Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1mxiA1mxiA1mxiA 1mxiA 1mxiA
1v2xA1v2xA1v2xA 1v2xA 1v2xA
1zjrA1zjrA1zjrA 1zjrA 1zjrA
1x7oA1x7oA1x7oA 1x7oA 1x7oA
1ipaA1ipaA1ipaA 1ipaA 1ipaA
1gz0A1gz0A1gz0A 1gz0A 1gz0A
1zud21zud21zud2 1zud2 1zud2
1bv4A1bv4A1bv4A 1bv4A 1bv4A
1ow1A1ow1A1ow1A 1ow1A 1ow1A
1uv0A1uv0A1uv0A 1uv0A 1uv0A
1rdj11rdj11rdj1 1rdj1 1rdj1
1yzyA1yzyA1yzyA 1yzyA 1yzyA
1acz1acz1acz 1acz 1acz
1kum1kum1kum 1kum 1kum
1j5eB1j5eB1j5eB 1j5eB 1j5eB
1g8yA1g8yA1g8yA 1g8yA 1g8yA
1fjgB1fjgB1fjgB 1fjgB 1fjgB
1vlpA1vlpA1vlpA 1vlpA 1vlpA
2agaA2agaA2agaA 2agaA 2agaA
1cqyA1cqyA1cqyA 1cqyA 1cqyA
1zp7A1zp7A1zp7A 1zp7A 1zp7A
1yzbA1yzbA1yzbA 1yzbA 1yzbA
1hulA1hulA1hulA 1hulA 1hulA
1pnsB1pnsB1pnsB 1pnsB 1pnsB
1sjwA1sjwA1sjwA 1sjwA 1sjwA
3nodB3nodB3nodB 3nodB 3nodB
1r13A1r13A1r13A 1r13A 1r13A
1tygB1tygB1tygB 1tygB 1tygB
1ac01ac01ac0 1ac0 1ac0
1rdo11rdo11rdo1 1rdo1 1rdo1
1vi6A1vi6A1vi6A 1vi6A 1vi6A
1d3kA1d3kA1d3kA 1d3kA 1d3kA
1s3eA1s3eA1s3eA 1s3eA 1s3eA
1vg0A1vg0A1vg0A 1vg0A 1vg0A
1f0zA1f0zA1f0zA 1f0zA 1f0zA
1nbwB1nbwB1nbwB 1nbwB 1nbwB
1wmzA1wmzA1wmzA 1wmzA 1wmzA
1eexB1eexB1eexB 1eexB 1eexB
1vb5A1vb5A1vb5A 1vb5A 1vb5A
1fexA1fexA1fexA 1fexA 1fexA
2msbB2msbB2msbB 2msbB 2msbB
1w2wB1w2wB1w2wB 1w2wB 1w2wB
1qo3C1qo3C1qo3C 1qo3C 1qo3C
1dg3A1dg3A1dg3A 1dg3A 1dg3A
1dv8A1dv8A1dv8A 1dv8A 1dv8A
1pcl1pcl1pcl 1pcl 1pcl
1ab8A1ab8A1ab8A 1ab8A 1ab8A
1ypqA1ypqA1ypqA 1ypqA 1ypqA
1pij1pij1pij 1pij 1pij
1hup1hup1hup 1hup 1hup
2d46A2d46A2d46A 2d46A 2d46A
1lit1lit1lit 1lit 1lit
1thfD1thfD1thfD 1thfD 1thfD
1jqpA1jqpA1jqpA 1jqpA 1jqpA
1b37A1b37A1b37A 1b37A 1b37A
1bi6H1bi6H1bi6H 1bi6H 1bi6H
2bi6H2bi6H2bi6H 2bi6H 2bi6H
1ebdA1ebdA1ebdA 1ebdA 1ebdA
1zvpA1zvpA1zvpA 1zvpA 1zvpA
1i8tA1i8tA1i8tA 1i8tA 1i8tA
1k77A1k77A1k77A 1k77A 1k77A
2msbA2msbA2msbA 2msbA 2msbA
1rznA1rznA1rznA 1rznA 1rznA
1bn8A1bn8A1bn8A 1bn8A 1bn8A
1ystH1ystH1ystH 1ystH 1ystH
1zwzA1zwzA1zwzA 1zwzA 1zwzA
1d1vA1d1vA1d1vA 1d1vA 1d1vA
1aj61aj61aj6 1aj6 1aj6
1h6fA1h6fA1h6fA 1h6fA 1h6fA
1iuaA1iuaA1iuaA 1iuaA 1iuaA
1vl2A1vl2A1vl2A 1vl2A 1vl2A
2cioA2cioA2cioA 2cioA 2cioA
2ezl2ezl2ezl 2ezl 2ezl
1p9aG1p9aG1p9aG 1p9aG 1p9aG
1tn31tn31tn3 1tn3 1tn3
1hlqA1hlqA1hlqA 1hlqA 1hlqA
