Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
2fi3I2fi3I2fi3I 2fi3I 2fi3I
1kthA1kthA1kthA 1kthA 1kthA
1zr0B1zr0B1zr0B 1zr0B 1zr0B
1aapA1aapA1aapA 1aapA 1aapA
1g6xA1g6xA1g6xA 1g6xA 1g6xA
1dljA1dljA1dljA 1dljA 1dljA
1s62A1s62A1s62A 1s62A 1s62A
2bykA2bykA2bykA 2bykA 2bykA
1n1jA1n1jA1n1jA 1n1jA 1n1jA
1tbuA1tbuA1tbuA 1tbuA 1tbuA
2fo3A2fo3A2fo3A 2fo3A 2fo3A
1xv2A1xv2A1xv2A 1xv2A 1xv2A
2bykB2bykB2bykB 2bykB 2bykB
1yf9A1yf9A1yf9A 1yf9A 1yf9A
2awfA2awfA2awfA 2awfA 2awfA
1v8dA1v8dA1v8dA 1v8dA 1v8dA
1h4vB1h4vB1h4vB 1h4vB 1h4vB
2a4dA2a4dA2a4dA 2a4dA 2a4dA
2b06A2b06A2b06A 2b06A 2b06A
1i7kA1i7kA1i7kA 1i7kA 1i7kA
2fb1A2fb1A2fb1A 2fb1A 2fb1A
1jatB1jatB1jatB 1jatB 1jatB
1z2uA1z2uA1z2uA 1z2uA 1z2uA
2b0vA2b0vA2b0vA 2b0vA 2b0vA
1u9aA1u9aA1u9aA 1u9aA 1u9aA
2bepA2bepA2bepA 2bepA 2bepA
1zuoA1zuoA1zuoA 1zuoA 1zuoA
1yh2A1yh2A1yh2A 1yh2A 1yh2A
1jatA1jatA1jatA 1jatA 1jatA
1n1jB1n1jB1n1jB 1n1jB 1n1jB
1zdnA1zdnA1zdnA 1zdnA 1zdnA
1lr0A1lr0A1lr0A 1lr0A 1lr0A
1wbiA1wbiA1wbiA 1wbiA 1wbiA
1sjyA1sjyA1sjyA 1sjyA 1sjyA
2f4wA2f4wA2f4wA 2f4wA 2f4wA
2bkyX2bkyX2bkyX 2bkyX 2bkyX
1g5jB1g5jB1g5jB 1g5jB 1g5jB
1uanA1uanA1uanA 1uanA 1uanA
2bswA2bswA2bswA 2bswA 2bswA
1jfiA1jfiA1jfiA 1jfiA 1jfiA
1ve4A1ve4A1ve4A 1ve4A 1ve4A
2b5hA2b5hA2b5hA 2b5hA 2b5hA
1y55X1y55X1y55X 1y55X 1y55X
1zu4A1zu4A1zu4A 1zu4A 1zu4A
1rrzA1rrzA1rrzA 1rrzA 1rrzA
1c30B1c30B1c30B 1c30B 1c30B
1jdpA1jdpA1jdpA 1jdpA 1jdpA
1a7i1a7i1a7i 1a7i 1a7i
1srb1srb1srb 1srb 1srb
1vd9A1vd9A1vd9A 1vd9A 1vd9A
2fvvA2fvvA2fvvA 2fvvA 2fvvA
1jdhA1jdhA1jdhA 1jdhA 1jdhA
1qtwA1qtwA1qtwA 1qtwA 1qtwA
1cq0A1cq0A1cq0A 1cq0A 1cq0A
1j8mF1j8mF1j8mF 1j8mF 1j8mF
1o63A1o63A1o63A 1o63A 1o63A
1vcdA1vcdA1vcdA 1vcdA 1vcdA
1vmaA1vmaA1vmaA 1vmaA 1vmaA
