Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
2acvA2acvA2acvA 2acvA 2acvA
1v4vA1v4vA1v4vA 1v4vA 1v4vA
2c1xA2c1xA2c1xA 2c1xA 2c1xA
1iirA1iirA1iirA 1iirA 1iirA
1f0kA1f0kA1f0kA 1f0kA 1f0kA
1rzuA1rzuA1rzuA 1rzuA 1rzuA
1uqtA1uqtA1uqtA 1uqtA 1uqtA
1pswA1pswA1pswA 1pswA 1pswA
1hx6A1hx6A1hx6A 1hx6A 1hx6A
1frb1frb1frb 1frb 1frb
1gveA1gveA1gveA 1gveA 1gveA
1hw6A1hw6A1hw6A 1hw6A 1hw6A
2aw422aw422aw42 2aw42 2aw42
1us0A1us0A1us0A 1us0A 1us0A
1j96A1j96A1j96A 1j96A 1j96A
1ynpA1ynpA1ynpA 1ynpA 1ynpA
1zsxA1zsxA1zsxA 1zsxA 1zsxA
2bfwA2bfwA2bfwA 2bfwA 2bfwA
1mi3A1mi3A1mi3A 1mi3A 1mi3A
1qwkA1qwkA1qwkA 1qwkA 1qwkA
2arcA2arcA2arcA 2arcA 2arcA
1s1pA1s1pA1s1pA 1s1pA 1s1pA
1zgdA1zgdA1zgdA 1zgdA 1zgdA
1exbA1exbA1exbA 1exbA 1exbA
1pyfA1pyfA1pyfA 1pyfA 1pyfA
1i36A1i36A1i36A 1i36A 1i36A
2ew2A2ew2A2ew2A 2ew2A 2ew2A
1n3lA1n3lA1n3lA 1n3lA 1n3lA
1xyzA1xyzA1xyzA 1xyzA 1xyzA
1h3fA1h3fA1h3fA 1h3fA 1h3fA
1lqaA1lqaA1lqaA 1lqaA 1lqaA
1ks9A1ks9A1ks9A 1ks9A 1ks9A
1pz1A1pz1A1pz1A 1pz1A 1pz1A
1txgA1txgA1txgA 1txgA 1txgA
1nz0A1nz0A1nz0A 1nz0A 1nz0A
1yh2A1yh2A1yh2A 1yh2A 1yh2A
1nq6A1nq6A1nq6A 1nq6A 1nq6A
1pz4A1pz4A1pz4A 1pz4A 1pz4A
2b81A2b81A2b81A 2b81A 2b81A
2ahrA2ahrA2ahrA 2ahrA 2ahrA
1b0xA1b0xA1b0xA 1b0xA 1b0xA
1yf9A1yf9A1yf9A 1yf9A 1yf9A
1iow1iow1iow 1iow 1iow
1i6lA1i6lA1i6lA 1i6lA 1i6lA
1uwkA1uwkA1uwkA 1uwkA 1uwkA
1mkfA1mkfA1mkfA 1mkfA 1mkfA
1b4fA1b4fA1b4fA 1b4fA 1b4fA
2f9dP2f9dP2f9dP 2f9dP 2f9dP
2f1kA2f1kA2f1kA 2f1kA 2f1kA
1wcv11wcv11wcv1 1wcv1 1wcv1
1vbuA1vbuA1vbuA 1vbuA 1vbuA
1u94A1u94A1u94A 1u94A 1u94A
2f4wA2f4wA2f4wA 2f4wA 2f4wA
1muwA1muwA1muwA 1muwA 1muwA
2c7pA2c7pA2c7pA 2c7pA 2c7pA
1r6uA1r6uA1r6uA 1r6uA 1r6uA
2d13A2d13A2d13A 2d13A 2d13A
1ebfA1ebfA1ebfA 1ebfA 1ebfA
7odcA7odcA7odcA 7odcA 7odcA
1c44A1c44A1c44A 1c44A 1c44A
1tns1tns1tns 1tns 1tns
1xp8A1xp8A1xp8A 1xp8A 1xp8A
