
1yzfA1yzfA1yzfA 1yzfA 1yzfA
1y5eA1y5eA1y5eA 1y5eA 1y5eA
1ywyA1ywyA1ywyA 1ywyA 1ywyA
1qi9A1qi9A1qi9A 1qi9A 1qi9A
1t5iA1t5iA1t5iA 1t5iA 1t5iA
1zfjA1zfjA1zfjA 1zfjA 1zfjA
1jljA1jljA1jljA 1jljA 1jljA
1fukA1fukA1fukA 1fukA 1fukA
1psyA1psyA1psyA 1psyA 1psyA
1tzfA1tzfA1tzfA 1tzfA 1tzfA
2bryA2bryA2bryA 2bryA 2bryA
1lbvA1lbvA1lbvA 1lbvA 1lbvA
1esc1esc1esc 1esc 1esc
2gujA2gujA2gujA 2gujA 2gujA
2f6kA2f6kA2f6kA 2f6kA 2f6kA
1atlA1atlA1atlA 1atlA 1atlA
1ct5A1ct5A1ct5A 1ct5A 1ct5A
1zchA1zchA1zchA 1zchA 1zchA
2cqeA2cqeA2cqeA 2cqeA 2cqeA
1usgA1usgA1usgA 1usgA 1usgA
1rw6A1rw6A1rw6A 1rw6A 1rw6A
1j2mA1j2mA1j2mA 1j2mA 1j2mA
2a5hA2a5hA2a5hA 2a5hA 2a5hA
1bea1bea1bea 1bea 1bea
2beqA2beqA2beqA 2beqA 2beqA
1e6uA1e6uA1e6uA 1e6uA 1e6uA
1yixA1yixA1yixA 1yixA 1yixA
1vekA1vekA1vekA 1vekA 1vekA
1hpcA1hpcA1hpcA 1hpcA 1hpcA
1u8vA1u8vA1u8vA 1u8vA 1u8vA
1oznA1oznA1oznA 1oznA 1oznA
1z5yE1z5yE1z5yE 1z5yE 1z5yE

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1vpdA1vpdA1vpdA 1vpdA 1vpdA
1x0vA1x0vA1x0vA 1x0vA 1x0vA
1vjgA1vjgA1vjgA 1vjgA 1vjgA
1koe1koe1koe 1koe 1koe
1dkmA1dkmA1dkmA 1dkmA 1dkmA
1bkjA1bkjA1bkjA 1bkjA 1bkjA
1pe9A1pe9A1pe9A 1pe9A 1pe9A
2nr12nr12nr1 2nr1 2nr1
1rkxA1rkxA1rkxA 1rkxA 1rkxA
1f6yA1f6yA1f6yA 1f6yA 1f6yA
1i5gA1i5gA1i5gA 1i5gA 1i5gA
2fnjB2fnjB2fnjB 2fnjB 2fnjB
1iuqA1iuqA1iuqA 1iuqA 1iuqA
1nu5A1nu5A1nu5A 1nu5A 1nu5A
1b3tA1b3tA1b3tA 1b3tA 1b3tA
1yp1A1yp1A1yp1A 1yp1A 1yp1A
1wjvA1wjvA1wjvA 1wjvA 1wjvA
1fpoA1fpoA1fpoA 1fpoA 1fpoA
1jhsA1jhsA1jhsA 1jhsA 1jhsA
1ka1A1ka1A1ka1A 1ka1A 1ka1A
1xkuA1xkuA1xkuA 1xkuA 1xkuA
1zcjA1zcjA1zcjA 1zcjA 1zcjA
1tvgA1tvgA1tvgA 1tvgA 1tvgA
1zkoA1zkoA1zkoA 1zkoA 1zkoA
1oaoA1oaoA1oaoA 1oaoA 1oaoA
1w8xN1w8xN1w8xN 1w8xN 1w8xN
1qmgA1qmgA1qmgA 1qmgA 1qmgA
1f5vA1f5vA1f5vA 1f5vA 1f5vA
1zk7A1zk7A1zk7A 1zk7A 1zk7A
2b81A2b81A2b81A 2b81A 2b81A
1z15A1z15A1z15A 1z15A 1z15A
1h7eA1h7eA1h7eA 1h7eA 1h7eA
