Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1a2xA1593.6406e-01 1ncx a.39.1.5
1uhnA1904.4854e-01   a.39.1.5
2mysB1395.1285e-01 1wdcB a.39.1.5
1tn41595.1396e-01 1ncx a.39.1.5
1ncx1635.8639e-01 1ncx a.39.1.5
1top1636.4042e-01 1ncx a.39.1.5
1mvwB1458.2399e-01   i.15.1.1
1pvaA1101.1633e+00 1a75A a.39.1.4
1jk0A3351.2189e+00   a.25.1.2
1afvA1511.3422e+00 1ak4C a.73.1.1
1jipA4031.4434e+00   a.104.1.1
1go3F1071.4746e+00   a.60.8.2
1osa1491.4807e+00 1cll a.39.1.5
2scpA1751.5413e+00 2scpA a.39.1.5
1aj41611.5801e+00 1ncx a.39.1.5
1wdcB1561.5864e+00 1wdcB a.39.1.5
1eupA4031.6419e+00 1rom a.104.1.1

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