Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1ofuX1ofuX1ofuX 1ofuX 1ofuX
2bhuA2bhuA2bhuA 2bhuA 2bhuA
2axtB2axtB2axtB 2axtB 2axtB
1vllA1vllA1vllA 1vllA 1vllA
1j4aA1j4aA1j4aA 1j4aA 1j4aA
1ovnA1ovnA1ovnA 1ovnA 1ovnA
1v8bA1v8bA1v8bA 1v8bA 1v8bA
1q3iA1q3iA1q3iA 1q3iA 1q3iA
1qsdA1qsdA1qsdA 1qsdA 1qsdA
1o8rA1o8rA1o8rA 1o8rA 1o8rA
1b8zA1b8zA1b8zA 1b8zA 1b8zA
1acf1acf1acf 1acf 1acf
1psdA1psdA1psdA 1psdA 1psdA
2nacA2nacA2nacA 2nacA 2nacA
1c1dA1c1dA1c1dA 1c1dA 1c1dA
2ab0A2ab0A2ab0A 2ab0A 2ab0A
1pjcA1pjcA1pjcA 1pjcA 1pjcA
1jd5A1jd5A1jd5A 1jd5A 1jd5A
1oxnA1oxnA1oxnA 1oxnA 1oxnA
1g73C1g73C1g73C 1g73C 1g73C
1se0A1se0A1se0A 1se0A 1se0A
1p99A1p99A1p99A 1p99A 1p99A
2bfxC2bfxC2bfxC 2bfxC 2bfxC
5eau5eau5eau 5eau 5eau
2aaa2aaa2aaa 2aaa 2aaa
1x92A1x92A1x92A 1x92A 1x92A
1wwkA1wwkA1wwkA 1wwkA 1wwkA
1omoA1omoA1omoA 1omoA 1omoA
1gdhA1gdhA1gdhA 1gdhA 1gdhA
1c3mA1c3mA1c3mA 1c3mA 1c3mA
1fjgI1fjgI1fjgI 1fjgI 1fjgI
1a12A1a12A1a12A 1a12A 1a12A
1uok1uok1uok 1uok 1uok
1h2eA1h2eA1h2eA 1h2eA 1h2eA
1hf8A1hf8A1hf8A 1hf8A 1hf8A
1eyvA1eyvA1eyvA 1eyvA 1eyvA
1qh8A1qh8A1qh8A 1qh8A 1qh8A
1nytA1nytA1nytA 1nytA 1nytA
1zy9A1zy9A1zy9A 1zy9A 1zy9A
1dxy1dxy1dxy 1dxy 1dxy
1xwfA1xwfA1xwfA 1xwfA 1xwfA
2ag9A2ag9A2ag9A 2ag9A 2ag9A
1ftkA1ftkA1ftkA 1ftkA 1ftkA
2ag4A2ag4A2ag4A 2ag4A 2ag4A
1tw6A1tw6A1tw6A 1tw6A 1tw6A
2d0iA2d0iA2d0iA 2d0iA 2d0iA
1e43A1e43A1e43A 1e43A 1e43A
1sc6A1sc6A1sc6A 1sc6A 1sc6A
1pylA1pylA1pylA 1pylA 1pylA
1mx3A1mx3A1mx3A 1mx3A 1mx3A
1gggA1gggA1gggA 1gggA 1gggA
1wz7A1wz7A1wz7A 1wz7A 1wz7A
1wwlA1wwlA1wwlA 1wwlA 1wwlA
1qb2A1qb2A1qb2A 1qb2A 1qb2A
1lniA1lniA1lniA 1lniA 1lniA
1f8gA1f8gA1f8gA 1f8gA 1f8gA
1p77A1p77A1p77A 1p77A 1p77A
1xvsA1xvsA1xvsA 1xvsA 1xvsA
1wjnA1wjnA1wjnA 1wjnA 1wjnA
1fr3A1fr3A1fr3A 1fr3A 1fr3A
1rgeA1rgeA1rgeA 1rgeA 1rgeA
1jl5A1jl5A1jl5A 1jl5A 1jl5A
1vctA1vctA1vctA 1vctA 1vctA
1h3gA1h3gA1h3gA 1h3gA 1h3gA
1w30A1w30A1w30A 1w30A 1w30A
1zt3A1zt3A1zt3A 1zt3A 1zt3A
1tk9A1tk9A1tk9A 1tk9A 1tk9A
1o1xA1o1xA1o1xA 1o1xA 1o1xA
