Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1k92A1k92A1k92A 1k92A 1k92A
2d13A2d13A2d13A 2d13A 2d13A
1vl2A1vl2A1vl2A 1vl2A 1vl2A
1korA1korA1korA 1korA 1korA
1ni5A1ni5A1ni5A 1ni5A 1ni5A
1ih8A1ih8A1ih8A 1ih8A 1ih8A
1kqpA1kqpA1kqpA 1kqpA 1kqpA
1wy5A1wy5A1wy5A 1wy5A 1wy5A
1xngA1xngA1xngA 1xngA 1xngA
1m1zA1m1zA1m1zA 1m1zA 1m1zA
1q15A1q15A1q15A 1q15A 1q15A
1ru8A1ru8A1ru8A 1ru8A 1ru8A
1ct9A1ct9A1ct9A 1ct9A 1ct9A
1wxiA1wxiA1wxiA 1wxiA 1wxiA
1sur1sur1sur 1sur 1sur
1gpmA1gpmA1gpmA 1gpmA 1gpmA
1k77A1k77A1k77A 1k77A 1k77A
1db3A1db3A1db3A 1db3A 1db3A
1t2aA1t2aA1t2aA 1t2aA 1t2aA
1a531a531a53 1a53 1a53
1i60A1i60A1i60A 1i60A 1i60A
1xi3A1xi3A1xi3A 1xi3A 1xi3A
1yadA1yadA1yadA 1yadA 1yadA
1ek6A1ek6A1ek6A 1ek6A 1ek6A
1rkxA1rkxA1rkxA 1rkxA 1rkxA
1vcdA1vcdA1vcdA 1vcdA 1vcdA
3xis3xis3xis 3xis 3xis
1tqjA1tqjA1tqjA 1tqjA 1tqjA
1yx1A1yx1A1yx1A 1yx1A 1yx1A
2g0wA2g0wA2g0wA 2g0wA 2g0wA
4xis4xis4xis 4xis 4xis
1igs1igs1igs 1igs 1igs
2blnA2blnA2blnA 2blnA 2blnA
1a0cA1a0cA1a0cA 1a0cA 1a0cA
1n2sA1n2sA1n2sA 1n2sA 1n2sA
1bxkA1bxkA1bxkA 1bxkA 1bxkA
1hdoA1hdoA1hdoA 1hdoA 1hdoA
1xp3A1xp3A1xp3A 1xp3A 1xp3A
1sb8A1sb8A1sb8A 1sb8A 1sb8A
1vbvA1vbvA1vbvA 1vbvA 1vbvA
1cydA1cydA1cydA 1cydA 1cydA
1muwA1muwA1muwA 1muwA 1muwA
1ktgA1ktgA1ktgA 1ktgA 1ktgA
1k2eA1k2eA1k2eA 1k2eA 1k2eA
1hztA1hztA1hztA 1hztA 1hztA
1e6uA1e6uA1e6uA 1e6uA 1e6uA
1oc2A1oc2A1oc2A 1oc2A 1oc2A
2azwA2azwA2azwA 2azwA 2azwA
1kepA1kepA1kepA 1kepA 1kepA
1sjyA1sjyA1sjyA 1sjyA 1sjyA
1iujA1iujA1iujA 1iujA 1iujA
1zejA1zejA1zejA 1zejA 1zejA
1ku1A1ku1A1ku1A 1ku1A 1ku1A
2d1yA2d1yA2d1yA 2d1yA 2d1yA
2ag5A2ag5A2ag5A 2ag5A 2ag5A
2aefA2aefA2aefA 2aefA 2aefA
1y0pA1y0pA1y0pA 1y0pA 1y0pA
1nqzA1nqzA1nqzA 1nqzA 1nqzA
1n7hA1n7hA1n7hA 1n7hA 1n7hA
1e7rA1e7rA1e7rA 1e7rA 1e7rA
1o5iA1o5iA1o5iA 1o5iA 1o5iA
1gsoA1gsoA1gsoA 1gsoA 1gsoA
1id1A1id1A1id1A 1id1A 1id1A
1tvnA1tvnA1tvnA 1tvnA 1tvnA
1geqA1geqA1geqA 1geqA 1geqA
1g0oA1g0oA1g0oA 1g0oA 1g0oA
2gm3A2gm3A2gm3A 2gm3A 2gm3A
1k6xA1k6xA1k6xA 1k6xA 1k6xA
2a6tA2a6tA2a6tA 2a6tA 2a6tA
1gmxA1gmxA1gmxA 1gmxA 1gmxA
1pzgA1pzgA1pzgA 1pzgA 1pzgA
1x84A1x84A1x84A 1x84A 1x84A
1zmoA1zmoA1zmoA 1zmoA 1zmoA
2ts12ts12ts1 2ts1 2ts1
1gkzA1gkzA1gkzA 1gkzA 1gkzA
1orrA1orrA1orrA 1orrA 1orrA
1hzyA1hzyA1hzyA 1hzyA 1hzyA
1uzmA1uzmA1uzmA 1uzmA 1uzmA
2affB2affB2affB 2affB 2affB
2c5aA2c5aA2c5aA 2c5aA 2c5aA
