Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
2cg4A2cg4A2cg4A 2cg4A 2cg4A
2cfxA2cfxA2cfxA 2cfxA 2cfxA
1sfxA1sfxA1sfxA 1sfxA 1sfxA
1ulyA1ulyA1ulyA 1ulyA 1ulyA
1lnwA1lnwA1lnwA 1lnwA 1lnwA
1lj9A1lj9A1lj9A 1lj9A 1lj9A
2a61A2a61A2a61A 2a61A 2a61A
2fbhA2fbhA2fbhA 2fbhA 2fbhA
2ethA2ethA2ethA 2ethA 2ethA
1jgsA1jgsA1jgsA 1jgsA 1jgsA
2fbiA2fbiA2fbiA 2fbiA 2fbiA
1qzzA1qzzA1qzzA 1qzzA 1qzzA
1z91A1z91A1z91A 1z91A 1z91A
1ub9A1ub9A1ub9A 1ub9A 1ub9A
1sfuA1sfuA1sfuA 1sfuA 1sfuA
1u2wA1u2wA1u2wA 1u2wA 1u2wA
2f2eA2f2eA2f2eA 2f2eA 2f2eA
1z3xA1z3xA1z3xA 1z3xA 1z3xA
1on2A1on2A1on2A 1on2A 1on2A
1hw5A1hw5A1hw5A 1hw5A 1hw5A
1vb5A1vb5A1vb5A 1vb5A 1vb5A
2cohA2cohA2cohA 2cohA 2cohA
1yhtA1yhtA1yhtA 1yhtA 1yhtA
1r1tA1r1tA1r1tA 1r1tA 1r1tA
1r1uA1r1uA1r1uA 1r1uA 1r1uA
2gauA2gauA2gauA 2gauA 2gauA
1zybA1zybA1zybA 1zybA 1zybA
1v95A1v95A1v95A 1v95A 1v95A
1u0sA1u0sA1u0sA 1u0sA 1u0sA
1y0uA1y0uA1y0uA 1y0uA 1y0uA
2f6mB2f6mB2f6mB 2f6mB 2f6mB
1p4xA1p4xA1p4xA 1p4xA 1p4xA
1vddA1vddA1vddA 1vddA 1vddA
1yw5A1yw5A1yw5A 1yw5A 1yw5A
1bia1bia1bia 1bia 1bia
1f8rA1f8rA1f8rA 1f8rA 1f8rA
1mkmA1mkmA1mkmA 1mkmA 1mkmA
2g7uA2g7uA2g7uA 2g7uA 2g7uA
1jhfA1jhfA1jhfA 1jhfA 1jhfA
1odp1odp1odp 1odp 1odp
1wnyA1wnyA1wnyA 1wnyA 1wnyA
1xd7A1xd7A1xd7A 1xd7A 1xd7A
1fc3A1fc3A1fc3A 1fc3A 1fc3A
1jmuB1jmuB1jmuB 1jmuB 1jmuB
1r71A1r71A1r71A 1r71A 1r71A
1c7sA1c7sA1c7sA 1c7sA 1c7sA
1udzA1udzA1udzA 1udzA 1udzA
1sd4A1sd4A1sd4A 1sd4A 1sd4A
1y9qA1y9qA1y9qA 1y9qA 1y9qA
1utxA1utxA1utxA 1utxA 1utxA
1mzbA1mzbA1mzbA 1mzbA 1mzbA
2f9dA2f9dA2f9dA 2f9dA 2f9dA
1hw1A1hw1A1hw1A 1hw1A 1hw1A
2bgcA2bgcA2bgcA 2bgcA 2bgcA
1adr1adr1adr 1adr 1adr
2b5aA2b5aA2b5aA 2b5aA 2b5aA
1r691r691r69 1r69 1r69
2cro2cro2cro 2cro 2cro
1fp2A1fp2A1fp2A 1fp2A 1fp2A
