Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1sur1sur1sur 1sur 1sur
1gskA1gskA1gskA 1gskA 1gskA
1fiuA1fiuA1fiuA 1fiuA 1fiuA
1pvuA1pvuA1pvuA 1pvuA 1pvuA
1i52A1i52A1i52A 1i52A 1i52A
2pviA2pviA2pviA 2pviA 2pviA
1gqwA1gqwA1gqwA 1gqwA 1gqwA
1qqjA1qqjA1qqjA 1qqjA 1qqjA
1qcoA1qcoA1qcoA 1qcoA 1qcoA
1ru8A1ru8A1ru8A 1ru8A 1ru8A
1eyuA1eyuA1eyuA 1eyuA 1eyuA
3pviA3pviA3pviA 3pviA 3pviA
1qcnA1qcnA1qcnA 1qcnA 1qcnA
2d13A2d13A2d13A 2d13A 2d13A
1z5bA1z5bA1z5bA 1z5bA 1z5bA
1hyoA1hyoA1hyoA 1hyoA 1hyoA
1zec1zec1zec 1zec 1zec
1iraX1iraX1iraX 1iraX 1iraX
1wy5A1wy5A1wy5A 1wy5A 1wy5A
1h8uA1h8uA1h8uA 1h8uA 1h8uA
2pgd2pgd2pgd 2pgd 2pgd
1st9A1st9A1st9A 1st9A 1st9A
1i7oA1i7oA1i7oA 1i7oA 1i7oA
1tu3F1tu3F1tu3F 1tu3F 1tu3F
1gpmA1gpmA1gpmA 1gpmA 1gpmA
1h6gA1h6gA1h6gA 1h6gA 1h6gA
1oz9A1oz9A1oz9A 1oz9A 1oz9A
1lu4A1lu4A1lu4A 1lu4A 1lu4A
1cjbA1cjbA1cjbA 1cjbA 1cjbA
1xfuA1xfuA1xfuA 1xfuA 1xfuA
1xfxA1xfxA1xfxA 1xfxA 1xfxA
1be3H1be3H1be3H 1be3H 1be3H
1dtvA1dtvA1dtvA 1dtvA 1dtvA
1inzA1inzA1inzA 1inzA 1inzA
1dtdB1dtdB1dtdB 1dtdB 1dtdB
1gqyA1gqyA1gqyA 1gqyA 1gqyA
1u96A1u96A1u96A 1u96A 1u96A
1faaA1faaA1faaA 1faaA 1faaA
1dtyA1dtyA1dtyA 1dtyA 1dtyA
1cz7A1cz7A1cz7A 1cz7A 1cz7A
1tyv1tyv1tyv 1tyv 1tyv
1ixxB1ixxB1ixxB 1ixxB 1ixxB
1fvuB1fvuB1fvuB 1fvuB 1fvuB
1izlK1izlK1izlK 1izlK 1izlK
2viuA2viuA2viuA 2viuA 2viuA
1px5A1px5A1px5A 1px5A 1px5A
1v4vA1v4vA1v4vA 1v4vA 1v4vA
1m5iA1m5iA1m5iA 1m5iA 1m5iA
1e0nA1e0nA1e0nA 1e0nA 1e0nA
1pczA1pczA1pczA 1pczA 1pczA
1xcrA1xcrA1xcrA 1xcrA 1xcrA
2ahjB2ahjB2ahjB 2ahjB 2ahjB
1nzeA1nzeA1nzeA 1nzeA 1nzeA
1bywA1bywA1bywA 1bywA 1bywA
1ituA1ituA1ituA 1ituA 1ituA
1p3dA1p3dA1p3dA 1p3dA 1p3dA
1h0aA1h0aA1h0aA 1h0aA 1h0aA
1tof1tof1tof 1tof 1tof
1ilr11ilr11ilr1 1ilr1 1ilr1
1zw8A1zw8A1zw8A 1zw8A 1zw8A
1irp1irp1irp 1irp 1irp
1f9mA1f9mA1f9mA 1f9mA 1f9mA
3hmgA3hmgA3hmgA 3hmgA 3hmgA
1y0eA1y0eA1y0eA 1y0eA 1y0eA
1e3aB1e3aB1e3aB 1e3aB 1e3aB
1eijA1eijA1eijA 1eijA 1eijA
1aohB1aohB1aohB 1aohB 1aohB
1qj5A1qj5A1qj5A 1qj5A 1qj5A
1yxyA1yxyA1yxyA 1yxyA 1yxyA
1nw2A1nw2A1nw2A 1nw2A 1nw2A
1vokA1vokA1vokA 1vokA 1vokA
8prkB8prkB8prkB 8prkB 8prkB