1vkyA1vkyA1vkyA 1vkyA 1vkyA
1tz0A1tz0A1tz0A 1tz0A 1tz0A
1i0dA1i0dA1i0dA 1i0dA 1i0dA
2fqxA2fqxA2fqxA 2fqxA 2fqxA
1vemA1vemA1vemA 1vemA 1vemA
1grx1grx1grx 1grx 1grx
2b0vA2b0vA2b0vA 2b0vA 2b0vA
1yi8A1yi8A1yi8A 1yi8A 1yi8A
2b06A2b06A2b06A 2b06A 2b06A
1rpnA1rpnA1rpnA 1rpnA 1rpnA
1viuA1viuA1viuA 1viuA 1viuA
1geeA1geeA1geeA 1geeA 1geeA
1wmbA1wmbA1wmbA 1wmbA 1wmbA
4dpvZ4dpvZ4dpvZ 4dpvZ 4dpvZ
1x1tA1x1tA1x1tA 1x1tA 1x1tA
1gcoA1gcoA1gcoA 1gcoA 1gcoA
1lssA1lssA1lssA 1lssA 1lssA
1t2dA1t2dA1t2dA 1t2dA 1t2dA
1pii1pii1pii 1pii 1pii
1eyzA1eyzA1eyzA 1eyzA 1eyzA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
2bgkA2bgkA2bgkA 2bgkA 2bgkA
1xhlA1xhlA1xhlA 1xhlA 1xhlA
1wd7A1wd7A1wd7A 1wd7A 1wd7A
1c251c251c25 1c25 1c25
1jtvA1jtvA1jtvA 1jtvA 1jtvA
1lc0A1lc0A1lc0A 1lc0A 1lc0A
1rzuA1rzuA1rzuA 1rzuA 1rzuA
2ddfA2ddfA2ddfA 2ddfA 2ddfA
1y0eA1y0eA1y0eA 1y0eA 1y0eA
1jx6A1jx6A1jx6A 1jx6A 1jx6A
2aq8A2aq8A2aq8A 2aq8A 2aq8A
1ymkA1ymkA1ymkA 1ymkA 1ymkA
1tuoA1tuoA1tuoA 1tuoA 1tuoA
1qydA1qydA1qydA 1qydA 1qydA
1xkqA1xkqA1xkqA 1xkqA 1xkqA
1b7yB1b7yB1b7yB 1b7yB 1b7yB
2rhe2rhe2rhe 2rhe 2rhe
1vc4A1vc4A1vc4A 1vc4A 1vc4A
1udc1udc1udc 1udc 1udc
1uluA1uluA1uluA 1uluA 1uluA
1r6dA1r6dA1r6dA 1r6dA 1r6dA
1iukA1iukA1iukA 1iukA 1iukA
2ew8A2ew8A2ew8A 2ew8A 2ew8A
1hleB1hleB1hleB 1hleB 1hleB
1ryaA1ryaA1ryaA 1ryaA 1ryaA
2a2oA2a2oA2a2oA 2a2oA 2a2oA
1kjqA1kjqA1kjqA 1kjqA 1kjqA
2a9mL2a9mL2a9mL 2a9mL 2a9mL
2bcgG2bcgG2bcgG 2bcgG 2bcgG
2fvvA2fvvA2fvvA 2fvvA 2fvvA
1ja9A1ja9A1ja9A 1ja9A 1ja9A
2pooA2pooA2pooA 2pooA 2pooA
1t0fA1t0fA1t0fA 1t0fA 1t0fA
1f0kA1f0kA1f0kA 1f0kA 1f0kA
1wvgA1wvgA1wvgA 1wvgA 1wvgA
1ww7A1ww7A1ww7A 1ww7A 1ww7A
1g0sA1g0sA1g0sA 1g0sA 1g0sA
1nffA1nffA1nffA 1nffA 1nffA
1wqaA1wqaA1wqaA 1wqaA 1wqaA
2c3zA2c3zA2c3zA 2c3zA 2c3zA
1xel1xel1xel 1xel 1xel
1gy8A1gy8A1gy8A 1gy8A 1gy8A
1wcwA1wcwA1wcwA 1wcwA 1wcwA
1qycA1qycA1qycA 1qycA 1qycA
1fds1fds1fds 1fds 1fds
1kewA1kewA1kewA 1kewA 1kewA
1qtwA1qtwA1qtwA 1qtwA 1qtwA
1mv8A1mv8A1mv8A 1mv8A 1mv8A
1zpdA1zpdA1zpdA 1zpdA 1zpdA
1hdcA1hdcA1hdcA 1hdcA 1hdcA
1vl8A1vl8A1vl8A 1vl8A 1vl8A
1bfd1bfd1bfd 1bfd 1bfd
1w96A1w96A1w96A 1w96A 1w96A
1p2hA1p2hA1p2hA 1p2hA 1p2hA
2cbiA2cbiA2cbiA 2cbiA 2cbiA
1bdb1bdb1bdb 1bdb 1bdb
2pgd2pgd2pgd 2pgd 2pgd
1xq6A1xq6A1xq6A 1xq6A 1xq6A
1o0yA1o0yA1o0yA 1o0yA 1o0yA
1gz6A1gz6A1gz6A 1gz6A 1gz6A
1u9jA1u9jA1u9jA 1u9jA 1u9jA