1xkgA1xkgA1xkgA 1xkgA 1xkgA
1ru8A1ru8A1ru8A 1ru8A 1ru8A
1lv7A1lv7A1lv7A 1lv7A 1lv7A
5nseA5nseA5nseA 5nseA 5nseA
1yirA1yirA1yirA 1yirA 1yirA
1jznA1jznA1jznA 1jznA 1jznA
2bspA2bspA2bspA 2bspA 2bspA
1w4xA1w4xA1w4xA 1w4xA 1w4xA
1ed5A1ed5A1ed5A 1ed5A 1ed5A
1nseA1nseA1nseA 1nseA 1nseA
1fu3A1fu3A1fu3A 1fu3A 1fu3A
2d0oB2d0oB2d0oB 2d0oB 2d0oB
1elpA1elpA1elpA 1elpA 1elpA
1gky1gky1gky 1gky 1gky
1ex7A1ex7A1ex7A 1ex7A 1ex7A
1sl4A1sl4A1sl4A 1sl4A 1sl4A
1a5dA1a5dA1a5dA 1a5dA 1a5dA
1hrq1hrq1hrq 1hrq 1hrq
1b8jA1b8jA1b8jA 1b8jA 1b8jA
1wuaA1wuaA1wuaA 1wuaA 1wuaA
1rzhH1rzhH1rzhH 1rzhH 1rzhH
1sdsA1sdsA1sdsA 1sdsA 1sdsA
2hipA2hipA2hipA 2hipA 2hipA
1nftA1nftA1nftA 1nftA 1nftA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
2afpA2afpA2afpA 2afpA 2afpA
1vhyA1vhyA1vhyA 1vhyA 1vhyA
1b3eA1b3eA1b3eA 1b3eA 1b3eA
1j3mA1j3mA1j3mA 1j3mA 1j3mA
1buuA1buuA1buuA 1buuA 1buuA
2bcgG2bcgG2bcgG 2bcgG 2bcgG
1theB1theB1theB 1theB 1theB
1aec1aec1aec 1aec 1aec
2g0wA2g0wA2g0wA 2g0wA 2g0wA
1noe1noe1noe 1noe 1noe
1i60A1i60A1i60A 1i60A 1i60A
1w1nA1w1nA1w1nA 1w1nA 1w1nA
1om4A1om4A1om4A 1om4A 1om4A
2f4mB2f4mB2f4mB 2f4mB 2f4mB
1aqjA1aqjA1aqjA 1aqjA 1aqjA
1ckuA1ckuA1ckuA 1ckuA 1ckuA
2cu3A2cu3A2cu3A 2cu3A 2cu3A
1pih1pih1pih 1pih 1pih
2gl5A2gl5A2gl5A 2gl5A 2gl5A
1b1xA1b1xA1b1xA 1b1xA 1b1xA
1oa8A1oa8A1oa8A 1oa8A 1oa8A
1theA1theA1theA 1theA 1theA
1l5pA1l5pA1l5pA 1l5pA 1l5pA
1qovH1qovH1qovH 1qovH 1qovH
1aijH1aijH1aijH 1aijH 1aijH
2aifA2aifA2aifA 2aifA 2aifA
1ee8A1ee8A1ee8A 1ee8A 1ee8A
1ryoA1ryoA1ryoA 1ryoA 1ryoA
1hpi1hpi1hpi 1hpi 1hpi
1o22A1o22A1o22A 1o22A 1o22A
1mo9A1mo9A1mo9A 1mo9A 1mo9A
2fhwA2fhwA2fhwA 2fhwA 2fhwA
1alhA1alhA1alhA 1alhA 1alhA
1gmyA1gmyA1gmyA 1gmyA 1gmyA
1vqoB1vqoB1vqoB 1vqoB 1vqoB
1fnc1fnc1fnc 1fnc 1fnc
1offA1offA1offA 1offA 1offA
1em8B1em8B1em8B 1em8B 1em8B
1tzjA1tzjA1tzjA 1tzjA 1tzjA
1x52A1x52A1x52A 1x52A 1x52A
1vd2A1vd2A1vd2A 1vd2A 1vd2A
1gz2A1gz2A1gz2A 1gz2A 1gz2A
1sopA1sopA1sopA 1sopA 1sopA
1x31C1x31C1x31C 1x31C 1x31C
1e9gA1e9gA1e9gA 1e9gA 1e9gA
1j05A1j05A1j05A 1j05A 1j05A
1b08A1b08A1b08A 1b08A 1b08A
1t0hB1t0hB1t0hB 1t0hB 1t0hB
1yeyA1yeyA1yeyA 1yeyA 1yeyA
1dgsA1dgsA1dgsA 1dgsA 1dgsA
1ukvG1ukvG1ukvG 1ukvG 1ukvG
1alkA1alkA1alkA 1alkA 1alkA
