Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1bllE1bllE1bllE 1bllE 1bllE
1lam1lam1lam 1lam 1lam
1lap1lap1lap 1lap 1lap
1m13A1m13A1m13A 1m13A 1m13A
1lw9A1lw9A1lw9A 1lw9A 1lw9A
1bvyF1bvyF1bvyF 1bvyF 1bvyF
1yucA1yucA1yucA 1yucA 1yucA
1s72L1s72L1s72L 1s72L 1s72L
1t0fC1t0fC1t0fC 1t0fC 1t0fC
1lbd1lbd1lbd 1lbd 1lbd
1f4tA1f4tA1f4tA 1f4tA 1f4tA
119l119l119l 119l 119l
1io7A1io7A1io7A 1io7A 1io7A
1beo1beo1beo 1beo 1beo
1bxm1bxm1bxm 1bxm 1bxm
1ffkJ1ffkJ1ffkJ 1ffkJ 1ffkJ
1lriA1lriA1lriA 1lriA 1lriA
1g5yA1g5yA1g5yA 1g5yA 1g5yA
1mznA1mznA1mznA 1mznA 1mznA
1a3aA1a3aA1a3aA 1a3aA 1a3aA
1wb9A1wb9A1wb9A 1wb9A 1wb9A
1g2nA1g2nA1g2nA 1g2nA 1g2nA
1hkvA1hkvA1hkvA 1hkvA 1hkvA
1jj2K1jj2K1jj2K 1jj2K 1jj2K
1hg4A1hg4A1hg4A 1hg4A 1hg4A
3grx3grx3grx 3grx 3grx
1pzlA1pzlA1pzlA 1pzlA 1pzlA
1pk5A1pk5A1pk5A 1pk5A 1pk5A
1mvcA1mvcA1mvcA 1mvcA 1mvcA
1a3aC1a3aC1a3aC 1a3aC 1a3aC
1oygA1oygA1oygA 1oygA 1oygA
2avyC2avyC2avyC 2avyC 2avyC
1gpjA1gpjA1gpjA 1gpjA 1gpjA
1uscA1uscA1uscA 1uscA 1uscA
1vgmA1vgmA1vgmA 1vgmA 1vgmA
1dryA1dryA1dryA 1dryA 1dryA
149l149l149l 149l 149l
172l172l172l 172l 172l
1db1A1db1A1db1A 1db1A 1db1A
1hhsA1hhsA1hhsA 1hhsA 1hhsA
1uvjA1uvjA1uvjA 1uvjA 1uvjA
1eupA1eupA1eupA 1eupA 1eupA
1awcB1awcB1awcB 1awcB 1awcB
139l139l139l 139l 139l
169lA169lA169lA 169lA 169lA
1l581l581l58 1l58 1l58
1n40A1n40A1n40A 1n40A 1n40A
1beg1beg1beg 1beg 1beg
1uedA1uedA1uedA 1uedA 1uedA
173l173l173l 173l 173l
1ie9A1ie9A1ie9A 1ie9A 1ie9A
2fcr2fcr2fcr 2fcr 2fcr
1e6yB1e6yB1e6yB 1e6yB 1e6yB
1akw1akw1akw 1akw 1akw
1oxa1oxa1oxa 1oxa 1oxa
1o7xB1o7xB1o7xB 1o7xB 1o7xB
189l189l189l 189l 189l
1azl1azl1azl 1azl 1azl
1o7xD1o7xD1o7xD 1o7xD 1o7xD
151l151l151l 151l 151l
2ax6A2ax6A2ax6A 2ax6A 2ax6A
1t1vA1t1vA1t1vA 1t1vA 1t1vA
1b1cA1b1cA1b1cA 1b1cA 1b1cA
1mroB1mroB1mroB 1mroB 1mroB