1fjjA1fjjA1fjjA 1fjjA 1fjjA
1r1a11r1a11r1a1 1r1a1 1r1a1
1z82A1z82A1z82A 1z82A 1z82A
1i7kA1i7kA1i7kA 1i7kA 1i7kA
1u9aA1u9aA1u9aA 1u9aA 1u9aA
1gsoA1gsoA1gsoA 1gsoA 1gsoA
1y42X1y42X1y42X 1y42X 1y42X
1yixA1yixA1yixA 1yixA 1yixA
1n62C1n62C1n62C 1n62C 1n62C
1m0wA1m0wA1m0wA 1m0wA 1m0wA
1iktA1iktA1iktA 1iktA 1iktA
1bg41bg41bg4 1bg4 1bg4
1wcdJ1wcdJ1wcdJ 1wcdJ 1wcdJ
1jayA1jayA1jayA 1jayA 1jayA
1k0dA1k0dA1k0dA 1k0dA 1k0dA
2exnA2exnA2exnA 2exnA 2exnA
1tp6A1tp6A1tp6A 1tp6A 1tp6A
2cx7A2cx7A2cx7A 2cx7A 2cx7A
1winA1winA1winA 1winA 1winA
1b6rA1b6rA1b6rA 1b6rA 1b6rA
1jbiA1jbiA1jbiA 1jbiA 1jbiA
2grrA2grrA2grrA 2grrA 2grrA
1rhcA1rhcA1rhcA 1rhcA 1rhcA
1zkdA1zkdA1zkdA 1zkdA 1zkdA
1a2pA1a2pA1a2pA 1a2pA 1a2pA
1gouA1gouA1gouA 1gouA 1gouA
1josA1josA1josA 1josA 1josA
1jatA1jatA1jatA 1jatA 1jatA
1vdkA1vdkA1vdkA 1vdkA 1vdkA
1y7lA1y7lA1y7lA 1y7lA 1y7lA
2cvzA2cvzA2cvzA 2cvzA 2cvzA
1wzvA1wzvA1wzvA 1wzvA 1wzvA
1yrbA1yrbA1yrbA 1yrbA 1yrbA
2evbA2evbA2evbA 2evbA 2evbA
1u2zA1u2zA1u2zA 1u2zA 1u2zA
1yqgA1yqgA1yqgA 1yqgA 1yqgA
1np7A1np7A1np7A 1np7A 1np7A
1id0A1id0A1id0A 1id0A 1id0A

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
2cwsA2cwsA2cwsA 2cwsA 2cwsA
1g55A1g55A1g55A 1g55A 1g55A
2c4bA2c4bA2c4bA 2c4bA 2c4bA
1z2nX1z2nX1z2nX 1z2nX 1z2nX
1umwA1umwA1umwA 1umwA 1umwA
1uanA1uanA1uanA 1uanA 1uanA
1bhdA1bhdA1bhdA 1bhdA 1bhdA
1bf6A1bf6A1bf6A 1bf6A 1bf6A
1fiqB1fiqB1fiqB 1fiqB 1fiqB
2cybA2cybA2cybA 2cybA 2cybA
1iqrA1iqrA1iqrA 1iqrA 1iqrA
1p9eA1p9eA1p9eA 1p9eA 1p9eA
1pa4A1pa4A1pa4A 1pa4A 1pa4A
1qouA1qouA1qouA 1qouA 1qouA
1qz9A1qz9A1qz9A 1qz9A 1qz9A
1bkzA1bkzA1bkzA 1bkzA 1bkzA
1zdnA1zdnA1zdnA 1zdnA 1zdnA
1x1oA1x1oA1x1oA 1x1oA 1x1oA
1bkrA1bkrA1bkrA 1bkrA 1bkrA
1lrv1lrv1lrv 1lrv 1lrv
2d1pA2d1pA2d1pA 2d1pA 2d1pA
1ta3B1ta3B1ta3B 1ta3B 1ta3B
1wnyA1wnyA1wnyA 1wnyA 1wnyA
1fl0A1fl0A1fl0A 1fl0A 1fl0A
1xd8A1xd8A1xd8A 1xd8A 1xd8A
