Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
2fi1A2fi1A2fi1A 2fi1A 2fi1A
2ah5A2ah5A2ah5A 2ah5A 2ah5A
1qyiA1qyiA1qyiA 1qyiA 1qyiA
2fdrA2fdrA2fdrA 2fdrA 2fdrA
1swvA1swvA1swvA 1swvA 1swvA
1wviA1wviA1wviA 1wviA 1wviA
1te2A1te2A1te2A 1te2A 1te2A
1rdfA1rdfA1rdfA 1rdfA 1rdfA
1fezA1fezA1fezA 1fezA 1fezA
2b0cA2b0cA2b0cA 2b0cA 2b0cA
1rqlA1rqlA1rqlA 1rqlA 1rqlA
2gfhA2gfhA2gfhA 2gfhA 2gfhA
1zs9A1zs9A1zs9A 1zs9A 1zs9A
1x42A1x42A1x42A 1x42A 1x42A
1o08A1o08A1o08A 1o08A 1o08A
1q92A1q92A1q92A 1q92A 1q92A
2go7A2go7A2go7A 2go7A 2go7A
2bduA2bduA2bduA 2bduA 2bduA
1vjrA1vjrA1vjrA 1vjrA 1vjrA
1mh9A1mh9A1mh9A 1mh9A 1mh9A
2c4nA2c4nA2c4nA 2c4nA 2c4nA
1l6rA1l6rA1l6rA 1l6rA 1l6rA
2g09A2g09A2g09A 2g09A 2g09A
1qq5A1qq5A1qq5A 1qq5A 1qq5A
1zrn1zrn1zrn 1zrn 1zrn
1rkuA1rkuA1rkuA 1rkuA 1rkuA
1qq7A1qq7A1qq7A 1qq7A 1qq7A
1u7pA1u7pA1u7pA 1u7pA 1u7pA
1j97A1j97A1j97A 1j97A 1j97A
1l7mA1l7mA1l7mA 1l7mA 1l7mA
1nnlA1nnlA1nnlA 1nnlA 1nnlA
1s2oA1s2oA1s2oA 1s2oA 1s2oA
2feaA2feaA2feaA 2feaA 2feaA
1u02A1u02A1u02A 1u02A 1u02A
1zjjA1zjjA1zjjA 1zjjA 1zjjA
1nf2A1nf2A1nf2A 1nf2A 1nf2A
1rkqA1rkqA1rkqA 1rkqA 1rkqA
1wr8A1wr8A1wr8A 1wr8A 1wr8A
1vj5A1vj5A1vj5A 1vj5A 1vj5A
1nrwA1nrwA1nrwA 1nrwA 1nrwA
1xviA1xviA1xviA 1xviA 1xviA
1wzcA1wzcA1wzcA 1wzcA 1wzcA
1rlmA1rlmA1rlmA 1rlmA 1rlmA
2amyA2amyA2amyA 2amyA 2amyA
2fueA2fueA2fueA 2fueA 2fueA
1rlmB1rlmB1rlmB 1rlmB 1rlmB
1ymqA1ymqA1ymqA 1ymqA 1ymqA
1rloA1rloA1rloA 1rloA 1rloA
2b30A2b30A2b30A 2b30A 2b30A
2a6hE2a6hE2a6hE 2a6hE 2a6hE
1iw7E1iw7E1iw7E 1iw7E 1iw7E
1k1eA1k1eA1k1eA 1k1eA 1k1eA
1zd3A1zd3A1zd3A 1zd3A 1zd3A
1y8aA1y8aA1y8aA 1y8aA 1y8aA
1dmgA1dmgA1dmgA 1dmgA 1dmgA
1csn1csn1csn 1csn 1csn
2b8eA2b8eA2b8eA 2b8eA 2b8eA
1ta3A1ta3A1ta3A 1ta3A 1ta3A
1b4vA1b4vA1b4vA 1b4vA 1b4vA
2b82A2b82A2b82A 2b82A 2b82A
1om0A1om0A1om0A 1om0A 1om0A
2b43A2b43A2b43A 2b43A 2b43A
2occE2occE2occE 2occE 2occE
1wggA1wggA1wggA 1wggA 1wggA
1m70A1m70A1m70A 1m70A 1m70A
1z57A1z57A1z57A 1z57A 1z57A
1v7pC1v7pC1v7pC 1v7pC 1v7pC
1fsgA1fsgA1fsgA 1fsgA 1fsgA
2bfxC2bfxC2bfxC 2bfxC 2bfxC
1v54E1v54E1v54E 1v54E 1v54E
1ckiA1ckiA1ckiA 1ckiA 1ckiA
1h4vB1h4vB1h4vB 1h4vB 1h4vB
1bzyA1bzyA1bzyA 1bzyA 1bzyA
1aqzA1aqzA1aqzA 1aqzA 1aqzA
1ta0A1ta0A1ta0A 1ta0A 1ta0A
2fdiA2fdiA2fdiA 2fdiA 2fdiA
9wgaA9wgaA9wgaA 9wgaA 9wgaA
1qgeE1qgeE1qgeE 1qgeE 1qgeE
1qc5A1qc5A1qc5A 1qc5A 1qc5A
1xfjA1xfjA1xfjA 1xfjA 1xfjA