138l138l138l 138l 138l
175lA175lA175lA 175lA 175lA
1r3nA1r3nA1r3nA 1r3nA 1r3nA
1u6tA1u6tA1u6tA 1u6tA 1u6tA
1k4wA1k4wA1k4wA 1k4wA 1k4wA
1wwzA1wwzA1wwzA 1wwzA 1wwzA
1o7xC1o7xC1o7xC 1o7xC 1o7xC
2d0eA2d0eA2d0eA 2d0eA 2d0eA
1w2xA1w2xA1w2xA 1w2xA 1w2xA
2d09A2d09A2d09A 2d09A 2d09A
1rcf1rcf1rcf 1rcf 1rcf
1dmhA1dmhA1dmhA 1dmhA 1dmhA
1twdA1twdA1twdA 1twdA 1twdA
1vhyA1vhyA1vhyA 1vhyA 1vhyA
1m9lA1m9lA1m9lA 1m9lA 1m9lA
1u2zA1u2zA1u2zA 1u2zA 1u2zA
1ihbA1ihbA1ihbA 1ihbA 1ihbA
1rz1A1rz1A1rz1A 1rz1A 1rz1A
2gaiA2gaiA2gaiA 2gaiA 2gaiA
103l103l103l 103l 103l
108l108l108l 108l 108l
1hi0P1hi0P1hi0P 1hi0P 1hi0P
1sddA1sddA1sddA 1sddA 1sddA
2pleA2pleA2pleA 2pleA 2pleA
190l190l190l 190l 190l
2pldA2pldA2pldA 2pldA 2pldA
2byoA2byoA2byoA 2byoA 2byoA
1nxzA1nxzA1nxzA 1nxzA 1nxzA
1jipA1jipA1jipA 1jipA 1jipA
1s5lU1s5lU1s5lU 1s5lU 1s5lU
1twiA1twiA1twiA 1twiA 1twiA
1cmnA1cmnA1cmnA 1cmnA 1cmnA
1owcA1owcA1owcA 1owcA 1owcA
1n0qA1n0qA1n0qA 1n0qA 1n0qA
1anv1anv1anv 1anv 1anv
191l191l191l 191l 191l

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1yobA1yobA1yobA 1yobA 1yobA
1rom1rom1rom 1rom 1rom
1s1hC1s1hC1s1hC 1s1hC 1s1hC
1vqoE1vqoE1vqoE 1vqoE 1vqoE
1yk3A1yk3A1yk3A 1yk3A 1yk3A
1qsmA1qsmA1qsmA 1qsmA 1qsmA
127l127l127l 127l 127l
104lA104lA104lA 104lA 104lA
1wj9A1wj9A1wj9A 1wj9A 1wj9A
1tufA1tufA1tufA 1tufA 1tufA
1jfbA1jfbA1jfbA 1jfbA 1jfbA
1u0mA1u0mA1u0mA 1u0mA 1u0mA
1fc3A1fc3A1fc3A 1fc3A 1fc3A
1sxjE1sxjE1sxjE 1sxjE 1sxjE
1b6iA1b6iA1b6iA 1b6iA 1b6iA
1l0wA1l0wA1l0wA 1l0wA 1l0wA
1i37A1i37A1i37A 1i37A 1i37A
1z7gA1z7gA1z7gA 1z7gA 1z7gA
1dim1dim1dim 1dim 1dim
1cznA1cznA1cznA 1cznA 1cznA
1y7rA1y7rA1y7rA 1y7rA 1y7rA
1sqnA1sqnA1sqnA 1sqnA 1sqnA
168lA168lA168lA 168lA 168lA
4ubpC4ubpC4ubpC 4ubpC 4ubpC
1bo4B1bo4B1bo4B 1bo4B 1bo4B
1fobA1fobA1fobA 1fobA 1fobA
1sx7A1sx7A1sx7A 1sx7A 1sx7A
