Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1ebmA1ebmA1ebmA 1ebmA 1ebmA
1mpgA1mpgA1mpgA 1mpgA 1mpgA
1ornA1ornA1ornA 1ornA 1ornA
1keaA1keaA1keaA 1keaA 1keaA
2abk2abk2abk 2abk 2abk
1m3qA1m3qA1m3qA 1m3qA 1m3qA
1pu6A1pu6A1pu6A 1pu6A 1pu6A
1mun1mun1mun 1mun 1mun
1ngnA1ngnA1ngnA 1ngnA 1ngnA
1tv9A1tv9A1tv9A 1tv9A 1tv9A
1p9eA1p9eA1p9eA 1p9eA 1p9eA
1wa5B1wa5B1wa5B 1wa5B 1wa5B
1bpyA1bpyA1bpyA 1bpyA 1bpyA
1xb2B1xb2B1xb2B 1xb2B 1xb2B
2fmpA2fmpA2fmpA 2fmpA 2fmpA
1xsnA1xsnA1xsnA 1xsnA 1xsnA
1cpcA1cpcA1cpcA 1cpcA 1cpcA
1flcA1flcA1flcA 1flcA 1flcA
1kn1B1kn1B1kn1B 1kn1B 1kn1B
1tfe1tfe1tfe 1tfe 1tfe
1jboA1jboA1jboA 1jboA 1jboA
1jmsA1jmsA1jmsA 1jmsA 1jmsA
1ev7A1ev7A1ev7A 1ev7A 1ev7A
1cpcB1cpcB1cpcB 1cpcB 1cpcB
1phnA1phnA1phnA 1phnA 1phnA
1qgwC1qgwC1qgwC 1qgwC 1qgwC
1hzpA1hzpA1hzpA 1hzpA 1hzpA
1u19A1u19A1u19A 1u19A 1u19A
1xg0C1xg0C1xg0C 1xg0C 1xg0C
1tedA1tedA1tedA 1tedA 1tedA
1jboB1jboB1jboB 1jboB 1jboB
1oi2A1oi2A1oi2A 1oi2A 1oi2A
1b8dA1b8dA1b8dA 1b8dA 1b8dA
1vekA1vekA1vekA 1vekA 1vekA
1zowA1zowA1zowA 1zowA 1zowA
1u6eA1u6eA1u6eA 1u6eA 1u6eA
1allA1allA1allA 1allA 1allA
1j5sA1j5sA1j5sA 1j5sA 1j5sA
1kn1A1kn1A1kn1A 1kn1A 1kn1A
1phnB1phnB1phnB 1phnB 1phnB
1t07A1t07A1t07A 1t07A 1t07A
1vdwA1vdwA1vdwA 1vdwA 1vdwA
1bi5A1bi5A1bi5A 1bi5A 1bi5A
1y9iA1y9iA1y9iA 1y9iA 1y9iA
2f06A2f06A2f06A 2f06A 2f06A
1wudA1wudA1wudA 1wudA 1wudA
2prd2prd2prd 2prd 2prd
2bvaA2bvaA2bvaA 2bvaA 2bvaA
1n3jA1n3jA1n3jA 1n3jA 1n3jA
1njhA1njhA1njhA 1njhA 1njhA
1rztA1rztA1rztA 1rztA 1rztA
1huw1huw1huw 1huw 1huw
1irsA1irsA1irsA 1irsA 1irsA
1wkt1wkt1wkt 1wkt 1wkt
1cf9A1cf9A1cf9A 1cf9A 1cf9A
3znf3znf3znf 3znf 3znf
1i40A1i40A1i40A 1i40A 1i40A
1i88A1i88A1i88A 1i88A 1i88A
1l9hA1l9hA1l9hA 1l9hA 1l9hA
2g7jA2g7jA2g7jA 2g7jA 2g7jA
1obwA1obwA1obwA 1obwA 1obwA
1lfdA1lfdA1lfdA 1lfdA 1lfdA
1e5dA1e5dA1e5dA 1e5dA 1e5dA
1sedA1sedA1sedA 1sedA 1sedA
2hhmA2hhmA2hhmA 2hhmA 2hhmA
1d7pM1d7pM1d7pM 1d7pM 1d7pM
1dptA1dptA1dptA 1dptA 1dptA
1hzxA1hzxA1hzxA 1hzxA 1hzxA
1eexA1eexA1eexA 1eexA 1eexA
1o0uA1o0uA1o0uA 1o0uA 1o0uA
1cuk1cuk1cuk 1cuk 1cuk
1qh7A1qh7A1qh7A 1qh7A 1qh7A
1hfoA1hfoA1hfoA 1hfoA 1hfoA
1pxvA1pxvA1pxvA 1pxvA 1pxvA
1p80A1p80A1p80A 1p80A 1p80A
1gd0A1gd0A1gd0A 1gd0A 1gd0A
1x8hA1x8hA1x8hA 1x8hA 1x8hA