1tzaA1tzaA1tzaA 1tzaA 1tzaA
1xs5A1xs5A1xs5A 1xs5A 1xs5A
1m1nA1m1nA1m1nA 1m1nA 1m1nA
1eudA1eudA1eudA 1eudA 1eudA
2agcA2agcA2agcA 2agcA 2agcA
1xdwA1xdwA1xdwA 1xdwA 1xdwA
8acn8acn8acn 8acn 8acn
1wcwA1wcwA1wcwA 1wcwA 1wcwA
1iwmA1iwmA1iwmA 1iwmA 1iwmA
1f6dA1f6dA1f6dA 1f6dA 1f6dA
1wdnA1wdnA1wdnA 1wdnA 1wdnA
7taa7taa7taa 7taa 7taa
1j0hA1j0hA1j0hA 1j0hA 1j0hA
1s72Q1s72Q1s72Q 1s72Q 1s72Q
1mgrA1mgrA1mgrA 1mgrA 1mgrA
1g3mA1g3mA1g3mA 1g3mA 1g3mA
1iow1iow1iow 1iow 1iow
2ck3D2ck3D2ck3D 2ck3D 2ck3D
1dceA1dceA1dceA 1dceA 1dceA
1mo7A1mo7A1mo7A 1mo7A 1mo7A
2ceyA2ceyA2ceyA 2ceyA 2ceyA
1fc4A1fc4A1fc4A 1fc4A 1fc4A
1uumA1uumA1uumA 1uumA 1uumA
1i7pA1i7pA1i7pA 1i7pA 1i7pA
1wd7A1wd7A1wd7A 1wd7A 1wd7A
1nvvS1nvvS1nvvS 1nvvS 1nvvS
1r7mA1r7mA1r7mA 1r7mA 1r7mA
1w9gA1w9gA1w9gA 1w9gA 1w9gA
1wxdA1wxdA1wxdA 1wxdA 1wxdA
1l7yA1l7yA1l7yA 1l7yA 1l7yA
1tllA1tllA1tllA 1tllA 1tllA
1l8aA1l8aA1l8aA 1l8aA 1l8aA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1vqoQ1vqoQ1vqoQ 1vqoQ 1vqoQ
1whnA1whnA1whnA 1whnA 1whnA
1wzlA1wzlA1wzlA 1wzlA 1wzlA
1ji1A1ji1A1ji1A 1ji1A 1ji1A
1kssA1kssA1kssA 1kssA 1kssA
1jj2P1jj2P1jj2P 1jj2P 1jj2P
1a8y1a8y1a8y 1a8y 1a8y
1kbjA1kbjA1kbjA 1kbjA 1kbjA
1ys4A1ys4A1ys4A 1ys4A 1ys4A
1m7yA1m7yA1m7yA 1m7yA 1m7yA
1ts9A1ts9A1ts9A 1ts9A 1ts9A
1f8rA1f8rA1f8rA 1f8rA 1f8rA
1qhfA1qhfA1qhfA 1qhfA 1qhfA
1neiA1neiA1neiA 1neiA 1neiA
2b0mA2b0mA2b0mA 2b0mA 2b0mA
2c3nA2c3nA2c3nA 2c3nA 2c3nA
2b3yA2b3yA2b3yA 2b3yA 2b3yA
1orvA1orvA1orvA 1orvA 1orvA
2g76A2g76A2g76A 2g76A 2g76A
1poiB1poiB1poiB 1poiB 1poiB
1iufA1iufA1iufA 1iufA 1iufA
1i39A1i39A1i39A 1i39A 1i39A
1e58A1e58A1e58A 1e58A 1e58A
1xkuA1xkuA1xkuA 1xkuA 1xkuA
1faeA1faeA1faeA 1faeA 1faeA
1g9gA1g9gA1g9gA 1g9gA 1g9gA
1l5jA1l5jA1l5jA 1l5jA 1l5jA
1jyhA1jyhA1jyhA 1jyhA 1jyhA
1g13A1g13A1g13A 1g13A 1g13A
1h6fA1h6fA1h6fA 1h6fA 1h6fA
1uh4A1uh4A1uh4A 1uh4A 1uh4A
1m7xA1m7xA1m7xA 1m7xA 1m7xA
1oznA1oznA1oznA 1oznA 1oznA
1lci1lci1lci 1lci 1lci
1xfdA1xfdA1xfdA 1xfdA 1xfdA
1ia9A1ia9A1ia9A 1ia9A 1ia9A
