Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
2cchB2cchB2cchB 2cchB 2cchB
1jkw1jkw1jkw 1jkw 1jkw
1vin1vin1vin 1vin 1vin
1qmzB1qmzB1qmzB 1qmzB 1qmzB
1kxu1kxu1kxu 1kxu 1kxu
1tfb1tfb1tfb 1tfb 1tfb
1c9bA1c9bA1c9bA 1c9bA 1c9bA
1volA1volA1volA 1volA 1volA
1d3uB1d3uB1d3uB 1d3uB 1d3uB
1aisB1aisB1aisB 1aisB 1aisB
1f5qB1f5qB1f5qB 1f5qB 1f5qB
1g3nC1g3nC1g3nC 1g3nC 1g3nC
1w98B1w98B1w98B 1w98B 1w98B
1bu2A1bu2A1bu2A 1bu2A 1bu2A
1zruA1zruA1zruA 1zruA 1zruA
2bsdA2bsdA2bsdA 2bsdA 2bsdA
1t4wA1t4wA1t4wA 1t4wA 1t4wA
2f0cA2f0cA2f0cA 2f0cA 2f0cA
1k3iA1k3iA1k3iA 1k3iA 1k3iA
1q9uA1q9uA1q9uA 1q9uA 1q9uA
1m36A1m36A1m36A 1m36A 1m36A
1j3mA1j3mA1j3mA 1j3mA 1j3mA
1mo2A1mo2A1mo2A 1mo2A 1mo2A
1g6eA1g6eA1g6eA 1g6eA 1g6eA
1wcqA1wcqA1wcqA 1wcqA 1wcqA
1pmmA1pmmA1pmmA 1pmmA 1pmmA
1gof1gof1gof 1gof 1gof
2ew2A2ew2A2ew2A 2ew2A 2ew2A
1kezA1kezA1kezA 1kezA 1kezA
1f37A1f37A1f37A 1f37A 1f37A
1cztA1cztA1cztA 1cztA 1cztA
1gkkA1gkkA1gkkA 1gkkA 1gkkA
1xsm1xsm1xsm 1xsm 1xsm
1jk0A1jk0A1jk0A 1jk0A 1jk0A
1d66A1d66A1d66A 1d66A 1d66A
1wh2A1wh2A1wh2A 1wh2A 1wh2A
1lml1lml1lml 1lml 1lml
1e8rA1e8rA1e8rA 1e8rA 1e8rA
2ezi2ezi2ezi 2ezi 2ezi
1z9eA1z9eA1z9eA 1z9eA 1z9eA
1w68A1w68A1w68A 1w68A 1w68A
1j9iA1j9iA1j9iA 1j9iA 1j9iA
2b4jC2b4jC2b4jC 2b4jC 2b4jC
1kp6A1kp6A1kp6A 1kp6A 1kp6A
1segA1segA1segA 1segA 1segA
1kexA1kexA1kexA 1kexA 1kexA
1llfA1llfA1llfA 1llfA 1llfA
1yewB1yewB1yewB 1yewB 1yewB
1ujsA1ujsA1ujsA 1ujsA 1ujsA
1wljA1wljA1wljA 1wljA 1wljA
1cleA1cleA1cleA 1cleA 1cleA
1iseA1iseA1iseA 1iseA 1iseA
1m2dA1m2dA1m2dA 1m2dA 1m2dA
2ezh2ezh2ezh 2ezh 2ezh
1auvA1auvA1auvA 1auvA 1auvA
1aho1aho1aho 1aho 1aho
1ajyA1ajyA1ajyA 1ajyA 1ajyA
1u4qA1u4qA1u4qA 1u4qA 1u4qA
1h0oA1h0oA1h0oA 1h0oA 1h0oA
1m2aA1m2aA1m2aA 1m2aA 1m2aA
1m2bA1m2bA1m2bA 1m2bA 1m2bA
1zmeC1zmeC1zmeC 1zmeC 1zmeC
1xg7A1xg7A1xg7A 1xg7A 1xg7A
1wqgA1wqgA1wqgA 1wqgA 1wqgA
1ks9A1ks9A1ks9A 1ks9A 1ks9A
