Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1m4lA1m4lA1m4lA 1m4lA 1m4lA
1dtdA1dtdA1dtdA 1dtdA 1dtdA
1qe3A1qe3A1qe3A 1qe3A 1qe3A
1v4vA1v4vA1v4vA 1v4vA 1v4vA
1ek6A1ek6A1ek6A 1ek6A 1ek6A
1xgkA1xgkA1xgkA 1xgkA 1xgkA
1hdoA1hdoA1hdoA 1hdoA 1hdoA
1bdb1bdb1bdb 1bdb 1bdb
1oaa1oaa1oaa 1oaa 1oaa
1lk9A1lk9A1lk9A 1lk9A 1lk9A
1geeA1geeA1geeA 1geeA 1geeA
1eny1eny1eny 1eny 1eny
1fmcA1fmcA1fmcA 1fmcA 1fmcA
1f0kA1f0kA1f0kA 1f0kA 1f0kA
1gy8A1gy8A1gy8A 1gy8A 1gy8A
1ng6A1ng6A1ng6A 1ng6A 1ng6A
1ooeA1ooeA1ooeA 1ooeA 1ooeA
1e6uA1e6uA1e6uA 1e6uA 1e6uA
2g7jA2g7jA2g7jA 2g7jA 2g7jA
1gdeA1gdeA1gdeA 1gdeA 1gdeA
1wvgA1wvgA1wvgA 1wvgA 1wvgA
1i24A1i24A1i24A 1i24A 1i24A
1wmaA1wmaA1wmaA 1wmaA 1wmaA
1hdcA1hdcA1hdcA 1hdcA 1hdcA
1gegA1gegA1gegA 1gegA 1gegA
1cydA1cydA1cydA 1cydA 1cydA
1n7hA1n7hA1n7hA 1n7hA 1n7hA
1xg5A1xg5A1xg5A 1xg5A 1xg5A
1ej6B1ej6B1ej6B 1ej6B 1ej6B
1f02T1f02T1f02T 1f02T 1f02T
1qnaA1qnaA1qnaA 1qnaA 1qnaA
1h5qA1h5qA1h5qA 1h5qA 1h5qA
1b5pA1b5pA1b5pA 1b5pA 1b5pA
1d7oA1d7oA1d7oA 1d7oA 1d7oA
1q9uA1q9uA1q9uA 1q9uA 1q9uA
1e6wA1e6wA1e6wA 1e6wA 1e6wA
1gutA1gutA1gutA 1gutA 1gutA
1ja9A1ja9A1ja9A 1ja9A 1ja9A
1xq6A1xq6A1xq6A 1xq6A 1xq6A
1hxhA1hxhA1hxhA 1hxhA 1hxhA
1qsgA1qsgA1qsgA 1qsgA 1qsgA
1ea5A1ea5A1ea5A 1ea5A 1ea5A
1fjhA1fjhA1fjhA 1fjhA 1fjhA
1d2oA1d2oA1d2oA 1d2oA 1d2oA
1w6uA1w6uA1w6uA 1w6uA 1w6uA
1nnfA1nnfA1nnfA 1nnfA 1nnfA
1xu9A1xu9A1xu9A 1xu9A 1xu9A
1aisA1aisA1aisA 1aisA 1aisA
1g0oA1g0oA1g0oA 1g0oA 1g0oA
1vjoA1vjoA1vjoA 1vjoA 1vjoA
1gk9B1gk9B1gk9B 1gk9B 1gk9B
1cz4A1cz4A1cz4A 1cz4A 1cz4A
1dtc1dtc1dtc 1dtc 1dtc
1orrA1orrA1orrA 1orrA 1orrA
1nykA1nykA1nykA 1nykA 1nykA
1ubkL1ubkL1ubkL 1ubkL 1ubkL
1g2iA1g2iA1g2iA 1g2iA 1g2iA
1qwyA1qwyA1qwyA 1qwyA 1qwyA
1efyA1efyA1efyA 1efyA 1efyA
1eg5A1eg5A1eg5A 1eg5A 1eg5A
1llfA1llfA1llfA 1llfA 1llfA
1eq2A1eq2A1eq2A 1eq2A 1eq2A
3bamA3bamA3bamA 3bamA 3bamA
1sbyA1sbyA1sbyA 1sbyA 1sbyA
1n57A1n57A1n57A 1n57A 1n57A
1m7yA1m7yA1m7yA 1m7yA 1m7yA
1h8dL1h8dL1h8dL 1h8dL 1h8dL
1t3iA1t3iA1t3iA 1t3iA 1t3iA
1m1nB1m1nB1m1nB 1m1nB 1m1nB
1z2uA1z2uA1z2uA 1z2uA 1z2uA
1cyo1cyo1cyo 1cyo 1cyo
1mdoA1mdoA1mdoA 1mdoA 1mdoA
1snyA1snyA1snyA 1snyA 1snyA
1e4tA1e4tA1e4tA 1e4tA 1e4tA
1d2fA1d2fA1d2fA 1d2fA 1d2fA
1eueA1eueA1eueA 1eueA 1eueA
1ejxC1ejxC1ejxC 1ejxC 1ejxC
1i0dA1i0dA1i0dA 1i0dA 1i0dA
1fx2A1fx2A1fx2A 1fx2A 1fx2A
1eluA1eluA1eluA 1eluA 1eluA
1r6dA1r6dA1r6dA 1r6dA 1r6dA
1ejeA1ejeA1ejeA 1ejeA 1ejeA
1cs1A1cs1A1cs1A 1cs1A 1cs1A
1m9xC1m9xC1m9xC 1m9xC 1m9xC
1b6rA1b6rA1b6rA 1b6rA 1b6rA
1xffA1xffA1xffA 1xffA 1xffA
1bg61bg61bg6 1bg6 1bg6
1ddgA1ddgA1ddgA 1ddgA 1ddgA
1xd3A1xd3A1xd3A 1xd3A 1xd3A
1f0yA1f0yA1f0yA 1f0yA 1f0yA
2bkaA2bkaA2bkaA 2bkaA 2bkaA
1bd0A1bd0A1bd0A 1bd0A 1bd0A
1d4aA1d4aA1d4aA 1d4aA 1d4aA
1c7nA1c7nA1c7nA 1c7nA 1c7nA
1eu3A1eu3A1eu3A 1eu3A 1eu3A
1dmlB1dmlB1dmlB 1dmlB 1dmlB
1uscA1uscA1uscA 1uscA 1uscA
1lm4A1lm4A1lm4A 1lm4A 1lm4A
1i1wA1i1wA1i1wA 1i1wA 1i1wA
1us5A1us5A1us5A 1us5A 1us5A

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1bw0A1bw0A1bw0A 1bw0A 1bw0A
1xodA1xodA1xodA 1xodA 1xodA
1p5fA1p5fA1p5fA 1p5fA 1p5fA
1odzA1odzA1odzA 1odzA 1odzA
1jhfA1jhfA1jhfA 1jhfA 1jhfA
1ew6A1ew6A1ew6A 1ew6A 1ew6A
1sqsA1sqsA1sqsA 1sqsA 1sqsA
1b9hA1b9hA1b9hA 1b9hA 1b9hA
1vimA1vimA1vimA 1vimA 1vimA
1mj4A1mj4A1mj4A 1mj4A 1mj4A
1dp4A1dp4A1dp4A 1dp4A 1dp4A
1k3iA1k3iA1k3iA 1k3iA 1k3iA
1cxyA1cxyA1cxyA 1cxyA 1cxyA
1i0rA1i0rA1i0rA 1i0rA 1i0rA
1mof1mof1mof 1mof 1mof
1gsoA1gsoA1gsoA 1gsoA 1gsoA
1fg7A1fg7A1fg7A 1fg7A 1fg7A
1e7wA1e7wA1e7wA 1e7wA 1e7wA
1pwxA1pwxA1pwxA 1pwxA 1pwxA
1u14A1u14A1u14A 1u14A 1u14A
1hfc1hfc1hfc 1hfc 1hfc
1wy2A1wy2A1wy2A 1wy2A 1wy2A
1xubA1xubA1xubA 1xubA 1xubA
1n40A1n40A1n40A 1n40A 1n40A
1ispA1ispA1ispA 1ispA 1ispA
1gr3A1gr3A1gr3A 1gr3A 1gr3A
1u9cA1u9cA1u9cA 1u9cA 1u9cA
1t2dA1t2dA1t2dA 1t2dA 1t2dA
1h9hI1h9hI1h9hI 1h9hI 1h9hI
1p4cA1p4cA1p4cA 1p4cA 1p4cA
1w23A1w23A1w23A 1w23A 1w23A
1axh1axh1axh 1axh 1axh
1q7lA1q7lA1q7lA 1q7lA 1q7lA
1iuqA1iuqA1iuqA 1iuqA 1iuqA
1eziA1eziA1eziA 1eziA 1eziA
1cdq1cdq1cdq 1cdq 1cdq
1ga3A1ga3A1ga3A 1ga3A 1ga3A
1o9gA1o9gA1o9gA 1o9gA 1o9gA
1muwA1muwA1muwA 1muwA 1muwA
1c7gA1c7gA1c7gA 1c7gA 1c7gA
1dwkA1dwkA1dwkA 1dwkA 1dwkA
1mtyD1mtyD1mtyD 1mtyD 1mtyD
1sdiA1sdiA1sdiA 1sdiA 1sdiA
1q35A1q35A1q35A 1q35A 1q35A
1jtvA1jtvA1jtvA 1jtvA 1jtvA
1f1gA1f1gA1f1gA 1f1gA 1f1gA
1e4fT1e4fT1e4fT 1e4fT 1e4fT
1aiw1aiw1aiw 1aiw 1aiw
1cv81cv81cv8 1cv8 1cv8
1ehyA1ehyA1ehyA 1ehyA 1ehyA
1fc4A1fc4A1fc4A 1fc4A 1fc4A
1w4xA1w4xA1w4xA 1w4xA 1w4xA
1gvnA1gvnA1gvnA 1gvnA 1gvnA
1vhqA1vhqA1vhqA 1vhqA 1vhqA
1xfkA1xfkA1xfkA 1xfkA 1xfkA
1go3F1go3F1go3F 1go3F 1go3F
1rdqE1rdqE1rdqE 1rdqE 1rdqE
1jm1A1jm1A1jm1A 1jm1A 1jm1A
2gk4A2gk4A2gk4A 2gk4A 2gk4A
1x8vA1x8vA1x8vA 1x8vA 1x8vA
1dmc1dmc1dmc 1dmc 1dmc
1iirA1iirA1iirA 1iirA 1iirA
1gxjA1gxjA1gxjA 1gxjA 1gxjA
1cseI1cseI1cseI 1cseI 1cseI
1fr3A1fr3A1fr3A 1fr3A 1fr3A
1h6dA1h6dA1h6dA 1h6dA 1h6dA
1iq6A1iq6A1iq6A 1iq6A 1iq6A
1vk1A1vk1A1vk1A 1vk1A 1vk1A
1t82A1t82A1t82A 1t82A 1t82A
1x8gA1x8gA1x8gA 1x8gA 1x8gA
