Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1d4fA1d4fA1d4fA 1d4fA 1d4fA
1qyrA1qyrA1qyrA 1qyrA 1qyrA
1y14B1y14B1y14B 1y14B 1y14B
1si7A1si7A1si7A 1si7A 1si7A
1wd7A1wd7A1wd7A 1wd7A 1wd7A
2b0mA2b0mA2b0mA 2b0mA 2b0mA
1nriA1nriA1nriA 1nriA 1nriA
1qbhA1qbhA1qbhA 1qbhA 1qbhA
1ac1A1ac1A1ac1A 1ac1A 1ac1A
1se0A1se0A1se0A 1se0A 1se0A
1g73C1g73C1g73C 1g73C 1g73C
1f9xA1f9xA1f9xA 1f9xA 1f9xA
1g13A1g13A1g13A 1g13A 1g13A
1m4mA1m4mA1m4mA 1m4mA 1m4mA
1gpjA1gpjA1gpjA 1gpjA 1gpjA
1jd5A1jd5A1jd5A 1jd5A 1jd5A
1g3fA1g3fA1g3fA 1g3fA 1g3fA
1fjgI1fjgI1fjgI 1fjgI 1fjgI
1gdhA1gdhA1gdhA 1gdhA 1gdhA
1b3rA1b3rA1b3rA 1b3rA 1b3rA
1wcwA1wcwA1wcwA 1wcwA 1wcwA
1sv6A1sv6A1sv6A 1sv6A 1sv6A
1o8rA1o8rA1o8rA 1o8rA 1o8rA
1acvA1acvA1acvA 1acvA 1acvA
1pzgA1pzgA1pzgA 1pzgA 1pzgA
1fztA1fztA1fztA 1fztA 1fztA
1h2eA1h2eA1h2eA 1h2eA 1h2eA
1uok1uok1uok 1uok 1uok
1tw6A1tw6A1tw6A 1tw6A 1tw6A
1h7cA1h7cA1h7cA 1h7cA 1h7cA
1oxnA1oxnA1oxnA 1oxnA 1oxnA
2bfxC2bfxC2bfxC 2bfxC 2bfxC
1qamA1qamA1qamA 1qamA 1qamA
1o6sA1o6sA1o6sA 1o6sA 1o6sA
1np3A1np3A1np3A 1np3A 1np3A
1riiA1riiA1riiA 1riiA 1riiA
1ofuX1ofuX1ofuX 1ofuX 1ofuX
1f3hA1f3hA1f3hA 1f3hA 1f3hA
1lst1lst1lst 1lst 1lst
1ur5A1ur5A1ur5A 1ur5A 1ur5A
1aocA1aocA1aocA 1aocA 1aocA
1ebbA1ebbA1ebbA 1ebbA 1ebbA
1ds1A1ds1A1ds1A 1ds1A 1ds1A
1eh9A1eh9A1eh9A 1eh9A 1eh9A
3ldh3ldh3ldh 3ldh 3ldh
1d3hA1d3hA1d3hA 1d3hA 1d3hA
1l7yA1l7yA1l7yA 1l7yA 1l7yA
6ldh6ldh6ldh 6ldh 6ldh
1pjcA1pjcA1pjcA 1pjcA 1pjcA
1fvkA1fvkA1fvkA 1fvkA 1fvkA
1fr3A1fr3A1fr3A 1fr3A 1fr3A
1qsdA1qsdA1qsdA 1qsdA 1qsdA
1sc6A1sc6A1sc6A 1sc6A 1sc6A
1uxjA1uxjA1uxjA 1uxjA 1uxjA
1xkuA1xkuA1xkuA 1xkuA 1xkuA
1zfjA1zfjA1zfjA 1zfjA 1zfjA
2prk2prk2prk 2prk 2prk
1j0hA1j0hA1j0hA 1j0hA 1j0hA
2bhuA2bhuA2bhuA 2bhuA 2bhuA
1zdyA1zdyA1zdyA 1zdyA 1zdyA
1baq1baq1baq 1baq 1baq
1w36B1w36B1w36B 1w36B 1w36B
1hslA1hslA1hslA 1hslA 1hslA
1ldm1ldm1ldm 1ldm 1ldm
2a4nA2a4nA2a4nA 2a4nA 2a4nA
1vzyA1vzyA1vzyA 1vzyA 1vzyA
