Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1o20A1o20A1o20A 1o20A 1o20A
1o04A1o04A1o04A 1o04A 1o04A
1uxtA1uxtA1uxtA 1uxtA 1uxtA
1euhA1euhA1euhA 1euhA 1euhA
1uzbA1uzbA1uzbA 1uzbA 1uzbA
2bjkA2bjkA2bjkA 2bjkA 2bjkA
1ez0A1ez0A1ez0A 1ez0A 1ez0A
1kaeA1kaeA1kaeA 1kaeA 1kaeA
1jx6A1jx6A1jx6A 1jx6A 1jx6A
2fpmA2fpmA2fpmA 2fpmA 2fpmA
2af4C2af4C2af4C 2af4C 2af4C
1wkaA1wkaA1wkaA 1wkaA 1wkaA
1dp4A1dp4A1dp4A 1dp4A 1dp4A
1m48A1m48A1m48A 1m48A 1m48A
1gudA1gudA1gudA 1gudA 1gudA
1vf6A1vf6A1vf6A 1vf6A 1vf6A
1wf3A1wf3A1wf3A 1wf3A 1wf3A
1f60A1f60A1f60A 1f60A 1f60A
1h3nA1h3nA1h3nA 1h3nA 1h3nA
2f4eA2f4eA2f4eA 2f4eA 2f4eA
1tqxA1tqxA1tqxA 1tqxA 1tqxA
1tjyA1tjyA1tjyA 1tjyA 1tjyA
1gca1gca1gca 1gca 1gca
1p4xA1p4xA1p4xA 1p4xA 1p4xA
1wkbA1wkbA1wkbA 1wkbA 1wkbA
1l9xA1l9xA1l9xA 1l9xA 1l9xA
1wl8A1wl8A1wl8A 1wl8A 1wl8A
2dri2dri2dri 2dri 2dri
1i1qA1i1qA1i1qA 1i1qA 1i1qA
1q2zA1q2zA1q2zA 1q2zA 1q2zA
1muwA1muwA1muwA 1muwA 1muwA
1jalA1jalA1jalA 1jalA 1jalA
1fkqA1fkqA1fkqA 1fkqA 1fkqA
1dbqA1dbqA1dbqA 1dbqA 1dbqA
1lc0A1lc0A1lc0A 1lc0A 1lc0A
1k77A1k77A1k77A 1k77A 1k77A
2czdA2czdA2czdA 2czdA 2czdA
1jyeA1jyeA1jyeA 1jyeA 1jyeA
1j5sA1j5sA1j5sA 1j5sA 1j5sA
1r0vA1r0vA1r0vA 1r0vA 1r0vA
1ka9H1ka9H1ka9H 1ka9H 1ka9H
1o1yA1o1yA1o1yA 1o1yA 1o1yA
1jnyA1jnyA1jnyA 1jnyA 1jnyA
1jftA1jftA1jftA 1jftA 1jftA
1u79A1u79A1u79A 1u79A 1u79A
2eutA2eutA2eutA 2eutA 2eutA
1jsf1jsf1jsf 1jsf 1jsf
1ugpA1ugpA1ugpA 1ugpA 1ugpA
2fqxA2fqxA2fqxA 2fqxA 2fqxA
1v37A1v37A1v37A 1v37A 1v37A
1xeaA1xeaA1xeaA 1xeaA 1xeaA
1irzA1irzA1irzA 1irzA 1irzA
2az4A2az4A2az4A 2az4A 2az4A
2ajgA2ajgA2ajgA 2ajgA 2ajgA
1ukcA1ukcA1ukcA 1ukcA 1ukcA
1bykA1bykA1bykA 1bykA 1bykA
1ss3A1ss3A1ss3A 1ss3A 1ss3A
1suuA1suuA1suuA 1suuA 1suuA
1ualA1ualA1ualA 1ualA 1ualA
2d68A2d68A2d68A 2d68A 2d68A
2abwA2abwA2abwA 2abwA 2abwA
1ffyA1ffyA1ffyA 1ffyA 1ffyA
