Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
2occG2occG2occG 2occG 2occG
1v54G1v54G1v54G 1v54G 1v54G
1omrA1omrA1omrA 1omrA 1omrA
2cosA2cosA2cosA 2cosA 2cosA
1occG1occG1occG 1occG 1occG
1g8iA1g8iA1g8iA 1g8iA 1g8iA
1v9fA1v9fA1v9fA 1v9fA 1v9fA
1vorQ1vorQ1vorQ 1vorQ 1vorQ
1a8h1a8h1a8h 1a8h 1a8h
1je3A1je3A1je3A 1je3A 1je3A
1neeA1neeA1neeA 1neeA 1neeA
1w68A1w68A1w68A 1w68A 1w68A
1przA1przA1przA 1przA 1przA
1r6fA1r6fA1r6fA 1r6fA 1r6fA
2fyxA2fyxA2fyxA 2fyxA 2fyxA
2f5gA2f5gA2f5gA 2f5gA 2f5gA
1s6cA1s6cA1s6cA 1s6cA 1s6cA
1o7kA1o7kA1o7kA 1o7kA 1o7kA
1v9kA1v9kA1v9kA 1v9kA 1v9kA
1h0oA1h0oA1h0oA 1h0oA 1h0oA
1xpiA1xpiA1xpiA 1xpiA 1xpiA
1iiyA1iiyA1iiyA 1iiyA 1iiyA
2b0uC2b0uC2b0uC 2b0uC 2b0uC
1k8bA1k8bA1k8bA 1k8bA 1k8bA
1jdqA1jdqA1jdqA 1jdqA 1jdqA
2ptl2ptl2ptl 2ptl 2ptl
1s1eA1s1eA1s1eA 1s1eA 1s1eA
1d7mA1d7mA1d7mA 1d7mA 1d7mA
2gd1O2gd1O2gd1O 2gd1O 2gd1O
1cwyA1cwyA1cwyA 1cwyA 1cwyA
1jkfA1jkfA1jkfA 1jkfA 1jkfA
2a6mA2a6mA2a6mA 2a6mA 2a6mA
1iufA1iufA1iufA 1iufA 1iufA
2av5A2av5A2av5A 2av5A 2av5A
2a10A2a10A2a10A 2a10A 2a10A
1ncg1ncg1ncg 1ncg 1ncg
2aukA2aukA2aukA 2aukA 2aukA
1jeqA1jeqA1jeqA 1jeqA 1jeqA
1b8rA1b8rA1b8rA 1b8rA 1b8rA
1jk0B1jk0B1jk0B 1jk0B 1jk0B
1jbaA1jbaA1jbaA 1jbaA 1jbaA
1xrxA1xrxA1xrxA 1xrxA 1xrxA
1rwyA1rwyA1rwyA 1rwyA 1rwyA
1woqA1woqA1woqA 1woqA 1woqA
2scpA2scpA2scpA 2scpA 2scpA
1a75B1a75B1a75B 1a75B 1a75B
1pxqA1pxqA1pxqA 1pxqA 1pxqA
1zvnA1zvnA1zvnA 1zvnA 1zvnA
1zxkA1zxkA1zxkA 1zxkA 1zxkA
1jk0A1jk0A1jk0A 1jk0A 1jk0A
1edhA1edhA1edhA 1edhA 1edhA
1wa5B1wa5B1wa5B 1wa5B 1wa5B
1a75A1a75A1a75A 1a75A 1a75A
1xvjA1xvjA1xvjA 1xvjA 1xvjA
2aw4P2aw4P2aw4P 2aw4P 2aw4P
1b9aA1b9aA1b9aA 1b9aA 1b9aA
1gw5A1gw5A1gw5A 1gw5A 1gw5A
1jv4A1jv4A1jv4A 1jv4A 1jv4A
1gq8A1gq8A1gq8A 1gq8A 1gq8A
1ld8B1ld8B1ld8B 1ld8B 1ld8B
2b5iD2b5iD2b5iD 2b5iD 2b5iD
5pal5pal5pal 5pal 5pal
1xr4A1xr4A1xr4A 1xr4A 1xr4A
1b8dB1b8dB1b8dB 1b8dB 1b8dB
1rom1rom1rom 1rom 1rom
1tn6B1tn6B1tn6B 1tn6B 1tn6B
1xg0C1xg0C1xg0C 1xg0C 1xg0C
1f24A1f24A1f24A 1f24A 1f24A
2aaxA2aaxA2aaxA 2aaxA 2aaxA
