Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1ipaA1ipaA1ipaA 1ipaA 1ipaA
1mxiA1mxiA1mxiA 1mxiA 1mxiA
1x7oA1x7oA1x7oA 1x7oA 1x7oA
1zjrA1zjrA1zjrA 1zjrA 1zjrA
1v2xA1v2xA1v2xA 1v2xA 1v2xA
1zud21zud21zud2 1zud2 1zud2
1cqyA1cqyA1cqyA 1cqyA 1cqyA
1ih8A1ih8A1ih8A 1ih8A 1ih8A
1ow1A1ow1A1ow1A 1ow1A 1ow1A
1vi6A1vi6A1vi6A 1vi6A 1vi6A
1tygB1tygB1tygB 1tygB 1tygB
1k92A1k92A1k92A 1k92A 1k92A
1yzyA1yzyA1yzyA 1yzyA 1yzyA
1y02A1y02A1y02A 1y02A 1y02A
1vg0A1vg0A1vg0A 1vg0A 1vg0A
1hulA1hulA1hulA 1hulA 1hulA
1theA1theA1theA 1theA 1theA
1w1nA1w1nA1w1nA 1w1nA 1w1nA
1rznA1rznA1rznA 1rznA 1rznA
1wxiA1wxiA1wxiA 1wxiA 1wxiA
1xn5A1xn5A1xn5A 1xn5A 1xn5A
2msbA2msbA2msbA 2msbA 2msbA
2hipA2hipA2hipA 2hipA 2hipA
1tzjA1tzjA1tzjA 1tzjA 1tzjA
1hp81hp81hp8 1hp8 1hp8
3vub3vub3vub 3vub 3vub
1nbwB1nbwB1nbwB 1nbwB 1nbwB
1q9uA1q9uA1q9uA 1q9uA 1q9uA
1fjgB1fjgB1fjgB 1fjgB 1fjgB
1rdo11rdo11rdo1 1rdo1 1rdo1
1vlpA1vlpA1vlpA 1vlpA 1vlpA
1vig1vig1vig 1vig 1vig
1sjwA1sjwA1sjwA 1sjwA 1sjwA
1bi6H1bi6H1bi6H 1bi6H 1bi6H
1eexB1eexB1eexB 1eexB 1eexB
1u8xX1u8xX1u8xX 1u8xX 1u8xX
1kqpA1kqpA1kqpA 1kqpA 1kqpA
1zp7A1zp7A1zp7A 1zp7A 1zp7A
1b12A1b12A1b12A 1b12A 1b12A
1p4cA1p4cA1p4cA 1p4cA 1p4cA
8pchA8pchA8pchA 8pchA 8pchA
1v77A1v77A1v77A 1v77A 1v77A
2bl0A2bl0A2bl0A 2bl0A 2bl0A
2ezk2ezk2ezk 2ezk 2ezk
1pxwA1pxwA1pxwA 1pxwA 1pxwA
1fu3A1fu3A1fu3A 1fu3A 1fu3A
1i88A1i88A1i88A 1i88A 1i88A
1xmzA1xmzA1xmzA 1xmzA 1xmzA
1xlqA1xlqA1xlqA 1xlqA 1xlqA
1h6fA1h6fA1h6fA 1h6fA 1h6fA
1zvpA1zvpA1zvpA 1zvpA 1zvpA
1qovH1qovH1qovH 1qovH 1qovH
1egiA1egiA1egiA 1egiA 1egiA
1rzhH1rzhH1rzhH 1rzhH 1rzhH
1wy5A1wy5A1wy5A 1wy5A 1wy5A
1r0mA1r0mA1r0mA 1r0mA 1r0mA
1evhA1evhA1evhA 1evhA 1evhA
1pmhX1pmhX1pmhX 1pmhX 1pmhX
1qtwA1qtwA1qtwA 1qtwA 1qtwA
1ddwA1ddwA1ddwA 1ddwA 1ddwA
2cwcA2cwcA2cwcA 2cwcA 2cwcA
1l5pA1l5pA1l5pA 1l5pA 1l5pA
1yzbA1yzbA1yzbA 1yzbA 1yzbA
1qo3C1qo3C1qo3C 1qo3C 1qo3C
1hpi1hpi1hpi 1hpi 1hpi
1vhwA1vhwA1vhwA 1vhwA 1vhwA
1jqlB1jqlB1jqlB 1jqlB 1jqlB
1oqqA1oqqA1oqqA 1oqqA 1oqqA
2cioA2cioA2cioA 2cioA 2cioA
2d0oB2d0oB2d0oB 2d0oB 2d0oB
1yl391yl391yl39 1yl39 1yl39
1rdj11rdj11rdj1 1rdj1 1rdj1
2g0wA2g0wA2g0wA 2g0wA 2g0wA
1kbeA1kbeA1kbeA 1kbeA 1kbeA
1wa5C1wa5C1wa5C 1wa5C 1wa5C