1bccH1bccH1bccH 1bccH 1bccH
1ctn1ctn1ctn 1ctn 1ctn
2g7lA2g7lA2g7lA 2g7lA 2g7lA
1eu3A1eu3A1eu3A 1eu3A 1eu3A
2arzA2arzA2arzA 2arzA 2arzA
1oltA1oltA1oltA 1oltA 1oltA
1yghA1yghA1yghA 1yghA 1yghA
1h1jS1h1jS1h1jS 1h1jS 1h1jS
1q9jA1q9jA1q9jA 1q9jA 1q9jA
2b5eA2b5eA2b5eA 2b5eA 2b5eA
1jfuA1jfuA1jfuA 1jfuA 1jfuA
1shsA1shsA1shsA 1shsA 1shsA
1v7wA1v7wA1v7wA 1v7wA 1v7wA
1gy9A1gy9A1gy9A 1gy9A 1gy9A
1hgeA1hgeA1hgeA 1hgeA 1hgeA
1r8iA1r8iA1r8iA 1r8iA 1r8iA
1s5lK1s5lK1s5lK 1s5lK 1s5lK
1wuiL1wuiL1wuiL 1wuiL 1wuiL
1tbrR1tbrR1tbrR 1tbrR 1tbrR
1br91br91br9 1br9 1br9
2gsaA2gsaA2gsaA 2gsaA 2gsaA
1atlA1atlA1atlA 1atlA 1atlA
1zk8A1zk8A1zk8A 1zk8A 1zk8A
1n0wA1n0wA1n0wA 1n0wA 1n0wA
1fm5A1fm5A1fm5A 1fm5A 1fm5A
1edqA1edqA1edqA 1edqA 1edqA
1ne8A1ne8A1ne8A 1ne8A 1ne8A
2gn52gn52gn5 2gn5 2gn5

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
3sgbI3sgbI3sgbI 3sgbI 3sgbI
3grx3grx3grx 3grx 3grx
1pyp1pyp1pyp 1pyp 1pyp
1vqb1vqb1vqb 1vqb 1vqb
1wgjA1wgjA1wgjA 1wgjA 1wgjA
2f9nA2f9nA2f9nA 2f9nA 2f9nA
1pce1pce1pce 1pce 1pce
1ukmB1ukmB1ukmB 1ukmB 1ukmB
1aisA1aisA1aisA 1aisA 1aisA
1d3uA1d3uA1d3uA 1d3uA 1d3uA
1gkfB1gkfB1gkfB 1gkfB 1gkfB
1xzoA1xzoA1xzoA 1xzoA 1xzoA
1n08A1n08A1n08A 1n08A 1n08A
2cwlA2cwlA2cwlA 2cwlA 2cwlA
1wcwA1wcwA1wcwA 1wcwA 1wcwA
1wa5C1wa5C1wa5C 1wa5C 1wa5C
1otjA1otjA1otjA 1otjA 1otjA
1ltoA1ltoA1ltoA 1ltoA 1ltoA
1dbyA1dbyA1dbyA 1dbyA 1dbyA
1jsmA1jsmA1jsmA 1jsmA 1jsmA
1mdiA1mdiA1mdiA 1mdiA 1mdiA
1ixxA1ixxA1ixxA 1ixxA 1ixxA
2bf5A2bf5A2bf5A 2bf5A 2bf5A
1s5lO1s5lO1s5lO 1s5lO 1s5lO
1aod1aod1aod 1aod 1aod
1z7kB1z7kB1z7kB 1z7kB 1z7kB
2i1b2i1b2i1b 2i1b 2i1b
2ftrA2ftrA2ftrA 2ftrA 2ftrA
1wxiA1wxiA1wxiA 1wxiA 1wxiA
1lit1lit1lit 1lit 1lit
1jnuA1jnuA1jnuA 1jnuA 1jnuA
1iw7E1iw7E1iw7E 1iw7E 1iw7E
1f8nA1f8nA1f8nA 1f8nA 1f8nA
1a0lA1a0lA1a0lA 1a0lA 1a0lA
1vgwA1vgwA1vgwA 1vgwA 1vgwA
1wfyA1wfyA1wfyA 1wfyA 1wfyA
1jsg1jsg1jsg 1jsg 1jsg
1ygmA1ygmA1ygmA 1ygmA 1ygmA
2b2aA2b2aA2b2aA 2b2aA 2b2aA
1rqpA1rqpA1rqpA 1rqpA 1rqpA
1sv6A1sv6A1sv6A 1sv6A 1sv6A
1df9A1df9A1df9A 1df9A 1df9A
1befA1befA1befA 1befA 1befA
1xnfA1xnfA1xnfA 1xnfA 1xnfA
