Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
2gvkA2gvkA2gvkA 2gvkA 2gvkA
1c96A1c96A1c96A 1c96A 1c96A
8acn8acn8acn 8acn 8acn
1t0tV1t0tV1t0tV 1t0tV 1t0tV
1xd3A1xd3A1xd3A 1xd3A 1xd3A
1lqpA1lqpA1lqpA 1lqpA 1lqpA
1ffyA1ffyA1ffyA 1ffyA 1ffyA
1txqB1txqB1txqB 1txqB 1txqB
2ct8A2ct8A2ct8A 2ct8A 2ct8A
1z70X1z70X1z70X 1z70X 1z70X
1z5zA1z5zA1z5zA 1z5zA 1z5zA
1n7sB1n7sB1n7sB 1n7sB 1n7sB
1yz7A1yz7A1yz7A 1yz7A 1yz7A
1j0sA1j0sA1j0sA 1j0sA 1j0sA
2bduA2bduA2bduA 2bduA 2bduA
2b4wA2b4wA2b4wA 2b4wA 2b4wA
2fulA2fulA2fulA 2fulA 2fulA
1nkiA1nkiA1nkiA 1nkiA 1nkiA
1wu9A1wu9A1wu9A 1wu9A 1wu9A
1hvvA1hvvA1hvvA 1hvvA 1hvvA
1yvhA1yvhA1yvhA 1yvhA 1yvhA
1dwkA1dwkA1dwkA 1dwkA 1dwkA
2aebA2aebA2aebA 2aebA 2aebA
1in4A1in4A1in4A 1in4A 1in4A
1ho1A1ho1A1ho1A 1ho1A 1ho1A
1zowA1zowA1zowA 1zowA 1zowA
1pp0A1pp0A1pp0A 1pp0A 1pp0A
2axwA2axwA2axwA 2axwA 2axwA
2fkcA2fkcA2fkcA 2fkcA 2fkcA
1pn2A1pn2A1pn2A 1pn2A 1pn2A
1ynmA1ynmA1ynmA 1ynmA 1ynmA
1uch1uch1uch 1uch 1uch
1qsdA1qsdA1qsdA 1qsdA 1qsdA
1gm5A1gm5A1gm5A 1gm5A 1gm5A
1q1oA1q1oA1q1oA 1q1oA 1q1oA
1q5fA1q5fA1q5fA 1q5fA 1q5fA
2erfA2erfA2erfA 2erfA 2erfA
1aozA1aozA1aozA 1aozA 1aozA
2eboA2eboA2eboA 2eboA 2eboA
1v5iB1v5iB1v5iB 1v5iB 1v5iB
1gl2B1gl2B1gl2B 1gl2B 1gl2B
1lswA1lswA1lswA 1lswA 1lswA
1pvc21pvc21pvc2 1pvc2 1pvc2
1odfA1odfA1odfA 1odfA 1odfA
1sb0A1sb0A1sb0A 1sb0A 1sb0A
2bjkA2bjkA2bjkA 2bjkA 2bjkA
1k4mA1k4mA1k4mA 1k4mA 1k4mA
2d0tA2d0tA2d0tA 2d0tA 2d0tA
1uw4A1uw4A1uw4A 1uw4A 1uw4A
1xqaA1xqaA1xqaA 1xqaA 1xqaA
1v32A1v32A1v32A 1v32A 1v32A
1wndA1wndA1wndA 1wndA 1wndA
1gppA1gppA1gppA 1gppA 1gppA
1gmeA1gmeA1gmeA 1gmeA 1gmeA
1tvzA1tvzA1tvzA 1tvzA 1tvzA
1euhA1euhA1euhA 1euhA 1euhA
1v77A1v77A1v77A 1v77A 1v77A
1th1C1th1C1th1C 1th1C 1th1C
2shpA2shpA2shpA 2shpA 2shpA
1odhA1odhA1odhA 1odhA 1odhA
1qtoA1qtoA1qtoA 1qtoA 1qtoA
1esc1esc1esc 1esc 1esc
1o04A1o04A1o04A 1o04A 1o04A
1sxjE1sxjE1sxjE 1sxjE 1sxjE
2c5aA2c5aA2c5aA 2c5aA 2c5aA
2bl5A2bl5A2bl5A 2bl5A 2bl5A
1vqzA1vqzA1vqzA 1vqzA 1vqzA
1hcrA1hcrA1hcrA 1hcrA 1hcrA
1ytzT1ytzT1ytzT 1ytzT 1ytzT
1xn8A1xn8A1xn8A 1xn8A 1xn8A
1o08A1o08A1o08A 1o08A 1o08A
1a4sA1a4sA1a4sA 1a4sA 1a4sA
1ad3A1ad3A1ad3A 1ad3A 1ad3A