1g9gA1g9gA1g9gA 1g9gA 1g9gA
2b4wA2b4wA2b4wA 2b4wA 2b4wA
1b8pA1b8pA1b8pA 1b8pA 1b8pA
1fqvA1fqvA1fqvA 1fqvA 1fqvA
1ziwA1ziwA1ziwA 1ziwA 1ziwA
1a7aA1a7aA1a7aA 1a7aA 1a7aA
1e58A1e58A1e58A 1e58A 1e58A
1jeoA1jeoA1jeoA 1jeoA 1jeoA
1d3gA1d3gA1d3gA 1d3gA 1d3gA
1m8jA1m8jA1m8jA 1m8jA 1m8jA
1gjwA1gjwA1gjwA 1gjwA 1gjwA
1wz7A1wz7A1wz7A 1wz7A 1wz7A
1o50A1o50A1o50A 1o50A 1o50A
1uumA1uumA1uumA 1uumA 1uumA
1sva11sva11sva1 1sva1 1sva1
5ldh5ldh5ldh 5ldh 5ldh
1c9qA1c9qA1c9qA 1c9qA 1c9qA
1uh4A1uh4A1uh4A 1uh4A 1uh4A
1wzaA1wzaA1wzaA 1wzaA 1wzaA
9ldtA9ldtA9ldtA 9ldtA 9ldtA
1xvsA1xvsA1xvsA 1xvsA 1xvsA
1f76A1f76A1f76A 1f76A 1f76A
1tk9A1tk9A1tk9A 1tk9A 1tk9A
1fp4A1fp4A1fp4A 1fp4A 1fp4A
1z5oA1z5oA1z5oA 1z5oA 1z5oA
1eucA1eucA1eucA 1eucA 1eucA
1ehaA1ehaA1ehaA 1ehaA 1ehaA
1tzaA1tzaA1tzaA 1tzaA 1tzaA
1pv1A1pv1A1pv1A 1pv1A 1pv1A
1m9sA1m9sA1m9sA 1m9sA 1m9sA
1ej2A1ej2A1ej2A 1ej2A 1ej2A
1sh8A1sh8A1sh8A 1sh8A 1sh8A
1dcs1dcs1dcs 1dcs 1dcs
1ea9C1ea9C1ea9C 1ea9C 1ea9C

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1mfn1mfn1mfn 1mfn 1mfn
1ceqA1ceqA1ceqA 1ceqA 1ceqA
1gvhA1gvhA1gvhA 1gvhA 1gvhA
1ji2A1ji2A1ji2A 1ji2A 1ji2A
1ht6A1ht6A1ht6A 1ht6A 1ht6A
1z5nA1z5nA1z5nA 1z5nA 1z5nA
1a54A1a54A1a54A 1a54A 1a54A
1wzlA1wzlA1wzlA 1wzlA 1wzlA
1ixh1ixh1ixh 1ixh 1ixh
1w9gA1w9gA1w9gA 1w9gA 1w9gA
1j4aA1j4aA1j4aA 1j4aA 1j4aA
1ujcA1ujcA1ujcA 1ujcA 1ujcA
1n2sA1n2sA1n2sA 1n2sA 1n2sA
1mwmA1mwmA1mwmA 1mwmA 1mwmA
1fp1D1fp1D1fp1D 1fp1D 1fp1D
1wjnA1wjnA1wjnA 1wjnA 1wjnA
2g76A2g76A2g76A 2g76A 2g76A
1wpgA1wpgA1wpgA 1wpgA 1wpgA
1ffkN1ffkN1ffkN 1ffkN 1ffkN
1x92A1x92A1x92A 1x92A 1x92A
1o6zA1o6zA1o6zA 1o6zA 1o6zA
1liiA1liiA1liiA 1liiA 1liiA
1fbtA1fbtA1fbtA 1fbtA 1fbtA
1n71A1n71A1n71A 1n71A 1n71A
2bi7A2bi7A2bi7A 2bi7A 2bi7A
1lci1lci1lci 1lci 1lci
2f02A2f02A2f02A 2f02A 2f02A
1qhfA1qhfA1qhfA 1qhfA 1qhfA
1neiA1neiA1neiA 1neiA 1neiA
1zq9A1zq9A1zq9A 1zq9A 1zq9A
1t3lA1t3lA1t3lA 1t3lA 1t3lA
1fnc1fnc1fnc 1fnc 1fnc