1zemA1zemA1zemA 1zemA 1zemA
1yt8A1yt8A1yt8A 1yt8A 1yt8A
1hxhA1hxhA1hxhA 1hxhA 1hxhA
1jztA1jztA1jztA 1jztA 1jztA
1v8yA1v8yA1v8yA 1v8yA 1v8yA
1t1vA1t1vA1t1vA 1t1vA 1t1vA
1vlwA1vlwA1vlwA 1vlwA 1vlwA
2g1uA2g1uA2g1uA 2g1uA 2g1uA
1ffyA1ffyA1ffyA 1ffyA 1ffyA
1sgoA1sgoA1sgoA 1sgoA 1sgoA
2c07A2c07A2c07A 2c07A 2c07A
1zk4A1zk4A1zk4A 1zk4A 1zk4A
2d2jA2d2jA2d2jA 2d2jA 2d2jA
2bfdB2bfdB2bfdB 2bfdB 2bfdB
1xseA1xseA1xseA 1xseA 1xseA
2fkbA2fkbA2fkbA 2fkbA 2fkbA
1m1nA1m1nA1m1nA 1m1nA 1m1nA
1zdyA1zdyA1zdyA 1zdyA 1zdyA
1zmtA1zmtA1zmtA 1zmtA 1zmtA
1byi1byi1byi 1byi 1byi
1zvdA1zvdA1zvdA 1zvdA 1zvdA
1rpxA1rpxA1rpxA 1rpxA 1rpxA
1h6lA1h6lA1h6lA 1h6lA 1h6lA
2a40B2a40B2a40B 2a40B 2a40B
1obfO1obfO1obfO 1obfO 1obfO
2ae2A2ae2A2ae2A 2ae2A 2ae2A
2fliA2fliA2fliA 2fliA 2fliA
1bmdA1bmdA1bmdA 1bmdA 1bmdA
1djqA1djqA1djqA 1djqA 1djqA
1q7bA1q7bA1q7bA 1q7bA 1q7bA
1jeyA1jeyA1jeyA 1jeyA 1jeyA
2a2kA2a2kA2a2kA 2a2kA 2a2kA
1uqtA1uqtA1uqtA 1uqtA 1uqtA
1g0cA1g0cA1g0cA 1g0cA 1g0cA
1xgkA1xgkA1xgkA 1xgkA 1xgkA
1pwxA1pwxA1pwxA 1pwxA 1pwxA
1ad1A1ad1A1ad1A 1ad1A 1ad1A
2c3gA2c3gA2c3gA 2c3gA 2c3gA
1spxA1spxA1spxA 1spxA 1spxA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1qb0A1qb0A1qb0A 1qb0A 1qb0A
1nxqA1nxqA1nxqA 1nxqA 1nxqA
1bykA1bykA1bykA 1bykA 1bykA
1o6zA1o6zA1o6zA 1o6zA 1o6zA
1qsgA1qsgA1qsgA 1qsgA 1qsgA
1iy8A1iy8A1iy8A 1iy8A 1iy8A
1vhzA1vhzA1vhzA 1vhzA 1vhzA
1y81A1y81A1y81A 1y81A 1y81A
1ecfA1ecfA1ecfA 1ecfA 1ecfA
1hlgA1hlgA1hlgA 1hlgA 1hlgA
1fjhA1fjhA1fjhA 1fjhA 1fjhA
2czdA2czdA2czdA 2czdA 2czdA
2b69A2b69A2b69A 2b69A 2b69A
1esmA1esmA1esmA 1esmA 1esmA
2bw0A2bw0A2bw0A 2bw0A 2bw0A
1zbqA1zbqA1zbqA 1zbqA 1zbqA
2a5hA2a5hA2a5hA 2a5hA 2a5hA
1kb9B1kb9B1kb9B 1kb9B 1kb9B
1ri5A1ri5A1ri5A 1ri5A 1ri5A
1gox1gox1gox 1gox 1gox
1uayA1uayA1uayA 1uayA 1uayA
1fmcA1fmcA1fmcA 1fmcA 1fmcA
1gegA1gegA1gegA 1gegA 1gegA
1m7gA1m7gA1m7gA 1m7gA 1m7gA
1s3iA1s3iA1s3iA 1s3iA 1s3iA
1scuA1scuA1scuA 1scuA 1scuA
1cvl1cvl1cvl 1cvl 1cvl
1p1xA1p1xA1p1xA 1p1xA 1p1xA
1kx5B1kx5B1kx5B 1kx5B 1kx5B
1w6uA1w6uA1w6uA 1w6uA 1w6uA
1e20A1e20A1e20A 1e20A 1e20A
1txgA1txgA1txgA 1txgA 1txgA
1eyeA1eyeA1eyeA 1eyeA 1eyeA
1qnrA1qnrA1qnrA 1qnrA 1qnrA
1p4cA1p4cA1p4cA 1p4cA 1p4cA
1vmfA1vmfA1vmfA 1vmfA 1vmfA
1pvdA1pvdA1pvdA 1pvdA 1pvdA
1y7tA1y7tA1y7tA 1y7tA 1y7tA
1ypfA1ypfA1ypfA 1ypfA 1ypfA
1bvoA1bvoA1bvoA 1bvoA 1bvoA