1oa8A1oa8A1oa8A 1oa8A 1oa8A
1yal1yal1yal 1yal 1yal
1p9gA1p9gA1p9gA 1p9gA 1p9gA
1y1jX1y1jX1y1jX 1y1jX 1y1jX
1o22A1o22A1o22A 1o22A 1o22A
2fhwA2fhwA2fhwA 2fhwA 2fhwA
1rp0A1rp0A1rp0A 1rp0A 1rp0A
1xssA1xssA1xssA 1xssA 1xssA
1x38A1x38A1x38A 1x38A 1x38A
1wjvA1wjvA1wjvA 1wjvA 1wjvA
1hq8A1hq8A1hq8A 1hq8A 1hq8A
1sopA1sopA1sopA 1sopA 1sopA
1xbiA1xbiA1xbiA 1xbiA 1xbiA
1nxzA1nxzA1nxzA 1nxzA 1nxzA
1w41A1w41A1w41A 1w41A 1w41A
1b9rA1b9rA1b9rA 1b9rA 1b9rA
1h7mA1h7mA1h7mA 1h7mA 1h7mA
1qgc51qgc51qgc5 1qgc5 1qgc5
1kxlA1kxlA1kxlA 1kxlA 1kxlA
1k4mA1k4mA1k4mA 1k4mA 1k4mA
1uv0A1uv0A1uv0A 1uv0A 1uv0A
1z70X1z70X1z70X 1z70X 1z70X
2f9sA2f9sA2f9sA 2f9sA 2f9sA
256bA256bA256bA 256bA 256bA
1iwdA1iwdA1iwdA 1iwdA 1iwdA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1bi5A1bi5A1bi5A 1bi5A 1bi5A
1z5yE1z5yE1z5yE 1z5yE 1z5yE
2dddA2dddA2dddA 2dddA 2dddA
1mmvB1mmvB1mmvB 1mmvB 1mmvB
1gmyA1gmyA1gmyA 1gmyA 1gmyA
1om4A1om4A1om4A 1om4A 1om4A
1e6eB1e6eB1e6eB 1e6eB 1e6eB
1sdsA1sdsA1sdsA 1sdsA 1sdsA
2cu5A2cu5A2cu5A 2cu5A 2cu5A
1t5oA1t5oA1t5oA 1t5oA 1t5oA
2gk4A2gk4A2gk4A 2gk4A 2gk4A
1vor61vor61vor6 1vor6 1vor6
1q0sA1q0sA1q0sA 1q0sA 1q0sA
1ve0A1ve0A1ve0A 1ve0A 1ve0A
1uilA1uilA1uilA 1uilA 1uilA
1i60A1i60A1i60A 1i60A 1i60A
2c3mA2c3mA2c3mA 2c3mA 2c3mA
1d0cA1d0cA1d0cA 1d0cA 1d0cA
1d1vA1d1vA1d1vA 1d1vA 1d1vA
1ed5A1ed5A1ed5A 1ed5A 1ed5A
1ggxA1ggxA1ggxA 1ggxA 1ggxA
1a8e1a8e1a8e 1a8e 1a8e
1s6yA1s6yA1s6yA 1s6yA 1s6yA
1yd0A1yd0A1yd0A 1yd0A 1yd0A
1xngA1xngA1xngA 1xngA 1xngA
1iuaA1iuaA1iuaA 1iuaA 1iuaA
1ojaA1ojaA1ojaA 1ojaA 1ojaA
1xbrA1xbrA1xbrA 1xbrA 1xbrA
1a701a701a70 1a70 1a70
1d4xA1d4xA1d4xA 1d4xA 1d4xA
2a50B2a50B2a50B 2a50B 2a50B
1hnjA1hnjA1hnjA 1hnjA 1hnjA
1tn31tn31tn3 1tn3 1tn3
1w2wB1w2wB1w2wB 1w2wB 1w2wB
1s0pA1s0pA1s0pA 1s0pA 1s0pA
1guzA1guzA1guzA 1guzA 1guzA
1k3bB1k3bB1k3bB 1k3bB 1k3bB
1xs1A1xs1A1xs1A 1xs1A 1xs1A
1ihnA1ihnA1ihnA 1ihnA 1ihnA
1uwmA1uwmA1uwmA 1uwmA 1uwmA
1hlqA1hlqA1hlqA 1hlqA 1hlqA
1yz1A1yz1A1yz1A 1yz1A 1yz1A
2b5hA2b5hA2b5hA 2b5hA 2b5hA
2kfnA2kfnA2kfnA 2kfnA 2kfnA
1zgoA1zgoA1zgoA 1zgoA 1zgoA
1h8uA1h8uA1h8uA 1h8uA 1h8uA
1vmfA1vmfA1vmfA 1vmfA 1vmfA
2cxkA2cxkA2cxkA 2cxkA 2cxkA
1e9mA1e9mA1e9mA 1e9mA 1e9mA
2fxuA2fxuA2fxuA 2fxuA 2fxuA