1rg8A1rg8A1rg8A 1rg8A 1rg8A
1j6oA1j6oA1j6oA 1j6oA 1j6oA
1yge1yge1yge 1yge 1yge
1y93A1y93A1y93A 1y93A 1y93A
1gesA1gesA1gesA 1gesA 1gesA
1xppA1xppA1xppA 1xppA 1xppA
1jsdA1jsdA1jsdA 1jsdA 1jsdA
1iuaA1iuaA1iuaA 1iuaA 1iuaA
1cd9B1cd9B1cd9B 1cd9B 1cd9B
1du3A1du3A1du3A 1du3A 1du3A
1b5l1b5l1b5l 1b5l 1b5l
1gpjA1gpjA1gpjA 1gpjA 1gpjA
1fqiA1fqiA1fqiA 1fqiA 1fqiA
1dkcA1dkcA1dkcA 1dkcA 1dkcA
1fjgP1fjgP1fjgP 1fjgP 1fjgP
1gxmA1gxmA1gxmA 1gxmA 1gxmA
1qxyA1qxyA1qxyA 1qxyA 1qxyA
1ay7B1ay7B1ay7B 1ay7B 1ay7B
1qlwA1qlwA1qlwA 1qlwA 1qlwA
1gu7A1gu7A1gu7A 1gu7A 1gu7A
1ajsA1ajsA1ajsA 1ajsA 1ajsA
1rcqA1rcqA1rcqA 1rcqA 1rcqA
1m1nA1m1nA1m1nA 1m1nA 1m1nA
1b7yB1b7yB1b7yB 1b7yB 1b7yB
1vjuA1vjuA1vjuA 1vjuA 1vjuA
1vbwA1vbwA1vbwA 1vbwA 1vbwA
1y81A1y81A1y81A 1y81A 1y81A
1evhA1evhA1evhA 1evhA 1evhA
1t1dA1t1dA1t1dA 1t1dA 1t1dA
1eceA1eceA1eceA 1eceA 1eceA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1gq6A1gq6A1gq6A 1gq6A 1gq6A
1cbf1cbf1cbf 1cbf 1cbf
1nkr1nkr1nkr 1nkr 1nkr
1q7zA1q7zA1q7zA 1q7zA 1q7zA
1kaeA1kaeA1kaeA 1kaeA 1kaeA
1qu9A1qu9A1qu9A 1qu9A 1qu9A
1ks9A1ks9A1ks9A 1ks9A 1ks9A
1rreA1rreA1rreA 1rreA 1rreA
1h3fA1h3fA1h3fA 1h3fA 1h3fA
1bquA1bquA1bquA 1bquA 1bquA
2dpmA2dpmA2dpmA 2dpmA 2dpmA
1mfmA1mfmA1mfmA 1mfmA 1mfmA
1co6A1co6A1co6A 1co6A 1co6A
1oi0A1oi0A1oi0A 1oi0A 1oi0A
1nz0A1nz0A1nz0A 1nz0A 1nz0A
1g12A1g12A1g12A 1g12A 1g12A
1bx4A1bx4A1bx4A 1bx4A 1bx4A
1tjyA1tjyA1tjyA 1tjyA 1tjyA
1jz8A1jz8A1jz8A 1jz8A 1jz8A
1f45B1f45B1f45B 1f45B 1f45B
1gy7A1gy7A1gy7A 1gy7A 1gy7A
1m6sA1m6sA1m6sA 1m6sA 1m6sA
1i60A1i60A1i60A 1i60A 1i60A
1v7zA1v7zA1v7zA 1v7zA 1v7zA
1c7sA1c7sA1c7sA 1c7sA 1c7sA
1ff9A1ff9A1ff9A 1ff9A 1ff9A
1bvoA1bvoA1bvoA 1bvoA 1bvoA
1fmb1fmb1fmb 1fmb 1fmb
1uasA1uasA1uasA 1uasA 1uasA
1o1yA1o1yA1o1yA 1o1yA 1o1yA
1aa7A1aa7A1aa7A 1aa7A 1aa7A
1ne9A1ne9A1ne9A 1ne9A 1ne9A
1dj7B1dj7B1dj7B 1dj7B 1dj7B
1couA1couA1couA 1couA 1couA
1gkpA1gkpA1gkpA 1gkpA 1gkpA
1ew0A1ew0A1ew0A 1ew0A 1ew0A
1bg41bg41bg4 1bg4 1bg4
1lc5A1lc5A1lc5A 1lc5A 1lc5A
1fnlA1fnlA1fnlA 1fnlA 1fnlA
1fzcA1fzcA1fzcA 1fzcA 1fzcA
1dfmA1dfmA1dfmA 1dfmA 1dfmA
1e3dB1e3dB1e3dB 1e3dB 1e3dB
1b0yA1b0yA1b0yA 1b0yA 1b0yA
1onwA1onwA1onwA 1onwA 1onwA
1fus1fus1fus 1fus 1fus
1d2tA1d2tA1d2tA 1d2tA 1d2tA
1g8kB1g8kB1g8kB 1g8kB 1g8kB
1g94A1g94A1g94A 1g94A 1g94A
1dj8A1dj8A1dj8A 1dj8A 1dj8A
1o7iA1o7iA1o7iA 1o7iA 1o7iA
1euwA1euwA1euwA 1euwA 1euwA
1k5nB1k5nB1k5nB 1k5nB 1k5nB
1cxc1cxc1cxc 1cxc 1cxc
1rwzA1rwzA1rwzA 1rwzA 1rwzA
2bbkL2bbkL2bbkL 2bbkL 2bbkL
1c9oA1c9oA1c9oA 1c9oA 1c9oA
1mtzA1mtzA1mtzA 1mtzA 1mtzA
1bg1A1bg1A1bg1A 1bg1A 1bg1A
1isuA1isuA1isuA 1isuA 1isuA
1ok7A1ok7A1ok7A 1ok7A 1ok7A
1f0nA1f0nA1f0nA 1f0nA 1f0nA
1cpt1cpt1cpt 1cpt 1cpt
1sluA1sluA1sluA 1sluA 1sluA
1ryoA1ryoA1ryoA 1ryoA 1ryoA
1xsvA1xsvA1xsvA 1xsvA 1xsvA
1fwxA1fwxA1fwxA 1fwxA 1fwxA
1dcs1dcs1dcs 1dcs 1dcs
1gnuA1gnuA1gnuA 1gnuA 1gnuA
1j79A1j79A1j79A 1j79A 1j79A
1eo6A1eo6A1eo6A 1eo6A 1eo6A
1dsxA1dsxA1dsxA 1dsxA 1dsxA
1evyA1evyA1evyA 1evyA 1evyA
1rjdA1rjdA1rjdA 1rjdA 1rjdA
1ja1A1ja1A1ja1A 1ja1A 1ja1A
1agjA1agjA1agjA 1agjA 1agjA
1ez0A1ez0A1ez0A 1ez0A 1ez0A
1uq5A1uq5A1uq5A 1uq5A 1uq5A
1colA1colA1colA 1colA 1colA
1azsA1azsA1azsA 1azsA 1azsA
2mcm2mcm2mcm 2mcm 2mcm
1ceo1ceo1ceo 1ceo 1ceo
1ehiA1ehiA1ehiA 1ehiA 1ehiA
1agg1agg1agg 1agg 1agg
1l3lA1l3lA1l3lA 1l3lA 1l3lA
1txgA1txgA1txgA 1txgA 1txgA
1kjqA1kjqA1kjqA 1kjqA 1kjqA
1ve2A1ve2A1ve2A 1ve2A 1ve2A
1bomA1bomA1bomA 1bomA 1bomA
1a8q1a8q1a8q 1a8q 1a8q
1h2cA1h2cA1h2cA 1h2cA 1h2cA
1dqeA1dqeA1dqeA 1dqeA 1dqeA
1hcnB1hcnB1hcnB 1hcnB 1hcnB
1ytlA1ytlA1ytlA 1ytlA 1ytlA
1o98A1o98A1o98A 1o98A 1o98A
1cjxA1cjxA1cjxA 1cjxA 1cjxA
1yg9A1yg9A1yg9A 1yg9A 1yg9A
1z0pA1z0pA1z0pA 1z0pA 1z0pA
1mba1mba1mba 1mba 1mba
1h21A1h21A1h21A 1h21A 1h21A
1din1din1din 1din 1din

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1cjcA1cjcA1cjcA 1cjcA 1cjcA
1h9mA1h9mA1h9mA 1h9mA 1h9mA
1dpsA1dpsA1dpsA 1dpsA 1dpsA
1jatB1jatB1jatB 1jatB 1jatB
1e9pA1e9pA1e9pA 1e9pA 1e9pA
1fiqB1fiqB1fiqB 1fiqB 1fiqB
1eumA1eumA1eumA 1eumA 1eumA
1f86A1f86A1f86A 1f86A 1f86A
1mw9X1mw9X1mw9X 1mw9X 1mw9X
1k7iA1k7iA1k7iA 1k7iA 1k7iA
1md6A1md6A1md6A 1md6A 1md6A
1vpdA1vpdA1vpdA 1vpdA 1vpdA
1ccr1ccr1ccr 1ccr 1ccr
1b6a1b6a1b6a 1b6a 1b6a
1nh0A1nh0A1nh0A 1nh0A 1nh0A
1xeoA1xeoA1xeoA 1xeoA 1xeoA
1g1xC1g1xC1g1xC 1g1xC 1g1xC
1h8pA1h8pA1h8pA 1h8pA 1h8pA
1t92A1t92A1t92A 1t92A 1t92A
1fp3A1fp3A1fp3A 1fp3A 1fp3A
1wrrA1wrrA1wrrA 1wrrA 1wrrA
1vqqA1vqqA1vqqA 1vqqA 1vqqA
1fyhB1fyhB1fyhB 1fyhB 1fyhB
1ud9A1ud9A1ud9A 1ud9A 1ud9A
1qj4A1qj4A1qj4A 1qj4A 1qj4A
1edt1edt1edt 1edt 1edt
1uj8A1uj8A1uj8A 1uj8A 1uj8A
1ei7A1ei7A1ei7A 1ei7A 1ei7A
1jpzA1jpzA1jpzA 1jpzA 1jpzA
1jl1A1jl1A1jl1A 1jl1A 1jl1A
1guzA1guzA1guzA 1guzA 1guzA
1ob8A1ob8A1ob8A 1ob8A 1ob8A
1c30B1c30B1c30B 1c30B 1c30B
1hm9A1hm9A1hm9A 1hm9A 1hm9A
1dkqA1dkqA1dkqA 1dkqA 1dkqA
1rv9A1rv9A1rv9A 1rv9A 1rv9A
1dwnA1dwnA1dwnA 1dwnA 1dwnA
1xjuA1xjuA1xjuA 1xjuA 1xjuA
1fhgA1fhgA1fhgA 1fhgA 1fhgA
1q52A1q52A1q52A 1q52A 1q52A