1lldA1lldA1lldA 1lldA 1lldA
1q6zA1q6zA1q6zA 1q6zA 1q6zA
1tlfA1tlfA1tlfA 1tlfA 1tlfA
1h2sA1h2sA1h2sA 1h2sA 1h2sA
1ad21ad21ad2 1ad2 1ad2
1fxoA1fxoA1fxoA 1fxoA 1fxoA
1gcuA1gcuA1gcuA 1gcuA 1gcuA
1jclA1jclA1jclA 1jclA 1jclA
1w85I1w85I1w85I 1w85I 1w85I
1t0gA1t0gA1t0gA 1t0gA 1t0gA
1bg61bg61bg6 1bg6 1bg6
1k2yX1k2yX1k2yX 1k2yX 1k2yX
1wbhA1wbhA1wbhA 1wbhA 1wbhA
1h5qA1h5qA1h5qA 1h5qA 1h5qA
2cbzA2cbzA2cbzA 2cbzA 2cbzA
1sbyA1sbyA1sbyA 1sbyA 1sbyA
1z6bA1z6bA1z6bA 1z6bA 1z6bA
2bt2A2bt2A2bt2A 2bt2A 2bt2A
1h1yA1h1yA1h1yA 1h1yA 1h1yA
1vhyA1vhyA1vhyA 1vhyA 1vhyA
1tjyA1tjyA1tjyA 1tjyA 1tjyA
1bf6A1bf6A1bf6A 1bf6A 1bf6A
1nni11nni11nni1 1nni1 1nni1
1xriA1xriA1xriA 1xriA 1xriA
1gky1gky1gky 1gky 1gky
4pfk4pfk4pfk 4pfk 4pfk
2bdeA2bdeA2bdeA 2bdeA 2bdeA
1e5dA1e5dA1e5dA 1e5dA 1e5dA
1ojxA1ojxA1ojxA 1ojxA 1ojxA
1rliA1rliA1rliA 1rliA 1rliA
2fsxA2fsxA2fsxA 2fsxA 2fsxA
1ykjA1ykjA1ykjA 1ykjA 1ykjA
2fdn2fdn2fdn 2fdn 2fdn
1r7aA1r7aA1r7aA 1r7aA 1r7aA
1ujmA1ujmA1ujmA 1ujmA 1ujmA
1i24A1i24A1i24A 1i24A 1i24A
1yxmA1yxmA1yxmA 1yxmA 1yxmA
1brmA1brmA1brmA 1brmA 1brmA
1wa3A1wa3A1wa3A 1wa3A 1wa3A
1cxyA1cxyA1cxyA 1cxyA 1cxyA
1vpdA1vpdA1vpdA 1vpdA 1vpdA
1xm3A1xm3A1xm3A 1xm3A 1xm3A
1sl8A1sl8A1sl8A 1sl8A 1sl8A
1xfcA1xfcA1xfcA 1xfcA 1xfcA
1eny1eny1eny 1eny 1eny
1r8sE1r8sE1r8sE 1r8sE 1r8sE
1nekA1nekA1nekA 1nekA 1nekA
2bvbA2bvbA2bvbA 2bvbA 2bvbA
1ldg1ldg1ldg 1ldg 1ldg
1dekA1dekA1dekA 1dekA 1dekA
1up7A1up7A1up7A 1up7A 1up7A
1fts1fts1fts 1fts 1fts
1ejxC1ejxC1ejxC 1ejxC 1ejxC
1jf2A1jf2A1jf2A 1jf2A 1jf2A
1h3fA1h3fA1h3fA 1h3fA 1h3fA
2foyA2foyA2foyA 2foyA 2foyA
1uarA1uarA1uarA 1uarA 1uarA
1mqeA1mqeA1mqeA 1mqeA 1mqeA
1hyeA1hyeA1hyeA 1hyeA 1hyeA
2aqjA2aqjA2aqjA 2aqjA 2aqjA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
2c31A2c31A2c31A 2c31A 2c31A
2gasA2gasA2gasA 2gasA 2gasA
1rzrA1rzrA1rzrA 1rzrA 1rzrA
1q9iA1q9iA1q9iA 1q9iA 1q9iA
1f6yA1f6yA1f6yA 1f6yA 1f6yA
1qlwA1qlwA1qlwA 1qlwA 1qlwA
1mjhA1mjhA1mjhA 1mjhA 1mjhA
1v4vA1v4vA1v4vA 1v4vA 1v4vA
1eqcA1eqcA1eqcA 1eqcA 1eqcA
1gca1gca1gca 1gca 1gca
1eq2A1eq2A1eq2A 1eq2A 1eq2A
1gln1gln1gln 1gln 1gln
2bbsA2bbsA2bbsA 2bbsA 2bbsA
1ff9A1ff9A1ff9A 1ff9A 1ff9A
1ispA1ispA1ispA 1ispA 1ispA
1si2A1si2A1si2A 1si2A 1si2A
1mzhA1mzhA1mzhA 1mzhA 1mzhA
1kssA1kssA1kssA 1kssA 1kssA
1ixlA1ixlA1ixlA 1ixlA 1ixlA
1q33A1q33A1q33A 1q33A 1q33A
1r8mE1r8mE1r8mE 1r8mE 1r8mE