1m6dA1m6dA1m6dA 1m6dA 1m6dA
1kekA1kekA1kekA 1kekA 1kekA
1u6eA1u6eA1u6eA 1u6eA 1u6eA
1b0yA1b0yA1b0yA 1b0yA 1b0yA
1x3pA1x3pA1x3pA 1x3pA 1x3pA
1xkgA1xkgA1xkgA 1xkgA 1xkgA
1mpuA1mpuA1mpuA 1mpuA 1mpuA
1p5fA1p5fA1p5fA 1p5fA 1p5fA
3cox3cox3cox 3cox 3cox
6ldh6ldh6ldh 6ldh 6ldh
2btfA2btfA2btfA 2btfA 2btfA
1ypqA1ypqA1ypqA 1ypqA 1ypqA
1wuaA1wuaA1wuaA 1wuaA 1wuaA
1air1air1air 1air 1air
1zwzA1zwzA1zwzA 1zwzA 1zwzA
1rtm11rtm11rtm1 1rtm1 1rtm1
1j05A1j05A1j05A 1j05A 1j05A
1rfkA1rfkA1rfkA 1rfkA 1rfkA
1awd1awd1awd 1awd 1awd
1qz5A1qz5A1qz5A 1qz5A 1qz5A
1e9gA1e9gA1e9gA 1e9gA 1e9gA
1u60A1u60A1u60A 1u60A 1u60A
1neu1neu1neu 1neu 1neu
1iueA1iueA1iueA 1iueA 1iueA
1byfA1byfA1byfA 1byfA 1byfA
1tqxA1tqxA1tqxA 1tqxA 1tqxA
1t9kA1t9kA1t9kA 1t9kA 1t9kA
1frd1frd1frd 1frd 1frd
1hzpA1hzpA1hzpA 1hzpA 1hzpA
1a6wH1a6wH1a6wH 1a6wH 1a6wH
1v4aA1v4aA1v4aA 1v4aA 1v4aA
1o88A1o88A1o88A 1o88A 1o88A
1whi1whi1whi 1whi 1whi
1ema1ema1ema 1ema 1ema
1offA1offA1offA 1offA 1offA
2anuA2anuA2anuA 2anuA 2anuA
2f6uA2f6uA2f6uA 2f6uA 2f6uA
1fh0A1fh0A1fh0A 1fh0A 1fh0A
1m8uA1m8uA1m8uA 1m8uA 1m8uA
1j75A1j75A1j75A 1j75A 1j75A
2mltA2mltA2mltA 2mltA 2mltA
1isuA1isuA1isuA 1isuA 1isuA
1bouA1bouA1bouA 1bouA 1bouA
1dxrH1dxrH1dxrH 1dxrH 1dxrH
1czpA1czpA1czpA 1czpA 1czpA
1frrA1frrA1frrA 1frrA 1frrA
2bkdN2bkdN2bkdN 2bkdN 2bkdN
1dgaA1dgaA1dgaA 1dgaA 1dgaA
1y5iC1y5iC1y5iC 1y5iC 1y5iC
2dc3A2dc3A2dc3A 2dc3A 2dc3A

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1zzoA1zzoA1zzoA 1zzoA 1zzoA
1nkxA1nkxA1nkxA 1nkxA 1nkxA
1oxdA1oxdA1oxdA 1oxdA 1oxdA
2furA2furA2furA 2furA 2furA
1u8sA1u8sA1u8sA 1u8sA 1u8sA
1pjjA1pjjA1pjjA 1pjjA 1pjjA
1zrjA1zrjA1zrjA 1zrjA 1zrjA
1jznA1jznA1jznA 1jznA 1jznA
1w2fA1w2fA1w2fA 1w2fA 1w2fA
1vhyA1vhyA1vhyA 1vhyA 1vhyA
1ocxA1ocxA1ocxA 1ocxA 1ocxA
2fwtA2fwtA2fwtA 2fwtA 2fwtA
1fu9A1fu9A1fu9A 1fu9A 1fu9A
1mvuB1mvuB1mvuB 1mvuB 1mvuB
1wriA1wriA1wriA 1wriA 1wriA
1r13A1r13A1r13A 1r13A 1r13A
2c1iA2c1iA2c1iA 2c1iA 2c1iA
2b3yA2b3yA2b3yA 2b3yA 2b3yA
1vc4A1vc4A1vc4A 1vc4A 1vc4A
2bt6A2bt6A2bt6A 2bt6A 2bt6A
1k77A1k77A1k77A 1k77A 1k77A
1tu6A1tu6A1tu6A 1tu6A 1tu6A
1korA1korA1korA 1korA 1korA

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