2eu9A2eu9A2eu9A 2eu9A 2eu9A
1cmbA1cmbA1cmbA 1cmbA 1cmbA
1cmcA1cmcA1cmcA 1cmcA 1cmcA
1nznA1nznA1nznA 1nznA 1nznA
1cn3F1cn3F1cn3F 1cn3F 1cn3F
2fefA2fefA2fefA 2fefA 2fefA
1ksiA1ksiA1ksiA 1ksiA 1ksiA
1v3hA1v3hA1v3hA 1v3hA 1v3hA
1atzA1atzA1atzA 1atzA 1atzA
1ifp1ifp1ifp 1ifp 1ifp
1n4wA1n4wA1n4wA 1n4wA 1n4wA
1zpvA1zpvA1zpvA 1zpvA 1zpvA
2amhA2amhA2amhA 2amhA 2amhA
1or7A1or7A1or7A 1or7A 1or7A
2aegA2aegA2aegA 2aegA 2aegA
1v4aA1v4aA1v4aA 1v4aA 1v4aA
1t8hA1t8hA1t8hA 1t8hA 1t8hA
1no4A1no4A1no4A 1no4A 1no4A
2ac3A2ac3A2ac3A 2ac3A 2ac3A
1byb1byb1byb 1byb 1byb

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1q6cA1q6cA1q6cA 1q6cA 1q6cA
1pt6A1pt6A1pt6A 1pt6A 1pt6A
1q8yA1q8yA1q8yA 1q8yA 1q8yA
1hzpA1hzpA1hzpA 1hzpA 1hzpA
1ijbA1ijbA1ijbA 1ijbA 1ijbA
1z21A1z21A1z21A 1z21A 1z21A
2bdwA2bdwA2bdwA 2bdwA 2bdwA
1oj4A1oj4A1oj4A 1oj4A 1oj4A
1v1dA1v1dA1v1dA 1v1dA 1v1dA
1k6wA1k6wA1k6wA 1k6wA 1k6wA
1ra0A1ra0A1ra0A 1ra0A 1ra0A
1rv9A1rv9A1rv9A 1rv9A 1rv9A
1zoqC1zoqC1zoqC 1zoqC 1zoqC
1p4fA1p4fA1p4fA 1p4fA 1p4fA
1kbhB1kbhB1kbhB 1kbhB 1kbhB
1cnoA1cnoA1cnoA 1cnoA 1cnoA
1dzlA1dzlA1dzlA 1dzlA 1dzlA
1vbvA1vbvA1vbvA 1vbvA 1vbvA
1fs1A1fs1A1fs1A 1fs1A 1fs1A
1rmwA1rmwA1rmwA 1rmwA 1rmwA
1om1A1om1A1om1A 1om1A 1om1A
1fnsA1fnsA1fnsA 1fnsA 1fnsA
2bi7A2bi7A2bi7A 2bi7A 2bi7A
1zfjA1zfjA1zfjA 1zfjA 1zfjA
1b9mA1b9mA1b9mA 1b9mA 1b9mA
2bs3C2bs3C2bs3C 2bs3C 2bs3C
2a8eA2a8eA2a8eA 2a8eA 2a8eA
1vkpA1vkpA1vkpA 1vkpA 1vkpA
1n8nA1n8nA1n8nA 1n8nA 1n8nA
4tsvA4tsvA4tsvA 4tsvA 4tsvA
1rpxA1rpxA1rpxA 1rpxA 1rpxA
1vf5F1vf5F1vf5F 1vf5F 1vf5F
1h1yA1h1yA1h1yA 1h1yA 1h1yA
1xpjA1xpjA1xpjA 1xpjA 1xpjA
1adjA1adjA1adjA 1adjA 1adjA
1gpjA1gpjA1gpjA 1gpjA 1gpjA
1qlaC1qlaC1qlaC 1qlaC 1qlaC
2gwhA2gwhA2gwhA 2gwhA 2gwhA
1m2rA1m2rA1m2rA 1m2rA 1m2rA
1pme1pme1pme 1pme 1pme
2pth2pth2pth 2pth 2pth
1x9dA1x9dA1x9dA 1x9dA 1x9dA
1mxtA1mxtA1mxtA 1mxtA 1mxtA
1uumA1uumA1uumA 1uumA 1uumA
1pieA1pieA1pieA 1pieA 1pieA
1dd9A1dd9A1dd9A 1dd9A 1dd9A
1v54C1v54C1v54C 1v54C 1v54C
1m4uA1m4uA1m4uA 1m4uA 1m4uA
1t3iA1t3iA1t3iA 1t3iA 1t3iA
1rkeA1rkeA1rkeA 1rkeA 1rkeA
2cvzA2cvzA2cvzA 2cvzA 2cvzA
1igs1igs1igs 1igs 1igs
1howA1howA1howA 1howA 1howA
1zthA1zthA1zthA 1zthA 1zthA
1j1bA1j1bA1j1bA 1j1bA 1j1bA
1vhcA1vhcA1vhcA 1vhcA 1vhcA
2fflA2fflA2fflA 2fflA 2fflA
1zvzA1zvzA1zvzA 1zvzA 1zvzA
1mszA1mszA1mszA 1mszA 1mszA

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001