1su4A1su4A1su4A 1su4A 1su4A
1xbiA1xbiA1xbiA 1xbiA 1xbiA
3crxA3crxA3crxA 3crxA 3crxA
1ggxA1ggxA1ggxA 1ggxA 1ggxA
1np3A1np3A1np3A 1np3A 1np3A
1e9gB1e9gB1e9gB 1e9gB 1e9gB
1ppo1ppo1ppo 1ppo 1ppo
1gosA1gosA1gosA 1gosA 1gosA
1dtgA1dtgA1dtgA 1dtgA 1dtgA
1ppn1ppn1ppn 1ppn 1ppn
1y1oA1y1oA1y1oA 1y1oA 1y1oA
1khyA1khyA1khyA 1khyA 1khyA
1m6yA1m6yA1m6yA 1m6yA 1m6yA
1me3A1me3A1me3A 1me3A 1me3A
1oqvA1oqvA1oqvA 1oqvA 1oqvA
1b37B1b37B1b37B 1b37B 1b37B
1xmzA1xmzA1xmzA 1xmzA 1xmzA
1z8fA1z8fA1z8fA 1z8fA 1z8fA
1hip1hip1hip 1hip 1hip
1dz1A1dz1A1dz1A 1dz1A 1dz1A
1hh1A1hh1A1hh1A 1hh1A 1hh1A
1korA1korA1korA 1korA 1korA
1pxwA1pxwA1pxwA 1pxwA 1pxwA
1aonO1aonO1aonO 1aonO 1aonO
2tpsA2tpsA2tpsA 2tpsA 2tpsA
1igs1igs1igs 1igs 1igs
1juk1juk1juk 1juk 1juk
1t9kA1t9kA1t9kA 1t9kA 1t9kA
1cov31cov31cov3 1cov3 1cov3
2fxuA2fxuA2fxuA 2fxuA 2fxuA
1yl391yl391yl39 1yl39 1yl39
6prcH6prcH6prcH 6prcH 6prcH
1d4xA1d4xA1d4xA 1d4xA 1d4xA
117eA117eA117eA 117eA 117eA
1htn1htn1htn 1htn 1htn
1k3bB1k3bB1k3bB 1k3bB 1k3bB
1wjvA1wjvA1wjvA 1wjvA 1wjvA
1bqg1bqg1bqg 1bqg 1bqg
1xbrA1xbrA1xbrA 1xbrA 1xbrA
1dvoA1dvoA1dvoA 1dvoA 1dvoA
1nxzA1nxzA1nxzA 1nxzA 1nxzA
1d0cA1d0cA1d0cA 1d0cA 1d0cA
1yal1yal1yal 1yal 1yal
1amm1amm1amm 1amm 1amm
2b8wA2b8wA2b8wA 2b8wA 2b8wA
1cjl1cjl1cjl 1cjl 1cjl
1b0yA1b0yA1b0yA 1b0yA 1b0yA
1me4A1me4A1me4A 1me4A 1me4A

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1x92A1x92A1x92A 1x92A 1x92A
1kn9A1kn9A1kn9A 1kn9A 1kn9A
1e87A1e87A1e87A 1e87A 1e87A
1vor61vor61vor6 1vor6 1vor6
1add1add1add 1add 1add
1aliA1aliA1aliA 1aliA 1aliA
1whi1whi1whi 1whi 1whi
1ud9A1ud9A1ud9A 1ud9A 1ud9A
1b4uA1b4uA1b4uA 1b4uA 1b4uA
1jqlB1jqlB1jqlB 1jqlB 1jqlB
1v0jA1v0jA1v0jA 1v0jA 1v0jA
1yppA1yppA1yppA 1yppA 1yppA
1rfkA1rfkA1rfkA 1rfkA 1rfkA
2fvtA2fvtA2fvtA 2fvtA 2fvtA
1qcxA1qcxA1qcxA 1qcxA 1qcxA
1p5fA1p5fA1p5fA 1p5fA 1p5fA
2aw442aw442aw44 2aw44 2aw44
1i5gA1i5gA1i5gA 1i5gA 1i5gA
1jqjC1jqjC1jqjC 1jqjC 1jqjC
1evhA1evhA1evhA 1evhA 1evhA
2lhb2lhb2lhb 2lhb 2lhb
1x13A1x13A1x13A 1x13A 1x13A
1kh5A1kh5A1kh5A 1kh5A 1kh5A
1itcA1itcA1itcA 1itcA 1itcA
1b12A1b12A1b12A 1b12A 1b12A
1dgzA1dgzA1dgzA 1dgzA 1dgzA
1uisA1uisA1uisA 1uisA 1uisA
1eggA1eggA1eggA 1eggA 1eggA