1jboA1jboA1jboA 1jboA 1jboA
1uch1uch1uch 1uch 1uch
1snlA1snlA1snlA 1snlA 1snlA
1pvaA1pvaA1pvaA 1pvaA 1pvaA
1rcd1rcd1rcd 1rcd 1rcd
1sqhA1sqhA1sqhA 1sqhA 1sqhA
1hqvA1hqvA1hqvA 1hqvA 1hqvA
1jfbA1jfbA1jfbA 1jfbA 1jfbA
1cmnA1cmnA1cmnA 1cmnA 1cmnA
2mag2mag2mag 2mag 2mag
1gd5A1gd5A1gd5A 1gd5A 1gd5A
3ezmA3ezmA3ezmA 3ezmA 3ezmA
1yg2A1yg2A1yg2A 1yg2A 1yg2A
1zndA1zndA1zndA 1zndA 1zndA
1rec1rec1rec 1rec 1rec
1o4vA1o4vA1o4vA 1o4vA 1o4vA
1nciA1nciA1nciA 1nciA 1nciA
1g33A1g33A1g33A 1g33A 1g33A
1wkcA1wkcA1wkcA 1wkcA 1wkcA
1dcjA1dcjA1dcjA 1dcjA 1dcjA
2occI2occI2occI 2occI 2occI
2mysB2mysB2mysB 2mysB 2mysB
2ct8A2ct8A2ct8A 2ct8A 2ct8A
2pvbA2pvbA2pvbA 2pvbA 2pvbA
1t6t11t6t11t6t1 1t6t1 1t6t1
1jboB1jboB1jboB 1jboB 1jboB
1b8lA1b8lA1b8lA 1b8lA 1b8lA
1ej3A1ej3A1ej3A 1ej3A 1ej3A
1pfvA1pfvA1pfvA 1pfvA 1pfvA
2ct9A2ct9A2ct9A 2ct9A 2ct9A
1y0eA1y0eA1y0eA 1y0eA 1y0eA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1pfl1pfl1pfl 1pfl 1pfl
1f4tA1f4tA1f4tA 1f4tA 1f4tA
2auhB2auhB2auhB 2auhB 2auhB
1kzuA1kzuA1kzuA 1kzuA 1kzuA
1z92B1z92B1z92B 1z92B 1z92B
1w2lA1w2lA1w2lA 1w2lA 1w2lA
1sly1sly1sly 1sly 1sly
1rro1rro1rro 1rro 1rro
1xpcA1xpcA1xpcA 1xpcA 1xpcA
1uhnA1uhnA1uhnA 1uhnA 1uhnA
1kmdA1kmdA1kmdA 1kmdA 1kmdA
1alvA1alvA1alvA 1alvA 1alvA
2czcA2czcA2czcA 2czcA 2czcA
1ig0A1ig0A1ig0A 1ig0A 1ig0A
1wdcC1wdcC1wdcC 1wdcC 1wdcC
1nkzA1nkzA1nkzA 1nkzA 1nkzA
1uwdA1uwdA1uwdA 1uwdA 1uwdA
2be4A2be4A2be4A 2be4A 2be4A
1mn4A1mn4A1mn4A 1mn4A 1mn4A
1v8aA1v8aA1v8aA 1v8aA 1v8aA
2sas2sas2sas 2sas 2sas
1v7oA1v7oA1v7oA 1v7oA 1v7oA
1eumA1eumA1eumA 1eumA 1eumA
1cfpA1cfpA1cfpA 1cfpA 1cfpA
1uq5A1uq5A1uq5A 1uq5A 1uq5A
1qczA1qczA1qczA 1qczA 1qczA
1r4pA1r4pA1r4pA 1r4pA 1r4pA
4tsvA4tsvA4tsvA 4tsvA 4tsvA
1cdp1cdp1cdp 1cdp 1cdp
4cpv4cpv4cpv 4cpv 4cpv
2fha2fha2fha 2fha 2fha
1u11A1u11A1u11A 1u11A 1u11A
1xsm1xsm1xsm 1xsm 1xsm
1xmpA1xmpA1xmpA 1xmpA 1xmpA
1jjsA1jjsA1jjsA 1jjsA 1jjsA
1f4lA1f4lA1f4lA 1f4lA 1f4lA
1a52A1a52A1a52A 1a52A 1a52A
1ncx1ncx1ncx 1ncx 1ncx
1twiA1twiA1twiA 1twiA 1twiA
