Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
2cchB2cchB2cchB 2cchB 2cchB
1f5qB1f5qB1f5qB 1f5qB 1f5qB
1w98B1w98B1w98B 1w98B 1w98B
1aisB1aisB1aisB 1aisB 1aisB
2f0cA2f0cA2f0cA 2f0cA 2f0cA
1j3mA1j3mA1j3mA 1j3mA 1j3mA
1q9uA1q9uA1q9uA 1q9uA 1q9uA
1zruA1zruA1zruA 1zruA 1zruA
1g6eA1g6eA1g6eA 1g6eA 1g6eA
1e8rA1e8rA1e8rA 1e8rA 1e8rA
2b69A2b69A2b69A 2b69A 2b69A
1rkxA1rkxA1rkxA 1rkxA 1rkxA
1n7hA1n7hA1n7hA 1n7hA 1n7hA
1wvgA1wvgA1wvgA 1wvgA 1wvgA
1oc2A1oc2A1oc2A 1oc2A 1oc2A
2ezh2ezh2ezh 2ezh 2ezh
1kp6A1kp6A1kp6A 1kp6A 1kp6A
1d7pM1d7pM1d7pM 1d7pM 1d7pM
1yp8A1yp8A1yp8A 1yp8A 1yp8A
1snyA1snyA1snyA 1snyA 1snyA
1omyA1omyA1omyA 1omyA 1omyA
1sn4A1sn4A1sn4A 1sn4A 1sn4A
1djtA1djtA1djtA 1djtA 1djtA
1aho1aho1aho 1aho 1aho
1kv0A1kv0A1kv0A 1kv0A 1kv0A
1segA1segA1segA 1segA 1segA
1w68A1w68A1w68A 1w68A 1w68A
1cztA1cztA1cztA 1cztA 1cztA
1neu1neu1neu 1neu 1neu
2b4jC2b4jC2b4jC 2b4jC 2b4jC
1mldA1mldA1mldA 1mldA 1mldA
2bf6A2bf6A2bf6A 2bf6A 2bf6A
1wh2A1wh2A1wh2A 1wh2A 1wh2A
1f45B1f45B1f45B 1f45B 1f45B
1xqoA1xqoA1xqoA 1xqoA 1xqoA
2f6rA2f6rA2f6rA 2f6rA 2f6rA
1pbuA1pbuA1pbuA 1pbuA 1pbuA
1xu9A1xu9A1xu9A 1xu9A 1xu9A
1y1pA1y1pA1y1pA 1y1pA 1y1pA
1ans1ans1ans 1ans 1ans
1x7yA1x7yA1x7yA 1x7yA 1x7yA
1yu0A1yu0A1yu0A 1yu0A 1yu0A
1zmeC1zmeC1zmeC 1zmeC 1zmeC
1nvvS1nvvS1nvvS 1nvvS 1nvvS
1xg7A1xg7A1xg7A 1xg7A 1xg7A
2bwkA2bwkA2bwkA 2bwkA 2bwkA
1f4sP1f4sP1f4sP 1f4sP 1f4sP
1wb4A1wb4A1wb4A 1wb4A 1wb4A
1gy6A1gy6A1gy6A 1gy6A 1gy6A
1g8kB1g8kB1g8kB 1g8kB 1g8kB
1tg7A1tg7A1tg7A 1tg7A 1tg7A
1jk0B1jk0B1jk0B 1jk0B 1jk0B
1z0sA1z0sA1z0sA 1z0sA 1z0sA
1r6dA1r6dA1r6dA 1r6dA 1r6dA
1syyA1syyA1syyA 1syyA 1syyA
1mxrA1mxrA1mxrA 1mxrA 1mxrA
1mpxA1mpxA1mpxA 1mpxA 1mpxA
1v77A1v77A1v77A 1v77A 1v77A
1df4A1df4A1df4A 1df4A 1df4A
1kozA1kozA1kozA 1kozA 1kozA
1efyA1efyA1efyA 1efyA 1efyA
1l7aA1l7aA1l7aA 1l7aA 1l7aA
1kgnA1kgnA1kgnA 1kgnA 1kgnA
2gn4A2gn4A2gn4A 2gn4A 2gn4A
1hyeA1hyeA1hyeA 1hyeA 1hyeA
1arb1arb1arb 1arb 1arb
1oaa1oaa1oaa 1oaa 1oaa
1d1hA1d1hA1d1hA 1d1hA 1d1hA
2sn32sn32sn3 2sn3 2sn3
