Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1rfeA1rfeA1rfeA 1rfeA 1rfeA
1w9aA1w9aA1w9aA 1w9aA 1w9aA
1xxoA1xxoA1xxoA 1xxoA 1xxoA
2fhqA2fhqA2fhqA 2fhqA 2fhqA
2aq6A2aq6A2aq6A 2aq6A 2aq6A
1vl7A1vl7A1vl7A 1vl7A 1vl7A
2asfA2asfA2asfA 2asfA 2asfA
1ci0A1ci0A1ci0A 1ci0A 1ci0A
1nrgA1nrgA1nrgA 1nrgA 1nrgA
1dnlA1dnlA1dnlA 1dnlA 1dnlA
1g79A1g79A1g79A 1g79A 1g79A
1t9mA1t9mA1t9mA 1t9mA 1t9mA
1ty9A1ty9A1ty9A 1ty9A 1ty9A
2fg9A2fg9A2fg9A 2fg9A 2fg9A
1w3oA1w3oA1w3oA 1w3oA 1w3oA
2arzA2arzA2arzA 2arzA 2arzA
2furA2furA2furA 2furA 2furA
1kdxB1kdxB1kdxB 1kdxB 1kdxB
1qwnA1qwnA1qwnA 1qwnA 1qwnA
1htyA1htyA1htyA 1htyA 1htyA
1j5xA1j5xA1j5xA 1j5xA 1j5xA
1cleA1cleA1cleA 1cleA 1cleA
1lfo1lfo1lfo 1lfo 1lfo
1fexA1fexA1fexA 1fexA 1fexA
1n57A1n57A1n57A 1n57A 1n57A
1dd8A1dd8A1dd8A 1dd8A 1dd8A
1rh41rh41rh4 1rh4 1rh4
1ea5A1ea5A1ea5A 1ea5A 1ea5A
1thg1thg1thg 1thg 1thg
1crl1crl1crl 1crl 1crl
1a3aC1a3aC1a3aC 1a3aC 1a3aC
1eal1eal1eal 1eal 1eal
2av5A2av5A2av5A 2av5A 2av5A
1wtaA1wtaA1wtaA 1wtaA 1wtaA
1hxkA1hxkA1hxkA 1hxkA 1hxkA
1iynA1iynA1iynA 1iynA 1iynA
1h2rS1h2rS1h2rS 1h2rS 1h2rS
1h97A1h97A1h97A 1h97A 1h97A
1b561b561b56 1b56 1b56
1tw4A1tw4A1tw4A 1tw4A 1tw4A
1or0A1or0A1or0A 1or0A 1or0A
1vxrA1vxrA1vxrA 1vxrA 1vxrA
1debA1debA1debA 1debA 1debA
1wgmA1wgmA1wgmA 1wgmA 1wgmA
1rw7A1rw7A1rw7A 1rw7A 1rw7A
1v8hA1v8hA1v8hA 1v8hA 1v8hA
1hwwA1hwwA1hwwA 1hwwA 1hwwA
1lqsR1lqsR1lqsR 1lqsR 1lqsR
2atjA2atjA2atjA 2atjA 2atjA
1qidA1qidA1qidA 1qidA 1qidA
2f6lA2f6lA2f6lA 2f6lA 2f6lA
1qvzA1qvzA1qvzA 1qvzA 1qvzA
1ek4A1ek4A1ek4A 1ek4A 1ek4A
1us7B1us7B1us7B 1us7B 1us7B
1moq1moq1moq 1moq 1moq
1xhnA1xhnA1xhnA 1xhnA 1xhnA
1g55A1g55A1g55A 1g55A 1g55A
1p6pA1p6pA1p6pA 1p6pA 1p6pA
2fp1A2fp1A2fp1A 2fp1A 2fp1A
1qpoA1qpoA1qpoA 1qpoA 1qpoA
1rh5B1rh5B1rh5B 1rh5B 1rh5B
2b1xB2b1xB2b1xB 2b1xB 2b1xB
1gpmA1gpmA1gpmA 1gpmA 1gpmA
7atjA7atjA7atjA 7atjA 7atjA
2a8yA2a8yA2a8yA 2a8yA 2a8yA
1wfuA1wfuA1wfuA 1wfuA 1wfuA
1jnxX1jnxX1jnxX 1jnxX 1jnxX
1vicA1vicA1vicA 1vicA 1vicA
1gdtA1gdtA1gdtA 1gdtA 1gdtA
1wftA1wftA1wftA 1wftA 1wftA
1tfuA1tfuA1tfuA 1tfuA 1tfuA
1bpv1bpv1bpv 1bpv 1bpv
1dx4A1dx4A1dx4A 1dx4A 1dx4A
1a3aA1a3aA1a3aA 1a3aA 1a3aA
1qgjA1qgjA1qgjA 1qgjA 1qgjA
1wisA1wisA1wisA 1wisA 1wisA
1h80A1h80A1h80A 1h80A 1h80A
1u1wA1u1wA1u1wA 1u1wA 1u1wA
1w6sA1w6sA1w6sA 1w6sA 1w6sA
1e5kA1e5kA1e5kA 1e5kA 1e5kA
1grx1grx1grx 1grx 1grx
2c1vA2c1vA2c1vA 2c1vA 2c1vA
1sdjA1sdjA1sdjA 1sdjA 1sdjA
1ag9A1ag9A1ag9A 1ag9A 1ag9A
1fjxA1fjxA1fjxA 1fjxA 1fjxA