1ypxA1ypxA1ypxA 1ypxA 1ypxA
1sr7A1sr7A1sr7A 1sr7A 1sr7A
1akr1akr1akr 1akr 1akr
2cwzA2cwzA2cwzA 2cwzA 2cwzA
114l114l114l 114l 114l
157l157l157l 157l 157l
1hetA1hetA1hetA 1hetA 1hetA
1heuA1heuA1heuA 1heuA 1heuA
1ymtA1ymtA1ymtA 1ymtA 1ymtA
1ui5A1ui5A1ui5A 1ui5A 1ui5A
180lA180lA180lA 180lA 180lA
176lA176lA176lA 176lA 176lA
1oo4A1oo4A1oo4A 1oo4A 1oo4A
2b29A2b29A2b29A 2b29A 2b29A
1d1nA1d1nA1d1nA 1d1nA 1d1nA
1gjjA1gjjA1gjjA 1gjjA 1gjjA
1a7m1a7m1a7m 1a7m 1a7m
1f4pA1f4pA1f4pA 1f4pA 1f4pA
1zfjA1zfjA1zfjA 1zfjA 1zfjA
1vioA1vioA1vioA 1vioA 1vioA
1j0fA1j0fA1j0fA 1j0fA 1j0fA
1wryA1wryA1wryA 1wryA 1wryA
1dbgA1dbgA1dbgA 1dbgA 1dbgA
1bvsB1bvsB1bvsB 1bvsB 1bvsB
1ywwA1ywwA1ywwA 1ywwA 1ywwA
1f24A1f24A1f24A 1f24A 1f24A
5gcnA5gcnA5gcnA 5gcnA 5gcnA
167lA167lA167lA 167lA 167lA
1hbnB1hbnB1hbnB 1hbnB 1hbnB
1fy2A1fy2A1fy2A 1fy2A 1fy2A
192l192l192l 192l 192l
1w18A1w18A1w18A 1w18A 1w18A
1mai1mai1mai 1mai 1mai
152l152l152l 152l 152l
1h9oA1h9oA1h9oA 1h9oA 1h9oA
2ci9A2ci9A2ci9A 2ci9A 2ci9A
2czlA2czlA2czlA 2czlA 2czlA
1s1fA1s1fA1s1fA 1s1fA 1s1fA
2d37A2d37A2d37A 2d37A 2d37A
1kte1kte1kte 1kte 1kte
1fyeA1fyeA1fyeA 1fyeA 1fyeA
1w19A1w19A1w19A 1w19A 1w19A
1xpcA1xpcA1xpcA 1xpcA 1xpcA
1qkmA1qkmA1qkmA 1qkmA 1qkmA
1ut0A1ut0A1ut0A 1ut0A 1ut0A
1a5e1a5e1a5e 1a5e 1a5e
1xawA1xawA1xawA 1xawA 1xawA
1r71A1r71A1r71A 1r71A 1r71A
2bmjA2bmjA2bmjA 2bmjA 2bmjA
1jeyA1jeyA1jeyA 1jeyA 1jeyA
1rqpA1rqpA1rqpA 1rqpA 1rqpA
1swyA1swyA1swyA 1swyA 1swyA
1qp2A1qp2A1qp2A 1qp2A 1qp2A
1ympA1ympA1ympA 1ympA 1ympA
2flsA2flsA2flsA 2flsA 2flsA
2cw8A2cw8A2cw8A 2cw8A 2cw8A
2ccvA2ccvA2ccvA 2ccvA 2ccvA
2anuA2anuA2anuA 2anuA 2anuA
1pysB1pysB1pysB 1pysB 1pysB
1n8kA1n8kA1n8kA 1n8kA 1n8kA
1b8oA1b8oA1b8oA 1b8oA 1b8oA
1o88A1o88A1o88A 1o88A 1o88A
1v6zA1v6zA1v6zA 1v6zA 1v6zA
1vkfA1vkfA1vkfA 1vkfA 1vkfA
1s9pA1s9pA1s9pA 1s9pA 1s9pA