1tr9A1tr9A1tr9A 1tr9A 1tr9A
1jf3A1jf3A1jf3A 1jf3A 1jf3A
1qwrA1qwrA1qwrA 1qwrA 1qwrA
1wcv11wcv11wcv1 1wcv1 1wcv1
1wmqA1wmqA1wmqA 1wmqA 1wmqA
1bqsA1bqsA1bqsA 1bqsA 1bqsA
1pz4A1pz4A1pz4A 1pz4A 1pz4A
1g73A1g73A1g73A 1g73A 1g73A
1gsmA1gsmA1gsmA 1gsmA 1gsmA
1k77A1k77A1k77A 1k77A 1k77A
1h3gA1h3gA1h3gA 1h3gA 1h3gA
1xteA1xteA1xteA 1xteA 1xteA
1i2tA1i2tA1i2tA 1i2tA 1i2tA
1bdmA1bdmA1bdmA 1bdmA 1bdmA
1bl0A1bl0A1bl0A 1bl0A 1bl0A
1gycA1gycA1gycA 1gycA 1gycA
1hyvA1hyvA1hyvA 1hyvA 1hyvA
1fn9A1fn9A1fn9A 1fn9A 1fn9A
1gcvB1gcvB1gcvB 1gcvB 1gcvB
1dowB1dowB1dowB 1dowB 1dowB
1vkkA1vkkA1vkkA 1vkkA 1vkkA
1rmwA1rmwA1rmwA 1rmwA 1rmwA
1mnaA1mnaA1mnaA 1mnaA 1mnaA
1l7aA1l7aA1l7aA 1l7aA 1l7aA
1w41A1w41A1w41A 1w41A 1w41A
1ha8A1ha8A1ha8A 1ha8A 1ha8A
1gqzA1gqzA1gqzA 1gqzA 1gqzA
1g61A1g61A1g61A 1g61A 1g61A
1ewkA1ewkA1ewkA 1ewkA 1ewkA
1fl2A1fl2A1fl2A 1fl2A 1fl2A
1r7aA1r7aA1r7aA 1r7aA 1r7aA
1f60B1f60B1f60B 1f60B 1f60B
1j3aA1j3aA1j3aA 1j3aA 1j3aA
1chmA1chmA1chmA 1chmA 1chmA
1vhvA1vhvA1vhvA 1vhvA 1vhvA
1jykA1jykA1jykA 1jykA 1jykA
1gwiA1gwiA1gwiA 1gwiA 1gwiA
1n97A1n97A1n97A 1n97A 1n97A
1ad1A1ad1A1ad1A 1ad1A 1ad1A
1ne2A1ne2A1ne2A 1ne2A 1ne2A
1aol1aol1aol 1aol 1aol
1pkhA1pkhA1pkhA 1pkhA 1pkhA
1n2eA1n2eA1n2eA 1n2eA 1n2eA
1d3vA1d3vA1d3vA 1d3vA 1d3vA
1vpmA1vpmA1vpmA 1vpmA 1vpmA
1ayl1ayl1ayl 1ayl 1ayl
1xkrA1xkrA1xkrA 1xkrA 1xkrA
1xfsA1xfsA1xfsA 1xfsA 1xfsA
1tvxA1tvxA1tvxA 1tvxA 1tvxA
1xqoA1xqoA1xqoA 1xqoA 1xqoA
1d8wA1d8wA1d8wA 1d8wA 1d8wA
1cuk1cuk1cuk 1cuk 1cuk
1fepA1fepA1fepA 1fepA 1fepA
1axiB1axiB1axiB 1axiB 1axiB
1rfyA1rfyA1rfyA 1rfyA 1rfyA
1wqjB1wqjB1wqjB 1wqjB 1wqjB
1rqpA1rqpA1rqpA 1rqpA 1rqpA
1q1fA1q1fA1q1fA 1q1fA 1q1fA
1w0hA1w0hA1w0hA 1w0hA 1w0hA
1aj21aj21aj2 1aj2 1aj2

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1wvfA1wvfA1wvfA 1wvfA 1wvfA
1g8sA1g8sA1g8sA 1g8sA 1g8sA
1a78A1a78A1a78A 1a78A 1a78A
3cla3cla3cla 3cla 3cla
1gqeA1gqeA1gqeA 1gqeA 1gqeA
1mtyG1mtyG1mtyG 1mtyG 1mtyG
1a8s1a8s1a8s 1a8s 1a8s
1gp6A1gp6A1gp6A 1gp6A 1gp6A
1lzlA1lzlA1lzlA 1lzlA 1lzlA
1cvl1cvl1cvl 1cvl 1cvl
1dqzA1dqzA1dqzA 1dqzA 1dqzA
1apyA1apyA1apyA 1apyA 1apyA
1fqtA1fqtA1fqtA 1fqtA 1fqtA
1m33A1m33A1m33A 1m33A 1m33A
1f32A1f32A1f32A 1f32A 1f32A
1h99A1h99A1h99A 1h99A 1h99A
1ecfA1ecfA1ecfA 1ecfA 1ecfA
1cfb1cfb1cfb 1cfb 1cfb
1e6iA1e6iA1e6iA 1e6iA 1e6iA
1n71A1n71A1n71A 1n71A 1n71A
1b12A1b12A1b12A 1b12A 1b12A
1f7cA1f7cA1f7cA 1f7cA 1f7cA
1df6A1df6A1df6A 1df6A 1df6A
1dtdB1dtdB1dtdB 1dtdB 1dtdB
1dv1A1dv1A1dv1A 1dv1A 1dv1A
1g1cA1g1cA1g1cA 1g1cA 1g1cA
1ehxA1ehxA1ehxA 1ehxA 1ehxA
1chl1chl1chl 1chl 1chl
1qqfA1qqfA1qqfA 1qqfA 1qqfA
1e30A1e30A1e30A 1e30A 1e30A
1lriA1lriA1lriA 1lriA 1lriA
1gw5A1gw5A1gw5A 1gw5A 1gw5A
1lam1lam1lam 1lam 1lam
1ogiA1ogiA1ogiA 1ogiA 1ogiA
1w2wB1w2wB1w2wB 1w2wB 1w2wB
1ars1ars1ars 1ars 1ars
1f7dA1f7dA1f7dA 1f7dA 1f7dA
1kjlA1kjlA1kjlA 1kjlA 1kjlA
1o2dA1o2dA1o2dA 1o2dA 1o2dA
1v70A1v70A1v70A 1v70A 1v70A
1bf6A1bf6A1bf6A 1bf6A 1bf6A
1ursA1ursA1ursA 1ursA 1ursA
1l2hA1l2hA1l2hA 1l2hA 1l2hA
1ei9A1ei9A1ei9A 1ei9A 1ei9A
1ikpA1ikpA1ikpA 1ikpA 1ikpA
1ey4A1ey4A1ey4A 1ey4A 1ey4A
1tx4A1tx4A1tx4A 1tx4A 1tx4A
1vj2A1vj2A1vj2A 1vj2A 1vj2A
1b0nA1b0nA1b0nA 1b0nA 1b0nA
1chuA1chuA1chuA 1chuA 1chuA
1m4jA1m4jA1m4jA 1m4jA 1m4jA
1cl1A1cl1A1cl1A 1cl1A 1cl1A
1vrmA1vrmA1vrmA 1vrmA 1vrmA
1d5qA1d5qA1d5qA 1d5qA 1d5qA
1c1lA1c1lA1c1lA 1c1lA 1c1lA
1f20A1f20A1f20A 1f20A 1f20A
1g1kA1g1kA1g1kA 1g1kA 1g1kA
1cd3B1cd3B1cd3B 1cd3B 1cd3B
1pdo1pdo1pdo 1pdo 1pdo
1wjxA1wjxA1wjxA 1wjxA 1wjxA
1c1dA1c1dA1c1dA 1c1dA 1c1dA
1x82A1x82A1x82A 1x82A 1x82A
1bn7A1bn7A1bn7A 1bn7A 1bn7A
1dlwA1dlwA1dlwA 1dlwA 1dlwA
1dun1dun1dun 1dun 1dun
1h32B1h32B1h32B 1h32B 1h32B
1bh9B1bh9B1bh9B 1bh9B 1bh9B
1vlpA1vlpA1vlpA 1vlpA 1vlpA
1h1nA1h1nA1h1nA 1h1nA 1h1nA
1czfA1czfA1czfA 1czfA 1czfA
1jixA1jixA1jixA 1jixA 1jixA
1fi2A1fi2A1fi2A 1fi2A 1fi2A
1iukA1iukA1iukA 1iukA 1iukA
1sx5A1sx5A1sx5A 1sx5A 1sx5A
1ojhA1ojhA1ojhA 1ojhA 1ojhA
1r89A1r89A1r89A 1r89A 1r89A
1bt3A1bt3A1bt3A 1bt3A 1bt3A
1cr1A1cr1A1cr1A 1cr1A 1cr1A
1whi1whi1whi 1whi 1whi
1o4vA1o4vA1o4vA 1o4vA 1o4vA
1xtyA1xtyA1xtyA 1xtyA 1xtyA
2gefA2gefA2gefA 2gefA 2gefA
1jubA1jubA1jubA 1jubA 1jubA
1ci4A1ci4A1ci4A 1ci4A 1ci4A
5nul5nul5nul 5nul 5nul
1crzA1crzA1crzA 1crzA 1crzA
1dvkA1dvkA1dvkA 1dvkA 1dvkA
1tqhA1tqhA1tqhA 1tqhA 1tqhA
1s9uA1s9uA1s9uA 1s9uA 1s9uA
1uaiA1uaiA1uaiA 1uaiA 1uaiA
1vqsA1vqsA1vqsA 1vqsA 1vqsA
1fmeA1fmeA1fmeA 1fmeA 1fmeA
2cfuA2cfuA2cfuA 2cfuA 2cfuA
1nf9A1nf9A1nf9A 1nf9A 1nf9A
1s1fA1s1fA1s1fA 1s1fA 1s1fA
1wwzA1wwzA1wwzA 1wwzA 1wwzA
1c01A1c01A1c01A 1c01A 1c01A
1h30A1h30A1h30A 1h30A 1h30A
1et9A1et9A1et9A 1et9A 1et9A
1gefA1gefA1gefA 1gefA 1gefA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1b3uA1b3uA1b3uA 1b3uA 1b3uA
1rjoA1rjoA1rjoA 1rjoA 1rjoA
1io0A1io0A1io0A 1io0A 1io0A
1enwA1enwA1enwA 1enwA 1enwA
1eteA1eteA1eteA 1eteA 1eteA
1uzbA1uzbA1uzbA 1uzbA 1uzbA
1guqA1guqA1guqA 1guqA 1guqA
1jr8A1jr8A1jr8A 1jr8A 1jr8A
1t0bA1t0bA1t0bA 1t0bA 1t0bA
1rliA1rliA1rliA 1rliA 1rliA
