Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
2gvkA2gvkA2gvkA 2gvkA 2gvkA
1t0tV1t0tV1t0tV 1t0tV 1t0tV
1k1gA1k1gA1k1gA 1k1gA 1k1gA
1m3kA1m3kA1m3kA 1m3kA 1m3kA
1m4tA1m4tA1m4tA 1m4tA 1m4tA
2aebA2aebA2aebA 2aebA 2aebA
1qqtA1qqtA1qqtA 1qqtA 1qqtA
1gvnB1gvnB1gvnB 1gvnB 1gvnB
1wu9A1wu9A1wu9A 1wu9A 1wu9A
1tedA1tedA1tedA 1tedA 1tedA
1dw9A1dw9A1dw9A 1dw9A 1dw9A
1u6eA1u6eA1u6eA 1u6eA 1u6eA
1qflA1qflA1qflA 1qflA 1qflA
1vicA1vicA1vicA 1vicA 1vicA
1txqB1txqB1txqB 1txqB 1txqB
1o04A1o04A1o04A 1o04A 1o04A
1a4sA1a4sA1a4sA 1a4sA 1a4sA
1bxsA1bxsA1bxsA 1bxsA 1bxsA
1bt3A1bt3A1bt3A 1bt3A 1bt3A
1qi6A1qi6A1qi6A 1qi6A 1qi6A
1ewjA1ewjA1ewjA 1ewjA 1ewjA
1euhA1euhA1euhA 1euhA 1euhA
1dwkA1dwkA1dwkA 1dwkA 1dwkA
2db3A2db3A2db3A 2db3A 2db3A
1hv8A1hv8A1hv8A 1hv8A 1hv8A
2fkcA2fkcA2fkcA 2fkcA 2fkcA
2tmnE2tmnE2tmnE 2tmnE 2tmnE
1hf8A1hf8A1hf8A 1hf8A 1hf8A
1hzpA1hzpA1hzpA 1hzpA 1hzpA
1ynmA1ynmA1ynmA 1ynmA 1ynmA
1wndA1wndA1wndA 1wndA 1wndA
1uxtA1uxtA1uxtA 1uxtA 1uxtA
1hyt1hyt1hyt 1hyt 1hyt
7acn7acn7acn 7acn 7acn
1gyhA1gyhA1gyhA 1gyhA 1gyhA
1uyrA1uyrA1uyrA 1uyrA 1uyrA
1c96A1c96A1c96A 1c96A 1c96A
1zowA1zowA1zowA 1zowA 1zowA
1lqpA1lqpA1lqpA 1lqpA 1lqpA
1ez0A1ez0A1ez0A 1ez0A 1ez0A
1a1z1a1z1a1z 1a1z 1a1z
1ag8A1ag8A1ag8A 1ag8A 1ag8A
1eyyA1eyyA1eyyA 1eyyA 1eyyA
1xnpA1xnpA1xnpA 1xnpA 1xnpA
1uzbA1uzbA1uzbA 1uzbA 1uzbA
1yriA1yriA1yriA 1yriA 1yriA
2cevA2cevA2cevA 2cevA 2cevA
2axwA2axwA2axwA 2axwA 2axwA
1b0jA1b0jA1b0jA 1b0jA 1b0jA
1y4jA1y4jA1y4jA 1y4jA 1y4jA
2bs3A2bs3A2bs3A 2bs3A 2bs3A
1d3vA1d3vA1d3vA 1d3vA 1d3vA
1b0pA1b0pA1b0pA 1b0pA 1b0pA
1oywA1oywA1oywA 1oywA 1oywA
2prk2prk2prk 2prk 2prk
1ad3A1ad3A1ad3A 1ad3A 1ad3A
1broA1broA1broA 1broA 1broA
1c3cA1c3cA1c3cA 1c3cA 1c3cA
1mzjA1mzjA1mzjA 1mzjA 1mzjA
2bjkA2bjkA2bjkA 2bjkA 2bjkA
1y3nA1y3nA1y3nA 1y3nA 1y3nA
1ho1A1ho1A1ho1A 1ho1A 1ho1A
1ecsA1ecsA1ecsA 1ecsA 1ecsA
1jthD1jthD1jthD 1jthD 1jthD
1yvhA1yvhA1yvhA 1yvhA 1yvhA
1odhA1odhA1odhA 1odhA 1odhA