1b5qA1b5qA1b5qA 1b5qA 1b5qA
1dg9A1dg9A1dg9A 1dg9A 1dg9A
1jyhA1jyhA1jyhA 1jyhA 1jyhA
1ic6A1ic6A1ic6A 1ic6A 1ic6A
1p9aG1p9aG1p9aG 1p9aG 1p9aG
1avaA1avaA1avaA 1avaA 1avaA
2b20A2b20A2b20A 2b20A 2b20A
1mldA1mldA1mldA 1mldA 1mldA
1bdmA1bdmA1bdmA 1bdmA 1bdmA
2asuB2asuB2asuB 2asuB 2asuB
2d28C2d28C2d28C 2d28C 2d28C
1xwwA1xwwA1xwwA 1xwwA 1xwwA
1vd2A1vd2A1vd2A 1vd2A 1vd2A
1k8qA1k8qA1k8qA 1k8qA 1k8qA
1rnbA1rnbA1rnbA 1rnbA 1rnbA
1gouA1gouA1gouA 1gouA 1gouA
1icfI1icfI1icfI 1icfI 1icfI
1b3sA1b3sA1b3sA 1b3sA 1b3sA
1q3iA1q3iA1q3iA 1q3iA 1q3iA
2absA2absA2absA 2absA 2absA
1ds9A1ds9A1ds9A 1ds9A 1ds9A
1ldg1ldg1ldg 1ldg 1ldg
1bo4B1bo4B1bo4B 1bo4B 1bo4B
1b2sA1b2sA1b2sA 1b2sA 1b2sA
1m0zA1m0zA1m0zA 1m0zA 1m0zA
2awdA2awdA2awdA 2awdA 2awdA
1eudA1eudA1eudA 1eudA 1eudA
1a2pA1a2pA1a2pA 1a2pA 1a2pA
1f6dA1f6dA1f6dA 1f6dA 1f6dA
1zc1A1zc1A1zc1A 1zc1A 1zc1A
1rjdA1rjdA1rjdA 1rjdA 1rjdA
1qh0A1qh0A1qh0A 1qh0A 1qh0A
1psdA1psdA1psdA 1psdA 1psdA
1k8tA1k8tA1k8tA 1k8tA 1k8tA
1yv4A1yv4A1yv4A 1yv4A 1yv4A
1lv4A1lv4A1lv4A 1lv4A 1lv4A
1ovlA1ovlA1ovlA 1ovlA 1ovlA
1que1que1que 1que 1que
1o94A1o94A1o94A 1o94A 1o94A
1ba11ba11ba1 1ba1 1ba1
2a6pA2a6pA2a6pA 2a6pA 2a6pA
1lwjA1lwjA1lwjA 1lwjA 1lwjA
1gp4A1gp4A1gp4A 1gp4A 1gp4A
1a451a451a45 1a45 1a45
1rcf1rcf1rcf 1rcf 1rcf
1jh3A1jh3A1jh3A 1jh3A 1jh3A
1fnd1fnd1fnd 1fnd 1fnd
1qg0A1qg0A1qg0A 1qg0A 1qg0A
1t0bA1t0bA1t0bA 1t0bA 1t0bA
1b20A1b20A1b20A 1b20A 1b20A
2nadA2nadA2nadA 2nadA 2nadA
1shxA1shxA1shxA 1shxA 1shxA
2minA2minA2minA 2minA 2minA
1tyyA1tyyA1tyyA 1tyyA 1tyyA
1mo7A1mo7A1mo7A 1mo7A 1mo7A
1vyiA1vyiA1vyiA 1vyiA 1vyiA
1yrgB1yrgB1yrgB 1yrgB 1yrgB
1a5dA1a5dA1a5dA 1a5dA 1a5dA
1k1tA1k1tA1k1tA 1k1tA 1k1tA
1a12A1a12A1a12A 1a12A 1a12A
1krhA1krhA1krhA 1krhA 1krhA
1dxy1dxy1dxy 1dxy 1dxy
1sy3A1sy3A1sy3A 1sy3A 1sy3A
1ofcX1ofcX1ofcX 1ofcX 1ofcX
1i4wA1i4wA1i4wA 1i4wA 1i4wA
1fo1A1fo1A1fo1A 1fo1A 1fo1A
1zt3A1zt3A1zt3A 1zt3A 1zt3A
