Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1a1aA1a1aA1a1aA 1a1aA 1a1aA
1a93A1a93A1a93A 1a93A 1a93A
1f2fA1f2fA1f2fA 1f2fA 1f2fA
1ju5A1ju5A1ju5A 1ju5A 1ju5A
1oo4A1oo4A1oo4A 1oo4A 1oo4A
1o4rA1o4rA1o4rA 1o4rA 1o4rA
1ab21ab21ab2 1ab2 1ab2
1lcjA1lcjA1lcjA 1lcjA 1lcjA
1lkkA1lkkA1lkkA 1lkkA 1lkkA
1h9oA1h9oA1h9oA 1h9oA 1h9oA
1aotF1aotF1aotF 1aotF 1aotF
1bfi1bfi1bfi 1bfi 1bfi
1yewC1yewC1yewC 1yewC 1yewC
2ciaA2ciaA2ciaA 2ciaA 2ciaA
2c9wA2c9wA2c9wA 2c9wA 2c9wA
1csyA1csyA1csyA 1csyA 1csyA
1nrvA1nrvA1nrvA 1nrvA 1nrvA
1yybA1yybA1yybA 1yybA 1yybA
2ci9A2ci9A2ci9A 2ci9A 2ci9A
1shaA1shaA1shaA 1shaA 1shaA
1mil1mil1mil 1mil 1mil
1qadA1qadA1qadA 1qadA 1qadA
1shbA1shbA1shbA 1shbA 1shbA
1tzeE1tzeE1tzeE 1tzeE 1tzeE
2shpA2shpA2shpA 2shpA 2shpA
1i3zA1i3zA1i3zA 1i3zA 1i3zA
1rpyA1rpyA1rpyA 1rpyA 1rpyA
1dzoA1dzoA1dzoA 1dzoA 1dzoA
1j5eK1j5eK1j5eK 1j5eK 1j5eK
2cvxA2cvxA2cvxA 2cvxA 2cvxA
1sro1sro1sro 1sro 1sro
1y2mA1y2mA1y2mA 1y2mA 1y2mA
1g7cB1g7cB1g7cB 1g7cB 1g7cB
1jyrA1jyrA1jyrA 1jyrA 1jyrA
2pldA2pldA2pldA 2pldA 2pldA
1d4tA1d4tA1d4tA 1d4tA 1d4tA
2pleA2pleA2pleA 2pleA 2pleA
1rthA1rthA1rthA 1rthA 1rthA
2hmiA2hmiA2hmiA 2hmiA 2hmiA
1bmbA1bmbA1bmbA 1bmbA 1bmbA
1zfpE1zfpE1zfpE 1zfpE 1zfpE
1ny721ny721ny72 1ny72 1ny72
2pna2pna2pna 2pna 2pna
1vrtA1vrtA1vrtA 1vrtA 1vrtA
1mg7A1mg7A1mg7A 1mg7A 1mg7A
1lckA1lckA1lckA 1lckA 1lckA
1smxA1smxA1smxA 1smxA 1smxA
2cr4A2cr4A2cr4A 2cr4A 2cr4A
1ayaA1ayaA1ayaA 1ayaA 1ayaA
1bmv21bmv21bmv2 1bmv2 1bmv2
1pgl21pgl21pgl2 1pgl2 1pgl2
1spbP1spbP1spbP 1spbP 1spbP
1shdA1shdA1shdA 1shdA 1shdA
1aa31aa31aa3 1aa3 1aa3
1hufA1hufA1hufA 1hufA 1hufA
1bylA1bylA1bylA 1bylA 1bylA
1ka6A1ka6A1ka6A 1ka6A 1ka6A
1o26A1o26A1o26A 1o26A 1o26A
1aj01aj01aj0 1aj0 1aj0
1r1qA1r1qA1r1qA 1r1qA 1r1qA
2agmA2agmA2agmA 2agmA 2agmA
1uptA1uptA1uptA 1uptA 1uptA
