Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
2gvkA2gvkA2gvkA 2gvkA 2gvkA
1j79A1j79A1j79A 1j79A 1j79A
2h21A2h21A2h21A 2h21A 2h21A
1j0sA1j0sA1j0sA 1j0sA 1j0sA
1p0yA1p0yA1p0yA 1p0yA 1p0yA
2ex4A2ex4A2ex4A 2ex4A 2ex4A
1ecsA1ecsA1ecsA 1ecsA 1ecsA
1t0tV1t0tV1t0tV 1t0tV 1t0tV
1wu9A1wu9A1wu9A 1wu9A 1wu9A
1kb9A1kb9A1kb9A 1kb9A 1kb9A
1yz7A1yz7A1yz7A 1yz7A 1yz7A
1vziA1vziA1vziA 1vziA 1vziA
2aebA2aebA2aebA 2aebA 2aebA
1woyA1woyA1woyA 1woyA 1woyA
1uw4B1uw4B1uw4B 1uw4B 1uw4B
1odhA1odhA1odhA 1odhA 1odhA
1s1qA1s1qA1s1qA 1s1qA 1s1qA
1n7sB1n7sB1n7sB 1n7sB 1n7sB
2fflA2fflA2fflA 2fflA 2fflA
1g66A1g66A1g66A 1g66A 1g66A
1wf3A1wf3A1wf3A 1wf3A 1wf3A
1ptmA1ptmA1ptmA 1ptmA 1ptmA
1dwkA1dwkA1dwkA 1dwkA 1dwkA
1yvhA1yvhA1yvhA 1yvhA 1yvhA
1uw4A1uw4A1uw4A 1uw4A 1uw4A
2fkcA2fkcA2fkcA 2fkcA 2fkcA
1vicA1vicA1vicA 1vicA 1vicA
2axwA2axwA2axwA 2axwA 2axwA
1z5zA1z5zA1z5zA 1z5zA 1z5zA
1ulyA1ulyA1ulyA 1ulyA 1ulyA
1nkiA1nkiA1nkiA 1nkiA 1nkiA
1pp0A1pp0A1pp0A 1pp0A 1pp0A
1qsdA1qsdA1qsdA 1qsdA 1qsdA
1tt8A1tt8A1tt8A 1tt8A 1tt8A
2eboA2eboA2eboA 2eboA 2eboA
1gyxA1gyxA1gyxA 1gyxA 1gyxA
1uozA1uozA1uozA 1uozA 1uozA
1xjjA1xjjA1xjjA 1xjjA 1xjjA
1d3vA1d3vA1d3vA 1d3vA 1d3vA
1o04A1o04A1o04A 1o04A 1o04A
1eziA1eziA1eziA 1eziA 1eziA
2d0tA2d0tA2d0tA 2d0tA 2d0tA
1x0oA1x0oA1x0oA 1x0oA 1x0oA
1r9cA1r9cA1r9cA 1r9cA 1r9cA
1t0bA1t0bA1t0bA 1t0bA 1t0bA
1tf5A1tf5A1tf5A 1tf5A 1tf5A
1z70X1z70X1z70X 1z70X 1z70X
1zowA1zowA1zowA 1zowA 1zowA
1ss4A1ss4A1ss4A 1ss4A 1ss4A
1f9zA1f9zA1f9zA 1f9zA 1f9zA
1xj4A1xj4A1xj4A 1xj4A 1xj4A
1euhA1euhA1euhA 1euhA 1euhA
1w6kA1w6kA1w6kA 1w6kA 1w6kA
1i5gA1i5gA1i5gA 1i5gA 1i5gA
1twuA1twuA1twuA 1twuA 1twuA
1y2tA1y2tA1y2tA 1y2tA 1y2tA
1z94A1z94A1z94A 1z94A 1z94A
1uzbA1uzbA1uzbA 1uzbA 1uzbA
1qtoA1qtoA1qtoA 1qtoA 1qtoA
2bjkA2bjkA2bjkA 2bjkA 2bjkA
2db3A2db3A2db3A 2db3A 2db3A
1reqB1reqB1reqB 1reqB 1reqB
1xd3A1xd3A1xd3A 1xd3A 1xd3A
2bz1A2bz1A2bz1A 2bz1A 2bz1A
1kk1A1kk1A1kk1A 1kk1A 1kk1A
1xuuA1xuuA1xuuA 1xuuA 1xuuA
1xqaA1xqaA1xqaA 1xqaA 1xqaA
2erfA2erfA2erfA 2erfA 2erfA
1xvqA1xvqA1xvqA 1xvqA 1xvqA
1u0mA1u0mA1u0mA 1u0mA 1u0mA
1t2wA1t2wA1t2wA 1t2wA 1t2wA
2cuaA2cuaA2cuaA 2cuaA 2cuaA
2brfA2brfA2brfA 2brfA 2brfA
1z7lA1z7lA1z7lA 1z7lA 1z7lA
1f6yA1f6yA1f6yA 1f6yA 1f6yA
2amlA2amlA2amlA 2amlA 2amlA
2ah5A2ah5A2ah5A 2ah5A 2ah5A
1ew0A1ew0A1ew0A 1ew0A 1ew0A
1y07A1y07A1y07A 1y07A 1y07A
1q32A1q32A1q32A 1q32A 1q32A
1iq8A1iq8A1iq8A 1iq8A 1iq8A
2axtL2axtL2axtL 2axtL 2axtL
1lmiA1lmiA1lmiA 1lmiA 1lmiA
1mjnA1mjnA1mjnA 1mjnA 1mjnA
1pd3A1pd3A1pd3A 1pd3A 1pd3A
1tt0A1tt0A1tt0A 1tt0A 1tt0A
1ijaA1ijaA1ijaA 1ijaA 1ijaA
2auwA2auwA2auwA 2auwA 2auwA
1w18A1w18A1w18A 1w18A 1w18A
1tq4A1tq4A1tq4A 1tq4A 1tq4A
1ztsA1ztsA1ztsA 1ztsA 1ztsA
1wxcA1wxcA1wxcA 1wxcA 1wxcA
1pytA1pytA1pytA 1pytA 1pytA
1s7mA1s7mA1s7mA 1s7mA 1s7mA
1gl2B1gl2B1gl2B 1gl2B 1gl2B
1vqoV1vqoV1vqoV 1vqoV 1vqoV
1d2tA1d2tA1d2tA 1d2tA 1d2tA
1h12A1h12A1h12A 1h12A 1h12A
1i9gA1i9gA1i9gA 1i9gA 1i9gA
1ppjB1ppjB1ppjB 1ppjB 1ppjB

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1fuiA1fuiA1fuiA 1fuiA 1fuiA
1pfvA1pfvA1pfvA 1pfvA 1pfvA
2rslA2rslA2rslA 2rslA 2rslA
1v5iB1v5iB1v5iB 1v5iB 1v5iB
2acy2acy2acy 2acy 2acy
1o8xA1o8xA1o8xA 1o8xA 1o8xA
1wolA1wolA1wolA 1wolA 1wolA
1vlbA1vlbA1vlbA 1vlbA 1vlbA
1qrvA1qrvA1qrvA 1qrvA 1qrvA
1wzzA1wzzA1wzzA 1wzzA 1wzzA
2awfA2awfA2awfA 2awfA 2awfA

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001