1e7kA1e7kA1e7kA 1e7kA 1e7kA
1li5B1li5B1li5B 1li5B 1li5B
1wriA1wriA1wriA 1wriA 1wriA
1mmvB1mmvB1mmvB 1mmvB 1mmvB
1vh7A1vh7A1vh7A 1vh7A 1vh7A
1ffkE1ffkE1ffkE 1ffkE 1ffkE
1eysH1eysH1eysH 1eysH 1eysH
1apc1apc1apc 1apc 1apc
2pldA2pldA2pldA 2pldA 2pldA
1bouA1bouA1bouA 1bouA 1bouA
1ve0A1ve0A1ve0A 1ve0A 1ve0A
1bx1A1bx1A1bx1A 1bx1A 1bx1A
1nmuB1nmuB1nmuB 1nmuB 1nmuB
1atnA1atnA1atnA 1atnA 1atnA
2awkA2awkA2awkA 2awkA 2awkA
8prkA8prkA8prkA 8prkA 8prkA
1pydA1pydA1pydA 1pydA 1pydA
1jj2F1jj2F1jj2F 1jj2F 1jj2F
1xvhA1xvhA1xvhA 1xvhA 1xvhA
1zpvA1zpvA1zpvA 1zpvA 1zpvA
1iueA1iueA1iueA 1iueA 1iueA
1ei1A1ei1A1ei1A 1ei1A 1ei1A
1h7mA1h7mA1h7mA 1h7mA 1h7mA
1ck9A1ck9A1ck9A 1ck9A 1ck9A
1r0mA1r0mA1r0mA 1r0mA 1r0mA
1mpuA1mpuA1mpuA 1mpuA 1mpuA
1ojaA1ojaA1ojaA 1ojaA 1ojaA
1hcqA1hcqA1hcqA 1hcqA 1hcqA
1j75A1j75A1j75A 1j75A 1j75A
1bh11bh11bh1 1bh1 1bh1
2mltA2mltA2mltA 2mltA 2mltA
1in4A1in4A1in4A 1in4A 1in4A
1txyA1txyA1txyA 1txyA 1txyA
2al2A2al2A2al2A 2al2A 2al2A
1a6yA1a6yA1a6yA 1a6yA 1a6yA
1fm5A1fm5A1fm5A 1fm5A 1fm5A
2pleA2pleA2pleA 2pleA 2pleA
1hra1hra1hra 1hra 1hra
1f4lA1f4lA1f4lA 1f4lA 1f4lA
1w41A1w41A1w41A 1w41A 1w41A
4gcr4gcr4gcr 4gcr 4gcr
1us5A1us5A1us5A 1us5A 1us5A
1keeC1keeC1keeC 1keeC 1keeC
1isuA1isuA1isuA 1isuA 1isuA
1e0cA1e0cA1e0cA 1e0cA 1e0cA
1doi1doi1doi 1doi 1doi
1a0cA1a0cA1a0cA 1a0cA 1a0cA
9pap9pap9pap 9pap 9pap
1pjcA1pjcA1pjcA 1pjcA 1pjcA
1v8hA1v8hA1v8hA 1v8hA 1v8hA
1hq8A1hq8A1hq8A 1hq8A 1hq8A
1f2aA1f2aA1f2aA 1f2aA 1f2aA
1vmhA1vmhA1vmhA 1vmhA 1vmhA
1lc5A1lc5A1lc5A 1lc5A 1lc5A
1rtm11rtm11rtm1 1rtm1 1rtm1
1mdl1mdl1mdl 1mdl 1mdl
1y4jA1y4jA1y4jA 1y4jA 1y4jA
1tfaA1tfaA1tfaA 1tfaA 1tfaA
1e0zA1e0zA1e0zA 1e0zA 1e0zA
1qyrA1qyrA1qyrA 1qyrA 1qyrA
1q9uA1q9uA1q9uA 1q9uA 1q9uA
1in6A1in6A1in6A 1in6A 1in6A
1z6gA1z6gA1z6gA 1z6gA 1z6gA
1ah71ah71ah7 1ah7 1ah7
1xn5A1xn5A1xn5A 1xn5A 1xn5A
3vub3vub3vub 3vub 3vub
1cb6A1cb6A1cb6A 1cb6A 1cb6A
1kgdA1kgdA1kgdA 1kgdA 1kgdA
1prcH1prcH1prcH 1prcH 1prcH
2bm8A2bm8A2bm8A 2bm8A 2bm8A
1h6uA1h6uA1h6uA 1h6uA 1h6uA
1ngmB1ngmB1ngmB 1ngmB 1ngmB

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1g3uA1g3uA1g3uA 1g3uA 1g3uA
1hcp1hcp1hcp 1hcp 1hcp

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001