1jusA1jusA1jusA 1jusA 1jusA
1jhb1jhb1jhb 1jhb 1jhb
1cmxA1cmxA1cmxA 1cmxA 1cmxA
1qsoA1qsoA1qsoA 1qsoA 1qsoA
1wycA1wycA1wycA 1wycA 1wycA
2fx22fx22fx2 2fx2 2fx2
1z85A1z85A1z85A 1z85A 1z85A
1ag9A1ag9A1ag9A 1ag9A 1ag9A

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
2ciaA2ciaA2ciaA 2ciaA 2ciaA
170l170l170l 170l 170l
1wpaA1wpaA1wpaA 1wpaA 1wpaA
1xjuA1xjuA1xjuA 1xjuA 1xjuA
1dovA1dovA1dovA 1dovA 1dovA
1jtyA1jtyA1jtyA 1jtyA 1jtyA
1vr0A1vr0A1vr0A 1vr0A 1vr0A
1s0yB1s0yB1s0yB 1s0yB 1s0yB
1qpxA1qpxA1qpxA 1qpxA 1qpxA
1t3tA1t3tA1t3tA 1t3tA 1t3tA
1bu5A1bu5A1bu5A 1bu5A 1bu5A
160l160l160l 160l 160l
2fl4A2fl4A2fl4A 2fl4A 2fl4A
125l125l125l 125l 125l
130l130l130l 130l 130l
2anxA2anxA2anxA 2anxA 2anxA
1b7aA1b7aA1b7aA 1b7aA 1b7aA
1a591a591a59 1a59 1a59
1ixkA1ixkA1ixkA 1ixkA 1ixkA
1ab21ab21ab2 1ab2 1ab2
123l123l123l 123l 123l
1xebA1xebA1xebA 1xebA 1xebA
1akt1akt1akt 1akt 1akt
1cuk1cuk1cuk 1cuk 1cuk
1tzbA1tzbA1tzbA 1tzbA 1tzbA
1l0gA1l0gA1l0gA 1l0gA 1l0gA
1p0fA1p0fA1p0fA 1p0fA 1p0fA
102l102l102l 102l 102l
2eryA2eryA2eryA 2eryA 2eryA
164l164l164l 164l 164l
1ur4A1ur4A1ur4A 1ur4A 1ur4A
1z4eA1z4eA1z4eA 1z4eA 1z4eA
2d83A2d83A2d83A 2d83A 2d83A
2a4aA2a4aA2a4aA 2a4aA 2a4aA
1jjgA1jjgA1jjgA 1jjgA 1jjgA
2bltA2bltA2bltA 2bltA 2bltA
2cfqA2cfqA2cfqA 2cfqA 2cfqA
1v65A1v65A1v65A 1v65A 1v65A
1a0p1a0p1a0p 1a0p 1a0p
2lhb2lhb2lhb 2lhb 2lhb
1bfi1bfi1bfi 1bfi 1bfi
1xszA1xszA1xszA 1xszA 1xszA
1xzwA1xzwA1xzwA 1xzwA 1xzwA
1go3E1go3E1go3E 1go3E 1go3E
1fxzA1fxzA1fxzA 1fxzA 1fxzA
1mw5A1mw5A1mw5A 1mw5A 1mw5A
1l2iA1l2iA1l2iA 1l2iA 1l2iA
1hjp1hjp1hjp 1hjp 1hjp
1gwiA1gwiA1gwiA 1gwiA 1gwiA
1dkfA1dkfA1dkfA 1dkfA 1dkfA
1q5dA1q5dA1q5dA 1q5dA 1q5dA
1ofv1ofv1ofv 1ofv 1ofv
1zud11zud11zud1 1zud1 1zud1
1ngkA1ngkA1ngkA 1ngkA 1ngkA
1tu5A1tu5A1tu5A 1tu5A 1tu5A
1i36A1i36A1i36A 1i36A 1i36A
