Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1yocA1yocA1yocA 1yocA 1yocA
1psuA1psuA1psuA 1psuA 1psuA
1vpmA1vpmA1vpmA 1vpmA 1vpmA
2fs2A2fs2A2fs2A 2fs2A 2fs2A
1wluA1wluA1wluA 1wluA 1wluA
1ixlA1ixlA1ixlA 1ixlA 1ixlA
1j1yA1j1yA1j1yA 1j1yA 1j1yA
1vh5A1vh5A1vh5A 1vh5A 1vh5A
1zkiA1zkiA1zkiA 1zkiA 1zkiA
1yliA1yliA1yliA 1yliA 1yliA
2b6eA2b6eA2b6eA 2b6eA 2b6eA
2cyeA2cyeA2cyeA 2cyeA 2cyeA
1q4uA1q4uA1q4uA 1q4uA 1q4uA
1o0iA1o0iA1o0iA 1o0iA 1o0iA
1sh8A1sh8A1sh8A 1sh8A 1sh8A
2gvhA2gvhA2gvhA 2gvhA 2gvhA
1z54A1z54A1z54A 1z54A 1z54A
1njkA1njkA1njkA 1njkA 1njkA
2aliA2aliA2aliA 2aliA 2aliA
1s5uA1s5uA1s5uA 1s5uA 1s5uA
2av9A2av9A2av9A 2av9A 2av9A
1lo7A1lo7A1lo7A 1lo7A 1lo7A
2gf6A2gf6A2gf6A 2gf6A 2gf6A
1bvqA1bvqA1bvqA 1bvqA 1bvqA
2essA2essA2essA 2essA 2essA
1tbuA1tbuA1tbuA 1tbuA 1tbuA
1y8oB1y8oB1y8oB 1y8oB 1y8oB
1qpoA1qpoA1qpoA 1qpoA 1qpoA
1td2A1td2A1td2A 1td2A 1td2A
1x1oA1x1oA1x1oA 1x1oA 1x1oA
1u9cA1u9cA1u9cA 1u9cA 1u9cA
1fyc1fyc1fyc 1fyc 1fyc
1yemA1yemA1yemA 1yemA 1yemA
1k8mA1k8mA1k8mA 1k8mA 1k8mA
1gjxA1gjxA1gjxA 1gjxA 1gjxA
1ghj1ghj1ghj 1ghj 1ghj
1lab1lab1lab 1lab 1lab
1psdA1psdA1psdA 1psdA 1psdA
1a6x1a6x1a6x 1a6x 1a6x
1exeA1exeA1exeA 1exeA 1exeA
1a93A1a93A1a93A 1a93A 1a93A
1ihfA1ihfA1ihfA 1ihfA 1ihfA
1hueA1hueA1hueA 1hueA 1hueA
1qjoA1qjoA1qjoA 1qjoA 1qjoA
1rw7A1rw7A1rw7A 1rw7A 1rw7A
1iyu1iyu1iyu 1iyu 1iyu
1bxlA1bxlA1bxlA 1bxlA 1bxlA
1lddA1lddA1lddA 1lddA 1lddA
1j4aA1j4aA1j4aA 1j4aA 1j4aA
1o4uA1o4uA1o4uA 1o4uA 1o4uA
1lhpA1lhpA1lhpA 1lhpA 1lhpA
1repC1repC1repC 1repC 1repC
1bdo1bdo1bdo 1bdo 1bdo
1csbB1csbB1csbB 1csbB 1csbB
1c17M1c17M1c17M 1c17M 1c17M
1qz4A1qz4A1qz4A 1qz4A 1qz4A
1ihfB1ihfB1ihfB 1ihfB 1ihfB
1ohuA1ohuA1ohuA 1ohuA 1ohuA
1g8lA1g8lA1g8lA 1g8lA 1g8lA
1uspA1uspA1uspA 1uspA 1uspA
2cioA2cioA2cioA 2cioA 2cioA
1q5nA1q5nA1q5nA 1q5nA 1q5nA
2a5yA2a5yA2a5yA 2a5yA 2a5yA
1deuA1deuA1deuA 1deuA 1deuA
2arpA2arpA2arpA 2arpA 2arpA
2dldA2dldA2dldA 2dldA 2dldA
1h1oA1h1oA1h1oA 1h1oA 1h1oA
2evbA2evbA2evbA 2evbA 2evbA
1wtuA1wtuA1wtuA 1wtuA 1wtuA
1maz1maz1maz 1maz 1maz
1iq6A1iq6A1iq6A 1iq6A 1iq6A
1qvzA1qvzA1qvzA 1qvzA 1qvzA
1wrdA1wrdA1wrdA 1wrdA 1wrdA
1f16A1f16A1f16A 1f16A 1f16A