1rec1rec1rec 1rec 1rec
1r3dA1r3dA1r3dA 1r3dA 1r3dA
1t2bA1t2bA1t2bA 1t2bA 1t2bA
1p0kA1p0kA1p0kA 1p0kA 1p0kA
2dnjA2dnjA2dnjA 2dnjA 2dnjA
2a2mA2a2mA2a2mA 2a2mA 2a2mA
1ag9A1ag9A1ag9A 1ag9A 1ag9A
1u1iA1u1iA1u1iA 1u1iA 1u1iA
1yqgA1yqgA1yqgA 1yqgA 1yqgA
2bkaA2bkaA2bkaA 2bkaA 2bkaA
1xa0A1xa0A1xa0A 1xa0A 1xa0A
1m93C1m93C1m93C 1m93C 1m93C
1p5dX1p5dX1p5dX 1p5dX 1p5dX
1f0yA1f0yA1f0yA 1f0yA 1f0yA
1l2uA1l2uA1l2uA 1l2uA 1l2uA
1g94A1g94A1g94A 1g94A 1g94A
1mb4A1mb4A1mb4A 1mb4A 1mb4A
1tg7A1tg7A1tg7A 1tg7A 1tg7A
2cybA2cybA2cybA 2cybA 2cybA
2dkaA2dkaA2dkaA 2dkaA 2dkaA
2fuvA2fuvA2fuvA 2fuvA 2fuvA
7a3hA7a3hA7a3hA 7a3hA 7a3hA
1kmqA1kmqA1kmqA 1kmqA 1kmqA
1h98A1h98A1h98A 1h98A 1h98A
6ldh6ldh6ldh 6ldh 6ldh
2tpsA2tpsA2tpsA 2tpsA 2tpsA
1drw1drw1drw 1drw 1drw
1t3kA1t3kA1t3kA 1t3kA 1t3kA
1me8A1me8A1me8A 1me8A 1me8A
1vhnA1vhnA1vhnA 1vhnA 1vhnA
1xqwA1xqwA1xqwA 1xqwA 1xqwA
1wzuA1wzuA1wzuA 1wzuA 1wzuA
1j1iA1j1iA1j1iA 1j1iA 1j1iA
1ush1ush1ush 1ush 1ush
1vkdA1vkdA1vkdA 1vkdA 1vkdA
1xg5A1xg5A1xg5A 1xg5A 1xg5A
2bd0A2bd0A2bd0A 2bd0A 2bd0A
1o9yA1o9yA1o9yA 1o9yA 1o9yA
1xkrA1xkrA1xkrA 1xkrA 1xkrA
2bs3A2bs3A2bs3A 2bs3A 2bs3A
1ei9A1ei9A1ei9A 1ei9A 1ei9A
1cd0A1cd0A1cd0A 1cd0A 1cd0A
1ub3A1ub3A1ub3A 1ub3A 1ub3A
1o54A1o54A1o54A 1o54A 1o54A
1jgjA1jgjA1jgjA 1jgjA 1jgjA
1jvnA1jvnA1jvnA 1jvnA 1jvnA
1gveA1gveA1gveA 1gveA 1gveA
8abp8abp8abp 8abp 8abp
1f1zA1f1zA1f1zA 1f1zA 1f1zA
2ew2A2ew2A2ew2A 2ew2A 2ew2A
1g63A1g63A1g63A 1g63A 1g63A
1xtpA1xtpA1xtpA 1xtpA 1xtpA
1vbkA1vbkA1vbkA 1vbkA 1vbkA
1qw9A1qw9A1qw9A 1qw9A 1qw9A
1tx4B1tx4B1tx4B 1tx4B 1tx4B
2gdzA2gdzA2gdzA 2gdzA 2gdzA
1fmtA1fmtA1fmtA 1fmtA 1fmtA
1mvlA1mvlA1mvlA 1mvlA 1mvlA
1avyA1avyA1avyA 1avyA 1avyA
1j5sA1j5sA1j5sA 1j5sA 1j5sA
1ks9A1ks9A1ks9A 1ks9A 1ks9A
1yb2A1yb2A1yb2A 1yb2A 1yb2A
1yp2A1yp2A1yp2A 1yp2A 1yp2A
1e6wA1e6wA1e6wA 1e6wA 1e6wA
1rd5A1rd5A1rd5A 1rd5A 1rd5A
1bqcA1bqcA1bqcA 1bqcA 1bqcA
1qh8A1qh8A1qh8A 1qh8A 1qh8A
1upaA1upaA1upaA 1upaA 1upaA
2c2xA2c2xA2c2xA 2c2xA 2c2xA
1z82A1z82A1z82A 1z82A 1z82A
1ec7A1ec7A1ec7A 1ec7A 1ec7A
1dv1A1dv1A1dv1A 1dv1A 1dv1A
7odcA7odcA7odcA 7odcA 7odcA
1kv8A1kv8A1kv8A 1kv8A 1kv8A
2ahuA2ahuA2ahuA 2ahuA 2ahuA
1djnA1djnA1djnA 1djnA 1djnA
2adgB2adgB2adgB 2adgB 2adgB
1uhnA1uhnA1uhnA 1uhnA 1uhnA
1z7bA1z7bA1z7bA 1z7bA 1z7bA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1fmeA1fmeA1fmeA 1fmeA 1fmeA