1kgnA1kgnA1kgnA 1kgnA 1kgnA
1qfoA1qfoA1qfoA 1qfoA 1qfoA
1mxrA1mxrA1mxrA 1mxrA 1mxrA
1syyA1syyA1syyA 1syyA 1syyA
1ukcA1ukcA1ukcA 1ukcA 1ukcA
1biqA1biqA1biqA 1biqA 1biqA
1d7pM1d7pM1d7pM 1d7pM 1d7pM
1av8A1av8A1av8A 1av8A 1av8A
3xis3xis3xis 3xis 3xis
1omyA1omyA1omyA 1omyA 1omyA
1xikA1xikA1xikA 1xikA 1xikA
1kv0A1kv0A1kv0A 1kv0A 1kv0A
1jqcA1jqcA1jqcA 1jqcA 1jqcA
1gj7B1gj7B1gj7B 1gj7B 1gj7B
1rie1rie1rie 1rie 1rie
2fnjC2fnjC2fnjC 2fnjC 2fnjC
1n0wB1n0wB1n0wB 1n0wB 1n0wB
1c5yB1c5yB1c5yB 1c5yB 1c5yB
1ribA1ribA1ribA 1ribA 1ribA
1crl1crl1crl 1crl 1crl
1cghA1cghA1cghA 1cghA 1cghA
1czsA1czsA1czsA 1czsA 1czsA
1jg8A1jg8A1jg8A 1jg8A 1jg8A
1djtA1djtA1djtA 1djtA 1djtA
2b9sB2b9sB2b9sB 2b9sB 2b9sB
1quuA1quuA1quuA 1quuA 1quuA
1jk0B1jk0B1jk0B 1jk0B 1jk0B
1xqoA1xqoA1xqoA 1xqoA 1xqoA
1aw61aw61aw6 1aw6 1aw6
1pyiA1pyiA1pyiA 1pyiA 1pyiA
1wvgA1wvgA1wvgA 1wvgA 1wvgA
1l1qA1l1qA1l1qA 1l1qA 1l1qA
1ddjA1ddjA1ddjA 1ddjA 1ddjA
1eh21eh21eh2 1eh2 1eh2
1q68B1q68B1q68B 1q68B 1q68B

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1h8cA1h8cA1h8cA 1h8cA 1h8cA
1yp8A1yp8A1yp8A 1yp8A 1yp8A
1r2fA1r2fA1r2fA 1r2fA 1r2fA
1vii1vii1vii 1vii 1vii
1sn4A1sn4A1sn4A 1sn4A 1sn4A
1pjbA1pjbA1pjbA 1pjbA 1pjbA
1nubA1nubA1nubA 1nubA 1nubA
1o7sA1o7sA1o7sA 1o7sA 1o7sA
1qqvA1qqvA1qqvA 1qqvA 1qqvA
1qzpA1qzpA1qzpA 1qzpA 1qzpA
1fjrA1fjrA1fjrA 1fjrA 1fjrA
2fhzA2fhzA2fhzA 2fhzA 2fhzA
1a81A1a81A1a81A 1a81A 1a81A
1ejhA1ejhA1ejhA 1ejhA 1ejhA
1szt1szt1szt 1szt 1szt
1bmr1bmr1bmr 1bmr 1bmr
1f4lA1f4lA1f4lA 1f4lA 1f4lA
2bce2bce2bce 2bce 2bce
1ans1ans1ans 1ans 1ans
1g5gA1g5gA1g5gA 1g5gA 1g5gA
1qqtA1qqtA1qqtA 1qqtA 1qqtA
1p9sA1p9sA1p9sA 1p9sA 1p9sA
1t9xA1t9xA1t9xA 1t9xA 1t9xA
1kzuA1kzuA1kzuA 1kzuA 1kzuA
1kozA1kozA1kozA 1kozA 1kozA
1ej1A1ej1A1ej1A 1ej1A 1ej1A
1yrtA1yrtA1yrtA 1yrtA 1yrtA
1wr7A1wr7A1wr7A 1wr7A 1wr7A
1ubkS1ubkS1ubkS 1ubkS 1ubkS