1iarB1iarB1iarB 1iarB 1iarB
1ahl1ahl1ahl 1ahl 1ahl
3dfr3dfr3dfr 3dfr 3dfr
2bh4X2bh4X2bh4X 2bh4X 2bh4X
1b8gA1b8gA1b8gA 1b8gA 1b8gA
1f0kA1f0kA1f0kA 1f0kA 1f0kA
1uslA1uslA1uslA 1uslA 1uslA
1d5tA1d5tA1d5tA 1d5tA 1d5tA
1h7cA1h7cA1h7cA 1h7cA 1h7cA
1lv4A1lv4A1lv4A 1lv4A 1lv4A
1t3qB1t3qB1t3qB 1t3qB 1t3qB
2c4bA2c4bA2c4bA 2c4bA 2c4bA
1amy1amy1amy 1amy 1amy
1z6mA1z6mA1z6mA 1z6mA 1z6mA
1odhA1odhA1odhA 1odhA 1odhA
1a4yA1a4yA1a4yA 1a4yA 1a4yA
1i50H1i50H1i50H 1i50H 1i50H
1v4vA1v4vA1v4vA 1v4vA 1v4vA
1vhcA1vhcA1vhcA 1vhcA 1vhcA
1l7dA1l7dA1l7dA 1l7dA 1l7dA
1vyiA1vyiA1vyiA 1vyiA 1vyiA
1hbwA1hbwA1hbwA 1hbwA 1hbwA
1cot1cot1cot 1cot 1cot
1tuaA1tuaA1tuaA 1tuaA 1tuaA
1rsgA1rsgA1rsgA 1rsgA 1rsgA
2gwhA2gwhA2gwhA 2gwhA 2gwhA
1m12A1m12A1m12A 1m12A 1m12A
1fj2A1fj2A1fj2A 1fj2A 1fj2A
1dik1dik1dik 1dik 1dik
1nm2A1nm2A1nm2A 1nm2A 1nm2A
1ea9C1ea9C1ea9C 1ea9C 1ea9C
1bif1bif1bif 1bif 1bif
1p9eA1p9eA1p9eA 1p9eA 1p9eA
1z7mA1z7mA1z7mA 1z7mA 1z7mA
1c96A1c96A1c96A 1c96A 1c96A
2ge3A2ge3A2ge3A 2ge3A 2ge3A
1xeuA1xeuA1xeuA 1xeuA 1xeuA
1oygA1oygA1oygA 1oygA 1oygA
1lzlA1lzlA1lzlA 1lzlA 1lzlA
1bbpA1bbpA1bbpA 1bbpA 1bbpA
1ghj1ghj1ghj 1ghj 1ghj
1riiA1riiA1riiA 1riiA 1riiA
1vg0A1vg0A1vg0A 1vg0A 1vg0A
2fhpA2fhpA2fhpA 2fhpA 2fhpA
1h4lD1h4lD1h4lD 1h4lD 1h4lD
1lwjA1lwjA1lwjA 1lwjA 1lwjA
1s5lB1s5lB1s5lB 1s5lB 1s5lB
2tmdA2tmdA2tmdA 2tmdA 2tmdA
1kxoA1kxoA1kxoA 1kxoA 1kxoA
2ax3A2ax3A2ax3A 2ax3A 2ax3A
1mla1mla1mla 1mla 1mla
1p1mA1p1mA1p1mA 1p1mA 1p1mA
1lnsA1lnsA1lnsA 1lnsA 1lnsA
2ffcA2ffcA2ffcA 2ffcA 2ffcA
4gcr4gcr4gcr 4gcr 4gcr
1g87A1g87A1g87A 1g87A 1g87A
1lst1lst1lst 1lst 1lst
1d4fA1d4fA1d4fA 1d4fA 1d4fA
1jdc1jdc1jdc 1jdc 1jdc
1h4aX1h4aX1h4aX 1h4aX 1h4aX
1odkA1odkA1odkA 1odkA 1odkA
1sr7A1sr7A1sr7A 1sr7A 1sr7A
1tidB1tidB1tidB 1tidB 1tidB
1kmiZ1kmiZ1kmiZ 1kmiZ 1kmiZ

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
2amlA2amlA2amlA 2amlA 2amlA
1a28A1a28A1a28A 1a28A 1a28A
1wy7A1wy7A1wy7A 1wy7A 1wy7A
1lehA1lehA1lehA 1lehA 1lehA
1avaA1avaA1avaA 1avaA 1avaA