1n7kA1n7kA1n7kA 1n7kA 1n7kA
1tltA1tltA1tltA 1tltA 1tltA
1dljA1dljA1dljA 1dljA 1dljA
2aotA2aotA2aotA 2aotA 2aotA
1obbA1obbA1obbA 1obbA 1obbA
1gudA1gudA1gudA 1gudA 1gudA
1poxA1poxA1poxA 1poxA 1poxA
2avdA2avdA2avdA 2avdA 2avdA
1jr2A1jr2A1jr2A 1jr2A 1jr2A
1z2kA1z2kA1z2kA 1z2kA 1z2kA
1twiA1twiA1twiA 1twiA 1twiA
1e7wA1e7wA1e7wA 1e7wA 1e7wA
1ls1A1ls1A1ls1A 1ls1A 1ls1A
1m7jA1m7jA1m7jA 1m7jA 1m7jA
1y5mA1y5mA1y5mA 1y5mA 1y5mA
1xklA1xklA1xklA 1xklA 1xklA
1v5eA1v5eA1v5eA 1v5eA 1v5eA
1ooeA1ooeA1ooeA 1ooeA 1ooeA
1tzzA1tzzA1tzzA 1tzzA 1tzzA
2ng12ng12ng1 2ng1 2ng1
1ei6A1ei6A1ei6A 1ei6A 1ei6A
2ax3A2ax3A2ax3A 2ax3A 2ax3A
2bllA2bllA2bllA 2bllA 2bllA
1mnaA1mnaA1mnaA 1mnaA 1mnaA
1u9kA1u9kA1u9kA 1u9kA 1u9kA
1wq3A1wq3A1wq3A 1wq3A 1wq3A
1xpjA1xpjA1xpjA 1xpjA 1xpjA
1qv1A1qv1A1qv1A 1qv1A 1qv1A
1m33A1m33A1m33A 1m33A 1m33A
1ps9A1ps9A1ps9A 1ps9A 1ps9A
1dt7X1dt7X1dt7X 1dt7X 1dt7X
2aieP2aieP2aieP 2aieP 2aieP
1x1zA1x1zA1x1zA 1x1zA 1x1zA
1qrrA1qrrA1qrrA 1qrrA 1qrrA
1d4fA1d4fA1d4fA 1d4fA 1d4fA
1heiA1heiA1heiA 1heiA 1heiA
1tx2A1tx2A1tx2A 1tx2A 1tx2A
1ad4A1ad4A1ad4A 1ad4A 1ad4A
1r1dA1r1dA1r1dA 1r1dA 1r1dA
1j79A1j79A1j79A 1j79A 1j79A
1ihuA1ihuA1ihuA 1ihuA 1ihuA
1w8sA1w8sA1w8sA 1w8sA 1w8sA
1dhr1dhr1dhr 1dhr 1dhr
1pbv1pbv1pbv 1pbv 1pbv
1hoe1hoe1hoe 1hoe 1hoe
1ok0A1ok0A1ok0A 1ok0A 1ok0A
1yvvA1yvvA1yvvA 1yvvA 1yvvA
1lsuA1lsuA1lsuA 1lsuA 1lsuA
1qopA1qopA1qopA 1qopA 1qopA
1rl4A1rl4A1rl4A 1rl4A 1rl4A
1kdoA1kdoA1kdoA 1kdoA 1kdoA
1xyiA1xyiA1xyiA 1xyiA 1xyiA
2a72A2a72A2a72A 2a72A 2a72A
2pia2pia2pia 2pia 2pia
2pth2pth2pth 2pth 2pth
1ws0A1ws0A1ws0A 1ws0A 1ws0A
1rk8C1rk8C1rk8C 1rk8C 1rk8C
1op4A1op4A1op4A 1op4A 1op4A
1icpA1icpA1icpA 1icpA 1icpA
1u2eA1u2eA1u2eA 1u2eA 1u2eA
1rpjA1rpjA1rpjA 1rpjA 1rpjA
1xo5A1xo5A1xo5A 1xo5A 1xo5A
1dvjA1dvjA1dvjA 1dvjA 1dvjA
1vfsA1vfsA1vfsA 1vfsA 1vfsA
1qqhA1qqhA1qqhA 1qqhA 1qqhA
2ckiA2ckiA2ckiA 2ckiA 2ckiA
1e5mA1e5mA1e5mA 1e5mA 1e5mA
1womA1womA1womA 1womA 1womA
1i36A1i36A1i36A 1i36A 1i36A
1dxjA1dxjA1dxjA 1dxjA 1dxjA
1y3nA1y3nA1y3nA 1y3nA 1y3nA
1fyxA1fyxA1fyxA 1fyxA 1fyxA
1jyeA1jyeA1jyeA 1jyeA 1jyeA
1pfkA1pfkA1pfkA 1pfkA 1pfkA
1vhcA1vhcA1vhcA 1vhcA 1vhcA
1te5A1te5A1te5A 1te5A 1te5A
1t01A1t01A1t01A 1t01A 1t01A
1l2tA1l2tA1l2tA 1l2tA 1l2tA
1sqsA1sqsA1sqsA 1sqsA 1sqsA
1ta3B1ta3B1ta3B 1ta3B 1ta3B
1vqwA1vqwA1vqwA 1vqwA 1vqwA