1fjgM1fjgM1fjgM 1fjgM 1fjgM
1xjeA1xjeA1xjeA 1xjeA 1xjeA
2aobA2aobA2aobA 2aobA 2aobA
1hcd1hcd1hcd 1hcd 1hcd
1hce1hce1hce 1hce 1hce
1eyeA1eyeA1eyeA 1eyeA 1eyeA
3icb3icb3icb 3icb 3icb
1uptC1uptC1uptC 1uptC 1uptC
1xjjA1xjjA1xjjA 1xjjA 1xjjA
1b1gA1b1gA1b1gA 1b1gA 1b1gA
1aj21aj21aj2 1aj2 1aj2
1go3E1go3E1go3E 1go3E 1go3E
1y71A1y71A1y71A 1y71A 1y71A
1dx0A1dx0A1dx0A 1dx0A 1dx0A
1rlr1rlr1rlr 1rlr 1rlr
1ew6A1ew6A1ew6A 1ew6A 1ew6A
1xk4A1xk4A1xk4A 1xk4A 1xk4A
1vp6A1vp6A1vp6A 1vp6A 1vp6A
1r4vA1r4vA1r4vA 1r4vA 1r4vA
1scjB1scjB1scjB 1scjB 1scjB
1xnpA1xnpA1xnpA 1xnpA 1xnpA
1zec1zec1zec 1zec 1zec
1t0hB1t0hB1t0hB 1t0hB 1t0hB
1mr3F1mr3F1mr3F 1mr3F 1mr3F
1wmmA1wmmA1wmmA 1wmmA 1wmmA
1yzgA1yzgA1yzgA 1yzgA 1yzgA
1fjgK1fjgK1fjgK 1fjgK 1fjgK
1h09A1h09A1h09A 1h09A 1h09A
1ny1A1ny1A1ny1A 1ny1A 1ny1A
1ngmB1ngmB1ngmB 1ngmB 1ngmB
1kshA1kshA1kshA 1kshA 1kshA
1o98A1o98A1o98A 1o98A 1o98A
1wwiA1wwiA1wwiA 1wwiA 1wwiA
2bjxA2bjxA2bjxA 2bjxA 2bjxA
1r8sA1r8sA1r8sA 1r8sA 1r8sA
1fzqA1fzqA1fzqA 1fzqA 1fzqA
2a5dA2a5dA2a5dA 2a5dA 2a5dA
1qgkB1qgkB1qgkB 1qgkB 1qgkB

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
2b3wA2b3wA2b3wA 2b3wA 2b3wA
1nrjB1nrjB1nrjB 1nrjB 1nrjB
1xk4C1xk4C1xk4C 1xk4C 1xk4C
1cipA1cipA1cipA 1cipA 1cipA
1t0qA1t0qA1t0qA 1t0qA 1t0qA
1dbqA1dbqA1dbqA 1dbqA 1dbqA
2brfA2brfA2brfA 2brfA 2brfA
1hurA1hurA1hurA 1hurA 1hurA
1zc1A1zc1A1zc1A 1zc1A 1zc1A
1o3yA1o3yA1o3yA 1o3yA 1o3yA
1peqA1peqA1peqA 1peqA 1peqA
1jc4A1jc4A1jc4A 1jc4A 1jc4A
1kq4A1kq4A1kq4A 1kq4A 1kq4A
1neiA1neiA1neiA 1neiA 1neiA
1i4mA1i4mA1i4mA 1i4mA 1i4mA
1jlxA1jlxA1jlxA 1jlxA 1jlxA
1jlyA1jlyA1jlyA 1jlyA 1jlyA
1j5bA1j5bA1j5bA 1j5bA 1j5bA
1gpqA1gpqA1gpqA 1gpqA 1gpqA
1tf5A1tf5A1tf5A 1tf5A 1tf5A
1v5iB1v5iB1v5iB 1v5iB 1v5iB
1ojhA1ojhA1ojhA 1ojhA 1ojhA
1fr7A1fr7A1fr7A 1fr7A 1fr7A
1d3uB1d3uB1d3uB 1d3uB 1d3uB
