Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1uok1uok1uok 1uok 1uok
1ofuX1ofuX1ofuX 1ofuX 1ofuX
1gox1gox1gox 1gox 1gox
1l7dA1l7dA1l7dA 1l7dA 1l7dA
1qsdA1qsdA1qsdA 1qsdA 1qsdA
1q3iA1q3iA1q3iA 1q3iA 1q3iA
1x13A1x13A1x13A 1x13A 1x13A
1v4vA1v4vA1v4vA 1v4vA 1v4vA
1kblA1kblA1kblA 1kblA 1kblA
1p4cA1p4cA1p4cA 1p4cA 1p4cA
1jd5A1jd5A1jd5A 1jd5A 1jd5A
1g73C1g73C1g73C 1g73C 1g73C
1se0A1se0A1se0A 1se0A 1se0A
1ujcA1ujcA1ujcA 1ujcA 1ujcA
1gcyA1gcyA1gcyA 1gcyA 1gcyA
1h7cA1h7cA1h7cA 1h7cA 1h7cA
2ag4A2ag4A2ag4A 2ag4A 2ag4A
1o8rA1o8rA1o8rA 1o8rA 1o8rA
1v8bA1v8bA1v8bA 1v8bA 1v8bA
1tw6A1tw6A1tw6A 1tw6A 1tw6A
1b8zA1b8zA1b8zA 1b8zA 1b8zA
1jyhA1jyhA1jyhA 1jyhA 1jyhA
1li4A1li4A1li4A 1li4A 1li4A
1g94A1g94A1g94A 1g94A 1g94A
1vzyA1vzyA1vzyA 1vzyA 1vzyA
2nacA2nacA2nacA 2nacA 2nacA
1gdhA1gdhA1gdhA 1gdhA 1gdhA
1a12A1a12A1a12A 1a12A 1a12A
1mx3A1mx3A1mx3A 1mx3A 1mx3A
1d5yA1d5yA1d5yA 1d5yA 1d5yA
1pkhA1pkhA1pkhA 1pkhA 1pkhA
1tk9A1tk9A1tk9A 1tk9A 1tk9A
1omoA1omoA1omoA 1omoA 1omoA
1lzlA1lzlA1lzlA 1lzlA 1lzlA
1fyhB1fyhB1fyhB 1fyhB 1fyhB
1ei6A1ei6A1ei6A 1ei6A 1ei6A
1wzaA1wzaA1wzaA 1wzaA 1wzaA
1ihuA1ihuA1ihuA 1ihuA 1ihuA
1acf1acf1acf 1acf 1acf
1smd1smd1smd 1smd 1smd
2g76A2g76A2g76A 2g76A 2g76A
1kjwA1kjwA1kjwA 1kjwA 1kjwA
6ldh6ldh6ldh 6ldh 6ldh
1l7yA1l7yA1l7yA 1l7yA 1l7yA
2bfxC2bfxC2bfxC 2bfxC 2bfxC
1x7dA1x7dA1x7dA 1x7dA 1x7dA
1p99A1p99A1p99A 1p99A 1p99A
1ji1A1ji1A1ji1A 1ji1A 1ji1A
2a14A2a14A2a14A 2a14A 2a14A
2bh8A2bh8A2bh8A 2bh8A 2bh8A
1bu8A1bu8A1bu8A 1bu8A 1bu8A
1jl5A1jl5A1jl5A 1jl5A 1jl5A
1w4rA1w4rA1w4rA 1w4rA 1w4rA
1h2eA1h2eA1h2eA 1h2eA 1h2eA
1odhA1odhA1odhA 1odhA 1odhA
1oznA1oznA1oznA 1oznA 1oznA
1iwmA1iwmA1iwmA 1iwmA 1iwmA
1msk1msk1msk 1msk 1msk
1fjgI1fjgI1fjgI 1fjgI 1fjgI
1dg9A1dg9A1dg9A 1dg9A 1dg9A
1ogqA1ogqA1ogqA 1ogqA 1ogqA
1mgrA1mgrA1mgrA 1mgrA 1mgrA