1xsvA1xsvA1xsvA 1xsvA 1xsvA
2b0lA2b0lA2b0lA 2b0lA 2b0lA
1y7yA1y7yA1y7yA 1y7yA 1y7yA
1fp1D1fp1D1fp1D 1fp1D 1fp1D
1stzA1stzA1stzA 1stzA 1stzA
1zx4A1zx4A1zx4A 1zx4A 1zx4A
1j1yA1j1yA1j1yA 1j1yA 1j1yA
1y14A1y14A1y14A 1y14A 1y14A
1rsgA1rsgA1rsgA 1rsgA 1rsgA
1nznA1nznA1nznA 1nznA 1nznA
1ur4A1ur4A1ur4A 1ur4A 1ur4A
1wluA1wluA1wluA 1wluA 1wluA
1ldjA1ldjA1ldjA 1ldjA 1ldjA
1zq6A1zq6A1zq6A 1zq6A 1zq6A
1gd7A1gd7A1gd7A 1gd7A 1gd7A
1d4oA1d4oA1d4oA 1d4oA 1d4oA
1fl0A1fl0A1fl0A 1fl0A 1fl0A
1z7uA1z7uA1z7uA 1z7uA 1z7uA
2bh1A2bh1A2bh1A 2bh1A 2bh1A
1yliA1yliA1yliA 1yliA 1yliA
1nowA1nowA1nowA 1nowA 1nowA
1jfxA1jfxA1jfxA 1jfxA 1jfxA
1elwA1elwA1elwA 1elwA 1elwA
2fswA2fswA2fswA 2fswA 2fswA
1ixlA1ixlA1ixlA 1ixlA 1ixlA
1uscA1uscA1uscA 1uscA 1uscA
2fs2A2fs2A2fs2A 2fs2A 2fs2A
1t82A1t82A1t82A 1t82A 1t82A
1jakA1jakA1jakA 1jakA 1jakA
1c0pA1c0pA1c0pA 1c0pA 1c0pA
1j2jB1j2jB1j2jB 1j2jB 1j2jB
1pxfA1pxfA1pxfA 1pxfA 1pxfA
1fsgA1fsgA1fsgA 1fsgA 1fsgA
1tvnA1tvnA1tvnA 1tvnA 1tvnA
1b0nA1b0nA1b0nA 1b0nA 1b0nA
1yyqA1yyqA1yyqA 1yyqA 1yyqA
1sffA1sffA1sffA 1sffA 1sffA
1rf8B1rf8B1rf8B 1rf8B 1rf8B
1z2lA1z2lA1z2lA 1z2lA 1z2lA
1d2fA1d2fA1d2fA 1d2fA 1d2fA
1pmmA1pmmA1pmmA 1pmmA 1pmmA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1o0yA1o0yA1o0yA 1o0yA 1o0yA
1yh1A1yh1A1yh1A 1yh1A 1yh1A
1eceA1eceA1eceA 1eceA 1eceA
1tdpA1tdpA1tdpA 1tdpA 1tdpA
1elrA1elrA1elrA 1elrA 1elrA
1dzfA1dzfA1dzfA 1dzfA 1dzfA
1xn7A1xn7A1xn7A 1xn7A 1xn7A
1aisB1aisB1aisB 1aisB 1aisB
2bmoA2bmoA2bmoA 2bmoA 2bmoA
2ga9D2ga9D2ga9D 2ga9D 2ga9D
1ohvA1ohvA1ohvA 1ohvA 1ohvA
1owfA1owfA1owfA 1owfA 1owfA
1pz4A1pz4A1pz4A 1pz4A 1pz4A
1b8zA1b8zA1b8zA 1b8zA 1b8zA
1m98A1m98A1m98A 1m98A 1m98A
1vh5A1vh5A1vh5A 1vh5A 1vh5A
1b5qA1b5qA1b5qA 1b5qA 1b5qA