2ao9A2ao9A2ao9A 2ao9A 2ao9A
2b6hA2b6hA2b6hA 2b6hA 2b6hA
1xo0A1xo0A1xo0A 1xo0A 1xo0A
1bjx1bjx1bjx 1bjx 1bjx
2cb2A2cb2A2cb2A 2cb2A 2cb2A
1a34A1a34A1a34A 1a34A 1a34A
1xrkA1xrkA1xrkA 1xrkA 1xrkA
2gfaA2gfaA2gfaA 2gfaA 2gfaA
1r4aA1r4aA1r4aA 1r4aA 1r4aA
1m2oB1m2oB1m2oB 1m2oB 1m2oB
1su0B1su0B1su0B 1su0B 1su0B
1z8uA1z8uA1z8uA 1z8uA 1z8uA
1oo0A1oo0A1oo0A 1oo0A 1oo0A
2ashA2ashA2ashA 2ashA 2ashA
1zwwA1zwwA1zwwA 1zwwA 1zwwA
2b9hA2b9hA2b9hA 2b9hA 2b9hA
1w0bA1w0bA1w0bA 1w0bA 1w0bA
1q3eA1q3eA1q3eA 1q3eA 1q3eA
1ag21ag21ag2 1ag2 1ag2
1bb81bb81bb8 1bb8 1bb8
2bb82bb82bb8 2bb8 2bb8
1bkdS1bkdS1bkdS 1bkdS 1bkdS
1lugA1lugA1lugA 1lugA 1lugA
1caj1caj1caj 1caj 1caj
1dd9A1dd9A1dd9A 1dd9A 1dd9A
1zj6A1zj6A1zj6A 1zj6A 1zj6A
1y01A1y01A1y01A 1y01A 1y01A
1y6uA1y6uA1y6uA 1y6uA 1y6uA
1nz0A1nz0A1nz0A 1nz0A 1nz0A
1b10A1b10A1b10A 1b10A 1b10A
12ca12ca12ca 12ca 12ca
1nsgB1nsgB1nsgB 1nsgB 1nsgB
2cba2cba2cba 2cba 2cba
1sfkA1sfkA1sfkA 1sfkA 1sfkA
2essA2essA2essA 2essA 2essA
1w25A1w25A1w25A 1w25A 1w25A
2bikB2bikB2bikB 2bikB 2bikB
1v32A1v32A1v32A 1v32A 1v32A
1q48A1q48A1q48A 1q48A 1q48A
1aisB1aisB1aisB 1aisB 1aisB
1ffkB1ffkB1ffkB 1ffkB 1ffkB
1wv3A1wv3A1wv3A 1wv3A 1wv3A
1bhb1bhb1bhb 1bhb 1bhb
2go8A2go8A2go8A 2go8A 2go8A
1zd9A1zd9A1zd9A 1zd9A 1zd9A
1jftA1jftA1jftA 1jftA 1jftA
1iu9A1iu9A1iu9A 1iu9A 1iu9A
1qqp41qqp41qqp4 1qqp4 1qqp4
1ig5A1ig5A1ig5A 1ig5A 1ig5A
1mjhA1mjhA1mjhA 1mjhA 1mjhA
1jj2B1jj2B1jj2B 1jj2B 1jj2B
1ymmA1ymmA1ymmA 1ymmA 1ymmA
2shkA2shkA2shkA 2shkA 2shkA
1sxgA1sxgA1sxgA 1sxgA 1sxgA
2avyM2avyM2avyM 2avyM 2avyM
1mba1mba1mba 1mba 1mba
1rpjA1rpjA1rpjA 1rpjA 1rpjA
3mra3mra3mra 3mra 3mra
1fl2A1fl2A1fl2A 1fl2A 1fl2A
1a81A1a81A1a81A 1a81A 1a81A
1b47A1b47A1b47A 1b47A 1b47A
1qjbA1qjbA1qjbA 1qjbA 1qjbA
1zrzA1zrzA1zrzA 1zrzA 1zrzA

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001