1oznA1oznA1oznA 1oznA 1oznA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1i39A1i39A1i39A 1i39A 1i39A
1pu5A1pu5A1pu5A 1pu5A 1pu5A
1h6fA1h6fA1h6fA 1h6fA 1h6fA
1ylmA1ylmA1ylmA 1ylmA 1ylmA
1vih1vih1vih 1vih 1vih
1ldnA1ldnA1ldnA 1ldnA 1ldnA
2fcwA2fcwA2fcwA 2fcwA 2fcwA
1e4eA1e4eA1e4eA 1e4eA 1e4eA
1dgmA1dgmA1dgmA 1dgmA 1dgmA
1uslA1uslA1uslA 1uslA 1uslA
1jm6A1jm6A1jm6A 1jm6A 1jm6A
1apf1apf1apf 1apf 1apf
1n69A1n69A1n69A 1n69A 1n69A
2bsaA2bsaA2bsaA 2bsaA 2bsaA
3minC3minC3minC 3minC 3minC
1jj2P1jj2P1jj2P 1jj2P 1jj2P
1h1lA1h1lA1h1lA 1h1lA 1h1lA
1l8wA1l8wA1l8wA 1l8wA 1l8wA
1cqzA1cqzA1cqzA 1cqzA 1cqzA
2akoA2akoA2akoA 2akoA 2akoA
2fx22fx22fx2 2fx2 2fx2
1ni4B1ni4B1ni4B 1ni4B 1ni4B
2csbA2csbA2csbA 2csbA 2csbA
2bh4X2bh4X2bh4X 2bh4X 2bh4X
1gkxA1gkxA1gkxA 1gkxA 1gkxA
2btzA2btzA2btzA 2btzA 2btzA
2prf2prf2prf 2prf 2prf
1b37A1b37A1b37A 1b37A 1b37A
1eulA1eulA1eulA 1eulA 1eulA
1hbwA1hbwA1hbwA 1hbwA 1hbwA
1ua7A1ua7A1ua7A 1ua7A 1ua7A
1qbzA1qbzA1qbzA 1qbzA 1qbzA
1o1xA1o1xA1o1xA 1o1xA 1o1xA
2d0oB2d0oB2d0oB 2d0oB 2d0oB
1oqyA1oqyA1oqyA 1oqyA 1oqyA
1xmrA1xmrA1xmrA 1xmrA 1xmrA
1pbp1pbp1pbp 1pbp 1pbp
1hg5A1hg5A1hg5A 1hg5A 1hg5A
2amlA2amlA2amlA 2amlA 2amlA
1a401a401a40 1a40 1a40
1iwmA1iwmA1iwmA 1iwmA 1iwmA
1jceA1jceA1jceA 1jceA 1jceA
1l7dA1l7dA1l7dA 1l7dA 1l7dA
2cxcA2cxcA2cxcA 2cxcA 2cxcA
1ats1ats1ats 1ats 1ats
1y8tA1y8tA1y8tA 1y8tA 1y8tA
1pnkB1pnkB1pnkB 1pnkB 1pnkB
1jubA1jubA1jubA 1jubA 1jubA
1us5A1us5A1us5A 1us5A 1us5A
1ahl1ahl1ahl 1ahl 1ahl
1iv8A1iv8A1iv8A 1iv8A 1iv8A
1l1jA1l1jA1l1jA 1l1jA 1l1jA
1byi1byi1byi 1byi 1byi
1ituA1ituA1ituA 1ituA 1ituA
1yt3A1yt3A1yt3A 1yt3A 1yt3A
1acf1acf1acf 1acf 1acf
1qguB1qguB1qguB 1qguB 1qguB
2dldA2dldA2dldA 2dldA 2dldA
1hf8A1hf8A1hf8A 1hf8A 1hf8A
1y8oA1y8oA1y8oA 1y8oA 1y8oA
1ag9A1ag9A1ag9A 1ag9A 1ag9A
1el6B1el6B1el6B 1el6B 1el6B
1w34A1w34A1w34A 1w34A 1w34A
1jcrB1jcrB1jcrB 1jcrB 1jcrB
1jl3A1jl3A1jl3A 1jl3A 1jl3A
1aurA1aurA1aurA 1aurA 1aurA
1dk0A1dk0A1dk0A 1dk0A 1dk0A