1t4bA1t4bA1t4bA 1t4bA 1t4bA
1eerB1eerB1eerB 1eerB 1eerB
1gox1gox1gox 1gox 1gox
1llnA1llnA1llnA 1llnA 1llnA
1f5mA1f5mA1f5mA 1f5mA 1f5mA
1bc5A1bc5A1bc5A 1bc5A 1bc5A
1oksA1oksA1oksA 1oksA 1oksA
1p5vA1p5vA1p5vA 1p5vA 1p5vA
2eng2eng2eng 2eng 2eng
1v54H1v54H1v54H 1v54H 1v54H
1gc0A1gc0A1gc0A 1gc0A 1gc0A
1b6g1b6g1b6g 1b6g 1b6g
1gps1gps1gps 1gps 1gps
16pk16pk16pk 16pk 16pk
1f1mA1f1mA1f1mA 1f1mA 1f1mA
1geaA1geaA1geaA 1geaA 1geaA
1e6yB1e6yB1e6yB 1e6yB 1e6yB
1wl4A1wl4A1wl4A 1wl4A 1wl4A
1g6gA1g6gA1g6gA 1g6gA 1g6gA
1e1hB1e1hB1e1hB 1e1hB 1e1hB
1hbnB1hbnB1hbnB 1hbnB 1hbnB
1hdiA1hdiA1hdiA 1hdiA 1hdiA
1b0b1b0b1b0b 1b0b 1b0b
1kv7A1kv7A1kv7A 1kv7A 1kv7A
1fm0D1fm0D1fm0D 1fm0D 1fm0D
1eu8A1eu8A1eu8A 1eu8A 1eu8A
1ej2A1ej2A1ej2A 1ej2A 1ej2A
1h7eA1h7eA1h7eA 1h7eA 1h7eA
1bgf1bgf1bgf 1bgf 1bgf
7a3hA7a3hA7a3hA 7a3hA 7a3hA
1cid1cid1cid 1cid 1cid
1ej8A1ej8A1ej8A 1ej8A 1ej8A
1hhnA1hhnA1hhnA 1hhnA 1hhnA
1cs6A1cs6A1cs6A 1cs6A 1cs6A
1hz4A1hz4A1hz4A 1hz4A 1hz4A
4uagA4uagA4uagA 4uagA 4uagA
1qtnB1qtnB1qtnB 1qtnB 1qtnB
1hjsA1hjsA1hjsA 1hjsA 1hjsA
1p3cA1p3cA1p3cA 1p3cA 1p3cA
1f60A1f60A1f60A 1f60A 1f60A
1i12A1i12A1i12A 1i12A 1i12A
1tfzA1tfzA1tfzA 1tfzA 1tfzA
1xmzA1xmzA1xmzA 1xmzA 1xmzA
1elrA1elrA1elrA 1elrA 1elrA
1wer1wer1wer 1wer 1wer
1dxsA1dxsA1dxsA 1dxsA 1dxsA
1e12A1e12A1e12A 1e12A 1e12A
1k7cA1k7cA1k7cA 1k7cA 1k7cA
1vm9A1vm9A1vm9A 1vm9A 1vm9A
1i0vA1i0vA1i0vA 1i0vA 1i0vA
1fr2B1fr2B1fr2B 1fr2B 1fr2B
1g6sA1g6sA1g6sA 1g6sA 1g6sA
1fmhA1fmhA1fmhA 1fmhA 1fmhA
1jidA1jidA1jidA 1jidA 1jidA
1e9rA1e9rA1e9rA 1e9rA 1e9rA
1f1eA1f1eA1f1eA 1f1eA 1f1eA
1gk9A1gk9A1gk9A 1gk9A 1gk9A
1v8hA1v8hA1v8hA 1v8hA 1v8hA
1sbp1sbp1sbp 1sbp 1sbp
1eayC1eayC1eayC 1eayC 1eayC
1e4mM1e4mM1e4mM 1e4mM 1e4mM
1dmhA1dmhA1dmhA 1dmhA 1dmhA
1bf5A1bf5A1bf5A 1bf5A 1bf5A
1d1hA1d1hA1d1hA 1d1hA 1d1hA
1yo3A1yo3A1yo3A 1yo3A 1yo3A
1c75A1c75A1c75A 1c75A 1c75A
1fs0G1fs0G1fs0G 1fs0G 1fs0G
1gs5A1gs5A1gs5A 1gs5A 1gs5A
1vie1vie1vie 1vie 1vie
1dlyA1dlyA1dlyA 1dlyA 1dlyA
1kqpA1kqpA1kqpA 1kqpA 1kqpA
1akz1akz1akz 1akz 1akz
1f9zA1f9zA1f9zA 1f9zA 1f9zA
1tmxA1tmxA1tmxA 1tmxA 1tmxA
1n3lA1n3lA1n3lA 1n3lA 1n3lA
1fj2A1fj2A1fj2A 1fj2A 1fj2A
1eqfA1eqfA1eqfA 1eqfA 1eqfA
1a2xB1a2xB1a2xB 1a2xB 1a2xB
1tvgA1tvgA1tvgA 1tvgA 1tvgA
1mk0A1mk0A1mk0A 1mk0A 1mk0A
1gl2D1gl2D1gl2D 1gl2D 1gl2D
1jyaA1jyaA1jyaA 1jyaA 1jyaA
1c94A1c94A1c94A 1c94A 1c94A
1ekjA1ekjA1ekjA 1ekjA 1ekjA
1hyoA1hyoA1hyoA 1hyoA 1hyoA
1eu1A1eu1A1eu1A 1eu1A 1eu1A
1rocA1rocA1rocA 1rocA 1rocA
1o9rA1o9rA1o9rA 1o9rA 1o9rA
1p3dA1p3dA1p3dA 1p3dA 1p3dA
1b93A1b93A1b93A 1b93A 1b93A

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1nvmB1nvmB1nvmB 1nvmB 1nvmB
1ii5A1ii5A1ii5A 1ii5A 1ii5A
1nszA1nszA1nszA 1nszA 1nszA
1h6uA1h6uA1h6uA 1h6uA 1h6uA
1pmi1pmi1pmi 1pmi 1pmi
1vdkA1vdkA1vdkA 1vdkA 1vdkA
1kcqA1kcqA1kcqA 1kcqA 1kcqA
1ytvA1ytvA1ytvA 1ytvA 1ytvA
1oboA1oboA1oboA 1oboA 1oboA
1bkzA1bkzA1bkzA 1bkzA 1bkzA
1g8lA1g8lA1g8lA 1g8lA 1g8lA
1a111a111a11 1a11 1a11
1o9wA1o9wA1o9wA 1o9wA 1o9wA
1u60A1u60A1u60A 1u60A 1u60A
1rl0A1rl0A1rl0A 1rl0A 1rl0A
1ag9A1ag9A1ag9A 1ag9A 1ag9A
1c3cA1c3cA1c3cA 1c3cA 1c3cA
1x7yA1x7yA1x7yA 1x7yA 1x7yA
1s95A1s95A1s95A 1s95A 1s95A
1oalA1oalA1oalA 1oalA 1oalA
1gheA1gheA1gheA 1gheA 1gheA
1apyB1apyB1apyB 1apyB 1apyB
1qwgA1qwgA1qwgA 1qwgA 1qwgA
1ahsA1ahsA1ahsA 1ahsA 1ahsA
1g6xA1g6xA1g6xA 1g6xA 1g6xA
1d0cA1d0cA1d0cA 1d0cA 1d0cA
1aapA1aapA1aapA 1aapA 1aapA
1gh9A1gh9A1gh9A 1gh9A 1gh9A
1h70A1h70A1h70A 1h70A 1h70A
1kveA1kveA1kveA 1kveA 1kveA
2spcA2spcA2spcA 2spcA 2spcA
1h8uA1h8uA1h8uA 1h8uA 1h8uA
1iv3A1iv3A1iv3A 1iv3A 1iv3A
1fvuA1fvuA1fvuA 1fvuA 1fvuA
1b3tA1b3tA1b3tA 1b3tA 1b3tA
1jx6A1jx6A1jx6A 1jx6A 1jx6A
1h5rA1h5rA1h5rA 1h5rA 1h5rA
1aa61aa61aa6 1aa6 1aa6
1ddwA1ddwA1ddwA 1ddwA 1ddwA
1ogoX1ogoX1ogoX 1ogoX 1ogoX
1bm9A1bm9A1bm9A 1bm9A 1bm9A
1bykA1bykA1bykA 1bykA 1bykA
1hd6A1hd6A1hd6A 1hd6A 1hd6A
1h5wA1h5wA1h5wA 1h5wA 1h5wA
1oh0A1oh0A1oh0A 1oh0A 1oh0A
1v6sA1v6sA1v6sA 1v6sA 1v6sA
1gudA1gudA1gudA 1gudA 1gudA
1g63A1g63A1g63A 1g63A 1g63A
1m4iA1m4iA1m4iA 1m4iA 1m4iA
2djyB2djyB2djyB 2djyB 2djyB
1dk8A1dk8A1dk8A 1dk8A 1dk8A
1dbhA1dbhA1dbhA 1dbhA 1dbhA
1gx3A1gx3A1gx3A 1gx3A 1gx3A
4ubpB4ubpB4ubpB 4ubpB 4ubpB
1jsdB1jsdB1jsdB 1jsdB 1jsdB
1vljA1vljA1vljA 1vljA 1vljA
1gjjA1gjjA1gjjA 1gjjA 1gjjA
1pyoB1pyoB1pyoB 1pyoB 1pyoB
1fxoA1fxoA1fxoA 1fxoA 1fxoA
1v54A1v54A1v54A 1v54A 1v54A
1hfeS1hfeS1hfeS 1hfeS 1hfeS
1a0cA1a0cA1a0cA 1a0cA 1a0cA
1qnrA1qnrA1qnrA 1qnrA 1qnrA
1es9A1es9A1es9A 1es9A 1es9A
1sg6A1sg6A1sg6A 1sg6A 1sg6A
1v77A1v77A1v77A 1v77A 1v77A
1mzbA1mzbA1mzbA 1mzbA 1mzbA
1d7qA1d7qA1d7qA 1d7qA 1d7qA
1szhA1szhA1szhA 1szhA 1szhA
1evlA1evlA1evlA 1evlA 1evlA
1bh01bh01bh0 1bh0 1bh0
1uuqA1uuqA1uuqA 1uuqA 1uuqA
1w0pA1w0pA1w0pA 1w0pA 1w0pA
1fh9A1fh9A1fh9A 1fh9A 1fh9A
1v9yA1v9yA1v9yA 1v9yA 1v9yA
1vcaA1vcaA1vcaA 1vcaA 1vcaA
1mtyB1mtyB1mtyB 1mtyB 1mtyB
1oa8A1oa8A1oa8A 1oa8A 1oa8A
1po5A1po5A1po5A 1po5A 1po5A
1fjlA1fjlA1fjlA 1fjlA 1fjlA
1koe1koe1koe 1koe 1koe
1tca1tca1tca 1tca 1tca
1jfxA1jfxA1jfxA 1jfxA 1jfxA
