Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1y9qA1y9qA1y9qA 1y9qA 1y9qA
1jhfA1jhfA1jhfA 1jhfA 1jhfA
2bnmA2bnmA2bnmA 2bnmA 2bnmA
1lmb31lmb31lmb3 1lmb3 1lmb3
1b0nA1b0nA1b0nA 1b0nA 1b0nA
2cro2cro2cro 2cro 2cro
2b5aA2b5aA2b5aA 2b5aA 2b5aA
1adr1adr1adr 1adr 1adr
1r691r691r69 1r69 1r69
1utxA1utxA1utxA 1utxA 1utxA
1y7yA1y7yA1y7yA 1y7yA 1y7yA
1neq1neq1neq 1neq 1neq
2a6cA2a6cA2a6cA 2a6cA 2a6cA
1jdmA1jdmA1jdmA 1jdmA 1jdmA
1mvlA1mvlA1mvlA 1mvlA 1mvlA
1res1res1res 1res 1res
1t95A1t95A1t95A 1t95A 1t95A
2gibA2gibA2gibA 2gibA 2gibA
1o9aB1o9aB1o9aB 1o9aB 1o9aB
1jftA1jftA1jftA 1jftA 1jftA
1bl0A1bl0A1bl0A 1bl0A 1bl0A
1umqA1umqA1umqA 1umqA 1umqA
1s5lU1s5lU1s5lU 1s5lU 1s5lU
1mkmA1mkmA1mkmA 1mkmA 1mkmA
2awiA2awiA2awiA 2awiA 2awiA
1g63A1g63A1g63A 1g63A 1g63A
1dwkA1dwkA1dwkA 1dwkA 1dwkA
2g7uA2g7uA2g7uA 2g7uA 2g7uA
1u3eM1u3eM1u3eM 1u3eM 1u3eM
1d5yA1d5yA1d5yA 1d5yA 1d5yA
1g55A1g55A1g55A 1g55A 1g55A
1lj9A1lj9A1lj9A 1lj9A 1lj9A
2fbiA2fbiA2fbiA 2fbiA 2fbiA
2ethA2ethA2ethA 2ethA 2ethA
1on2A1on2A1on2A 1on2A 1on2A
1lnwA1lnwA1lnwA 1lnwA 1lnwA
1hlvA1hlvA1hlvA 1hlvA 1hlvA
1idrA1idrA1idrA 1idrA 1idrA
2a61A2a61A2a61A 2a61A 2a61A
1k1vA1k1vA1k1vA 1k1vA 1k1vA
1dlyA1dlyA1dlyA 1dlyA 1dlyA
1dlwA1dlwA1dlwA 1dlwA 1dlwA
2ashA2ashA2ashA 2ashA 2ashA
1rgqC1rgqC1rgqC 1rgqC 1rgqC
1z91A1z91A1z91A 1z91A 1z91A
1ux8A1ux8A1ux8A 1ux8A 1ux8A
1n0wB1n0wB1n0wB 1n0wB 1n0wB
1jgsA1jgsA1jgsA 1jgsA 1jgsA
2fbhA2fbhA2fbhA 2fbhA 2fbhA
1jfbA1jfbA1jfbA 1jfbA 1jfbA
2bvbA2bvbA2bvbA 2bvbA 2bvbA
1u8bA1u8bA1u8bA 1u8bA 1u8bA
1s69A1s69A1s69A 1s69A 1s69A
1g5tA1g5tA1g5tA 1g5tA 1g5tA
2d2sA2d2sA2d2sA 2d2sA 2d2sA
1ulyA1ulyA1ulyA 1ulyA 1ulyA
1t6sA1t6sA1t6sA 1t6sA 1t6sA
1ngkA1ngkA1ngkA 1ngkA 1ngkA
1hw5A1hw5A1hw5A 1hw5A 1hw5A
1z70X1z70X1z70X 1z70X 1z70X
1n0xP1n0xP1n0xP 1n0xP 1n0xP
1ixmA1ixmA1ixmA 1ixmA 1ixmA
1o06A1o06A1o06A 1o06A 1o06A

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001