1rm6C1rm6C1rm6C 1rm6C 1rm6C
1xmxA1xmxA1xmxA 1xmxA 1xmxA
1ghtA1ghtA1ghtA 1ghtA 1ghtA
1ukkA1ukkA1ukkA 1ukkA 1ukkA
2nacA2nacA2nacA 2nacA 2nacA
1pq1A1pq1A1pq1A 1pq1A 1pq1A
1rewA1rewA1rewA 1rewA 1rewA
2act2act2act 2act 2act
1c8uA1c8uA1c8uA 1c8uA 1c8uA
2cyjA2cyjA2cyjA 2cyjA 2cyjA
1xkgA1xkgA1xkgA 1xkgA 1xkgA
1mx3A1mx3A1mx3A 1mx3A 1mx3A
1ppn1ppn1ppn 1ppn 1ppn
1jc4A1jc4A1jc4A 1jc4A 1jc4A
1ev7A1ev7A1ev7A 1ev7A 1ev7A
1owfB1owfB1owfB 1owfB 1owfB
1ppo1ppo1ppo 1ppo 1ppo
1lxiA1lxiA1lxiA 1lxiA 1lxiA
1qp8A1qp8A1qp8A 1qp8A 1qp8A
1fjgL1fjgL1fjgL 1fjgL 1fjgL
1uz5A1uz5A1uz5A 1uz5A 1uz5A
1vi7A1vi7A1vi7A 1vi7A 1vi7A
1sc6A1sc6A1sc6A 1sc6A 1sc6A
1lv3A1lv3A1lv3A 1lv3A 1lv3A
1fcdC1fcdC1fcdC 1fcdC 1fcdC
1qapA1qapA1qapA 1qapA 1qapA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1t3qA1t3qA1t3qA 1t3qA 1t3qA
2b7nA2b7nA2b7nA 2b7nA 2b7nA
1qa9A1qa9A1qa9A 1qa9A 1qa9A
2alp2alp2alp 2alp 2alp
2ck3A2ck3A2ck3A 2ck3A 2ck3A
1hymB1hymB1hymB 1hymB 1hymB
1p04A1p04A1p04A 1p04A 1p04A
1h91A1h91A1h91A 1h91A 1h91A
1c1gB1c1gB1c1gB 1c1gB 1c1gB
1cdb1cdb1cdb 1cdb 1cdb
1af31af31af3 1af3 1af3
1pe0A1pe0A1pe0A 1pe0A 1pe0A
1m4uL1m4uL1m4uL 1m4uL 1m4uL
1q25A1q25A1q25A 1q25A 1q25A
1c1gC1c1gC1c1gC 1c1gC 1c1gC
1c1gD1c1gD1c1gD 1c1gD 1c1gD
1hskA1hskA1hskA 1hskA 1hskA
1tit1tit1tit 1tit 1tit
2fq9A2fq9A2fq9A 2fq9A 2fq9A
1owfA1owfA1owfA 1owfA 1owfA
1qfeA1qfeA1qfeA 1qfeA 1qfeA
1i4uA1i4uA1i4uA 1i4uA 1i4uA
1ycyA1ycyA1ycyA 1ycyA 1ycyA
1gdhA1gdhA1gdhA 1gdhA 1gdhA
2fp7B2fp7B2fp7B 2fp7B 2fp7B
1m2aA1m2aA1m2aA 1m2aA 1m2aA
1jmaA1jmaA1jmaA 1jmaA 1jmaA
2nadA2nadA2nadA 2nadA 2nadA
1vqoL1vqoL1vqoL 1vqoL 1vqoL
2d0iA2d0iA2d0iA 2d0iA 2d0iA
1p5fA1p5fA1p5fA 1p5fA 1p5fA
1nxzA1nxzA1nxzA 1nxzA 1nxzA
1wwkA1wwkA1wwkA 1wwkA 1wwkA
1c531c531c53 1c53 1c53
1lylA1lylA1lylA 1lylA 1lylA
1nt4A1nt4A1nt4A 1nt4A 1nt4A
1n62A1n62A1n62A 1n62A 1n62A
1ap81ap81ap8 1ap8 1ap8
1oygA1oygA1oygA 1oygA 1oygA
1y01A1y01A1y01A 1y01A 1y01A
1ic1A1ic1A1ic1A 1ic1A 1ic1A
1xdwA1xdwA1xdwA 1xdwA 1xdwA
1z8uA1z8uA1z8uA 1z8uA 1z8uA
1pn2A1pn2A1pn2A 1pn2A 1pn2A
3c2c3c2c3c2c 3c2c 3c2c
1pz1A1pz1A1pz1A 1pz1A 1pz1A
1glaF1glaF1glaF 1glaF 1glaF
1dkqA1dkqA1dkqA 1dkqA 1dkqA
1jenB1jenB1jenB 1jenB 1jenB