1ztuA1ztuA1ztuA 1ztuA 1ztuA
1edg1edg1edg 1edg 1edg
1nu4A1nu4A1nu4A 1nu4A 1nu4A
1u5tA1u5tA1u5tA 1u5tA 1u5tA
1xnfA1xnfA1xnfA 1xnfA 1xnfA
1kdgA1kdgA1kdgA 1kdgA 1kdgA
1oafA1oafA1oafA 1oafA 1oafA
1vpmA1vpmA1vpmA 1vpmA 1vpmA
2c0hA2c0hA2c0hA 2c0hA 2c0hA
1r5iD1r5iD1r5iD 1r5iD 1r5iD
1hh8A1hh8A1hh8A 1hh8A 1hh8A
1u67A1u67A1u67A 1u67A 1u67A
1o0iA1o0iA1o0iA 1o0iA 1o0iA
1s0aA1s0aA1s0aA 1s0aA 1s0aA
1lvaA1lvaA1lvaA 1lvaA 1lvaA
1uhvA1uhvA1uhvA 1uhvA 1uhvA
1nu0A1nu0A1nu0A 1nu0A 1nu0A
1qsaA1qsaA1qsaA 1qsaA 1qsaA
1cf7B1cf7B1cf7B 1cf7B 1cf7B
1tffA1tffA1tffA 1tffA 1tffA
1ey4A1ey4A1ey4A 1ey4A 1ey4A
1dv0A1dv0A1dv0A 1dv0A 1dv0A
1d3yA1d3yA1d3yA 1d3yA 1d3yA
1fobA1fobA1fobA 1fobA 1fobA
1id1A1id1A1id1A 1id1A 1id1A
1nbaA1nbaA1nbaA 1nbaA 1nbaA
1wkyA1wkyA1wkyA 1wkyA 1wkyA
1i0rA1i0rA1i0rA 1i0rA 1i0rA
2cbiA2cbiA2cbiA 2cbiA 2cbiA
1vcc1vcc1vcc 1vcc 1vcc
1ybzA1ybzA1ybzA 1ybzA 1ybzA
1t3iA1t3iA1t3iA 1t3iA 1t3iA
2oatA2oatA2oatA 2oatA 2oatA
1q4gA1q4gA1q4gA 1q4gA 1q4gA
1yacA1yacA1yacA 1yacA 1yacA
1jmtA1jmtA1jmtA 1jmtA 1jmtA
2cq2A2cq2A2cq2A 2cq2A 2cq2A
2sns2sns2sns 2sns 2sns
1jnrA1jnrA1jnrA 1jnrA 1jnrA
2bnmA2bnmA2bnmA 2bnmA 2bnmA
1e6iA1e6iA1e6iA 1e6iA 1e6iA
1oo0B1oo0B1oo0B 1oo0B 1oo0B
1uliA1uliA1uliA 1uliA 1uliA
1onrA1onrA1onrA 1onrA 1onrA
1m32A1m32A1m32A 1m32A 1m32A
1q4uA1q4uA1q4uA 1q4uA 1q4uA
1s6lA1s6lA1s6lA 1s6lA 1s6lA
1h6kA1h6kA1h6kA 1h6kA 1h6kA
1nofA1nofA1nofA 1nofA 1nofA
1wi9A1wi9A1wi9A 1wi9A 1wi9A
1vg0A1vg0A1vg0A 1vg0A 1vg0A
1peh1peh1peh 1peh 1peh
1d7uA1d7uA1d7uA 1d7uA 1d7uA
1fc4A1fc4A1fc4A 1fc4A 1fc4A
1qbjA1qbjA1qbjA 1qbjA 1qbjA
1sh8A1sh8A1sh8A 1sh8A 1sh8A
2fjbA2fjbA2fjbA 2fjbA 2fjbA
1ytvA1ytvA1ytvA 1ytvA 1ytvA
1d2mA1d2mA1d2mA 1d2mA 1d2mA
1oa4A1oa4A1oa4A 1oa4A 1oa4A
