Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1dywA1734.32e-35 2cpl b.62.1.1
1ihgA3705.64e-34 2cpl a.118.8.1 b.62.1.1
1h0pA1829.17e-34   b.62.1.1
1lopA1644.68e-27 2cpl b.62.1.1
1mxiA1606.89e-01   c.116.1.1
1icpA3767.62e-01 1oyc c.1.4.1
1f7uA6073.32e+00 1bs2A a.27.1.1 c.26.1.1 d.67.2.1
1dgnA894.07e+00 1dgnA a.77.1.3
1isiA2654.61e+00   e.4.1.1
1fj2A2325.47e+00 1auoA c.69.1.14
1k4nA1926.45e+00   d.32.1.5
1a8l2268.92e+00 1a8l c.47.1.2 c.47.1.2
1s95A3338.99e+00   d.159.1.3
1h7sA3651.24e+01   d.14.1.3 d.122.1.2
1dz3A1301.49e+01 1dz3A c.23.1.1
1vjvA4151.57e+01   d.3.1.9
1gpmA5251.77e+01 1gpmA c.23.16.1 c.26.2.1 d.52.2.1
1e19A3141.84e+01 1b7bA c.73.1.1
1jk7A3231.97e+01 1auiA d.159.1.3
1vlaA1502.07e+01   d.227.1.2
1vyrA3642.17e+01   c.1.4.1
1fi2A2012.53e+01 1fi2A b.82.1.2
1a0tP4132.66e+01 1a0tP f.4.3.2
1sqsA2422.92e+01   c.23.5.5
1a8y3673.31e+01 1a8y c.47.1.3 c.47.1.3 c.47.1.3
1sx5A2443.33e+01   c.52.1.2
1rliA1843.35e+01   c.23.5.6
1b06A2103.59e+01 1avmA a.2.11.1 d.44.1.1
1e5kA2013.61e+01 1fr9A c.68.1.8
1gzcA2393.62e+01   b.29.1.1
1uscA1783.67e+01   b.45.1.2
1at3A2474.03e+01 1at3A b.57.1.1
1kzqA2894.17e+01   b.6.2.1 b.6.2.1
1b79A1194.79e+01 1b79A a.81.1.1
1hu3A2604.80e+01 1hu3A a.118.1.14
1qreA2475.02e+01 1qreA b.81.1.5
1qz5A3755.50e+01   c.55.1.1 c.55.1.1
1amm1745.52e+01 1amm b.11.1.1 b.11.1.1
1d3bA755.61e+01 1d3bA b.38.1.1
1dd9A3385.83e+01 1dd9A e.13.1.1
1n4wA5045.94e+01   c.3.1.2 d.16.1.1
1qv9A2836.02e+01   c.127.1.1
1woqA2676.15e+01   c.55.1.10 c.55.1.10
1ifqA1386.23e+01 1ifqA d.110.4.1
1thfD2536.29e+01 1thfD c.1.2.1
1g8lA4116.45e+01 1g8lA b.85.6.1 b.103.1.1 c.57.1.2
1eo6A1176.50e+01 1eo6A d.15.1.3
1ituA3696.59e+01   c.1.9.7
1dbwA1266.92e+01 1dbwA c.23.1.1
1dl5A3176.96e+01 1dl5A c.66.1.7 d.197.1.1
1f5nA5927.01e+01 1dg3A a.114.1.1 c.37.1.8
1pbyA4897.04e+01   a.3.1.7 a.3.1.7 b.1.18.14 b.1.18.14 b.61.4.1
1ee8A2667.04e+01 1ee8A a.156.1.2 b.113.1.1 g.39.1.8
1evlA4017.30e+01 1qf6A c.51.1.1 d.104.1.1
1cliA3457.36e+01 1cliA d.79.4.1 d.139.1.1
1uk8A2827.45e+01   c.69.1.10
1e9pA1517.86e+01 1mfmA b.1.8.1
1gai4727.94e+01 1ayx a.102.1.1
1n9eA7877.97e+01   b.30.2.1 d.17.2.1 d.17.2.1
1b77A2287.98e+01 1b77A d.131.1.2 d.131.1.2
1w3iA2938.08e+01   c.1.10.1
1g55A3438.20e+01 1g55A c.66.1.26
3seb2388.20e+01 3seb b.40.2.2 d.15.6.1
1hgxA1838.31e+01 1tc1A c.61.1.1
1ev2E2208.32e+01 1cvsC b.1.1.4 b.1.1.4
1ia8A2898.35e+01 1ia8A d.144.1.7
1fe0A688.45e+01 1cc8A d.58.17.1
1t6cA3158.52e+01   c.55.1.8 c.55.1.8
1f9vA3478.96e+01 1bg2 c.37.1.9

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001