1t2wA1t2wA1t2wA 1t2wA 1t2wA
2bz1A2bz1A2bz1A 2bz1A 2bz1A
1z63A1z63A1z63A 1z63A 1z63A
1ez0A1ez0A1ez0A 1ez0A 1ez0A
1xpkC1xpkC1xpkC 1xpkC 1xpkC
1ss4A1ss4A1ss4A 1ss4A 1ss4A
1ej0A1ej0A1ej0A 1ej0A 1ej0A
1ecsA1ecsA1ecsA 1ecsA 1ecsA
1jnuA1jnuA1jnuA 1jnuA 1jnuA
1xy7A1xy7A1xy7A 1xy7A 1xy7A
1xj4A1xj4A1xj4A 1xj4A 1xj4A
1x0oA1x0oA1x0oA 1x0oA 1x0oA
2cblA2cblA2cblA 2cblA 2cblA
1ufbA1ufbA1ufbA 1ufbA 1ufbA
1vmjA1vmjA1vmjA 1vmjA 1vmjA
1xpmA1xpmA1xpmA 1xpmA 1xpmA
1uzbA1uzbA1uzbA 1uzbA 1uzbA
1f9zA1f9zA1f9zA 1f9zA 1f9zA
1k12A1k12A1k12A 1k12A 1k12A
1ew0A1ew0A1ew0A 1ew0A 1ew0A
1o54A1o54A1o54A 1o54A 1o54A
1ne6A1ne6A1ne6A 1ne6A 1ne6A
1wdaA1wdaA1wdaA 1wdaA 1wdaA
1gctA1gctA1gctA 1gctA 1gctA
1ecfA1ecfA1ecfA 1ecfA 1ecfA
1mfmA1mfmA1mfmA 1mfmA 1mfmA
1y1jX1y1jX1y1jX 1y1jX 1y1jX

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
2axtL2axtL2axtL 2axtL 2axtL
1ztsA1ztsA1ztsA 1ztsA 1ztsA
1u4gA1u4gA1u4gA 1u4gA 1u4gA
1zsyA1zsyA1zsyA 1zsyA 1zsyA
1ijaA1ijaA1ijaA 1ijaA 1ijaA
1a8h1a8h1a8h 1a8h 1a8h
1v02A1v02A1v02A 1v02A 1v02A
1e5kA1e5kA1e5kA 1e5kA 1e5kA
1wn0A1wn0A1wn0A 1wn0A 1wn0A
1w5tA1w5tA1w5tA 1w5tA 1w5tA
1pixA1pixA1pixA 1pixA 1pixA
1elvA1elvA1elvA 1elvA 1elvA
1n9lA1n9lA1n9lA 1n9lA 1n9lA
1qrvA1qrvA1qrvA 1qrvA 1qrvA
1uxtA1uxtA1uxtA 1uxtA 1uxtA
1pfvA1pfvA1pfvA 1pfvA 1pfvA
1p97A1p97A1p97A 1p97A 1p97A
2btoA2btoA2btoA 2btoA 2btoA
1wpoA1wpoA1wpoA 1wpoA 1wpoA
1te2A1te2A1te2A 1te2A 1te2A
1bkdS1bkdS1bkdS 1bkdS 1bkdS
1pd3A1pd3A1pd3A 1pd3A 1pd3A
1kxpD1kxpD1kxpD 1kxpD 1kxpD
1ct5A1ct5A1ct5A 1ct5A 1ct5A
2rslA2rslA2rslA 2rslA 2rslA
2mspA2mspA2mspA 2mspA 2mspA
1w7jA1w7jA1w7jA 1w7jA 1w7jA
1qipA1qipA1qipA 1qipA 1qipA
1mjnA1mjnA1mjnA 1mjnA 1mjnA
1t5iA1t5iA1t5iA 1t5iA 1t5iA
1d2tA1d2tA1d2tA 1d2tA 1d2tA
1b8kA1b8kA1b8kA 1b8kA 1b8kA
1pi1A1pi1A1pi1A 1pi1A 1pi1A
2avdA2avdA2avdA 2avdA 2avdA
1ujxA1ujxA1ujxA 1ujxA 1ujxA
1to2E1to2E1to2E 1to2E 1to2E
1dbfA1dbfA1dbfA 1dbfA 1dbfA
1s5lL1s5lL1s5lL 1s5lL 1s5lL
1h6gA1h6gA1h6gA 1h6gA 1h6gA
1vqoV1vqoV1vqoV 1vqoV 1vqoV
1x13A1x13A1x13A 1x13A 1x13A
1sup1sup1sup 1sup 1sup
1kdxA1kdxA1kdxA 1kdxA 1kdxA
1fa8A1fa8A1fa8A 1fa8A 1fa8A

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