1ngkA1ngkA1ngkA 1ngkA 1ngkA
1quqA1quqA1quqA 1quqA 1quqA
2fomB2fomB2fomB 2fomB 2fomB
1theB1theB1theB 1theB 1theB
1t9hA1t9hA1t9hA 1t9hA 1t9hA
1pil1pil1pil 1pil 1pil
2rveA2rveA2rveA 2rveA 2rveA
1esgA1esgA1esgA 1esgA 1esgA
3bamB3bamB3bamB 3bamB 3bamB
1v3rA1v3rA1v3rA 1v3rA 1v3rA
1icfA1icfA1icfA 1icfA 1icfA
1g2iA1g2iA1g2iA 1g2iA 1g2iA
1cne1cne1cne 1cne 1cne
1t9fA1t9fA1t9fA 1t9fA 1t9fA
1qfjA1qfjA1qfjA 1qfjA 1qfjA
1oeiA1oeiA1oeiA 1oeiA 1oeiA
1yal1yal1yal 1yal 1yal
3bamA3bamA3bamA 3bamA 3bamA
1w0bA1w0bA1w0bA 1w0bA 1w0bA
9pap9pap9pap 9pap 9pap
1l8bA1l8bA1l8bA 1l8bA 1l8bA
1vi9A1vi9A1vi9A 1vi9A 1vi9A
1qrqA1qrqA1qrqA 1qrqA 1qrqA
1odp1odp1odp 1odp 1odp
1bvp11bvp11bvp1 1bvp1 1bvp1
1ytzT1ytzT1ytzT 1ytzT 1ytzT
1m2dA1m2dA1m2dA 1m2dA 1m2dA
1v6zA1v6zA1v6zA 1v6zA 1v6zA
1vhyA1vhyA1vhyA 1vhyA 1vhyA
1az3A1az3A1az3A 1az3A 1az3A
1k3bB1k3bB1k3bB 1k3bB 1k3bB
1gqnA1gqnA1gqnA 1gqnA 1gqnA
1w5cB1w5cB1w5cB 1w5cB 1w5cB
1xeqA1xeqA1xeqA 1xeqA 1xeqA
1vfjA1vfjA1vfjA 1vfjA 1vfjA
1z2kA1z2kA1z2kA 1z2kA 1z2kA
1ejxA1ejxA1ejxA 1ejxA 1ejxA
1dkmA1dkmA1dkmA 1dkmA 1dkmA
1wwiA1wwiA1wwiA 1wwiA 1wwiA
1vlaA1vlaA1vlaA 1vlaA 1vlaA
2fvhA2fvhA2fvhA 2fvhA 2fvhA
1mkaA1mkaA1mkaA 1mkaA 1mkaA
1xnaA1xnaA1xnaA 1xnaA 1xnaA
1ipcA1ipcA1ipcA 1ipcA 1ipcA
1wmhA1wmhA1wmhA 1wmhA 1wmhA
1khqA1khqA1khqA 1khqA 1khqA
1m2bA1m2bA1m2bA 1m2bA 1m2bA
1fnhA1fnhA1fnhA 1fnhA 1fnhA
1t82A1t82A1t82A 1t82A 1t82A
2g76A2g76A2g76A 2g76A 2g76A
1e44B1e44B1e44B 1e44B 1e44B

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1pbyA1pbyA1pbyA 1pbyA 1pbyA
2a9iA2a9iA2a9iA 2a9iA 2a9iA
1fdr1fdr1fdr 1fdr 1fdr
1nozA1nozA1nozA 1nozA 1nozA
2cwzA2cwzA2cwzA 2cwzA 2cwzA
1q18A1q18A1q18A 1q18A 1q18A
1zwtA1zwtA1zwtA 1zwtA 1zwtA
3ullA3ullA3ullA 3ullA 3ullA
1hdr1hdr1hdr 1hdr 1hdr
1rvaA1rvaA1rvaA 1rvaA 1rvaA
1aec1aec1aec 1aec 1aec
1axj1axj1axj 1axj 1axj
1ug7A1ug7A1ug7A 1ug7A 1ug7A
1ql3A1ql3A1ql3A 1ql3A 1ql3A
1s5lA1s5lA1s5lA 1s5lA 1s5lA
1gyxA1gyxA1gyxA 1gyxA 1gyxA
1hh7A1hh7A1hh7A 1hh7A 1hh7A
1hic1hic1hic 1hic 1hic
2axtB2axtB2axtB 2axtB 2axtB
1l9wA1l9wA1l9wA 1l9wA 1l9wA
1nqcA1nqcA1nqcA 1nqcA 1nqcA
1cnoA1cnoA1cnoA 1cnoA 1cnoA

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001