1kdlA1kdlA1kdlA 1kdlA 1kdlA
1gwmA1gwmA1gwmA 1gwmA 1gwmA
1rgzA1rgzA1rgzA 1rgzA 1rgzA
1vm0A1vm0A1vm0A 1vm0A 1vm0A
1x1zA1x1zA1x1zA 1x1zA 1x1zA
1g12A1g12A1g12A 1g12A 1g12A
1l6kA1l6kA1l6kA 1l6kA 1l6kA
1tgsI1tgsI1tgsI 1tgsI 1tgsI
1ewkA1ewkA1ewkA 1ewkA 1ewkA
1edn1edn1edn 1edn 1edn
1wzvA1wzvA1wzvA 1wzvA 1wzvA
1jjtA1jjtA1jjtA 1jjtA 1jjtA
1ci9A1ci9A1ci9A 1ci9A 1ci9A
1cruA1cruA1cruA 1cruA 1cruA
1g8kB1g8kB1g8kB 1g8kB 1g8kB
1rutX1rutX1rutX 1rutX 1rutX
1p32A1p32A1p32A 1p32A 1p32A
1orc1orc1orc 1orc 1orc
1z9bA1z9bA1z9bA 1z9bA 1z9bA
1ktgA1ktgA1ktgA 1ktgA 1ktgA
2c36A2c36A2c36A 2c36A 2c36A
1m0uA1m0uA1m0uA 1m0uA 1m0uA
1a9xB1a9xB1a9xB 1a9xB 1a9xB
1aocA1aocA1aocA 1aocA 1aocA
1ls1A1ls1A1ls1A 1ls1A 1ls1A
2ffyA2ffyA2ffyA 2ffyA 2ffyA
2biqA2biqA2biqA 2biqA 2biqA
1ti6B1ti6B1ti6B 1ti6B 1ti6B
1fc3A1fc3A1fc3A 1fc3A 1fc3A
1wi0A1wi0A1wi0A 1wi0A 1wi0A
1twfC1twfC1twfC 1twfC 1twfC
1hdlA1hdlA1hdlA 1hdlA 1hdlA
1fgyA1fgyA1fgyA 1fgyA 1fgyA
1q2yA1q2yA1q2yA 1q2yA 1q2yA
1n08A1n08A1n08A 1n08A 1n08A
1wflA1wflA1wflA 1wflA 1wflA
1ppjE1ppjE1ppjE 1ppjE 1ppjE
1zm0A1zm0A1zm0A 1zm0A 1zm0A
2bkyA2bkyA2bkyA 2bkyA 2bkyA
1crzA1crzA1crzA 1crzA 1crzA
1zkjA1zkjA1zkjA 1zkjA 1zkjA
1npeA1npeA1npeA 1npeA 1npeA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1ytrA1ytrA1ytrA 1ytrA 1ytrA
1v8yA1v8yA1v8yA 1v8yA 1v8yA
1vmjA1vmjA1vmjA 1vmjA 1vmjA
1mqoA1mqoA1mqoA 1mqoA 1mqoA
1sxrA1sxrA1sxrA 1sxrA 1sxrA
1m5q11m5q11m5q1 1m5q1 1m5q1
1d3bA1d3bA1d3bA 1d3bA 1d3bA
1z7kB1z7kB1z7kB 1z7kB 1z7kB
2a6sA2a6sA2a6sA 2a6sA 2a6sA
1wuiS1wuiS1wuiS 1wuiS 1wuiS
1a7tA1a7tA1a7tA 1a7tA 1a7tA
1ko3A1ko3A1ko3A 1ko3A 1ko3A
1k2eA1k2eA1k2eA 1k2eA 1k2eA
1bcpD1bcpD1bcpD 1bcpD 1bcpD
1ubkS1ubkS1ubkS 1ubkS 1ubkS
1ohtA1ohtA1ohtA 1ohtA 1ohtA
1ig8A1ig8A1ig8A 1ig8A 1ig8A