1gy8A1gy8A1gy8A 1gy8A 1gy8A
1n91A1n91A1n91A 1n91A 1n91A
1fyeA1fyeA1fyeA 1fyeA 1fyeA
1y97A1y97A1y97A 1y97A 1y97A
1o26A1o26A1o26A 1o26A 1o26A
1pea1pea1pea 1pea 1pea
1qh8A1qh8A1qh8A 1qh8A 1qh8A
1lxjA1lxjA1lxjA 1lxjA 1lxjA
1wvgA1wvgA1wvgA 1wvgA 1wvgA
1w4xA1w4xA1w4xA 1w4xA 1w4xA
1fr2B1fr2B1fr2B 1fr2B 1fr2B
1dmgA1dmgA1dmgA 1dmgA 1dmgA
1jxcA1jxcA1jxcA 1jxcA 1jxcA
1sv6A1sv6A1sv6A 1sv6A 1sv6A
1bkpA1bkpA1bkpA 1bkpA 1bkpA
1qqqA1qqqA1qqqA 1qqqA 1qqqA
2fv1A2fv1A2fv1A 2fv1A 2fv1A
1gqaA1gqaA1gqaA 1gqaA 1gqaA
1ptmA1ptmA1ptmA 1ptmA 1ptmA
1l0wA1l0wA1l0wA 1l0wA 1l0wA
1h3oA1h3oA1h3oA 1h3oA 1h3oA
1izcA1izcA1izcA 1izcA 1izcA
1qusA1qusA1qusA 1qusA 1qusA
1wljA1wljA1wljA 1wljA 1wljA
1c1dA1c1dA1c1dA 1c1dA 1c1dA
2cfaA2cfaA2cfaA 2cfaA 2cfaA
1whrA1whrA1whrA 1whrA 1whrA
2cwlA2cwlA2cwlA 2cwlA 2cwlA
1ofwA1ofwA1ofwA 1ofwA 1ofwA
1j54A1j54A1j54A 1j54A 1j54A
1b5eA1b5eA1b5eA 1b5eA 1b5eA
1lu4A1lu4A1lu4A 1lu4A 1lu4A
1nytA1nytA1nytA 1nytA 1nytA
1f0yA1f0yA1f0yA 1f0yA 1f0yA
1wu7A1wu7A1wu7A 1wu7A 1wu7A
1udzA1udzA1udzA 1udzA 1udzA
1yb0A1yb0A1yb0A 1yb0A 1yb0A
1bh9A1bh9A1bh9A 1bh9A 1bh9A
1yqhA1yqhA1yqhA 1yqhA 1yqhA
1di6A1di6A1di6A 1di6A 1di6A
1np3A1np3A1np3A 1np3A 1np3A
1z5zA1z5zA1z5zA 1z5zA 1z5zA
1p9aG1p9aG1p9aG 1p9aG 1p9aG
1q90M1q90M1q90M 1q90M 1q90M
1khyA1khyA1khyA 1khyA 1khyA
2c5aA2c5aA2c5aA 2c5aA 2c5aA
1sazA1sazA1sazA 1sazA 1sazA
1c7qA1c7qA1c7qA 1c7qA 1c7qA
1kn6A1kn6A1kn6A 1kn6A 1kn6A
2f7fA2f7fA2f7fA 2f7fA 2f7fA
1bf6A1bf6A1bf6A 1bf6A 1bf6A
1ss4A1ss4A1ss4A 1ss4A 1ss4A
1t94A1t94A1t94A 1t94A 1t94A
1rzl1rzl1rzl 1rzl 1rzl
1wz9A1wz9A1wz9A 1wz9A 1wz9A
1v7pB1v7pB1v7pB 1v7pB 1v7pB
2bszA2bszA2bszA 2bszA 2bszA
1ep3B1ep3B1ep3B 1ep3B 1ep3B
1budA1budA1budA 1budA 1budA
1udc1udc1udc 1udc 1udc
1huxA1huxA1huxA 1huxA 1huxA
2f9sA2f9sA2f9sA 2f9sA 2f9sA
1uc8A1uc8A1uc8A 1uc8A 1uc8A
1hssA1hssA1hssA 1hssA 1hssA
2f2gA2f2gA2f2gA 2f2gA 2f2gA