1vefA1vefA1vefA 1vefA 1vefA
1rd5A1rd5A1rd5A 1rd5A 1rd5A
1kjvB1kjvB1kjvB 1kjvB 1kjvB
2a3nA2a3nA2a3nA 2a3nA 2a3nA
2b8nA2b8nA2b8nA 2b8nA 2b8nA
1gudA1gudA1gudA 1gudA 1gudA
1vhxA1vhxA1vhxA 1vhxA 1vhxA
1g0cA1g0cA1g0cA 1g0cA 1g0cA
1eayC1eayC1eayC 1eayC 1eayC
1zkiA1zkiA1zkiA 1zkiA 1zkiA
2cwpA2cwpA2cwpA 2cwpA 2cwpA
2bwnA2bwnA2bwnA 2bwnA 2bwnA
1xaoA1xaoA1xaoA 1xaoA 1xaoA
1owfB1owfB1owfB 1owfB 1owfB
1h1nA1h1nA1h1nA 1h1nA 1h1nA
1y6xA1y6xA1y6xA 1y6xA 1y6xA
1c44A1c44A1c44A 1c44A 1c44A
1k5nB1k5nB1k5nB 1k5nB 1k5nB
1v54M1v54M1v54M 1v54M 1v54M
1j2mA1j2mA1j2mA 1j2mA 1j2mA
1lk9A1lk9A1lk9A 1lk9A 1lk9A
1lk2B1lk2B1lk2B 1lk2B 1lk2B
1cl1A1cl1A1cl1A 1cl1A 1cl1A

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
7a3hA7a3hA7a3hA 7a3hA 7a3hA
1bqcA1bqcA1bqcA 1bqcA 1bqcA
1gqzA1gqzA1gqzA 1gqzA 1gqzA
1hjsA1hjsA1hjsA 1hjsA 1hjsA
2ghpA2ghpA2ghpA 2ghpA 2ghpA
1ku3A1ku3A1ku3A 1ku3A 1ku3A
1wpiA1wpiA1wpiA 1wpiA 1wpiA
1s1hN1s1hN1s1hN 1s1hN 1s1hN
1gqiA1gqiA1gqiA 1gqiA 1gqiA
1dleA1dleA1dleA 1dleA 1dleA
1z1dA1z1dA1z1dA 1z1dA 1z1dA
2ffcA2ffcA2ffcA 2ffcA 2ffcA
1u8sA1u8sA1u8sA 1u8sA 1u8sA
1o7nA1o7nA1o7nA 1o7nA 1o7nA
1psm1psm1psm 1psm 1psm
1cs1A1cs1A1cs1A 1cs1A 1cs1A
1kl1A1kl1A1kl1A 1kl1A 1kl1A
1mx3A1mx3A1mx3A 1mx3A 1mx3A
1ecmA1ecmA1ecmA 1ecmA 1ecmA
1r8iA1r8iA1r8iA 1r8iA 1r8iA
1us0A1us0A1us0A 1us0A 1us0A
1jh3A1jh3A1jh3A 1jh3A 1jh3A
1y7qA1y7qA1y7qA 1y7qA 1y7qA
2fn0A2fn0A2fn0A 2fn0A 2fn0A
2aqjA2aqjA2aqjA 2aqjA 2aqjA
1g1xC1g1xC1g1xC 1g1xC 1g1xC
1orjA1orjA1orjA 1orjA 1orjA
1or7A1or7A1or7A 1or7A 1or7A
1qz9A1qz9A1qz9A 1qz9A 1qz9A
1ejeA1ejeA1ejeA 1ejeA 1ejeA
2c71A2c71A2c71A 2c71A 2c71A
1me8A1me8A1me8A 1me8A 1me8A
1eg5A1eg5A1eg5A 1eg5A 1eg5A
2bnxA2bnxA2bnxA 2bnxA 2bnxA
1nf9A1nf9A1nf9A 1nf9A 1nf9A