1v70A1v70A1v70A 1v70A 1v70A
2b5oA2b5oA2b5oA 2b5oA 2b5oA
1go3E1go3E1go3E 1go3E 1go3E
1np6A1np6A1np6A 1np6A 1np6A
1n3bA1n3bA1n3bA 1n3bA 1n3bA
1ei1A1ei1A1ei1A 1ei1A 1ei1A
1g3p1g3p1g3p 1g3p 1g3p
1rsgA1rsgA1rsgA 1rsgA 1rsgA
1fg7A1fg7A1fg7A 1fg7A 1fg7A
1h7wB1h7wB1h7wB 1h7wB 1h7wB
1zzaA1zzaA1zzaA 1zzaA 1zzaA
1qumA1qumA1qumA 1qumA 1qumA
1jjvA1jjvA1jjvA 1jjvA 1jjvA
1bib1bib1bib 1bib 1bib
1q16A1q16A1q16A 1q16A 1q16A
1b8zA1b8zA1b8zA 1b8zA 1b8zA
2ercA2ercA2ercA 2ercA 2ercA
1prq1prq1prq 1prq 1prq
1wlmA1wlmA1wlmA 1wlmA 1wlmA
1b21A1b21A1b21A 1b21A 1b21A
1hybA1hybA1hybA 1hybA 1hybA
1lm4A1lm4A1lm4A 1lm4A 1lm4A
1a8p1a8p1a8p 1a8p 1a8p
2guhA2guhA2guhA 2guhA 2guhA
1moq1moq1moq 1moq 1moq
1ac01ac01ac0 1ac0 1ac0
1yrgA1yrgA1yrgA 1yrgA 1yrgA
1h7xB1h7xB1h7xB 1h7xB 1h7xB
1jjfA1jjfA1jjfA 1jjfA 1jjfA
2bkyX2bkyX2bkyX 2bkyX 2bkyX
1bnr1bnr1bnr 1bnr 1bnr
1t2dA1t2dA1t2dA 1t2dA 1t2dA
2bifA2bifA2bifA 2bifA 2bifA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1h32A1h32A1h32A 1h32A 1h32A
1nedA1nedA1nedA 1nedA 1nedA
2aefA2aefA2aefA 2aefA 2aefA
1eexB1eexB1eexB 1eexB 1eexB
1cznA1cznA1cznA 1cznA 1cznA
1m07A1m07A1m07A 1m07A 1m07A
1oboA1oboA1oboA 1oboA 1oboA
3minB3minB3minB 3minB 3minB
1lnqA1lnqA1lnqA 1lnqA 1lnqA
1suyC1suyC1suyC 1suyC 1suyC
1o6vA1o6vA1o6vA 1o6vA 1o6vA
1umkA1umkA1umkA 1umkA 1umkA
1xwl1xwl1xwl 1xwl 1xwl
1amoA1amoA1amoA 1amoA 1amoA
1y0pA1y0pA1y0pA 1y0pA 1y0pA
1l1lA1l1lA1l1lA 1l1lA 1l1lA
1fnb1fnb1fnb 1fnb 1fnb
1h7xD1h7xD1h7xD 1h7xD 1h7xD
1v25A1v25A1v25A 1v25A 1v25A
1mla1mla1mla 1mla 1mla
1shwA1shwA1shwA 1shwA 1shwA
2tmdA2tmdA2tmdA 2tmdA 2tmdA
2fq4A2fq4A2fq4A 2fq4A 2fq4A
1bupA1bupA1bupA 1bupA 1bupA
2a23A2a23A2a23A 2a23A 2a23A
1wwkA1wwkA1wwkA 1wwkA 1wwkA
1a5z1a5z1a5z 1a5z 1a5z
1noyA1noyA1noyA 1noyA 1noyA
1qhkA1qhkA1qhkA 1qhkA 1qhkA
1s72Q1s72Q1s72Q 1s72Q 1s72Q
1h6tA1h6tA1h6tA 1h6tA 1h6tA
1gdvA1gdvA1gdvA 1gdvA 1gdvA

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001