1n2sA1n2sA1n2sA 1n2sA 1n2sA
1j6oA1j6oA1j6oA 1j6oA 1j6oA
1midA1midA1midA 1midA 1midA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1wsrA1wsrA1wsrA 1wsrA 1wsrA
2gwgA2gwgA2gwgA 2gwgA 2gwgA
1kmoA1kmoA1kmoA 1kmoA 1kmoA
1npyA1npyA1npyA 1npyA 1npyA
1r55A1r55A1r55A 1r55A 1r55A
1vkuA1vkuA1vkuA 1vkuA 1vkuA
1jlvA1jlvA1jlvA 1jlvA 1jlvA
1scy1scy1scy 1scy 1scy
2bghA2bghA2bghA 2bghA 2bghA
1uz5A1uz5A1uz5A 1uz5A 1uz5A
1mv8A1mv8A1mv8A 1mv8A 1mv8A
2f1kA2f1kA2f1kA 2f1kA 2f1kA
2g76A2g76A2g76A 2g76A 2g76A
1zzmA1zzmA1zzmA 1zzmA 1zzmA
2czsA2czsA2czsA 2czsA 2czsA
2ck3G2ck3G2ck3G 2ck3G 2ck3G
2d5cA2d5cA2d5cA 2d5cA 2d5cA
1t0bA1t0bA1t0bA 1t0bA 1t0bA
1wwkA1wwkA1wwkA 1wwkA 1wwkA
2d4qA2d4qA2d4qA 2d4qA 2d4qA
1t1vA1t1vA1t1vA 1t1vA 1t1vA
1qh8B1qh8B1qh8B 1qh8B 1qh8B
1sat1sat1sat 1sat 1sat
1wnyA1wnyA1wnyA 1wnyA 1wnyA
2vsgA2vsgA2vsgA 2vsgA 2vsgA
1z1nX1z1nX1z1nX 1z1nX 1z1nX
1fna1fna1fna 1fna 1fna
1fthA1fthA1fthA 1fthA 1fthA
1b8zA1b8zA1b8zA 1b8zA 1b8zA
1utaA1utaA1utaA 1utaA 1utaA
2asbA2asbA2asbA 2asbA 2asbA
1v60A1v60A1v60A 1v60A 1v60A
1qnxA1qnxA1qnxA 1qnxA 1qnxA
1x3mA1x3mA1x3mA 1x3mA 1x3mA
1lehA1lehA1lehA 1lehA 1lehA
1w2qA1w2qA1w2qA 1w2qA 1w2qA
1h0hA1h0hA1h0hA 1h0hA 1h0hA
2akoA2akoA2akoA 2akoA 2akoA
1sp3A1sp3A1sp3A 1sp3A 1sp3A
1xeaA1xeaA1xeaA 1xeaA 1xeaA
1k7iA1k7iA1k7iA 1k7iA 1k7iA
1n9pA1n9pA1n9pA 1n9pA 1n9pA
1cjcA1cjcA1cjcA 1cjcA 1cjcA
1g8lA1g8lA1g8lA 1g8lA 1g8lA
1x0rA1x0rA1x0rA 1x0rA 1x0rA
1j34B1j34B1j34B 1j34B 1j34B
1g9pA1g9pA1g9pA 1g9pA 1g9pA
1w4tA1w4tA1w4tA 1w4tA 1w4tA
1rvgA1rvgA1rvgA 1rvgA 1rvgA
1li4A1li4A1li4A 1li4A 1li4A
1xo1A1xo1A1xo1A 1xo1A 1xo1A
2fvtA2fvtA2fvtA 2fvtA 2fvtA
1zzoA1zzoA1zzoA 1zzoA 1zzoA
1jfbA1jfbA1jfbA 1jfbA 1jfbA
2ajgA2ajgA2ajgA 2ajgA 2ajgA
1c4rA1c4rA1c4rA 1c4rA 1c4rA
2g2cA2g2cA2g2cA 2g2cA 2g2cA
1ueoA1ueoA1ueoA 1ueoA 1ueoA
2a23A2a23A2a23A 2a23A 2a23A

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001