1vfrA1vfrA1vfrA 1vfrA 1vfrA
1hl9A1hl9A1hl9A 1hl9A 1hl9A
1yi8A1yi8A1yi8A 1yi8A 1yi8A
1yavA1yavA1yavA 1yavA 1yavA
2f6kA2f6kA2f6kA 2f6kA 2f6kA
1wj2A1wj2A1wj2A 1wj2A 1wj2A
1lc0A1lc0A1lc0A 1lc0A 1lc0A
2bepA2bepA2bepA 2bepA 2bepA
1p4cA1p4cA1p4cA 1p4cA 1p4cA
1uc8A1uc8A1uc8A 1uc8A 1uc8A
1kfcA1kfcA1kfcA 1kfcA 1kfcA
1u8vA1u8vA1u8vA 1u8vA 1u8vA
1x0vA1x0vA1x0vA 1x0vA 1x0vA
1qh5A1qh5A1qh5A 1qh5A 1qh5A
1o2dA1o2dA1o2dA 1o2dA 1o2dA
1wq3A1wq3A1wq3A 1wq3A 1wq3A
1nijA1nijA1nijA 1nijA 1nijA
1j0dA1j0dA1j0dA 1j0dA 1j0dA
1tqzA1tqzA1tqzA 1tqzA 1tqzA
1z2uA1z2uA1z2uA 1z2uA 1z2uA
1ls1A1ls1A1ls1A 1ls1A 1ls1A
1rm6B1rm6B1rm6B 1rm6B 1rm6B
1or7A1or7A1or7A 1or7A 1or7A
2foyA2foyA2foyA 2foyA 2foyA
1tjvA1tjvA1tjvA 1tjvA 1tjvA
1vavA1vavA1vavA 1vavA 1vavA
2gdjA2gdjA2gdjA 2gdjA 2gdjA
1uf3A1uf3A1uf3A 1uf3A 1uf3A
7a3hA7a3hA7a3hA 7a3hA 7a3hA
1ihuA1ihuA1ihuA 1ihuA 1ihuA
1ew4A1ew4A1ew4A 1ew4A 1ew4A
1v5mA1v5mA1v5mA 1v5mA 1v5mA
1v38A1v38A1v38A 1v38A 1v38A
2cwyA2cwyA2cwyA 2cwyA 2cwyA
1ys1X1ys1X1ys1X 1ys1X 1ys1X
2d00A2d00A2d00A 2d00A 2d00A
1zuoA1zuoA1zuoA 1zuoA 1zuoA
1lucB1lucB1lucB 1lucB 1lucB
1bdo1bdo1bdo 1bdo 1bdo
3daaA3daaA3daaA 3daaA 3daaA
1v0lA1v0lA1v0lA 1v0lA 1v0lA
2mltA2mltA2mltA 2mltA 2mltA
1gpuA1gpuA1gpuA 1gpuA 1gpuA
1lugA1lugA1lugA 1lugA 1lugA
1x9gA1x9gA1x9gA 1x9gA 1x9gA
1cs0A1cs0A1cs0A 1cs0A 1cs0A
1tvfA1tvfA1tvfA 1tvfA 1tvfA
2fu2A2fu2A2fu2A 2fu2A 2fu2A
1udzA1udzA1udzA 1udzA 1udzA
2c2aA2c2aA2c2aA 2c2aA 2c2aA
1k77A1k77A1k77A 1k77A 1k77A
1u5uA1u5uA1u5uA 1u5uA 1u5uA
1j8mF1j8mF1j8mF 1j8mF 1j8mF
1ub1A1ub1A1ub1A 1ub1A 1ub1A
1pj5A1pj5A1pj5A 1pj5A 1pj5A
1gk9A1gk9A1gk9A 1gk9A 1gk9A
1dzfA1dzfA1dzfA 1dzfA 1dzfA
1ezwA1ezwA1ezwA 1ezwA 1ezwA
1pt6A1pt6A1pt6A 1pt6A 1pt6A
1qlwA1qlwA1qlwA 1qlwA 1qlwA
1x7oA1x7oA1x7oA 1x7oA 1x7oA
1k7wA1k7wA1k7wA 1k7wA 1k7wA
1qo7A1qo7A1qo7A 1qo7A 1qo7A
1e9rA1e9rA1e9rA 1e9rA 1e9rA