1c96A1c96A1c96A 1c96A 1c96A
1d3gA1d3gA1d3gA 1d3gA 1d3gA
1wwkA1wwkA1wwkA 1wwkA 1wwkA
1wwlA1wwlA1wwlA 1wwlA 1wwlA
1zedA1zedA1zedA 1zedA 1zedA
1lv4A1lv4A1lv4A 1lv4A 1lv4A
1r7aA1r7aA1r7aA 1r7aA 1r7aA
1mtpA1mtpA1mtpA 1mtpA 1mtpA
1pjcA1pjcA1pjcA 1pjcA 1pjcA
1kicA1kicA1kicA 1kicA 1kicA
1w9gA1w9gA1w9gA 1w9gA 1w9gA
1gpjA1gpjA1gpjA 1gpjA 1gpjA
1pylA1pylA1pylA 1pylA 1pylA
1wmhA1wmhA1wmhA 1wmhA 1wmhA
1xkuA1xkuA1xkuA 1xkuA 1xkuA
1hf8A1hf8A1hf8A 1hf8A 1hf8A
1j0hA1j0hA1j0hA 1j0hA 1j0hA
1dqwA1dqwA1dqwA 1dqwA 1dqwA
1xvsA1xvsA1xvsA 1xvsA 1xvsA
2bhuA2bhuA2bhuA 2bhuA 2bhuA
1hx0A1hx0A1hx0A 1hx0A 1hx0A
1kxoA1kxoA1kxoA 1kxoA 1kxoA
1wzlA1wzlA1wzlA 1wzlA 1wzlA
1uh4A1uh4A1uh4A 1uh4A 1uh4A
1jtdB1jtdB1jtdB 1jtdB 1jtdB
1vqoQ1vqoQ1vqoQ 1vqoQ 1vqoQ
1f0kA1f0kA1f0kA 1f0kA 1f0kA
1sc6A1sc6A1sc6A 1sc6A 1sc6A
1h3gA1h3gA1h3gA 1h3gA 1h3gA
1qx4A1qx4A1qx4A 1qx4A 1qx4A
1m1nA1m1nA1m1nA 1m1nA 1m1nA
1dxrC1dxrC1dxrC 1dxrC 1dxrC
1c3mA1c3mA1c3mA 1c3mA 1c3mA
1odkA1odkA1odkA 1odkA 1odkA
1h6fA1h6fA1h6fA 1h6fA 1h6fA
1bif1bif1bif 1bif 1bif
1m07A1m07A1m07A 1m07A 1m07A
1wcwA1wcwA1wcwA 1wcwA 1wcwA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
2d0iA2d0iA2d0iA 2d0iA 2d0iA
1d1qA1d1qA1d1qA 1d1qA 1d1qA
1xwwA1xwwA1xwwA 1xwwA 1xwwA
1ahl1ahl1ahl 1ahl 1ahl
1hbwA1hbwA1hbwA 1hbwA 1hbwA
1iirA1iirA1iirA 1iirA 1iirA
1p9aG1p9aG1p9aG 1p9aG 1p9aG
1mxgA1mxgA1mxgA 1mxgA 1mxgA
1eit1eit1eit 1eit 1eit
1vc1A1vc1A1vc1A 1vc1A 1vc1A
1h6dA1h6dA1h6dA 1h6dA 1h6dA
1uteA1uteA1uteA 1uteA 1uteA
2gnoA2gnoA2gnoA 2gnoA 2gnoA
1jdc1jdc1jdc 1jdc 1jdc
1jl3A1jl3A1jl3A 1jl3A 1jl3A
1h30A1h30A1h30A 1h30A 1h30A
1jkmB1jkmB1jkmB 1jkmB 1jkmB
1wb4A1wb4A1wb4A 1wb4A 1wb4A
2b8tA2b8tA2b8tA 2b8tA 2b8tA
1r7mA1r7mA1r7mA 1r7mA 1r7mA
1vg0A1vg0A1vg0A 1vg0A 1vg0A
1i1jA1i1jA1i1jA 1i1jA 1i1jA
1dceA1dceA1dceA 1dceA 1dceA
1up8A1up8A1up8A 1up8A 1up8A