1thfD1thfD1thfD 1thfD 1thfD
1n13B1n13B1n13B 1n13B 1n13B
1a6q1a6q1a6q 1a6q 1a6q
1eq8A1eq8A1eq8A 1eq8A 1eq8A
1dp3A1dp3A1dp3A 1dp3A 1dp3A
1ogqA1ogqA1ogqA 1ogqA 1ogqA
1uwfA1uwfA1uwfA 1uwfA 1uwfA
1go3E1go3E1go3E 1go3E 1go3E
1guxA1guxA1guxA 1guxA 1guxA
1ev7A1ev7A1ev7A 1ev7A 1ev7A
1h4xA1h4xA1h4xA 1h4xA 1h4xA
1moq1moq1moq 1moq 1moq
1q25A1q25A1q25A 1q25A 1q25A
1q8fA1q8fA1q8fA 1q8fA 1q8fA
1v5vA1v5vA1v5vA 1v5vA 1v5vA
1gx1A1gx1A1gx1A 1gx1A 1gx1A
1y66A1y66A1y66A 1y66A 1y66A

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
2tnfA2tnfA2tnfA 2tnfA 2tnfA
1rkiA1rkiA1rkiA 1rkiA 1rkiA
1itxA1itxA1itxA 1itxA 1itxA
1orc1orc1orc 1orc 1orc
1h54A1h54A1h54A 1h54A 1h54A
1p0hA1p0hA1p0hA 1p0hA 1p0hA
1o9iA1o9iA1o9iA 1o9iA 1o9iA
1aie1aie1aie 1aie 1aie
1oohA1oohA1oohA 1oohA 1oohA
1dm9A1dm9A1dm9A 1dm9A 1dm9A
1cjwA1cjwA1cjwA 1cjwA 1cjwA
1b9uA1b9uA1b9uA 1b9uA 1b9uA
1epfA1epfA1epfA 1epfA 1epfA
1nu0A1nu0A1nu0A 1nu0A 1nu0A
1h6tA1h6tA1h6tA 1h6tA 1h6tA
1auoA1auoA1auoA 1auoA 1auoA
1r2mA1r2mA1r2mA 1r2mA 1r2mA
1hfuA1hfuA1hfuA 1hfuA 1hfuA
1o6vA1o6vA1o6vA 1o6vA 1o6vA
1pvgA1pvgA1pvgA 1pvgA 1pvgA
1a0p1a0p1a0p 1a0p 1a0p
1f7sA1f7sA1f7sA 1f7sA 1f7sA
1ukfA1ukfA1ukfA 1ukfA 1ukfA
1e87A1e87A1e87A 1e87A 1e87A
1ah71ah71ah7 1ah7 1ah7
1cmr1cmr1cmr 1cmr 1cmr
1mgtA1mgtA1mgtA 1mgtA 1mgtA
1tr0A1tr0A1tr0A 1tr0A 1tr0A
2bhuA2bhuA2bhuA 2bhuA 2bhuA
1oxdA1oxdA1oxdA 1oxdA 1oxdA
1l5oA1l5oA1l5oA 1l5oA 1l5oA
1ffyA1ffyA1ffyA 1ffyA 1ffyA
1yxyA1yxyA1yxyA 1yxyA 1yxyA
1dljA1dljA1dljA 1dljA 1dljA
1vns1vns1vns 1vns 1vns
3pviA3pviA3pviA 3pviA 3pviA
1h6fA1h6fA1h6fA 1h6fA 1h6fA
1h05A1h05A1h05A 1h05A 1h05A
1i6lA1i6lA1i6lA 1i6lA 1i6lA
1kq1A1kq1A1kq1A 1kq1A 1kq1A
1z2nX1z2nX1z2nX 1z2nX 1z2nX
1ixh1ixh1ixh 1ixh 1ixh
1k92A1k92A1k92A 1k92A 1k92A
1amf1amf1amf 1amf 1amf
1ufoA1ufoA1ufoA 1ufoA 1ufoA
1xpmA1xpmA1xpmA 1xpmA 1xpmA
1bxoA1bxoA1bxoA 1bxoA 1bxoA
1he7A1he7A1he7A 1he7A 1he7A
1tu9A1tu9A1tu9A 1tu9A 1tu9A
1f5vA1f5vA1f5vA 1f5vA 1f5vA
1bu6O1bu6O1bu6O 1bu6O 1bu6O
1ev0A1ev0A1ev0A 1ev0A 1ev0A
1dme1dme1dme 1dme 1dme
1eo1A1eo1A1eo1A 1eo1A 1eo1A
1w2wA1w2wA1w2wA 1w2wA 1w2wA
1kyfA1kyfA1kyfA 1kyfA 1kyfA
1ca11ca11ca1 1ca1 1ca1
1elt1elt1elt 1elt 1elt
1wd3A1wd3A1wd3A 1wd3A 1wd3A
1e25A1e25A1e25A 1e25A 1e25A
1uekA1uekA1uekA 1uekA 1uekA
1gskA1gskA1gskA 1gskA 1gskA
1udzA1udzA1udzA 1udzA 1udzA
1ks8A1ks8A1ks8A 1ks8A 1ks8A
1p5zB1p5zB1p5zB 1p5zB 1p5zB
1bs0A1bs0A1bs0A 1bs0A 1bs0A
1h7cA1h7cA1h7cA 1h7cA 1h7cA
1g1tA1g1tA1g1tA 1g1tA 1g1tA
1elvA1elvA1elvA 1elvA 1elvA
1di6A1di6A1di6A 1di6A 1di6A
1fiqC1fiqC1fiqC 1fiqC 1fiqC
1ayj1ayj1ayj 1ayj 1ayj
1b35D1b35D1b35D 1b35D 1b35D
1h0hA1h0hA1h0hA 1h0hA 1h0hA
1f7uA1f7uA1f7uA 1f7uA 1f7uA
1hdkA1hdkA1hdkA 1hdkA 1hdkA
1fecA1fecA1fecA 1fecA 1fecA
1akhA1akhA1akhA 1akhA 1akhA
1fc3A1fc3A1fc3A 1fc3A 1fc3A
1af71af71af7 1af7 1af7
1c8nA1c8nA1c8nA 1c8nA 1c8nA
1cmcA1cmcA1cmcA 1cmcA 1cmcA
1e3oC1e3oC1e3oC 1e3oC 1e3oC
1sx7A1sx7A1sx7A 1sx7A 1sx7A
1e19A1e19A1e19A 1e19A 1e19A
1brwA1brwA1brwA 1brwA 1brwA
1lb3A1lb3A1lb3A 1lb3A 1lb3A
1kq3A1kq3A1kq3A 1kq3A 1kq3A
1molA1molA1molA 1molA 1molA
1w96A1w96A1w96A 1w96A 1w96A
1vk5A1vk5A1vk5A 1vk5A 1vk5A
1g8kA1g8kA1g8kA 1g8kA 1g8kA
1rttA1rttA1rttA 1rttA 1rttA
1khcA1khcA1khcA 1khcA 1khcA
1vmgA1vmgA1vmgA 1vmgA 1vmgA
1zoiA1zoiA1zoiA 1zoiA 1zoiA
1qauA1qauA1qauA 1qauA 1qauA
1fvuB1fvuB1fvuB 1fvuB 1fvuB
1c44A1c44A1c44A 1c44A 1c44A
1eaiC1eaiC1eaiC 1eaiC 1eaiC

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1iqcA1iqcA1iqcA 1iqcA 1iqcA
1j2lA1j2lA1j2lA 1j2lA 1j2lA
1ezeA1ezeA1ezeA 1ezeA 1ezeA
1wp5A1wp5A1wp5A 1wp5A 1wp5A
1kq6A1kq6A1kq6A 1kq6A 1kq6A
1pinA1pinA1pinA 1pinA 1pinA
1dqcA1dqcA1dqcA 1dqcA 1dqcA
1h09A1h09A1h09A 1h09A 1h09A
1b5eA1b5eA1b5eA 1b5eA 1b5eA
1extA1extA1extA 1extA 1extA
1abv1abv1abv 1abv 1abv
1gyhA1gyhA1gyhA 1gyhA 1gyhA
1aym41aym41aym4 1aym4 1aym4
1dpjB1dpjB1dpjB 1dpjB 1dpjB
1gca1gca1gca 1gca 1gca
1npk1npk1npk 1npk 1npk
2db3A2db3A2db3A 2db3A 2db3A
1g9gA1g9gA1g9gA 1g9gA 1g9gA
1px5A1px5A1px5A 1px5A 1px5A
1c1yB1c1yB1c1yB 1c1yB 1c1yB
1eaqA1eaqA1eaqA 1eaqA 1eaqA
1jmkC1jmkC1jmkC 1jmkC 1jmkC
1ee6A1ee6A1ee6A 1ee6A 1ee6A
1nwwA1nwwA1nwwA 1nwwA 1nwwA
1ewfA1ewfA1ewfA 1ewfA 1ewfA
1eca1eca1eca 1eca 1eca
1g2nA1g2nA1g2nA 1g2nA 1g2nA
1gy6A1gy6A1gy6A 1gy6A 1gy6A
1rxqA1rxqA1rxqA 1rxqA 1rxqA
1du1A1du1A1du1A 1du1A 1du1A
1lxjA1lxjA1lxjA 1lxjA 1lxjA
1uebA1uebA1uebA 1uebA 1uebA
1ymtA1ymtA1ymtA 1ymtA 1ymtA
1oqvA1oqvA1oqvA 1oqvA 1oqvA
1vziA1vziA1vziA 1vziA 1vziA
1gppA1gppA1gppA 1gppA 1gppA
1oxjA1oxjA1oxjA 1oxjA 1oxjA
1t56A1t56A1t56A 1t56A 1t56A
1avqA1avqA1avqA 1avqA 1avqA
1elwA1elwA1elwA 1elwA 1elwA
1hdhA1hdhA1hdhA 1hdhA 1hdhA
1hd7A1hd7A1hd7A 1hd7A 1hd7A
1vhsA1vhsA1vhsA 1vhsA 1vhsA
1g5bA1g5bA1g5bA 1g5bA 1g5bA
1yrcA1yrcA1yrcA 1yrcA 1yrcA
1odmA1odmA1odmA 1odmA 1odmA
1f0xA1f0xA1f0xA 1f0xA 1f0xA
1usgA1usgA1usgA 1usgA 1usgA
1a8o1a8o1a8o 1a8o 1a8o
1bd3A1bd3A1bd3A 1bd3A 1bd3A
1d7uA1d7uA1d7uA 1d7uA 1d7uA
1ibyA1ibyA1ibyA 1ibyA 1ibyA
1qwnA1qwnA1qwnA 1qwnA 1qwnA