1dp0A1dp0A1dp0A 1dp0A 1dp0A
1wnhA1wnhA1wnhA 1wnhA 1wnhA
2bnlA2bnlA2bnlA 2bnlA 2bnlA
1kpgA1kpgA1kpgA 1kpgA 1kpgA
1jilA1jilA1jilA 1jilA 1jilA
1td4A1td4A1td4A 1td4A 1td4A
1s58A1s58A1s58A 1s58A 1s58A
1m7bA1m7bA1m7bA 1m7bA 1m7bA
1pbe1pbe1pbe 1pbe 1pbe
1mtzA1mtzA1mtzA 1mtzA 1mtzA
2gh1A2gh1A2gh1A 2gh1A 2gh1A
2a35A2a35A2a35A 2a35A 2a35A
1nm2A1nm2A1nm2A 1nm2A 1nm2A
1tx4A1tx4A1tx4A 1tx4A 1tx4A
1auk1auk1auk 1auk 1auk
1nv8A1nv8A1nv8A 1nv8A 1nv8A
1wjgA1wjgA1wjgA 1wjgA 1wjgA
1ebdC1ebdC1ebdC 1ebdC 1ebdC

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
2bo9B2bo9B2bo9B 2bo9B 2bo9B
1zfjA1zfjA1zfjA 1zfjA 1zfjA
1qcwA1qcwA1qcwA 1qcwA 1qcwA
1vl5A1vl5A1vl5A 1vl5A 1vl5A
1u6tA1u6tA1u6tA 1u6tA 1u6tA
1meoA1meoA1meoA 1meoA 1meoA
1yd0A1yd0A1yd0A 1yd0A 1yd0A
2cvjA2cvjA2cvjA 2cvjA 2cvjA
1tz9A1tz9A1tz9A 1tz9A 1tz9A
1olzA1olzA1olzA 1olzA 1olzA
1k8kA1k8kA1k8kA 1k8kA 1k8kA
1edzA1edzA1edzA 1edzA 1edzA
1eueA1eueA1eueA 1eueA 1eueA
1jvbA1jvbA1jvbA 1jvbA 1jvbA
2ck3G2ck3G2ck3G 2ck3G 2ck3G
1skvA1skvA1skvA 1skvA 1skvA
2avnA2avnA2avnA 2avnA 2avnA
1zsyA1zsyA1zsyA 1zsyA 1zsyA
1tufA1tufA1tufA 1tufA 1tufA
1aba1aba1aba 1aba 1aba
1ukvG1ukvG1ukvG 1ukvG 1ukvG
1jc4A1jc4A1jc4A 1jc4A 1jc4A
1eca1eca1eca 1eca 1eca
1reoA1reoA1reoA 1reoA 1reoA
1b93A1b93A1b93A 1b93A 1b93A
1t8qA1t8qA1t8qA 1t8qA 1t8qA
2c4xA2c4xA2c4xA 2c4xA 2c4xA
1dd9A1dd9A1dd9A 1dd9A 1dd9A
1u8xX1u8xX1u8xX 1u8xX 1u8xX
2acvA2acvA2acvA 2acvA 2acvA
1bn7A1bn7A1bn7A 1bn7A 1bn7A
1rhs1rhs1rhs 1rhs 1rhs
1b25A1b25A1b25A 1b25A 1b25A
1d1qA1d1qA1d1qA 1d1qA 1d1qA
1b0b1b0b1b0b 1b0b 1b0b
1xmiA1xmiA1xmiA 1xmiA 1xmiA
1wv2A1wv2A1wv2A 1wv2A 1wv2A
1omp1omp1omp 1omp 1omp
1xioA1xioA1xioA 1xioA 1xioA
1wdcB1wdcB1wdcB 1wdcB 1wdcB
1m45A1m45A1m45A 1m45A 1m45A
1b16A1b16A1b16A 1b16A 1b16A
1nq6A1nq6A1nq6A 1nq6A 1nq6A
2fbwA2fbwA2fbwA 2fbwA 2fbwA
1t0iA1t0iA1t0iA 1t0iA 1t0iA
1kkoA1kkoA1kkoA 1kkoA 1kkoA
1ydiA1ydiA1ydiA 1ydiA 1ydiA
1enp1enp1enp 1enp 1enp
1itcA1itcA1itcA 1itcA 1itcA
1aj21aj21aj2 1aj2 1aj2
1i1wA1i1wA1i1wA 1i1wA 1i1wA
1x6vA1x6vA1x6vA 1x6vA 1x6vA
1dowA1dowA1dowA 1dowA 1dowA
1jv2B1jv2B1jv2B 1jv2B 1jv2B
1vkhA1vkhA1vkhA 1vkhA 1vkhA
1vlmA1vlmA1vlmA 1vlmA 1vlmA
2gjlA2gjlA2gjlA 2gjlA 2gjlA
2gbp2gbp2gbp 2gbp 2gbp
4mbp4mbp4mbp 4mbp 4mbp
1zzmA1zzmA1zzmA 1zzmA 1zzmA
1qysA1qysA1qysA 1qysA 1qysA
5abp5abp5abp 5abp 5abp
1zxzA1zxzA1zxzA 1zxzA 1zxzA