1t7lA1t7lA1t7lA 1t7lA 1t7lA
1bg71bg71bg7 1bg7 1bg7
3erdA3erdA3erdA 3erdA 3erdA
1nnvA1nnvA1nnvA 1nnvA 1nnvA
1xtnA1xtnA1xtnA 1xtnA 1xtnA
1oryB1oryB1oryB 1oryB 1oryB
1ialA1ialA1ialA 1ialA 1ialA
1extA1extA1extA 1extA 1extA
1b8dA1b8dA1b8dA 1b8dA 1b8dA
1avsA1avsA1avsA 1avsA 1avsA
1vkpA1vkpA1vkpA 1vkpA 1vkpA
1se9A1se9A1se9A 1se9A 1se9A
1b33A1b33A1b33A 1b33A 1b33A
1g8eA1g8eA1g8eA 1g8eA 1g8eA
1ogsA1ogsA1ogsA 1ogsA 1ogsA
1ddf1ddf1ddf 1ddf 1ddf
1w36C1w36C1w36C 1w36C 1w36C
1ift1ift1ift 1ift 1ift
1xqrA1xqrA1xqrA 1xqrA 1xqrA
1qv1A1qv1A1qv1A 1qv1A 1qv1A
1z7yA1z7yA1z7yA 1z7yA 1z7yA
1jf2A1jf2A1jf2A 1jf2A 1jf2A
1jcrB1jcrB1jcrB 1jcrB 1jcrB
1ifyA1ifyA1ifyA 1ifyA 1ifyA
1bdo1bdo1bdo 1bdo 1bdo
1liaA1liaA1liaA 1liaA 1liaA
1dgcA1dgcA1dgcA 1dgcA 1dgcA
1obs1obs1obs 1obs 1obs
1dumA1dumA1dumA 1dumA 1dumA
1souA1souA1souA 1souA 1souA
1gadO1gadO1gadO 1gadO 1gadO
1jt8A1jt8A1jt8A 1jt8A 1jt8A
1b4cA1b4cA1b4cA 1b4cA 1b4cA
2ax8A2ax8A2ax8A 2ax8A 2ax8A
1xteA1xteA1xteA 1xteA 1xteA
1woyA1woyA1woyA 1woyA 1woyA
1fcyA1fcyA1fcyA 1fcyA 1fcyA
1xi3A1xi3A1xi3A 1xi3A 1xi3A
1io7A1io7A1io7A 1io7A 1io7A
1tufA1tufA1tufA 1tufA 1tufA
1auiB1auiB1auiB 1auiB 1auiB
1ak81ak81ak8 1ak8 1ak8
1tq4A1tq4A1tq4A 1tq4A 1tq4A
1wdiA1wdiA1wdiA 1wdiA 1wdiA
1osa1osa1osa 1osa 1osa
1pd7B1pd7B1pd7B 1pd7B 1pd7B
1r03A1r03A1r03A 1r03A 1r03A
1lcdA1lcdA1lcdA 1lcdA 1lcdA
1jeyA1jeyA1jeyA 1jeyA 1jeyA
1v4pA1v4pA1v4pA 1v4pA 1v4pA
1aqa1aqa1aqa 1aqa 1aqa
1pmzA1pmzA1pmzA 1pmzA 1pmzA
1qqtA1qqtA1qqtA 1qqtA 1qqtA
1gikA1gikA1gikA 1gikA 1gikA
1kbhB1kbhB1kbhB 1kbhB 1kbhB
1top1top1top 1top 1top
1awiA1awiA1awiA 1awiA 1awiA
1i05A1i05A1i05A 1i05A 1i05A
1ft1B1ft1B1ft1B 1ft1B 1ft1B
1bk6A1bk6A1bk6A 1bk6A 1bk6A
1j1qA1j1qA1j1qA 1j1qA 1j1qA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1dyoA1dyoA1dyoA 1dyoA 1dyoA
1ash1ash1ash 1ash 1ash
1kq6A1kq6A1kq6A 1kq6A 1kq6A
1b33B1b33B1b33B 1b33B 1b33B
1suh1suh1suh 1suh 1suh
1kfuS1kfuS1kfuS 1kfuS 1kfuS
1pal1pal1pal 1pal 1pal

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