1bvyF1bvyF1bvyF 1bvyF 1bvyF
1rwiA1rwiA1rwiA 1rwiA 1rwiA
1q3oA1q3oA1q3oA 1q3oA 1q3oA
1n62C1n62C1n62C 1n62C 1n62C
1dokA1dokA1dokA 1dokA 1dokA
1es5A1es5A1es5A 1es5A 1es5A
1nkgA1nkgA1nkgA 1nkgA 1nkgA
1heiA1heiA1heiA 1heiA 1heiA
1g31A1g31A1g31A 1g31A 1g31A
1m22A1m22A1m22A 1m22A 1m22A
1hh5A1hh5A1hh5A 1hh5A 1hh5A
1cdcA1cdcA1cdcA 1cdcA 1cdcA
1gz2A1gz2A1gz2A 1gz2A 1gz2A
1k2xB1k2xB1k2xB 1k2xB 1k2xB
1h5uA1h5uA1h5uA 1h5uA 1h5uA
1qwoA1qwoA1qwoA 1qwoA 1qwoA
1gbg1gbg1gbg 1gbg 1gbg
1byfA1byfA1byfA 1byfA 1byfA
1gqpA1gqpA1gqpA 1gqpA 1gqpA
1fviA1fviA1fviA 1fviA 1fviA
1k5cA1k5cA1k5cA 1k5cA 1k5cA
1on2A1on2A1on2A 1on2A 1on2A
1bjt1bjt1bjt 1bjt 1bjt
1h75A1h75A1h75A 1h75A 1h75A
1m0kA1m0kA1m0kA 1m0kA 1m0kA
1xe7A1xe7A1xe7A 1xe7A 1xe7A
1gteA1gteA1gteA 1gteA 1gteA
1gl2B1gl2B1gl2B 1gl2B 1gl2B
1gmeA1gmeA1gmeA 1gmeA 1gmeA
1hfeL1hfeL1hfeL 1hfeL 1hfeL
1gttA1gttA1gttA 1gttA 1gttA
1e2kA1e2kA1e2kA 1e2kA 1e2kA
1edg1edg1edg 1edg 1edg
1uylA1uylA1uylA 1uylA 1uylA
1gl4B1gl4B1gl4B 1gl4B 1gl4B
1en2A1en2A1en2A 1en2A 1en2A
1g6aA1g6aA1g6aA 1g6aA 1g6aA
1aquA1aquA1aquA 1aquA 1aquA
1h32A1h32A1h32A 1h32A 1h32A
1fobA1fobA1fobA 1fobA 1fobA
1bkjA1bkjA1bkjA 1bkjA 1bkjA
1gr0A1gr0A1gr0A 1gr0A 1gr0A
1b5fB1b5fB1b5fB 1b5fB 1b5fB
1dqiA1dqiA1dqiA 1dqiA 1dqiA
1cex1cex1cex 1cex 1cex
1c3pA1c3pA1c3pA 1c3pA 1c3pA
1q6zA1q6zA1q6zA 1q6zA 1q6zA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1lfwA1lfwA1lfwA 1lfwA 1lfwA
1cfr1cfr1cfr 1cfr 1cfr
1pg4A1pg4A1pg4A 1pg4A 1pg4A
1i52A1i52A1i52A 1i52A 1i52A
1e4iA1e4iA1e4iA 1e4iA 1e4iA
1g9oA1g9oA1g9oA 1g9oA 1g9oA
1ugiA1ugiA1ugiA 1ugiA 1ugiA
1a6s1a6s1a6s 1a6s 1a6s
1nxuA1nxuA1nxuA 1nxuA 1nxuA
1q4uA1q4uA1q4uA 1q4uA 1q4uA
1ym3A1ym3A1ym3A 1ym3A 1ym3A
1i19A1i19A1i19A 1i19A 1i19A
1dabA1dabA1dabA 1dabA 1dabA
1ummA1ummA1ummA 1ummA 1ummA
1no5A1no5A1no5A 1no5A 1no5A
1t5bA1t5bA1t5bA 1t5bA 1t5bA
1m2dA1m2dA1m2dA 1m2dA 1m2dA
1vbiA1vbiA1vbiA 1vbiA 1vbiA
1xy7A1xy7A1xy7A 1xy7A 1xy7A
1idpA1idpA1idpA 1idpA 1idpA
1j1nA1j1nA1j1nA 1j1nA 1j1nA
1kpf1kpf1kpf 1kpf 1kpf
1gwuA1gwuA1gwuA 1gwuA 1gwuA
1h3lA1h3lA1h3lA 1h3lA 1h3lA
1a8y1a8y1a8y 1a8y 1a8y
1h8dH1h8dH1h8dH 1h8dH 1h8dH
1sjwA1sjwA1sjwA 1sjwA 1sjwA
1pu6A1pu6A1pu6A 1pu6A 1pu6A
1fv1C1fv1C1fv1C 1fv1C 1fv1C
1bcpF1bcpF1bcpF 1bcpF 1bcpF
1f08A1f08A1f08A 1f08A 1f08A
1f8vA1f8vA1f8vA 1f8vA 1f8vA
1y7rA1y7rA1y7rA 1y7rA 1y7rA
1qksA1qksA1qksA 1qksA 1qksA
1suuA1suuA1suuA 1suuA 1suuA
1b9oA1b9oA1b9oA 1b9oA 1b9oA
1eh8A1eh8A1eh8A 1eh8A 1eh8A
1ep3B1ep3B1ep3B 1ep3B 1ep3B
1dpqA1dpqA1dpqA 1dpqA 1dpqA
1vpbA1vpbA1vpbA 1vpbA 1vpbA
1aohA1aohA1aohA 1aohA 1aohA
1gwyA1gwyA1gwyA 1gwyA 1gwyA
1bh9A1bh9A1bh9A 1bh9A 1bh9A
1gntA1gntA1gntA 1gntA 1gntA
1k55A1k55A1k55A 1k55A 1k55A
1sqgA1sqgA1sqgA 1sqgA 1sqgA
3sdhA3sdhA3sdhA 3sdhA 3sdhA
1di1A1di1A1di1A 1di1A 1di1A
1xkzA1xkzA1xkzA 1xkzA 1xkzA
1dxeA1dxeA1dxeA 1dxeA 1dxeA
1f06A1f06A1f06A 1f06A 1f06A
1f4sP1f4sP1f4sP 1f4sP 1f4sP
1wb4A1wb4A1wb4A 1wb4A 1wb4A
1j1yA1j1yA1j1yA 1j1yA 1j1yA
1eaxA1eaxA1eaxA 1eaxA 1eaxA
1r4pA1r4pA1r4pA 1r4pA 1r4pA
1c5eA1c5eA1c5eA 1c5eA 1c5eA
1pgs1pgs1pgs 1pgs 1pgs
1bn8A1bn8A1bn8A 1bn8A 1bn8A
1xdzA1xdzA1xdzA 1xdzA 1xdzA
1ka1A1ka1A1ka1A 1ka1A 1ka1A
1dl5A1dl5A1dl5A 1dl5A 1dl5A
1j0pA1j0pA1j0pA 1j0pA 1j0pA
1bsg1bsg1bsg 1bsg 1bsg
1bf21bf21bf2 1bf2 1bf2
1zk5A1zk5A1zk5A 1zk5A 1zk5A
1gjwA1gjwA1gjwA 1gjwA 1gjwA
2lisA2lisA2lisA 2lisA 2lisA
1nogA1nogA1nogA 1nogA 1nogA
1b3aA1b3aA1b3aA 1b3aA 1b3aA
1ev2E1ev2E1ev2E 1ev2E 1ev2E
1kllA1kllA1kllA 1kllA 1kllA
1fthA1fthA1fthA 1fthA 1fthA
1edqA1edqA1edqA 1edqA 1edqA
1t6uA1t6uA1t6uA 1t6uA 1t6uA
1jyeA1jyeA1jyeA 1jyeA 1jyeA
1qddA1qddA1qddA 1qddA 1qddA
1euvA1euvA1euvA 1euvA 1euvA
1a7j1a7j1a7j 1a7j 1a7j
1ta8A1ta8A1ta8A 1ta8A 1ta8A
1ahl1ahl1ahl 1ahl 1ahl
1a64A1a64A1a64A 1a64A 1a64A
1eokA1eokA1eokA 1eokA 1eokA
1vhnA1vhnA1vhnA 1vhnA 1vhnA
3lzt3lzt3lzt 3lzt 3lzt
1f3lA1f3lA1f3lA 1f3lA 1f3lA
1kqrA1kqrA1kqrA 1kqrA 1kqrA
1g0cA1g0cA1g0cA 1g0cA 1g0cA
1fkqA1fkqA1fkqA 1fkqA 1fkqA
1lugA1lugA1lugA 1lugA 1lugA
1ifrA1ifrA1ifrA 1ifrA 1ifrA
1pa7A1pa7A1pa7A 1pa7A 1pa7A
2bo9B2bo9B2bo9B 2bo9B 2bo9B
1gyxA1gyxA1gyxA 1gyxA 1gyxA
1y80A1y80A1y80A 1y80A 1y80A
1a9xA1a9xA1a9xA 1a9xA 1a9xA
1r9wA1r9wA1r9wA 1r9wA 1r9wA
1esc1esc1esc 1esc 1esc
1ad21ad21ad2 1ad2 1ad2
1xszA1xszA1xszA 1xszA 1xszA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1dbqA1dbqA1dbqA 1dbqA 1dbqA
1a7tA1a7tA1a7tA 1a7tA 1a7tA
1n8kA1n8kA1n8kA 1n8kA 1n8kA
1cuoA1cuoA1cuoA 1cuoA 1cuoA
1bfg1bfg1bfg 1bfg 1bfg
1xzzA1xzzA1xzzA 1xzzA 1xzzA
1p1jA1p1jA1p1jA 1p1jA 1p1jA
1f2tA1f2tA1f2tA 1f2tA 1f2tA
1a6m1a6m1a6m 1a6m 1a6m
1f7lA1f7lA1f7lA 1f7lA 1f7lA
1g7nA1g7nA1g7nA 1g7nA 1g7nA
1r5rA1r5rA1r5rA 1r5rA 1r5rA
1cxzB1cxzB1cxzB 1cxzB 1cxzB
1u4bA1u4bA1u4bA 1u4bA 1u4bA
1qw9A1qw9A1qw9A 1qw9A 1qw9A
1bea1bea1bea 1bea 1bea
1wojA1wojA1wojA 1wojA 1wojA
1amuA1amuA1amuA 1amuA 1amuA
1c521c521c52 1c52 1c52
1gpiA1gpiA1gpiA 1gpiA 1gpiA
1hbnA1hbnA1hbnA 1hbnA 1hbnA
1j5xA1j5xA1j5xA 1j5xA 1j5xA
1rp0A1rp0A1rp0A 1rp0A 1rp0A
1ssxA1ssxA1ssxA 1ssxA 1ssxA