1wp5A1wp5A1wp5A 1wp5A 1wp5A
1hdhA1hdhA1hdhA 1hdhA 1hdhA
1x3kA1x3kA1x3kA 1x3kA 1x3kA
1zy1B1zy1B1zy1B 1zy1B 1zy1B
1n1bA1n1bA1n1bA 1n1bA 1n1bA
2tmdA2tmdA2tmdA 2tmdA 2tmdA
1ak51ak51ak5 1ak5 1ak5
2c0hA2c0hA2c0hA 2c0hA 2c0hA
1o7sA1o7sA1o7sA 1o7sA 1o7sA
2f96A2f96A2f96A 2f96A 2f96A
1vmaA1vmaA1vmaA 1vmaA 1vmaA
1q6hA1q6hA1q6hA 1q6hA 1q6hA
1uuqA1uuqA1uuqA 1uuqA 1uuqA
1a0p1a0p1a0p 1a0p 1a0p
1dg9A1dg9A1dg9A 1dg9A 1dg9A
1s31A1s31A1s31A 1s31A 1s31A
1xu9A1xu9A1xu9A 1xu9A 1xu9A
1y66A1y66A1y66A 1y66A 1y66A
1eudA1eudA1eudA 1eudA 1eudA
1tib1tib1tib 1tib 1tib
1yqtA1yqtA1yqtA 1yqtA 1yqtA
1cyo1cyo1cyo 1cyo 1cyo
1jmvA1jmvA1jmvA 1jmvA 1jmvA
1qs0A1qs0A1qs0A 1qs0A 1qs0A
1z70X1z70X1z70X 1z70X 1z70X
1mh11mh11mh1 1mh1 1mh1
1wdkC1wdkC1wdkC 1wdkC 1wdkC
2bk7B2bk7B2bk7B 2bk7B 2bk7B
1q6oA1q6oA1q6oA 1q6oA 1q6oA
1np6A1np6A1np6A 1np6A 1np6A
1ek4A1ek4A1ek4A 1ek4A 1ek4A
2ex4A2ex4A2ex4A 2ex4A 2ex4A
2flsA2flsA2flsA 2flsA 2flsA
1yumA1yumA1yumA 1yumA 1yumA
4ubpC4ubpC4ubpC 4ubpC 4ubpC
1qazA1qazA1qazA 1qazA 1qazA
1d7oA1d7oA1d7oA 1d7oA 1d7oA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1uh5A1uh5A1uh5A 1uh5A 1uh5A
1dj0A1dj0A1dj0A 1dj0A 1dj0A
1eu1A1eu1A1eu1A 1eu1A 1eu1A
1ej1A1ej1A1ej1A 1ej1A 1ej1A
1tqhA1tqhA1tqhA 1tqhA 1tqhA
2bywA2bywA2bywA 2bywA 2bywA
1qu7A1qu7A1qu7A 1qu7A 1qu7A
1sxgA1sxgA1sxgA 1sxgA 1sxgA
1chkA1chkA1chkA 1chkA 1chkA
1vqtA1vqtA1vqtA 1vqtA 1vqtA
1ah61ah61ah6 1ah6 1ah6
1f3lA1f3lA1f3lA 1f3lA 1f3lA
1sup1sup1sup 1sup 1sup
1anf1anf1anf 1anf 1anf
1tu5A1tu5A1tu5A 1tu5A 1tu5A
1sffA1sffA1sffA 1sffA 1sffA
1nciA1nciA1nciA 1nciA 1nciA
2dc3A2dc3A2dc3A 2dc3A 2dc3A
1to2E1to2E1to2E 1to2E 1to2E
1yxyA1yxyA1yxyA 1yxyA 1yxyA
2ez9A2ez9A2ez9A 2ez9A 2ez9A
1x36A1x36A1x36A 1x36A 1x36A
1n5nA1n5nA1n5nA 1n5nA 1n5nA
1uocA1uocA1uocA 1uocA 1uocA
1brt1brt1brt 1brt 1brt
1ydyA1ydyA1ydyA 1ydyA 1ydyA
1o94A1o94A1o94A 1o94A 1o94A
1xq8A1xq8A1xq8A 1xq8A 1xq8A
2cu5A2cu5A2cu5A 2cu5A 2cu5A
1kbpA1kbpA1kbpA 1kbpA 1kbpA
1c5eA1c5eA1c5eA 1c5eA 1c5eA
1zxxA1zxxA1zxxA 1zxxA 1zxxA
1hurA1hurA1hurA 1hurA 1hurA
7taa7taa7taa 7taa 7taa
1wmaA1wmaA1wmaA 1wmaA 1wmaA
2cw6A2cw6A2cw6A 2cw6A 2cw6A
1q45A1q45A1q45A 1q45A 1q45A
1w6tA1w6tA1w6tA 1w6tA 1w6tA
2f4mA2f4mA2f4mA 2f4mA 2f4mA
1vm6A1vm6A1vm6A 1vm6A 1vm6A
1xwyA1xwyA1xwyA 1xwyA 1xwyA
1uhkA1uhkA1uhkA 1uhkA 1uhkA

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