2a8yA2a8yA2a8yA 2a8yA 2a8yA
1q2yA1q2yA1q2yA 1q2yA 1q2yA
1rgzA1rgzA1rgzA 1rgzA 1rgzA
1p1xA1p1xA1p1xA 1p1xA 1p1xA
1a441a441a44 1a44 1a44
1pnsB1pnsB1pnsB 1pnsB 1pnsB
1qstA1qstA1qstA 1qstA 1qstA
1xiuA1xiuA1xiuA 1xiuA 1xiuA
1e3uA1e3uA1e3uA 1e3uA 1e3uA
1baq1baq1baq 1baq 1baq
1tcvA1tcvA1tcvA 1tcvA 1tcvA
1t56A1t56A1t56A 1t56A 1t56A
2ohxA2ohxA2ohxA 2ohxA 2ohxA
1p36A1p36A1p36A 1p36A 1p36A
1pbn1pbn1pbn 1pbn 1pbn
1qadA1qadA1qadA 1qadA 1qadA
1pi4A1pi4A1pi4A 1pi4A 1pi4A
196l196l196l 196l 196l
1jchC1jchC1jchC 1jchC 1jchC
1qppA1qppA1qppA 1qppA 1qppA
1j5eB1j5eB1j5eB 1j5eB 1j5eB
1i12A1i12A1i12A 1i12A 1i12A
1oboA1oboA1oboA 1oboA 1oboA
1k3pA1k3pA1k3pA 1k3pA 1k3pA
1jj2E1jj2E1jj2E 1jj2E 1jj2E
2a65A2a65A2a65A 2a65A 2a65A
2ftuA2ftuA2ftuA 2ftuA 2ftuA
1ejbA1ejbA1ejbA 1ejbA 1ejbA
2b3gA2b3gA2b3gA 2b3gA 2b3gA
1qqgA1qqgA1qqgA 1qqgA 1qqgA
1s7kA1s7kA1s7kA 1s7kA 1s7kA
1vqoL1vqoL1vqoL 1vqoL 1vqoL
2c9wA2c9wA2c9wA 2c9wA 2c9wA
1sf8A1sf8A1sf8A 1sf8A 1sf8A
2bw4A2bw4A2bw4A 2bw4A 2bw4A
1xaoA1xaoA1xaoA 1xaoA 1xaoA
1pse1pse1pse 1pse 1pse
1urvA1urvA1urvA 1urvA 1urvA
1f3lA1f3lA1f3lA 1f3lA 1f3lA
1kamA1kamA1kamA 1kamA 1kamA
1a71A1a71A1a71A 1a71A 1a71A
174lA174lA174lA 174lA 174lA
1jqlB1jqlB1jqlB 1jqlB 1jqlB
1wpkA1wpkA1wpkA 1wpkA 1wpkA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
2dp5A2dp5A2dp5A 2dp5A 2dp5A
1vhsA1vhsA1vhsA 1vhsA 1vhsA
2crvA2crvA2crvA 2crvA 2crvA
1ujnA1ujnA1ujnA 1ujnA 1ujnA
1i50A1i50A1i50A 1i50A 1i50A
1umwA1umwA1umwA 1umwA 1umwA
1qs1A1qs1A1qs1A 1qs1A 1qs1A
1kkhA1kkhA1kkhA 1kkhA 1kkhA
1vl6A1vl6A1vl6A 1vl6A 1vl6A
1akq1akq1akq 1akq 1akq
1wlmA1wlmA1wlmA 1wlmA 1wlmA
1y4wA1y4wA1y4wA 1y4wA 1y4wA
1vcvA1vcvA1vcvA 1vcvA 1vcvA
129l129l129l 129l 129l
197l197l197l 197l 197l
1b3qA1b3qA1b3qA 1b3qA 1b3qA

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001