1gz8A1gz8A1gz8A 1gz8A 1gz8A
1cy5A1cy5A1cy5A 1cy5A 1cy5A
1hx0A1hx0A1hx0A 1hx0A 1hx0A
1jiwI1jiwI1jiwI 1jiwI 1jiwI
1dlfL1dlfL1dlfL 1dlfL 1dlfL
1ug6A1ug6A1ug6A 1ug6A 1ug6A
1jigA1jigA1jigA 1jigA 1jigA
1e8yA1e8yA1e8yA 1e8yA 1e8yA
1kveB1kveB1kveB 1kveB 1kveB
1qz5A1qz5A1qz5A 1qz5A 1qz5A
1e5kA1e5kA1e5kA 1e5kA 1e5kA
1gj7B1gj7B1gj7B 1gj7B 1gj7B
1cosA1cosA1cosA 1cosA 1cosA
1sz7A1sz7A1sz7A 1sz7A 1sz7A
1gvkB1gvkB1gvkB 1gvkB 1gvkB
1gjnA1gjnA1gjnA 1gjnA 1gjnA
1qo7A1qo7A1qo7A 1qo7A 1qo7A
1j7xA1j7xA1j7xA 1j7xA 1j7xA
1z57A1z57A1z57A 1z57A 1z57A
1egpA1egpA1egpA 1egpA 1egpA
1cczA1cczA1cczA 1cczA 1cczA
1ucsA1ucsA1ucsA 1ucsA 1ucsA
1oq1A1oq1A1oq1A 1oq1A 1oq1A
1afwA1afwA1afwA 1afwA 1afwA
1d3yA1d3yA1d3yA 1d3yA 1d3yA
1hnjA1hnjA1hnjA 1hnjA 1hnjA
1w50A1w50A1w50A 1w50A 1w50A
1enfA1enfA1enfA 1enfA 1enfA
1so7A1so7A1so7A 1so7A 1so7A
2d5cA2d5cA2d5cA 2d5cA 2d5cA
2gdm2gdm2gdm 2gdm 2gdm
1ed8A1ed8A1ed8A 1ed8A 1ed8A
1lj8A1lj8A1lj8A 1lj8A 1lj8A
1feuA1feuA1feuA 1feuA 1feuA
1ddlA1ddlA1ddlA 1ddlA 1ddlA
1gqaA1gqaA1gqaA 1gqaA 1gqaA
1avyA1avyA1avyA 1avyA 1avyA
1cozA1cozA1cozA 1cozA 1cozA
1uufA1uufA1uufA 1uufA 1uufA
1eq9A1eq9A1eq9A 1eq9A 1eq9A
12asA12asA12asA 12asA 12asA
1em8A1em8A1em8A 1em8A 1em8A
1tw6A1tw6A1tw6A 1tw6A 1tw6A
1et1A1et1A1et1A 1et1A 1et1A
1ae9A1ae9A1ae9A 1ae9A 1ae9A
1b5fA1b5fA1b5fA 1b5fA 1b5fA
1w53A1w53A1w53A 1w53A 1w53A
1ab8A1ab8A1ab8A 1ab8A 1ab8A
1b65A1b65A1b65A 1b65A 1b65A
1bm4A1bm4A1bm4A 1bm4A 1bm4A
1fo8A1fo8A1fo8A 1fo8A 1fo8A
1s5aA1s5aA1s5aA 1s5aA 1s5aA
1kkoA1kkoA1kkoA 1kkoA 1kkoA
1ugpB1ugpB1ugpB 1ugpB 1ugpB
1cpcA1cpcA1cpcA 1cpcA 1cpcA
1jb3A1jb3A1jb3A 1jb3A 1jb3A
1vybA1vybA1vybA 1vybA 1vybA
1clc1clc1clc 1clc 1clc
1k0mA1k0mA1k0mA 1k0mA 1k0mA
1rrmA1rrmA1rrmA 1rrmA 1rrmA
1mk4A1mk4A1mk4A 1mk4A 1mk4A
1dxy1dxy1dxy 1dxy 1dxy
1yiiA1yiiA1yiiA 1yiiA 1yiiA
1a73A1a73A1a73A 1a73A 1a73A
1nlqA1nlqA1nlqA 1nlqA 1nlqA
1az61az61az6 1az6 1az6
1yy6A1yy6A1yy6A 1yy6A 1yy6A
1fcdA1fcdA1fcdA 1fcdA 1fcdA
1v54E1v54E1v54E 1v54E 1v54E
1zceA1zceA1zceA 1zceA 1zceA
1ejxB1ejxB1ejxB 1ejxB 1ejxB
1nlnA1nlnA1nlnA 1nlnA 1nlnA
1h3oB1h3oB1h3oB 1h3oB 1h3oB
1is3A1is3A1is3A 1is3A 1is3A
1mqvA1mqvA1mqvA 1mqvA 1mqvA
1b561b561b56 1b56 1b56

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1dziB1dziB1dziB 1dziB 1dziB
1kugA1kugA1kugA 1kugA 1kugA
1flcB1flcB1flcB 1flcB 1flcB
1yocA1yocA1yocA 1yocA 1yocA
1pp0A1pp0A1pp0A 1pp0A 1pp0A
1ejdA1ejdA1ejdA 1ejdA 1ejdA
1go4A1go4A1go4A 1go4A 1go4A
1flcA1flcA1flcA 1flcA 1flcA
1cojA1cojA1cojA 1cojA 1cojA
1nvmA1nvmA1nvmA 1nvmA 1nvmA
1h16A1h16A1h16A 1h16A 1h16A
1ihjA1ihjA1ihjA 1ihjA 1ihjA
1uk8A1uk8A1uk8A 1uk8A 1uk8A
1fxlA1fxlA1fxlA 1fxlA 1fxlA
1g2cA1g2cA1g2cA 1g2cA 1g2cA
1dofA1dofA1dofA 1dofA 1dofA
1l9xA1l9xA1l9xA 1l9xA 1l9xA
1guiA1guiA1guiA 1guiA 1guiA
2gnxA2gnxA2gnxA 2gnxA 2gnxA
1ntyA1ntyA1ntyA 1ntyA 1ntyA
1bzkA1bzkA1bzkA 1bzkA 1bzkA
1dleA1dleA1dleA 1dleA 1dleA
1kwgA1kwgA1kwgA 1kwgA 1kwgA
1h0hB1h0hB1h0hB 1h0hB 1h0hB
1esxA1esxA1esxA 1esxA 1esxA
1tzpA1tzpA1tzpA 1tzpA 1tzpA
1e29A1e29A1e29A 1e29A 1e29A
1pwbA1pwbA1pwbA 1pwbA 1pwbA
1axn1axn1axn 1axn 1axn
1g8pA1g8pA1g8pA 1g8pA 1g8pA
1mwpA1mwpA1mwpA 1mwpA 1mwpA
1ds1A1ds1A1ds1A 1ds1A 1ds1A
1yqhA1yqhA1yqhA 1yqhA 1yqhA
1v5dA1v5dA1v5dA 1v5dA 1v5dA
1gtzA1gtzA1gtzA 1gtzA 1gtzA
1h7zA1h7zA1h7zA 1h7zA 1h7zA
1tukA1tukA1tukA 1tukA 1tukA
1woqA1woqA1woqA 1woqA 1woqA
1vh4A1vh4A1vh4A 1vh4A 1vh4A
1abz1abz1abz 1abz 1abz
1hjrA1hjrA1hjrA 1hjrA 1hjrA
1pa1A1pa1A1pa1A 1pa1A 1pa1A
1bg21bg21bg2 1bg2 1bg2
1uuyA1uuyA1uuyA 1uuyA 1uuyA
1nar1nar1nar 1nar 1nar
1qd1A1qd1A1qd1A 1qd1A 1qd1A
1ooyA1ooyA1ooyA 1ooyA 1ooyA
1h4pA1h4pA1h4pA 1h4pA 1h4pA
1a99A1a99A1a99A 1a99A 1a99A
1ju3A1ju3A1ju3A 1ju3A 1ju3A
1ak01ak01ak0 1ak0 1ak0
3eipA3eipA3eipA 3eipA 3eipA
1czyA1czyA1czyA 1czyA 1czyA
1nkiA1nkiA1nkiA 1nkiA 1nkiA
1q8dA1q8dA1q8dA 1q8dA 1q8dA
1a6jA1a6jA1a6jA 1a6jA 1a6jA
1go9A1go9A1go9A 1go9A 1go9A
1b4bA1b4bA1b4bA 1b4bA 1b4bA
1qhoA1qhoA1qhoA 1qhoA 1qhoA
1d8hA1d8hA1d8hA 1d8hA 1d8hA
1g2rA1g2rA1g2rA 1g2rA 1g2rA
1hcnA1hcnA1hcnA 1hcnA 1hcnA
3seb3seb3seb 3seb 3seb
1ezjA1ezjA1ezjA 1ezjA 1ezjA
1kicA1kicA1kicA 1kicA 1kicA
1cqxA1cqxA1cqxA 1cqxA 1cqxA
1i4jA1i4jA1i4jA 1i4jA 1i4jA
1e43A1e43A1e43A 1e43A 1e43A
1x7yB1x7yB1x7yB 1x7yB 1x7yB
1as4B1as4B1as4B 1as4B 1as4B
1g3p1g3p1g3p 1g3p 1g3p
1gnkA1gnkA1gnkA 1gnkA 1gnkA
1aua1aua1aua 1aua 1aua
1wm3A1wm3A1wm3A 1wm3A 1wm3A
1vfyA1vfyA1vfyA 1vfyA 1vfyA
1fllX1fllX1fllX 1fllX 1fllX
1gxqA1gxqA1gxqA 1gxqA 1gxqA
1g38A1g38A1g38A 1g38A 1g38A
1mj5A1mj5A1mj5A 1mj5A 1mj5A
1jyhA1jyhA1jyhA 1jyhA 1jyhA
1cxqA1cxqA1cxqA 1cxqA 1cxqA
1hg7A1hg7A1hg7A 1hg7A 1hg7A
1vyrA1vyrA1vyrA 1vyrA 1vyrA
4fiv4fiv4fiv 4fiv 4fiv
1a93B1a93B1a93B 1a93B 1a93B
1xx1A1xx1A1xx1A 1xx1A 1xx1A
1u07A1u07A1u07A 1u07A 1u07A
1g8aA1g8aA1g8aA 1g8aA 1g8aA
1rwjA1rwjA1rwjA 1rwjA 1rwjA
1nox1nox1nox 1nox 1nox
1fadA1fadA1fadA 1fadA 1fadA
1fuiA1fuiA1fuiA 1fuiA 1fuiA
1f39A1f39A1f39A 1f39A 1f39A
1hxiA1hxiA1hxiA 1hxiA 1hxiA
1pq7A1pq7A1pq7A 1pq7A 1pq7A
1j3wA1j3wA1j3wA 1j3wA 1j3wA