1ewkA1ewkA1ewkA 1ewkA 1ewkA
2hgsA2hgsA2hgsA 2hgsA 2hgsA
1gkpA1gkpA1gkpA 1gkpA 1gkpA
1ykiA1ykiA1ykiA 1ykiA 1ykiA
2cwcA2cwcA2cwcA 2cwcA 2cwcA
1hbnC1hbnC1hbnC 1hbnC 1hbnC
1e6yC1e6yC1e6yC 1e6yC 1e6yC
2b67A2b67A2b67A 2b67A 2b67A
2gfgA2gfgA2gfgA 2gfgA 2gfgA
1dd9A1dd9A1dd9A 1dd9A 1dd9A
1gx5A1gx5A1gx5A 1gx5A 1gx5A

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1jdc1jdc1jdc 1jdc 1jdc
1dtdB1dtdB1dtdB 1dtdB 1dtdB
1pjcA1pjcA1pjcA 1pjcA 1pjcA
1fuxA1fuxA1fuxA 1fuxA 1fuxA
1xkmA1xkmA1xkmA 1xkmA 1xkmA
1jb0I1jb0I1jb0I 1jb0I 1jb0I
1kwgA1kwgA1kwgA 1kwgA 1kwgA
2fvvA2fvvA2fvvA 2fvvA 2fvvA
1uteA1uteA1uteA 1uteA 1uteA
1pot1pot1pot 1pot 1pot
2b8wA2b8wA2b8wA 2b8wA 2b8wA
1jkxA1jkxA1jkxA 1jkxA 1jkxA
1wrvA1wrvA1wrvA 1wrvA 1wrvA
1v7cA1v7cA1v7cA 1v7cA 1v7cA
1ib8A1ib8A1ib8A 1ib8A 1ib8A
1f7uA1f7uA1f7uA 1f7uA 1f7uA
2bkdN2bkdN2bkdN 2bkdN 2bkdN
1rg9A1rg9A1rg9A 1rg9A 1rg9A
1yqyA1yqyA1yqyA 1yqyA 1yqyA
1j57A1j57A1j57A 1j57A 1j57A
1owlA1owlA1owlA 1owlA 1owlA
1y8oB1y8oB1y8oB 1y8oB 1y8oB
2g0wA2g0wA2g0wA 2g0wA 2g0wA
1y0gA1y0gA1y0gA 1y0gA 1y0gA
1nqkA1nqkA1nqkA 1nqkA 1nqkA
2b9wA2b9wA2b9wA 2b9wA 2b9wA
1ozhA1ozhA1ozhA 1ozhA 1ozhA
2g5cA2g5cA2g5cA 2g5cA 2g5cA
1hc7A1hc7A1hc7A 1hc7A 1hc7A
1kjqA1kjqA1kjqA 1kjqA 1kjqA
1ta9A1ta9A1ta9A 1ta9A 1ta9A
2esrA2esrA2esrA 2esrA 2esrA
1rsoB1rsoB1rsoB 1rsoB 1rsoB
1fjhA1fjhA1fjhA 1fjhA 1fjhA
1hkhA1hkhA1hkhA 1hkhA 1hkhA
1mb3A1mb3A1mb3A 1mb3A 1mb3A
1z90A1z90A1z90A 1z90A 1z90A
1drw1drw1drw 1drw 1drw
1fljA1fljA1fljA 1fljA 1fljA
1aym11aym11aym1 1aym1 1aym1
1lucA1lucA1lucA 1lucA 1lucA
1kjlA1kjlA1kjlA 1kjlA 1kjlA
1fs0E1fs0E1fs0E 1fs0E 1fs0E
1ztuA1ztuA1ztuA 1ztuA 1ztuA
1je0A1je0A1je0A 1je0A 1je0A
1zejA1zejA1zejA 1zejA 1zejA
1yx1A1yx1A1yx1A 1yx1A 1yx1A
1izcA1izcA1izcA 1izcA 1izcA
1pzgA1pzgA1pzgA 1pzgA 1pzgA

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