1vqqA1vqqA1vqqA 1vqqA 1vqqA
1wpgA1wpgA1wpgA 1wpgA 1wpgA
2b8tA2b8tA2b8tA 2b8tA 2b8tA
2bexA2bexA2bexA 2bexA 2bexA
1np3A1np3A1np3A 1np3A 1np3A
1vjnA1vjnA1vjnA 1vjnA 1vjnA
1juvA1juvA1juvA 1juvA 1juvA
2c2aA2c2aA2c2aA 2c2aA 2c2aA
1g6gA1g6gA1g6gA 1g6gA 1g6gA
1jjiA1jjiA1jjiA 1jjiA 1jjiA
1iirA1iirA1iirA 1iirA 1iirA
1mxtA1mxtA1mxtA 1mxtA 1mxtA
1k8mA1k8mA1k8mA 1k8mA 1k8mA
2affA2affA2affA 2affA 2affA
1geqA1geqA1geqA 1geqA 1geqA
1y14B1y14B1y14B 1y14B 1y14B
1zq7A1zq7A1zq7A 1zq7A 1zq7A
1pv1A1pv1A1pv1A 1pv1A 1pv1A
1vlqA1vlqA1vlqA 1vlqA 1vlqA
7aatA7aatA7aatA 7aatA 7aatA
1xwwA1xwwA1xwwA 1xwwA 1xwwA
1aqm1aqm1aqm 1aqm 1aqm
1gyhA1gyhA1gyhA 1gyhA 1gyhA
1sqnA1sqnA1sqnA 1sqnA 1sqnA
1zzaA1zzaA1zzaA 1zzaA 1zzaA
2a23A2a23A2a23A 2a23A 2a23A
1kyhA1kyhA1kyhA 1kyhA 1kyhA
1oq9A1oq9A1oq9A 1oq9A 1oq9A
1ik9A1ik9A1ik9A 1ik9A 1ik9A
1kekA1kekA1kekA 1kekA 1kekA
1eit1eit1eit 1eit 1eit
2abqA2abqA2abqA 2abqA 2abqA
1xmpA1xmpA1xmpA 1xmpA 1xmpA
1qfjA1qfjA1qfjA 1qfjA 1qfjA
1jae1jae1jae 1jae 1jae
2etjA2etjA2etjA 2etjA 2etjA
1m3vA1m3vA1m3vA 1m3vA 1m3vA
1ziwA1ziwA1ziwA 1ziwA 1ziwA
1f0nA1f0nA1f0nA 1f0nA 1f0nA
2aynA2aynA2aynA 2aynA 2aynA
1ws6A1ws6A1ws6A 1ws6A 1ws6A
1gox1gox1gox 1gox 1gox
1gjwA1gjwA1gjwA 1gjwA 1gjwA
2gr8A2gr8A2gr8A 2gr8A 2gr8A
1sh7A1sh7A1sh7A 1sh7A 1sh7A
1zbmA1zbmA1zbmA 1zbmA 1zbmA
1h6zA1h6zA1h6zA 1h6zA 1h6zA
1h6uA1h6uA1h6uA 1h6uA 1h6uA
1nnsA1nnsA1nnsA 1nnsA 1nnsA
1jr2A1jr2A1jr2A 1jr2A 1jr2A
2ca6A2ca6A2ca6A 2ca6A 2ca6A
1n1bA1n1bA1n1bA 1n1bA 1n1bA
1ydlA1ydlA1ydlA 1ydlA 1ydlA
1gjjA1gjjA1gjjA 1gjjA 1gjjA
1w36B1w36B1w36B 1w36B 1w36B
2cy0A2cy0A2cy0A 2cy0A 2cy0A
1ndh1ndh1ndh 1ndh 1ndh
1amuA1amuA1amuA 1amuA 1amuA
1y8oB1y8oB1y8oB 1y8oB 1y8oB
1e4fT1e4fT1e4fT 1e4fT 1e4fT
1hq1A1hq1A1hq1A 1hq1A 1hq1A
1vi0A1vi0A1vi0A 1vi0A 1vi0A
1bdmA1bdmA1bdmA 1bdmA 1bdmA
1jl3A1jl3A1jl3A 1jl3A 1jl3A
1ouwA1ouwA1ouwA 1ouwA 1ouwA
1ogqA1ogqA1ogqA 1ogqA 1ogqA
6rxn6rxn6rxn 6rxn 6rxn
1d3gA1d3gA1d3gA 1d3gA 1d3gA

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001