1q7zA1q7zA1q7zA 1q7zA 1q7zA
1jj2F1jj2F1jj2F 1jj2F 1jj2F
1lb2B1lb2B1lb2B 1lb2B 1lb2B
1eduA1eduA1eduA 1eduA 1eduA
1jwiB1jwiB1jwiB 1jwiB 1jwiB
2sttA2sttA2sttA 2sttA 2sttA
1ahjB1ahjB1ahjB 1ahjB 1ahjB
1x9mA1x9mA1x9mA 1x9mA 1x9mA
1cuj1cuj1cuj 1cuj 1cuj
21bi21bi21bi 21bi 21bi
1ehaA1ehaA1ehaA 1ehaA 1ehaA
1lslA1lslA1lslA 1lslA 1lslA
1ov2A1ov2A1ov2A 1ov2A 1ov2A
1op1A1op1A1op1A 1op1A 1op1A
1btq1btq1btq 1btq 1btq
1lre1lre1lre 1lre 1lre
2gd9A2gd9A2gd9A 2gd9A 2gd9A
1eyyA1eyyA1eyyA 1eyyA 1eyyA
1zy7A1zy7A1zy7A 1zy7A 1zy7A
1kufA1kufA1kufA 1kufA 1kufA
31bi31bi31bi 31bi 31bi
1coo1coo1coo 1coo 1coo
1dioB1dioB1dioB 1dioB 1dioB
1jsdA1jsdA1jsdA 1jsdA 1jsdA
1sgpI1sgpI1sgpI 1sgpI 1sgpI
1bdfA1bdfA1bdfA 1bdfA 1bdfA
1kebA1kebA1kebA 1kebA 1kebA
1igwA1igwA1igwA 1igwA 1igwA
1cfb1cfb1cfb 1cfb 1cfb
1nni11nni11nni1 1nni1 1nni1
1sp11sp11sp1 1sp1 1sp1
2g7gA2g7gA2g7gA 2g7gA 2g7gA
1j34B1j34B1j34B 1j34B 1j34B
3kar3kar3kar 3kar 3kar
1h75A1h75A1h75A 1h75A 1h75A
1kamA1kamA1kamA 1kamA 1kamA
1v52A1v52A1v52A 1v52A 1v52A
1ytbB1ytbB1ytbB 1ytbB 1ytbB
1z4rA1z4rA1z4rA 1z4rA 1z4rA
1a6i1a6i1a6i 1a6i 1a6i
1vydA1vydA1vydA 1vydA 1vydA
1yf2A1yf2A1yf2A 1yf2A 1yf2A
1cex1cex1cex 1cex 1cex
1e9gA1e9gA1e9gA 1e9gA 1e9gA
1agy1agy1agy 1agy 1agy
1yppA1yppA1yppA 1yppA 1yppA
2bv9A2bv9A2bv9A 2bv9A 2bv9A
2fp7B2fp7B2fp7B 2fp7B 2fp7B
1tbaB1tbaB1tbaB 1tbaB 1tbaB
1rypA1rypA1rypA 1rypA 1rypA
1djxB1djxB1djxB 1djxB 1djxB
1jr1A1jr1A1jr1A 1jr1A 1jr1A
2f9sA2f9sA2f9sA 2f9sA 2f9sA
2fh5A2fh5A2fh5A 2fh5A 2fh5A
1b4qA1b4qA1b4qA 1b4qA 1b4qA
1iloA1iloA1iloA 1iloA 1iloA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1j6uA1j6uA1j6uA 1j6uA 1j6uA
2es9A2es9A2es9A 2es9A 2es9A
1pc6A1pc6A1pc6A 1pc6A 1pc6A
1e9gB1e9gB1e9gB 1e9gB 1e9gB
1gal1gal1gal 1gal 1gal
1itwA1itwA1itwA 1itwA 1itwA
1gttA1gttA1gttA 1gttA 1gttA
1ffa1ffa1ffa 1ffa 1ffa
1eyhA1eyhA1eyhA 1eyhA 1eyhA
1ulp1ulp1ulp 1ulp 1ulp
1z5yE1z5yE1z5yE 1z5yE 1z5yE
1qcrH1qcrH1qcrH 1qcrH 1qcrH
8prkA8prkA8prkA 8prkA 8prkA
1ewkA1ewkA1ewkA 1ewkA 1ewkA
1wp1A1wp1A1wp1A 1wp1A 1wp1A

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001