Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1yz4A1yz4A1yz4A 1yz4A 1yz4A
1wrmA1wrmA1wrmA 1wrmA 1wrmA
1mkp1mkp1mkp 1mkp 1mkp
1yn9A1yn9A1yn9A 1yn9A 1yn9A
1vhrA1vhrA1vhrA 1vhrA 1vhrA
1rxdA1rxdA1rxdA 1rxdA 1rxdA
2c46A2c46A2c46A 2c46A 2c46A
1i9sA1i9sA1i9sA 1i9sA 1i9sA
1zckA1zckA1zckA 1zckA 1zckA
1oheA1oheA1oheA 1oheA 1oheA
1fpzA1fpzA1fpzA 1fpzA 1fpzA
1x24A1x24A1x24A 1x24A 1x24A
1xriA1xriA1xriA 1xriA 1xriA
1zclA1zclA1zclA 1zclA 1zclA
1d5rA1d5rA1d5rA 1d5rA 1d5rA
2f46A2f46A2f46A 2f46A 2f46A
1g7fA1g7fA1g7fA 1g7fA 1g7fA
1a5y1a5y1a5y 1a5y 1a5y
1ptvA1ptvA1ptvA 1ptvA 1ptvA
1g4wR1g4wR1g4wR 1g4wR 1g4wR
2hnp2hnp2hnp 2hnp 2hnp
1rpmA1rpmA1rpmA 1rpmA 1rpmA
1eeoA1eeoA1eeoA 1eeoA 1eeoA
2b49A2b49A2b49A 2b49A 2b49A
1pty1pty1pty 1pty 1pty
1larA1larA1larA 1larA 1larA
1jlnA1jlnA1jlnA 1jlnA 1jlnA
1pa1A1pa1A1pa1A 1pa1A 1pa1A
1g4uS1g4uS1g4uS 1g4uS 1g4uS
1aax1aax1aax 1aax 1aax
2shpA2shpA2shpA 2shpA 2shpA
1yts1yts1yts 1yts 1yts
1wchA1wchA1wchA 1wchA 1wchA
1yfoA1yfoA1yfoA 1yfoA 1yfoA
1ywfA1ywfA1ywfA 1ywfA 1ywfA
1yptA1yptA1yptA 1yptA 1yptA
1ytw1ytw1ytw 1ytw 1ytw
1lyvA1lyvA1lyvA 1lyvA 1lyvA
1ytn1ytn1ytn 1ytn 1ytn
2fh7A2fh7A2fh7A 2fh7A 2fh7A
2f71A2f71A2f71A 2f71A 2f71A
2bzlA2bzlA2bzlA 2bzlA 2bzlA
2b3oA2b3oA2b3oA 2b3oA 2b3oA
1p15A1p15A1p15A 1p15A 1p15A
1u24A1u24A1u24A 1u24A 1u24A
2bv5A2bv5A2bv5A 2bv5A 2bv5A
2bijA2bijA2bijA 2bijA 2bijA
1wqjB1wqjB1wqjB 1wqjB 1wqjB
1zsqA1zsqA1zsqA 1zsqA 1zsqA
1fcqA1fcqA1fcqA 1fcqA 1fcqA
1tk9A1tk9A1tk9A 1tk9A 1tk9A
1motA1motA1motA 1motA 1motA
1lw3A1lw3A1lw3A 1lw3A 1lw3A
2hgf2hgf2hgf 2hgf 2hgf
1agrE1agrE1agrE 1agrE 1agrE
2bt2A2bt2A2bt2A 2bt2A 2bt2A
1q0wA1q0wA1q0wA 1q0wA 1q0wA
1egpB1egpB1egpB 1egpB 1egpB
2a9sA2a9sA2a9sA 2a9sA 2a9sA
1dk8A1dk8A1dk8A 1dk8A 1dk8A
1eztA1eztA1eztA 1eztA 1eztA
1fqiA1fqiA1fqiA 1fqiA 1fqiA
1isuA1isuA1isuA 1isuA 1isuA
1g2cO1g2cO1g2cO 1g2cO 1g2cO
1tr7A1tr7A1tr7A 1tr7A 1tr7A
1agrH1agrH1agrH 1agrH 1agrH
2d42A2d42A2d42A 2d42A 2d42A
1ha8A1ha8A1ha8A 1ha8A 1ha8A
1fre1fre1fre 1fre 1fre
1eybA1eybA1eybA 1eybA 1eybA
1g2cI1g2cI1g2cI 1g2cI 1g2cI
1tm9A1tm9A1tm9A 1tm9A 1tm9A
1nw8A1nw8A1nw8A 1nw8A 1nw8A
