Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1u24A1u24A1u24A 1u24A 1u24A
2c46A2c46A2c46A 2c46A 2c46A
1yz4A1yz4A1yz4A 1yz4A 1yz4A
1d5rA1d5rA1d5rA 1d5rA 1d5rA
1yn9A1yn9A1yn9A 1yn9A 1yn9A
1rxdA1rxdA1rxdA 1rxdA 1rxdA
1wrmA1wrmA1wrmA 1wrmA 1wrmA
1fpzA1fpzA1fpzA 1fpzA 1fpzA
1ywfA1ywfA1ywfA 1ywfA 1ywfA
1vhrA1vhrA1vhrA 1vhrA 1vhrA
2f46A2f46A2f46A 2f46A 2f46A
1oheA1oheA1oheA 1oheA 1oheA
1g4wR1g4wR1g4wR 1g4wR 1g4wR
2b49A2b49A2b49A 2b49A 2b49A
2fh7A2fh7A2fh7A 2fh7A 2fh7A
2f71A2f71A2f71A 2f71A 2f71A
1wchA1wchA1wchA 1wchA 1wchA
2bv5A2bv5A2bv5A 2bv5A 2bv5A
1pa1A1pa1A1pa1A 1pa1A 1pa1A
1lyvA1lyvA1lyvA 1lyvA 1lyvA
2bzlA2bzlA2bzlA 2bzlA 2bzlA
1okgA1okgA1okgA 1okgA 1okgA
1motA1motA1motA 1motA 1motA
1ha8A1ha8A1ha8A 1ha8A 1ha8A
1eg2A1eg2A1eg2A 1eg2A 1eg2A
1fcqA1fcqA1fcqA 1fcqA 1fcqA
1e4tA1e4tA1e4tA 1e4tA 1e4tA
1ufbA1ufbA1ufbA 1ufbA 1ufbA
2csvA2csvA2csvA 2csvA 2csvA
1dkcA1dkcA1dkcA 1dkcA 1dkcA
1hz4A1hz4A1hz4A 1hz4A 1hz4A
1zhhB1zhhB1zhhB 1zhhB 1zhhB
1xwjB1xwjB1xwjB 1xwjB 1xwjB
2bt2A2bt2A2bt2A 2bt2A 2bt2A
1fjnA1fjnA1fjnA 1fjnA 1fjnA
1ul7A1ul7A1ul7A 1ul7A 1ul7A
1kmxA1kmxA1kmxA 1kmxA 1kmxA
1l3eB1l3eB1l3eB 1l3eB 1l3eB
2fjlA2fjlA2fjlA 2fjlA 2fjlA
1qqp41qqp41qqp4 1qqp4 1qqp4
1couA1couA1couA 1couA 1couA
1yt8A1yt8A1yt8A 1yt8A 1yt8A
1zsqA1zsqA1zsqA 1zsqA 1zsqA
1tzyD1tzyD1tzyD 1tzyD 1tzyD
1a321a321a32 1a32 1a32
1hlqA1hlqA1hlqA 1hlqA 1hlqA
1yrtA1yrtA1yrtA 1yrtA 1yrtA
1uwwA1uwwA1uwwA 1uwwA 1uwwA
1g60A1g60A1g60A 1g60A 1g60A
1isuA1isuA1isuA 1isuA 1isuA
2a9sA2a9sA2a9sA 2a9sA 2a9sA
1fqiA1fqiA1fqiA 1fqiA 1fqiA
1jkzA1jkzA1jkzA 1jkzA 1jkzA
1qvcA1qvcA1qvcA 1qvcA 1qvcA
1z6eB1z6eB1z6eB 1z6eB 1z6eB
2a72A2a72A2a72A 2a72A 2a72A
1rhs1rhs1rhs 1rhs 1rhs
1udkA1udkA1udkA 1udkA 1udkA
1j5jA1j5jA1j5jA 1j5jA 1j5jA
1n13B1n13B1n13B 1n13B 1n13B
1ijvA1ijvA1ijvA 1ijvA 1ijvA
1bah1bah1bah 1bah 1bah
1m2sA1m2sA1m2sA 1m2sA 1m2sA
1bx71bx71bx7 1bx7 1bx7
1wv9A1wv9A1wv9A 1wv9A 1wv9A
1e0cA1e0cA1e0cA 1e0cA 1e0cA
1tk9A1tk9A1tk9A 1tk9A 1tk9A
1kjs1kjs1kjs 1kjs 1kjs
1z7kB1z7kB1z7kB 1z7kB 1z7kB
1oeiA1oeiA1oeiA 1oeiA 1oeiA

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