1bkdS1bkdS1bkdS 1bkdS 1bkdS
1w1nA1w1nA1w1nA 1w1nA 1w1nA
1d1hA1d1hA1d1hA 1d1hA 1d1hA
1hwtC1hwtC1hwtC 1hwtC 1hwtC
1ihrA1ihrA1ihrA 1ihrA 1ihrA
1pbyB1pbyB1pbyB 1pbyB 1pbyB
1bueA1bueA1bueA 1bueA 1bueA
1nkzA1nkzA1nkzA 1nkzA 1nkzA
1hyhA1hyhA1hyhA 1hyhA 1hyhA
1i9zA1i9zA1i9zA 1i9zA 1i9zA
1m6sA1m6sA1m6sA 1m6sA 1m6sA
1w0nA1w0nA1w0nA 1w0nA 1w0nA
1vom1vom1vom 1vom 1vom
1kliL1kliL1kliL 1kliL 1kliL
2acvA2acvA2acvA 2acvA 2acvA
1br2A1br2A1br2A 1br2A 1br2A
1q87A1q87A1q87A 1q87A 1q87A
1zo2A1zo2A1zo2A 1zo2A 1zo2A
1zbdB1zbdB1zbdB 1zbdB 1zbdB
1b7dA1b7dA1b7dA 1b7dA 1b7dA
1kg1A1kg1A1kg1A 1kg1A 1kg1A
1ci3M1ci3M1ci3M 1ci3M 1ci3M
1g5gB1g5gB1g5gB 1g5gB 1g5gB
1sgt1sgt1sgt 1sgt 1sgt
2bz6L2bz6L2bz6L 2bz6L 2bz6L
1xkrA1xkrA1xkrA 1xkrA 1xkrA
1oheA1oheA1oheA 1oheA 1oheA
1fiwA1fiwA1fiwA 1fiwA 1fiwA
1eq9A1eq9A1eq9A 1eq9A 1eq9A
1i9yA1i9yA1i9yA 1i9yA 1i9yA
1ymzA1ymzA1ymzA 1ymzA 1ymzA
1rfs1rfs1rfs 1rfs 1rfs
1e0lA1e0lA1e0lA 1e0lA 1e0lA
1e66A1e66A1e66A 1e66A 1e66A
1e2wA1e2wA1e2wA 1e2wA 1e2wA
1lvk1lvk1lvk 1lvk 1lvk
1jm7B1jm7B1jm7B 1jm7B 1jm7B
1jn5A1jn5A1jn5A 1jn5A 1jn5A
1c5lH1c5lH1c5lH 1c5lH 1c5lH
1lkxA1lkxA1lkxA 1lkxA 1lkxA
1l8bA1l8bA1l8bA 1l8bA 1l8bA
1nra1nra1nra 1nra 1nra
1tiu1tiu1tiu 1tiu 1tiu
1v1rA1v1rA1v1rA 1v1rA 1v1rA
1hcz1hcz1hcz 1hcz 1hcz
1ckv1ckv1ckv 1ckv 1ckv
1rz3A1rz3A1rz3A 1rz3A 1rz3A
1wqeA1wqeA1wqeA 1wqeA 1wqeA
1bcg1bcg1bcg 1bcg 1bcg
1ak11ak11ak1 1ak1 1ak1
1qfoC1qfoC1qfoC 1qfoC 1qfoC
1d0yA1d0yA1d0yA 1d0yA 1d0yA
1thg1thg1thg 1thg 1thg
1npiA1npiA1npiA 1npiA 1npiA
3rp2A3rp2A3rp2A 3rp2A 3rp2A
1gowA1gowA1gowA 1gowA 1gowA
1wkuA1wkuA1wkuA 1wkuA 1wkuA
1vxrA1vxrA1vxrA 1vxrA 1vxrA
1rtfB1rtfB1rtfB 1rtfB 1rtfB
1m4mA1m4mA1m4mA 1m4mA 1m4mA
1yp1A1yp1A1yp1A 1yp1A 1yp1A
1j83A1j83A1j83A 1j83A 1j83A
1ipcA1ipcA1ipcA 1ipcA 1ipcA
1klt1klt1klt 1klt 1klt
1ms9A1ms9A1ms9A 1ms9A 1ms9A

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001