1f4lA1f4lA1f4lA 1f4lA 1f4lA
1hnjA1hnjA1hnjA 1hnjA 1hnjA
1drqA1drqA1drqA 1drqA 1drqA
1fftB1fftB1fftB 1fftB 1fftB
1bpwA1bpwA1bpwA 1bpwA 1bpwA
1b8mA1b8mA1b8mA 1b8mA 1b8mA
1uw4A1uw4A1uw4A 1uw4A 1uw4A
1tyfA1tyfA1tyfA 1tyfA 1tyfA
1hn9A1hn9A1hn9A 1hn9A 1hn9A
1nkiA1nkiA1nkiA 1nkiA 1nkiA
2bb6A2bb6A2bb6A 2bb6A 2bb6A
1qtoA1qtoA1qtoA 1qtoA 1qtoA
2axtL2axtL2axtL 2axtL 2axtL
1v5iB1v5iB1v5iB 1v5iB 1v5iB
1gydB1gydB1gydB 1gydB 1gydB
1x0oA1x0oA1x0oA 1x0oA 1x0oA
1cvrA1cvrA1cvrA 1cvrA 1cvrA
2bz1A2bz1A2bz1A 2bz1A 2bz1A
2exrA2exrA2exrA 2exrA 2exrA
1n7sB1n7sB1n7sB 1n7sB 1n7sB
1yjmA1yjmA1yjmA 1yjmA 1yjmA
3crxA3crxA3crxA 3crxA 3crxA
1ugjA1ugjA1ugjA 1ugjA 1ugjA
1ic6A1ic6A1ic6A 1ic6A 1ic6A
1aquA1aquA1aquA 1aquA 1aquA
1ew0A1ew0A1ew0A 1ew0A 1ew0A
1mu7A1mu7A1mu7A 1mu7A 1mu7A
1repC1repC1repC 1repC 1repC
1q1oA1q1oA1q1oA 1q1oA 1q1oA
1gkuB1gkuB1gkuB 1gkuB 1gkuB
1drmA1drmA1drmA 1drmA 1drmA
1jthB1jthB1jthB 1jthB 1jthB
6tmnE6tmnE6tmnE 6tmnE 6tmnE
1n12A1n12A1n12A 1n12A 1n12A

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1sfcB1sfcB1sfcB 1sfcB 1sfcB
1ujxA1ujxA1ujxA 1ujxA 1ujxA
1bet1bet1bet 1bet 1bet
1kppA1kppA1kppA 1kppA 1kppA
1bndA1bndA1bndA 1bndA 1bndA
1uv4A1uv4A1uv4A 1uv4A 1uv4A
8tlnE8tlnE8tlnE 8tlnE 8tlnE
1hvvA1hvvA1hvvA 1hvvA 1hvvA
1on3A1on3A1on3A 1on3A 1on3A
1lbqA1lbqA1lbqA 1lbqA 1lbqA
1z6aA1z6aA1z6aA 1z6aA 1z6aA
1wdkC1wdkC1wdkC 1wdkC 1wdkC
1wpoA1wpoA1wpoA 1wpoA 1wpoA
1tt8A1tt8A1tt8A 1tt8A 1tt8A
1wg8A1wg8A1wg8A 1wg8A 1wg8A
1g3mA1g3mA1g3mA 1g3mA 1g3mA
1xn8A1xn8A1xn8A 1xn8A 1xn8A
1f8fA1f8fA1f8fA 1f8fA 1f8fA
2brfA2brfA2brfA 2brfA 2brfA
1qstA1qstA1qstA 1qstA 1qstA
1aoxA1aoxA1aoxA 1aoxA 1aoxA
1yua1yua1yua 1yua 1yua
1hy3A1hy3A1hy3A 1hy3A 1hy3A
1pqsA1pqsA1pqsA 1pqsA 1pqsA
2bcoA2bcoA2bcoA 2bcoA 2bcoA
1uch1uch1uch 1uch 1uch
1hg2A1hg2A1hg2A 1hg2A 1hg2A
1gl2B1gl2B1gl2B 1gl2B 1gl2B
1w79A1w79A1w79A 1w79A 1w79A
1vcbC1vcbC1vcbC 1vcbC 1vcbC
1u7bA1u7bA1u7bA 1u7bA 1u7bA
1uddA1uddA1uddA 1uddA 1uddA