1mqeA1mqeA1mqeA 1mqeA 1mqeA
1lu4A1lu4A1lu4A 1lu4A 1lu4A
1rkiA1rkiA1rkiA 1rkiA 1rkiA
2fkbA2fkbA2fkbA 2fkbA 2fkbA
1sqwA1sqwA1sqwA 1sqwA 1sqwA
1nh8A1nh8A1nh8A 1nh8A 1nh8A
2b7kA2b7kA2b7kA 2b7kA 2b7kA
1gz2A1gz2A1gz2A 1gz2A 1gz2A
1p5tA1p5tA1p5tA 1p5tA 1p5tA
2fq3A2fq3A2fq3A 2fq3A 2fq3A
2ahrA2ahrA2ahrA 2ahrA 2ahrA
1e3dA1e3dA1e3dA 1e3dA 1e3dA
2cvbA2cvbA2cvbA 2cvbA 2cvbA
1mhnA1mhnA1mhnA 1mhnA 1mhnA
2ak0A2ak0A2ak0A 2ak0A 2ak0A
1xebA1xebA1xebA 1xebA 1xebA
1cbs1cbs1cbs 1cbs 1cbs
1a6cA1a6cA1a6cA 1a6cA 1a6cA
1jztA1jztA1jztA 1jztA 1jztA
1nqzA1nqzA1nqzA 1nqzA 1nqzA
1g61A1g61A1g61A 1g61A 1g61A
1sk7A1sk7A1sk7A 1sk7A 1sk7A
2axyA2axyA2axyA 2axyA 2axyA
1qwyA1qwyA1qwyA 1qwyA 1qwyA
1bo4A1bo4A1bo4A 1bo4A 1bo4A
1b4pA1b4pA1b4pA 1b4pA 1b4pA
1hztA1hztA1hztA 1hztA 1hztA
1yqfA1yqfA1yqfA 1yqfA 1yqfA
1vr3A1vr3A1vr3A 1vr3A 1vr3A
1qusA1qusA1qusA 1qusA 1qusA
2f86B2f86B2f86B 2f86B 2f86B
2azwA2azwA2azwA 2azwA 2azwA
1dkcA1dkcA1dkcA 1dkcA 1dkcA
1ne9A1ne9A1ne9A 1ne9A 1ne9A
1s1qA1s1qA1s1qA 1s1qA 1s1qA
1d8bA1d8bA1d8bA 1d8bA 1d8bA
2c4jA2c4jA2c4jA 2c4jA 2c4jA
1o9aB1o9aB1o9aB 1o9aB 1o9aB
1p90A1p90A1p90A 1p90A 1p90A
1t4wA1t4wA1t4wA 1t4wA 1t4wA
1kugA1kugA1kugA 1kugA 1kugA
1nh2D1nh2D1nh2D 1nh2D 1nh2D
1zowA1zowA1zowA 1zowA 1zowA
1y9wA1y9wA1y9wA 1y9wA 1y9wA
1pea1pea1pea 1pea 1pea
1xmkA1xmkA1xmkA 1xmkA 1xmkA
1w6kA1w6kA1w6kA 1w6kA 1w6kA
1y60A1y60A1y60A 1y60A 1y60A
1rgyA1rgyA1rgyA 1rgyA 1rgyA
1tffA1tffA1tffA 1tffA 1tffA
1oyjA1oyjA1oyjA 1oyjA 1oyjA
1f3kA1f3kA1f3kA 1f3kA 1f3kA
1zzoA1zzoA1zzoA 1zzoA 1zzoA
1nscA1nscA1nscA 1nscA 1nscA
1q1uA1q1uA1q1uA 1q1uA 1q1uA
1jjdA1jjdA1jjdA 1jjdA 1jjdA
2ch0A2ch0A2ch0A 2ch0A 2ch0A
1lba1lba1lba 1lba 1lba

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