1b9oA1b9oA1b9oA 1b9oA 1b9oA
1x52A1x52A1x52A 1x52A 1x52A
1t98A1t98A1t98A 1t98A 1t98A
1wwlA1wwlA1wwlA 1wwlA 1wwlA
1xrtA1xrtA1xrtA 1xrtA 1xrtA
1bwwA1bwwA1bwwA 1bwwA 1bwwA
1h2eA1h2eA1h2eA 1h2eA 1h2eA
1dxrC1dxrC1dxrC 1dxrC 1dxrC
1wnyA1wnyA1wnyA 1wnyA 1wnyA
1r85A1r85A1r85A 1r85A 1r85A
1p9aG1p9aG1p9aG 1p9aG 1p9aG
1qhdA1qhdA1qhdA 1qhdA 1qhdA
1wa5C1wa5C1wa5C 1wa5C 1wa5C
1jb0A1jb0A1jb0A 1jb0A 1jb0A
2f5yA2f5yA2f5yA 2f5yA 2f5yA
2c07A2c07A2c07A 2c07A 2c07A
1xeuA1xeuA1xeuA 1xeuA 1xeuA
1ydiA1ydiA1ydiA 1ydiA 1ydiA
2g0wA2g0wA2g0wA 2g0wA 2g0wA
1woyA1woyA1woyA 1woyA 1woyA
1o6vA1o6vA1o6vA 1o6vA 1o6vA
1kjqA1kjqA1kjqA 1kjqA 1kjqA
2b0tA2b0tA2b0tA 2b0tA 2b0tA
1xi3A1xi3A1xi3A 1xi3A 1xi3A
1ta3B1ta3B1ta3B 1ta3B 1ta3B
1tqyB1tqyB1tqyB 1tqyB 1tqyB
1h65A1h65A1h65A 1h65A 1h65A
2fgtA2fgtA2fgtA 2fgtA 2fgtA
2b7aA2b7aA2b7aA 2b7aA 2b7aA
1w9pA1w9pA1w9pA 1w9pA 1w9pA
1kdlA1kdlA1kdlA 1kdlA 1kdlA
1mvuA1mvuA1mvuA 1mvuA 1mvuA
1ec7A1ec7A1ec7A 1ec7A 1ec7A
1ydwA1ydwA1ydwA 1ydwA 1ydwA
1s4nA1s4nA1s4nA 1s4nA 1s4nA
2gibA2gibA2gibA 2gibA 2gibA
2cz1A2cz1A2cz1A 2cz1A 2cz1A
2b3yA2b3yA2b3yA 2b3yA 2b3yA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1i60A1i60A1i60A 1i60A 1i60A
1t0cA1t0cA1t0cA 1t0cA 1t0cA
1fyeA1fyeA1fyeA 1fyeA 1fyeA
2ew8A2ew8A2ew8A 2ew8A 2ew8A
2dcnA2dcnA2dcnA 2dcnA 2dcnA
2cs8A2cs8A2cs8A 2cs8A 2cs8A
1rcwA1rcwA1rcwA 1rcwA 1rcwA
1vjkA1vjkA1vjkA 1vjkA 1vjkA
1ylmA1ylmA1ylmA 1ylmA 1ylmA
1vqqA1vqqA1vqqA 1vqqA 1vqqA
2bwrA2bwrA2bwrA 2bwrA 2bwrA
1h6uA1h6uA1h6uA 1h6uA 1h6uA
1i8kA1i8kA1i8kA 1i8kA 1i8kA
1ziwA1ziwA1ziwA 1ziwA 1ziwA
1a2yA1a2yA1a2yA 1a2yA 1a2yA
1fjgT1fjgT1fjgT 1fjgT 1fjgT
1jeyA1jeyA1jeyA 1jeyA 1jeyA
1gk7A1gk7A1gk7A 1gk7A 1gk7A
1pba1pba1pba 1pba 1pba
1uacL1uacL1uacL 1uacL 1uacL
1bg41bg41bg4 1bg4 1bg4
1zcdA1zcdA1zcdA 1zcdA 1zcdA
2a6pA2a6pA2a6pA 2a6pA 2a6pA
1m3kA1m3kA1m3kA 1m3kA 1m3kA
1edqA1edqA1edqA 1edqA 1edqA