1vchA1vchA1vchA 1vchA 1vchA
1t5hX1t5hX1t5hX 1t5hX 1t5hX
1wpbA1wpbA1wpbA 1wpbA 1wpbA
1ars1ars1ars 1ars 1ars
1h72C1h72C1h72C 1h72C 1h72C
2nlrA2nlrA2nlrA 2nlrA 2nlrA
1nwaA1nwaA1nwaA 1nwaA 1nwaA
1yoaA1yoaA1yoaA 1yoaA 1yoaA
1xpcA1xpcA1xpcA 1xpcA 1xpcA
1m7yA1m7yA1m7yA 1m7yA 1m7yA
2b9wA2b9wA2b9wA 2b9wA 2b9wA
1cy5A1cy5A1cy5A 1cy5A 1cy5A
1esc1esc1esc 1esc 1esc
2hft2hft2hft 2hft 2hft
1im5A1im5A1im5A 1im5A 1im5A
1ouvA1ouvA1ouvA 1ouvA 1ouvA
2bce2bce2bce 2bce 2bce
1jf9A1jf9A1jf9A 1jf9A 1jf9A
1flcB1flcB1flcB 1flcB 1flcB
1gpeA1gpeA1gpeA 1gpeA 1gpeA
1hxiA1hxiA1hxiA 1hxiA 1hxiA
1vjoA1vjoA1vjoA 1vjoA 1vjoA
2fu4A2fu4A2fu4A 2fu4A 2fu4A
1vp4A1vp4A1vp4A 1vp4A 1vp4A
1or0B1or0B1or0B 1or0B 1or0B
1cz4A1cz4A1cz4A 1cz4A 1cz4A
1h6kZ1h6kZ1h6kZ 1h6kZ 1h6kZ
1x79B1x79B1x79B 1x79B 1x79B
1vquA1vquA1vquA 1vquA 1vquA
1kt6A1kt6A1kt6A 1kt6A 1kt6A
1w7lA1w7lA1w7lA 1w7lA 1w7lA
1u02A1u02A1u02A 1u02A 1u02A
1n62B1n62B1n62B 1n62B 1n62B
1wr8A1wr8A1wr8A 1wr8A 1wr8A
2a6tA2a6tA2a6tA 2a6tA 2a6tA
1zjjA1zjjA1zjjA 1zjjA 1zjjA
1ln1A1ln1A1ln1A 1ln1A 1ln1A
1chuA1chuA1chuA 1chuA 1chuA
1vj7A1vj7A1vj7A 1vj7A 1vj7A
1nlfA1nlfA1nlfA 1nlfA 1nlfA
1l7mA1l7mA1l7mA 1l7mA 1l7mA
1g2hA1g2hA1g2hA 1g2hA 1g2hA
1i5kC1i5kC1i5kC 1i5kC 1i5kC
1yizA1yizA1yizA 1yizA 1yizA
1aoy1aoy1aoy 1aoy 1aoy
1eluA1eluA1eluA 1eluA 1eluA
1gk7A1gk7A1gk7A 1gk7A 1gk7A
1c7nA1c7nA1c7nA 1c7nA 1c7nA
1nmeB1nmeB1nmeB 1nmeB 1nmeB
2fbwA2fbwA2fbwA 2fbwA 2fbwA
1x3lA1x3lA1x3lA 1x3lA 1x3lA
1su0B1su0B1su0B 1su0B 1su0B
1jyeA1jyeA1jyeA 1jyeA 1jyeA
1ysjA1ysjA1ysjA 1ysjA 1ysjA
1yiyA1yiyA1yiyA 1yiyA 1yiyA
1z8uA1z8uA1z8uA 1z8uA 1z8uA
1hlvA1hlvA1hlvA 1hlvA 1hlvA
2fa8A2fa8A2fa8A 2fa8A 2fa8A
1jeyB1jeyB1jeyB 1jeyB 1jeyB

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001