1jayA1jayA1jayA 1jayA 1jayA
1dxy1dxy1dxy 1dxy 1dxy
1j4aA1j4aA1j4aA 1j4aA 1j4aA
2etgA2etgA2etgA 2etgA 2etgA
1ixmA1ixmA1ixmA 1ixmA 1ixmA
1xs5A1xs5A1xs5A 1xs5A 1xs5A
1t0hB1t0hB1t0hB 1t0hB 1t0hB
1ua7A1ua7A1ua7A 1ua7A 1ua7A
1g5aA1g5aA1g5aA 1g5aA 1g5aA
1e58A1e58A1e58A 1e58A 1e58A
2g3bA2g3bA2g3bA 2g3bA 2g3bA
1iloA1iloA1iloA 1iloA 1iloA
2gfgA2gfgA2gfgA 2gfgA 2gfgA
1wruA1wruA1wruA 1wruA 1wruA
1u4nA1u4nA1u4nA 1u4nA 1u4nA
1neiA1neiA1neiA 1neiA 1neiA
1nriA1nriA1nriA 1nriA 1nriA
1fr3A1fr3A1fr3A 1fr3A 1fr3A
1vimA1vimA1vimA 1vimA 1vimA
1g9gA1g9gA1g9gA 1g9gA 1g9gA
5eau5eau5eau 5eau 5eau
1ts9A1ts9A1ts9A 1ts9A 1ts9A
1a2pA1a2pA1a2pA 1a2pA 1a2pA
1m12A1m12A1m12A 1m12A 1m12A
1dj7B1dj7B1dj7B 1dj7B 1dj7B
1zc1A1zc1A1zc1A 1zc1A 1zc1A
1o1xA1o1xA1o1xA 1o1xA 1o1xA
1jx6A1jx6A1jx6A 1jx6A 1jx6A
1iow1iow1iow 1iow 1iow
2a23A2a23A2a23A 2a23A 2a23A
1wdnA1wdnA1wdnA 1wdnA 1wdnA
1tuaA1tuaA1tuaA 1tuaA 1tuaA
1ht6A1ht6A1ht6A 1ht6A 1ht6A
1nnhA1nnhA1nnhA 1nnhA 1nnhA
1oj8A1oj8A1oj8A 1oj8A 1oj8A
2d0oB2d0oB2d0oB 2d0oB 2d0oB
1ziwA1ziwA1ziwA 1ziwA 1ziwA
1x4sA1x4sA1x4sA 1x4sA 1x4sA
2c4bA2c4bA2c4bA 2c4bA 2c4bA
1wd7A1wd7A1wd7A 1wd7A 1wd7A
1t3qC1t3qC1t3qC 1t3qC 1t3qC
1zzaA1zzaA1zzaA 1zzaA 1zzaA
1wbhA1wbhA1wbhA 1wbhA 1wbhA
1zt3A1zt3A1zt3A 1zt3A 1zt3A
1qhoA1qhoA1qhoA 1qhoA 1qhoA
2a3nA2a3nA2a3nA 2a3nA 2a3nA
1juvA1juvA1juvA 1juvA 1juvA
1b35C1b35C1b35C 1b35C 1b35C
1cvl1cvl1cvl 1cvl 1cvl
1ic6A1ic6A1ic6A 1ic6A 1ic6A
1qh8A1qh8A1qh8A 1qh8A 1qh8A
1p77A1p77A1p77A 1p77A 1p77A
1h16A1h16A1h16A 1h16A 1h16A
8abp8abp8abp 8abp 8abp
1riiA1riiA1riiA 1riiA 1riiA
1y14B1y14B1y14B 1y14B 1y14B
1htwA1htwA1htwA 1htwA 1htwA
1ycoA1ycoA1ycoA 1ycoA 1ycoA
1vr0A1vr0A1vr0A 1vr0A 1vr0A
1rjiA1rjiA1rjiA 1rjiA 1rjiA
1rfyA1rfyA1rfyA 1rfyA 1rfyA
1gpeA1gpeA1gpeA 1gpeA 1gpeA

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