1uuqA1uuqA1uuqA 1uuqA 1uuqA
2ghrA2ghrA2ghrA 2ghrA 2ghrA
1wv2A1wv2A1wv2A 1wv2A 1wv2A
2an1A2an1A2an1A 2an1A 2an1A
1oznA1oznA1oznA 1oznA 1oznA
1r3sA1r3sA1r3sA 1r3sA 1r3sA
1gveA1gveA1gveA 1gveA 1gveA
1c93A1c93A1c93A 1c93A 1c93A
2b8iA2b8iA2b8iA 2b8iA 2b8iA
2ca6A2ca6A2ca6A 2ca6A 2ca6A
1wp5A1wp5A1wp5A 1wp5A 1wp5A
1yp2A1yp2A1yp2A 1yp2A 1yp2A
2tpsA2tpsA2tpsA 2tpsA 2tpsA
2fp1A2fp1A2fp1A 2fp1A 2fp1A
1j93A1j93A1j93A 1j93A 1j93A
2ae2A2ae2A2ae2A 2ae2A 2ae2A
1cby1cby1cby 1cby 1cby
1vk4A1vk4A1vk4A 1vk4A 1vk4A
2erl2erl2erl 2erl 2erl
2f0aA2f0aA2f0aA 2f0aA 2f0aA
1z0sA1z0sA1z0sA 1z0sA 1z0sA
1x1tA1x1tA1x1tA 1x1tA 1x1tA
1goiA1goiA1goiA 1goiA 1goiA
2bjrA2bjrA2bjrA 2bjrA 2bjrA
1nq6A1nq6A1nq6A 1nq6A 1nq6A
1x8bA1x8bA1x8bA 1x8bA 1x8bA
2ch0A2ch0A2ch0A 2ch0A 2ch0A
8abp8abp8abp 8abp 8abp
1gxrA1gxrA1gxrA 1gxrA 1gxrA
1edt1edt1edt 1edt 1edt
1tq4A1tq4A1tq4A 1tq4A 1tq4A
2eng2eng2eng 2eng 2eng
1h4vB1h4vB1h4vB 1h4vB 1h4vB
2bwqA2bwqA2bwqA 2bwqA 2bwqA
1rh41rh41rh4 1rh4 1rh4
1ogsA1ogsA1ogsA 1ogsA 1ogsA
1p4fA1p4fA1p4fA 1p4fA 1p4fA
1vkuA1vkuA1vkuA 1vkuA 1vkuA
1zymA1zymA1zymA 1zymA 1zymA
1smbA1smbA1smbA 1smbA 1smbA
1i1qB1i1qB1i1qB 1i1qB 1i1qB
1qnrA1qnrA1qnrA 1qnrA 1qnrA
1zxmA1zxmA1zxmA 1zxmA 1zxmA
1fmcA1fmcA1fmcA 1fmcA 1fmcA
1fleI1fleI1fleI 1fleI 1fleI
1iq4A1iq4A1iq4A 1iq4A 1iq4A
1m3yA1m3yA1m3yA 1m3yA 1m3yA
1dlfL1dlfL1dlfL 1dlfL 1dlfL
1dbhA1dbhA1dbhA 1dbhA 1dbhA
1fzcA1fzcA1fzcA 1fzcA 1fzcA
2bbhA2bbhA2bbhA 2bbhA 2bbhA
1a0cA1a0cA1a0cA 1a0cA 1a0cA
2b4jC2b4jC2b4jC 2b4jC 2b4jC
2f57A2f57A2f57A 2f57A 2f57A
1rf6A1rf6A1rf6A 1rf6A 1rf6A
1zboA1zboA1zboA 1zboA 1zboA
1nf2A1nf2A1nf2A 1nf2A 1nf2A
1eeqA1eeqA1eeqA 1eeqA 1eeqA
1hbwA1hbwA1hbwA 1hbwA 1hbwA
1g0cA1g0cA1g0cA 1g0cA 1g0cA
1udzA1udzA1udzA 1udzA 1udzA
1bbg1bbg1bbg 1bbg 1bbg
1pujA1pujA1pujA 1pujA 1pujA

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