1vg0A1vg0A1vg0A 1vg0A 1vg0A
1xd3A1xd3A1xd3A 1xd3A 1xd3A
1d06A1d06A1d06A 1d06A 1d06A
1kas1kas1kas 1kas 1kas
1nkpA1nkpA1nkpA 1nkpA 1nkpA
1b3nA1b3nA1b3nA 1b3nA 1b3nA
1y6vA1y6vA1y6vA 1y6vA 1y6vA
1l1sA1l1sA1l1sA 1l1sA 1l1sA
1dorA1dorA1dorA 1dorA 1dorA
1ll8A1ll8A1ll8A 1ll8A 1ll8A
1b5qA1b5qA1b5qA 1b5qA 1b5qA
1pxtB1pxtB1pxtB 1pxtB 1pxtB
2cbiA2cbiA2cbiA 2cbiA 2cbiA
1ppjD1ppjD1ppjD 1ppjD 1ppjD
1wzoA1wzoA1wzoA 1wzoA 1wzoA
1j0sA1j0sA1j0sA 1j0sA 1j0sA
1z52A1z52A1z52A 1z52A 1z52A
1pp0A1pp0A1pp0A 1pp0A 1pp0A
1amj1amj1amj 1amj 1amj
2b5lC2b5lC2b5lC 2b5lC 2b5lC
1b8kA1b8kA1b8kA 1b8kA 1b8kA
1x54A1x54A1x54A 1x54A 1x54A
1e9iA1e9iA1e9iA 1e9iA 1e9iA
1bzg1bzg1bzg 1bzg 1bzg
1aszB1aszB1aszB 1aszB 1aszB
1s72H1s72H1s72H 1s72H 1s72H
2b5iD2b5iD2b5iD 2b5iD 2b5iD
1gqpA1gqpA1gqpA 1gqpA 1gqpA
1auwA1auwA1auwA 1auwA 1auwA
1kzhA1kzhA1kzhA 1kzhA 1kzhA
1hrkA1hrkA1hrkA 1hrkA 1hrkA
1otkA1otkA1otkA 1otkA 1otkA
1z63A1z63A1z63A 1z63A 1z63A
1lswA1lswA1lswA 1lswA 1lswA
1u4bA1u4bA1u4bA 1u4bA 1u4bA
1wpbA1wpbA1wpbA 1wpbA 1wpbA
1z70X1z70X1z70X 1z70X 1z70X
2fb0A2fb0A2fb0A 2fb0A 2fb0A
2dexX2dexX2dexX 2dexX 2dexX
1l0lB1l0lB1l0lB 1l0lB 1l0lB
1b541b541b54 1b54 1b54
2lefA2lefA2lefA 2lefA 2lefA
1te5A1te5A1te5A 1te5A 1te5A
1tf5A1tf5A1tf5A 1tf5A 1tf5A
1hryA1hryA1hryA 1hryA 1hryA
1ox0A1ox0A1ox0A 1ox0A 1ox0A
2ceyA2ceyA2ceyA 2ceyA 2ceyA
1w2xA1w2xA1w2xA 1w2xA 1w2xA
1od3A1od3A1od3A 1od3A 1od3A
1cbg1cbg1cbg 1cbg 1cbg
1xv5A1xv5A1xv5A 1xv5A 1xv5A
1nkpB1nkpB1nkpB 1nkpB 1nkpB
2gwhA2gwhA2gwhA 2gwhA 2gwhA
1m1sA1m1sA1m1sA 1m1sA 1m1sA
1gyxA1gyxA1gyxA 1gyxA 1gyxA
1h59B1h59B1h59B 1h59B 1h59B
1s5lL1s5lL1s5lL 1s5lL 1s5lL
1rwzA1rwzA1rwzA 1rwzA 1rwzA
1wdaA1wdaA1wdaA 1wdaA 1wdaA
1vii1vii1vii 1vii 1vii
1szqA1szqA1szqA 1szqA 1szqA
1dapA1dapA1dapA 1dapA 1dapA
3dapA3dapA3dapA 3dapA 3dapA
1uptA1uptA1uptA 1uptA 1uptA
1v32A1v32A1v32A 1v32A 1v32A
1egaA1egaA1egaA 1egaA 1egaA
1zpuA1zpuA1zpuA 1zpuA 1zpuA

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