1j7vR1j7vR1j7vR 1j7vR 1j7vR
1vkhA1vkhA1vkhA 1vkhA 1vkhA
2bywA2bywA2bywA 2bywA 2bywA
1lzjA1lzjA1lzjA 1lzjA 1lzjA
1pbn1pbn1pbn 1pbn 1pbn
1z1dA1z1dA1z1dA 1z1dA 1z1dA
1t6kA1t6kA1t6kA 1t6kA 1t6kA
1xizA1xizA1xizA 1xizA 1xizA
2bce2bce2bce 2bce 2bce
1e5xA1e5xA1e5xA 1e5xA 1e5xA
1a571a571a57 1a57 1a57
1l1dA1l1dA1l1dA 1l1dA 1l1dA
1h7dA1h7dA1h7dA 1h7dA 1h7dA
2cx9A2cx9A2cx9A 2cx9A 2cx9A
1e66A1e66A1e66A 1e66A 1e66A

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1fg9C1fg9C1fg9C 1fg9C 1fg9C
1o8vA1o8vA1o8vA 1o8vA 1o8vA
1t8vA1t8vA1t8vA 1t8vA 1t8vA
1wfbA1wfbA1wfbA 1wfbA 1wfbA
1oy1A1oy1A1oy1A 1oy1A 1oy1A
1r5yA1r5yA1r5yA 1r5yA 1r5yA
2cruA2cruA2cruA 2cruA 2cruA
1vhqA1vhqA1vhqA 1vhqA 1vhqA
1crb1crb1crb 1crb 1crb
1ash1ash1ash 1ash 1ash
1ws9A1ws9A1ws9A 1ws9A 1ws9A
1xm0A1xm0A1xm0A 1xm0A 1xm0A
1bj81bj81bj8 1bj8 1bj8
1xubA1xubA1xubA 1xubA 1xubA
1kdxA1kdxA1kdxA 1kdxA 1kdxA
1byyA1byyA1byyA 1byyA 1byyA
1hmr1hmr1hmr 1hmr 1hmr
1hmt1hmt1hmt 1hmt 1hmt
3hhrB3hhrB3hhrB 3hhrB 3hhrB
2fpoA2fpoA2fpoA 2fpoA 2fpoA
1ws6A1ws6A1ws6A 1ws6A 1ws6A
1w1wE1w1wE1w1wE 1w1wE 1w1wE
1bwyA1bwyA1bwyA 1bwyA 1bwyA
1fm2A1fm2A1fm2A 1fm2A 1fm2A
2d29A2d29A2d29A 2d29A 2d29A
1i81A1i81A1i81A 1i81A 1i81A
1hic1hic1hic 1hic 1hic
1wh5A1wh5A1wh5A 1wh5A 1wh5A
2hir2hir2hir 2hir 2hir
1b4m1b4m1b4m 1b4m 1b4m
1ns1A1ns1A1ns1A 1ns1A 1ns1A
1mgqA1mgqA1mgqA 1mgqA 1mgqA
1gqiA1gqiA1gqiA 1gqiA 1gqiA
1mfn1mfn1mfn 1mfn 1mfn
1tujA1tujA1tujA 1tujA 1tujA
1uhwA1uhwA1uhwA 1uhwA 1uhwA
1aoiF1aoiF1aoiF 1aoiF 1aoiF
7apiB7apiB7apiB 7apiB 7apiB
9apiB9apiB9apiB 9apiB 9apiB
1pzsA1pzsA1pzsA 1pzsA 1pzsA
2hft2hft2hft 2hft 2hft
1ujxA1ujxA1ujxA 1ujxA 1ujxA
1j57A1j57A1j57A 1j57A 1j57A
1di2A1di2A1di2A 1di2A 1di2A
1zud11zud11zud1 1zud1 1zud1
1jtdB1jtdB1jtdB 1jtdB 1jtdB
2es9A2es9A2es9A 2es9A 2es9A
1g7nA1g7nA1g7nA 1g7nA 1g7nA
1d2iA1d2iA1d2iA 1d2iA 1d2iA
1dctA1dctA1dctA 1dctA 1dctA
1ab01ab01ab0 1ab0 1ab0
1llfA1llfA1llfA 1llfA 1llfA
1j83A1j83A1j83A 1j83A 1j83A
2fvx2fvx2fvx 2fvx 2fvx
1nw8A1nw8A1nw8A 1nw8A 1nw8A
1f7wA1f7wA1f7wA 1f7wA 1f7wA
1wmhB1wmhB1wmhB 1wmhB 1wmhB
1cfb1cfb1cfb 1cfb 1cfb
1ail1ail1ail 1ail 1ail
2vhbB2vhbB2vhbB 2vhbB 2vhbB
1lsuA1lsuA1lsuA 1lsuA 1lsuA
2frnA2frnA2frnA 2frnA 2frnA
6hir6hir6hir 6hir 6hir
1jeoA1jeoA1jeoA 1jeoA 1jeoA
1a9t1a9t1a9t 1a9t 1a9t
1wpbA1wpbA1wpbA 1wpbA 1wpbA
2c7pA2c7pA2c7pA 2c7pA 2c7pA
1ovqA1ovqA1ovqA 1ovqA 1ovqA
1u9cA1u9cA1u9cA 1u9cA 1u9cA
1ifc1ifc1ifc 1ifc 1ifc
2gfaA2gfaA2gfaA 2gfaA 2gfaA

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