1imbA1imbA1imbA 1imbA 1imbA
1zzaA1zzaA1zzaA 1zzaA 1zzaA
1ztcA1ztcA1ztcA 1ztcA 1ztcA
1stmA1stmA1stmA 1stmA 1stmA
1h4gA1h4gA1h4gA 1h4gA 1h4gA
2b8nA2b8nA2b8nA 2b8nA 2b8nA
1n1tA1n1tA1n1tA 1n1tA 1n1tA
1nkqA1nkqA1nkqA 1nkqA 1nkqA
1x8gA1x8gA1x8gA 1x8gA 1x8gA
2bcqA2bcqA2bcqA 2bcqA 2bcqA
1s1hM1s1hM1s1hM 1s1hM 1s1hM
2fhxA2fhxA2fhxA 2fhxA 2fhxA
1y4hA1y4hA1y4hA 1y4hA 1y4hA
1fs1B1fs1B1fs1B 1fs1B 1fs1B
1mzjA1mzjA1mzjA 1mzjA 1mzjA
1byqA1byqA1byqA 1byqA 1byqA
1kwsA1kwsA1kwsA 1kwsA 1kwsA
1evlA1evlA1evlA 1evlA 1evlA
1jyaA1jyaA1jyaA 1jyaA 1jyaA
1un8A1un8A1un8A 1un8A 1un8A
1wdpA1wdpA1wdpA 1wdpA 1wdpA
1v8qA1v8qA1v8qA 1v8qA 1v8qA
1vs0A1vs0A1vs0A 1vs0A 1vs0A

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1onxA1onxA1onxA 1onxA 1onxA
2aioA2aioA2aioA 2aioA 2aioA
1cv81cv81cv8 1cv8 1cv8
1h2cA1h2cA1h2cA 1h2cA 1h2cA
1hm6A1hm6A1hm6A 1hm6A 1hm6A
1ulrA1ulrA1ulrA 1ulrA 1ulrA
1hxrA1hxrA1hxrA 1hxrA 1hxrA
1t3qB1t3qB1t3qB 1t3qB 1t3qB
1in4A1in4A1in4A 1in4A 1in4A
1uklC1uklC1uklC 1uklC 1uklC
2gmyA2gmyA2gmyA 2gmyA 2gmyA
1d8dB1d8dB1d8dB 1d8dB 1d8dB
2a1jB2a1jB2a1jB 2a1jB 2a1jB
1wraA1wraA1wraA 1wraA 1wraA
1kq3A1kq3A1kq3A 1kq3A 1kq3A
1qwgA1qwgA1qwgA 1qwgA 1qwgA
1zldA1zldA1zldA 1zldA 1zldA
1b22A1b22A1b22A 1b22A 1b22A
1tazA1tazA1tazA 1tazA 1tazA
2cobA2cobA2cobA 2cobA 2cobA
1hnjA1hnjA1hnjA 1hnjA 1hnjA
1dm5A1dm5A1dm5A 1dm5A 1dm5A
1g0hA1g0hA1g0hA 1g0hA 1g0hA
1o86A1o86A1o86A 1o86A 1o86A
1xm7A1xm7A1xm7A 1xm7A 1xm7A
1xesA1xesA1xesA 1xesA 1xesA
1iu4A1iu4A1iu4A 1iu4A 1iu4A
2avyM2avyM2avyM 2avyM 2avyM
1ynmA1ynmA1ynmA 1ynmA 1ynmA
1u0mA1u0mA1u0mA 1u0mA 1u0mA
1mqoA1mqoA1mqoA 1mqoA 1mqoA
1qusA1qusA1qusA 1qusA 1qusA
2bc2A2bc2A2bc2A 2bc2A 2bc2A
1tzpA1tzpA1tzpA 1tzpA 1tzpA
2b8iA2b8iA2b8iA 2b8iA 2b8iA
1u5hA1u5hA1u5hA 1u5hA 1u5hA
1s3jA1s3jA1s3jA 1s3jA 1s3jA
1fmhB1fmhB1fmhB 1fmhB 1fmhB
1u5vA1u5vA1u5vA 1u5vA 1u5vA
2fbhA2fbhA2fbhA 2fbhA 2fbhA
2fkcA2fkcA2fkcA 2fkcA 2fkcA
1ckv1ckv1ckv 1ckv 1ckv
1qtrA1qtrA1qtrA 1qtrA 1qtrA
1jb0J1jb0J1jb0J 1jb0J 1jb0J
1zkrA1zkrA1zkrA 1zkrA 1zkrA
1kexA1kexA1kexA 1kexA 1kexA
1f5jA1f5jA1f5jA 1f5jA 1f5jA
2f0cA2f0cA2f0cA 2f0cA 2f0cA
1gd8A1gd8A1gd8A 1gd8A 1gd8A
2gcc2gcc2gcc 2gcc 2gcc
1yhtA1yhtA1yhtA 1yhtA 1yhtA
1x2iA1x2iA1x2iA 1x2iA 1x2iA

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001