1xwjB1xwjB1xwjB 1xwjB 1xwjB
1eg2A1eg2A1eg2A 1eg2A 1eg2A
2fxqA2fxqA2fxqA 2fxqA 2fxqA
2a72A2a72A2a72A 2a72A 2a72A
2d5cA2d5cA2d5cA 2d5cA 2d5cA
1zhhB1zhhB1zhhB 1zhhB 1zhhB
1f81A1f81A1f81A 1f81A 1f81A
1nuuA1nuuA1nuuA 1nuuA 1nuuA
2c5aA2c5aA2c5aA 2c5aA 2c5aA
1o3uA1o3uA1o3uA 1o3uA 1o3uA
2bz1A2bz1A2bz1A 2bz1A 2bz1A
1bx71bx71bx7 1bx7 1bx7
1hiaI1hiaI1hiaI 1hiaI 1hiaI
1ejaB1ejaB1ejaB 1ejaB 1ejaB
1rkcB1rkcB1rkcB 1rkcB 1rkcB
1rhd1rhd1rhd 1rhd 1rhd
1qvcA1qvcA1qvcA 1qvcA 1qvcA
2csvA2csvA2csvA 2csvA 2csvA
1e4tA1e4tA1e4tA 1e4tA 1e4tA
1ue1A1ue1A1ue1A 1ue1A 1ue1A
1se8A1se8A1se8A 1se8A 1se8A
1wfdA1wfdA1wfdA 1wfdA 1wfdA
1l3eB1l3eB1l3eB 1l3eB 1l3eB
1l8cA1l8cA1l8cA 1l8cA 1l8cA
1ci4A1ci4A1ci4A 1ci4A 1ci4A
1spbP1spbP1spbP 1spbP 1spbP
1rhs1rhs1rhs 1rhs 1rhs

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1tfuA1tfuA1tfuA 1tfuA 1tfuA
1q3jA1q3jA1q3jA 1q3jA 1q3jA
1wq8A1wq8A1wq8A 1wq8A 1wq8A
1vgh1vgh1vgh 1vgh 1vgh
1g5rA1g5rA1g5rA 1g5rA 1g5rA
1okgA1okgA1okgA 1okgA 1okgA
1ata1ata1ata 1ata 1ata
1ayj1ayj1ayj 1ayj 1ayj
1x3eA1x3eA1x3eA 1x3eA 1x3eA
1tzvA1tzvA1tzvA 1tzvA 1tzvA
1yjdC1yjdC1yjdC 1yjdC 1yjdC
1g60A1g60A1g60A 1g60A 1g60A
1skz1skz1skz 1skz 1skz
1kmxA1kmxA1kmxA 1kmxA 1kmxA
1n62A1n62A1n62A 1n62A 1n62A
1ufbA1ufbA1ufbA 1ufbA 1ufbA
1couA1couA1couA 1couA 1couA
1efdN1efdN1efdN 1efdN 1efdN
1z6eB1z6eB1z6eB 1z6eB 1z6eB
1v5iB1v5iB1v5iB 1v5iB 1v5iB
1p0hA1p0hA1p0hA 1p0hA 1p0hA
5bcaA5bcaA5bcaA 5bcaA 5bcaA
2cy0A2cy0A2cy0A 2cy0A 2cy0A
1qj2A1qj2A1qj2A 1qj2A 1qj2A
1kawA1kawA1kawA 1kawA 1kawA
2c3gA2c3gA2c3gA 2c3gA 2c3gA
1frb1frb1frb 1frb 1frb
1lir1lir1lir 1lir 1lir
2ariA2ariA2ariA 2ariA 2ariA
1hx2A1hx2A1hx2A 1hx2A 1hx2A
1rm4A1rm4A1rm4A 1rm4A 1rm4A
1mdyA1mdyA1mdyA 1mdyA 1mdyA
1j5jA1j5jA1j5jA 1j5jA 1j5jA
1ng7A1ng7A1ng7A 1ng7A 1ng7A
1s1hN1s1hN1s1hN 1s1hN 1s1hN
1k0hA1k0hA1k0hA 1k0hA 1k0hA
1xm3A1xm3A1xm3A 1xm3A 1xm3A
1lg7A1lg7A1lg7A 1lg7A 1lg7A
2yhx2yhx2yhx 2yhx 2yhx
1ea0A1ea0A1ea0A 1ea0A 1ea0A
1z5zA1z5zA1z5zA 1z5zA 1z5zA
1l9lA1l9lA1l9lA 1l9lA 1l9lA
1pwmA1pwmA1pwmA 1pwmA 1pwmA

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001