1oheA1oheA1oheA 1oheA 1oheA
1orrA1orrA1orrA 1orrA 1orrA
1kexA1kexA1kexA 1kexA 1kexA
2c5aA2c5aA2c5aA 2c5aA 2c5aA
2bcgG2bcgG2bcgG 2bcgG 2bcgG
1o7sA1o7sA1o7sA 1o7sA 1o7sA
2bllA2bllA2bllA 2bllA 2bllA
1dlfL1dlfL1dlfL 1dlfL 1dlfL
1gw5A1gw5A1gw5A 1gw5A 1gw5A
2f4iA2f4iA2f4iA 2f4iA 2f4iA
2acvA2acvA2acvA 2acvA 2acvA
1nkzA1nkzA1nkzA 1nkzA 1nkzA
1t6cA1t6cA1t6cA 1t6cA 1t6cA
1qfxA1qfxA1qfxA 1qfxA 1qfxA
1npiA1npiA1npiA 1npiA 1npiA
1kg1A1kg1A1kg1A 1kg1A 1kg1A
1kewA1kewA1kewA 1kewA 1kewA
1xp8A1xp8A1xp8A 1xp8A 1xp8A
1suwA1suwA1suwA 1suwA 1suwA
1neiA1neiA1neiA 1neiA 1neiA
1yewB1yewB1yewB 1yewB 1yewB
1x72A1x72A1x72A 1x72A 1x72A
1e6uA1e6uA1e6uA 1e6uA 1e6uA
1os8A1os8A1os8A 1os8A 1os8A
1jjfA1jjfA1jjfA 1jjfA 1jjfA
1auoA1auoA1auoA 1auoA 1auoA
1rz2A1rz2A1rz2A 1rz2A 1rz2A
1u0sA1u0sA1u0sA 1u0sA 1u0sA
1fjrA1fjrA1fjrA 1fjrA 1fjrA
1w85A1w85A1w85A 1w85A 1w85A
1ycdA1ycdA1ycdA 1ycdA 1ycdA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1m2dA1m2dA1m2dA 1m2dA 1m2dA
1q0rA1q0rA1q0rA 1q0rA 1q0rA
1gyhA1gyhA1gyhA 1gyhA 1gyhA
2c3vA2c3vA2c3vA 2c3vA 2c3vA
2a90A2a90A2a90A 2a90A 2a90A
1qz9A1qz9A1qz9A 1qz9A 1qz9A
1wqeA1wqeA1wqeA 1wqeA 1wqeA
1usyA1usyA1usyA 1usyA 1usyA
1w18A1w18A1w18A 1w18A 1w18A
1vm0A1vm0A1vm0A 1vm0A 1vm0A
1zedA1zedA1zedA 1zedA 1zedA
1n9eA1n9eA1n9eA 1n9eA 1n9eA
1pb5A1pb5A1pb5A 1pb5A 1pb5A
1a9xA1a9xA1a9xA 1a9xA 1a9xA
1wmaA1wmaA1wmaA 1wmaA 1wmaA
1zpxA1zpxA1zpxA 1zpxA 1zpxA
1ryiA1ryiA1ryiA 1ryiA 1ryiA
2aq8A2aq8A2aq8A 2aq8A 2aq8A
1dkiA1dkiA1dkiA 1dkiA 1dkiA
2exrA2exrA2exrA 2exrA 2exrA
1n5uA1n5uA1n5uA 1n5uA 1n5uA
1guzA1guzA1guzA 1guzA 1guzA
2b9sB2b9sB2b9sB 2b9sB 2b9sB
1wyuB1wyuB1wyuB 1wyuB 1wyuB
1umdA1umdA1umdA 1umdA 1umdA
1q87A1q87A1q87A 1q87A 1q87A
1agi1agi1agi 1agi 1agi
2f6uA2f6uA2f6uA 2f6uA 2f6uA
1m3sA1m3sA1m3sA 1m3sA 1m3sA
1qh8A1qh8A1qh8A 1qh8A 1qh8A
1gqvA1gqvA1gqvA 1gqvA 1gqvA
1gy7A1gy7A1gy7A 1gy7A 1gy7A
2cbuA2cbuA2cbuA 2cbuA 2cbuA
1vc1A1vc1A1vc1A 1vc1A 1vc1A
1j0sA1j0sA1j0sA 1j0sA 1j0sA

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001