1vsrA1vsrA1vsrA 1vsrA 1vsrA
1f3mA1f3mA1f3mA 1f3mA 1f3mA
1b67A1b67A1b67A 1b67A 1b67A
1kjwA1kjwA1kjwA 1kjwA 1kjwA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1e9gA1e9gA1e9gA 1e9gA 1e9gA
1dyqA1dyqA1dyqA 1dyqA 1dyqA
1ie9A1ie9A1ie9A 1ie9A 1ie9A
1gngX1gngX1gngX 1gngX 1gngX
1dm5A1dm5A1dm5A 1dm5A 1dm5A
1smoA1smoA1smoA 1smoA 1smoA
1j27A1j27A1j27A 1j27A 1j27A
1jboA1jboA1jboA 1jboA 1jboA
1in6A1in6A1in6A 1in6A 1in6A
1g03A1g03A1g03A 1g03A 1g03A
1u7iA1u7iA1u7iA 1u7iA 1u7iA
1f3kA1f3kA1f3kA 1f3kA 1f3kA
1gmlA1gmlA1gmlA 1gmlA 1gmlA
1acf1acf1acf 1acf 1acf
2bbkH2bbkH2bbkH 2bbkH 2bbkH
1c6vX1c6vX1c6vX 1c6vX 1c6vX
1j8bA1j8bA1j8bA 1j8bA 1j8bA
1gpc1gpc1gpc 1gpc 1gpc
1bec1bec1bec 1bec 1bec
1fiwA1fiwA1fiwA 1fiwA 1fiwA
1h8eG1h8eG1h8eG 1h8eG 1h8eG
1b9mA1b9mA1b9mA 1b9mA 1b9mA
1at3A1at3A1at3A 1at3A 1at3A
1d6gA1d6gA1d6gA 1d6gA 1d6gA
1bcpB1bcpB1bcpB 1bcpB 1bcpB
1hjiB1hjiB1hjiB 1hjiB 1hjiB
1fjgL1fjgL1fjgL 1fjgL 1fjgL
1vr7A1vr7A1vr7A 1vr7A 1vr7A
1tuvA1tuvA1tuvA 1tuvA 1tuvA
4eugA4eugA4eugA 4eugA 4eugA
1opd1opd1opd 1opd 1opd
1h3nA1h3nA1h3nA 1h3nA 1h3nA
1lo7A1lo7A1lo7A 1lo7A 1lo7A
1kt6A1kt6A1kt6A 1kt6A 1kt6A
1bqcA1bqcA1bqcA 1bqcA 1bqcA
1eciA1eciA1eciA 1eciA 1eciA
1a7w1a7w1a7w 1a7w 1a7w
1tt8A1tt8A1tt8A 1tt8A 1tt8A
1dro1dro1dro 1dro 1dro
2bjuA2bjuA2bjuA 2bjuA 2bjuA
1p90A1p90A1p90A 1p90A 1p90A
1gx5A1gx5A1gx5A 1gx5A 1gx5A
1fy7A1fy7A1fy7A 1fy7A 1fy7A
1xttA1xttA1xttA 1xttA 1xttA
1gbs1gbs1gbs 1gbs 1gbs
1luqA1luqA1luqA 1luqA 1luqA
1g73C1g73C1g73C 1g73C 1g73C
1kolA1kolA1kolA 1kolA 1kolA
1qmgA1qmgA1qmgA 1qmgA 1qmgA
1t6eX1t6eX1t6eX 1t6eX 1t6eX
1f6vA1f6vA1f6vA 1f6vA 1f6vA
1vfjA1vfjA1vfjA 1vfjA 1vfjA
1g8qA1g8qA1g8qA 1g8qA 1g8qA
1fpzA1fpzA1fpzA 1fpzA 1fpzA
1aop1aop1aop 1aop 1aop
1h2sB1h2sB1h2sB 1h2sB 1h2sB
3nul3nul3nul 3nul 3nul
1fxkC1fxkC1fxkC 1fxkC 1fxkC
1hekA1hekA1hekA 1hekA 1hekA
1cz6A1cz6A1cz6A 1cz6A 1cz6A
1v30A1v30A1v30A 1v30A 1v30A
1fygA1fygA1fygA 1fygA 1fygA
1e4cP1e4cP1e4cP 1e4cP 1e4cP
1m0wA1m0wA1m0wA 1m0wA 1m0wA
1tkeA1tkeA1tkeA 1tkeA 1tkeA
1efnB1efnB1efnB 1efnB 1efnB
1dgnA1dgnA1dgnA 1dgnA 1dgnA
1fljA1fljA1fljA 1fljA 1fljA
1fcyA1fcyA1fcyA 1fcyA 1fcyA
1afp1afp1afp 1afp 1afp
1nbcA1nbcA1nbcA 1nbcA 1nbcA
1q7lB1q7lB1q7lB 1q7lB 1q7lB
1gqiA1gqiA1gqiA 1gqiA 1gqiA
1gd2E1gd2E1gd2E 1gd2E 1gd2E
1ee8A1ee8A1ee8A 1ee8A 1ee8A
1brt1brt1brt 1brt 1brt
1b0nB1b0nB1b0nB 1b0nB 1b0nB
2ilk2ilk2ilk 2ilk 2ilk
1d0qA1d0qA1d0qA 1d0qA 1d0qA
1hz6A1hz6A1hz6A 1hz6A 1hz6A
1lqtA1lqtA1lqtA 1lqtA 1lqtA
1tn6B1tn6B1tn6B 1tn6B 1tn6B
1ee4A1ee4A1ee4A 1ee4A 1ee4A
1nnxA1nnxA1nnxA 1nnxA 1nnxA
1vcc1vcc1vcc 1vcc 1vcc
1bgk1bgk1bgk 1bgk 1bgk
1wmzA1wmzA1wmzA 1wmzA 1wmzA
1ufyA1ufyA1ufyA 1ufyA 1ufyA
1nls1nls1nls 1nls 1nls
1m6pA1m6pA1m6pA 1m6pA 1m6pA
1hg8A1hg8A1hg8A 1hg8A 1hg8A
1l8bA1l8bA1l8bA 1l8bA 1l8bA
1pbyB1pbyB1pbyB 1pbyB 1pbyB
1c3mA1c3mA1c3mA 1c3mA 1c3mA
1emxA1emxA1emxA 1emxA 1emxA
1h65A1h65A1h65A 1h65A 1h65A
1gdvA1gdvA1gdvA 1gdvA 1gdvA
1j2rA1j2rA1j2rA 1j2rA 1j2rA
1ddf1ddf1ddf 1ddf 1ddf
1c02A1c02A1c02A 1c02A 1c02A

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1wkrA1wkrA1wkrA 1wkrA 1wkrA
1dszB1dszB1dszB 1dszB 1dszB
1fryA1fryA1fryA 1fryA 1fryA
1kqfC1kqfC1kqfC 1kqfC 1kqfC
1avaC1avaC1avaC 1avaC 1avaC
1d9uA1d9uA1d9uA 1d9uA 1d9uA
1h6kZ1h6kZ1h6kZ 1h6kZ 1h6kZ
1ug4A1ug4A1ug4A 1ug4A 1ug4A
1ewnA1ewnA1ewnA 1ewnA 1ewnA
1h0pA1h0pA1h0pA 1h0pA 1h0pA
1dj0A1dj0A1dj0A 1dj0A 1dj0A
1t7rA1t7rA1t7rA 1t7rA 1t7rA
1gotG1gotG1gotG 1gotG 1gotG
1cunA1cunA1cunA 1cunA 1cunA
1ix9A1ix9A1ix9A 1ix9A 1ix9A
2gq1A2gq1A2gq1A 2gq1A 2gq1A
1s29A1s29A1s29A 1s29A 1s29A
1ako1ako1ako 1ako 1ako
1cby1cby1cby 1cby 1cby
1oewA1oewA1oewA 1oewA 1oewA
1b24A1b24A1b24A 1b24A 1b24A
1kqfA1kqfA1kqfA 1kqfA 1kqfA
1m6kA1m6kA1m6kA 1m6kA 1m6kA
1eyoA1eyoA1eyoA 1eyoA 1eyoA
1iibA1iibA1iibA 1iibA 1iibA
1alu1alu1alu 1alu 1alu
1gk7A1gk7A1gk7A 1gk7A 1gk7A
1tn6A1tn6A1tn6A 1tn6A 1tn6A
1bomB1bomB1bomB 1bomB 1bomB
1v5iB1v5iB1v5iB 1v5iB 1v5iB
1behA1behA1behA 1behA 1behA
1by0A1by0A1by0A 1by0A 1by0A
1auk1auk1auk 1auk 1auk
1nzjA1nzjA1nzjA 1nzjA 1nzjA
1e6yA1e6yA1e6yA 1e6yA 1e6yA
1t4hA1t4hA1t4hA 1t4hA 1t4hA
1pqhA1pqhA1pqhA 1pqhA 1pqhA
1vmbA1vmbA1vmbA 1vmbA 1vmbA
1g5hA1g5hA1g5hA 1g5hA 1g5hA
1ajj1ajj1ajj 1ajj 1ajj
1cbs1cbs1cbs 1cbs 1cbs
1f2lA1f2lA1f2lA 1f2lA 1f2lA
1c6wA1c6wA1c6wA 1c6wA 1c6wA
1dyoA1dyoA1dyoA 1dyoA 1dyoA
1aly1aly1aly 1aly 1aly
1qazA1qazA1qazA 1qazA 1qazA
1earA1earA1earA 1earA 1earA
1h8bA1h8bA1h8bA 1h8bA 1h8bA
1i1jA1i1jA1i1jA 1i1jA 1i1jA
1ifc1ifc1ifc 1ifc 1ifc
1eyeA1eyeA1eyeA 1eyeA 1eyeA
1llmC1llmC1llmC 1llmC 1llmC
1r6jA1r6jA1r6jA 1r6jA 1r6jA
1r6xA1r6xA1r6xA 1r6xA 1r6xA
1q0rA1q0rA1q0rA 1q0rA 1q0rA
1br91br91br9 1br9 1br9
1cqmA1cqmA1cqmA 1cqmA 1cqmA
1d4xG1d4xG1d4xG 1d4xG 1d4xG
1s7kA1s7kA1s7kA 1s7kA 1s7kA
1smxA1smxA1smxA 1smxA 1smxA
1h6lA1h6lA1h6lA 1h6lA 1h6lA
1o97D1o97D1o97D 1o97D 1o97D
1yndA1yndA1yndA 1yndA 1yndA
1wnaA1wnaA1wnaA 1wnaA 1wnaA
1bo4A1bo4A1bo4A 1bo4A 1bo4A
1a411a411a41 1a41 1a41
1ox0A1ox0A1ox0A 1ox0A 1ox0A
1bdo1bdo1bdo 1bdo 1bdo
1vh5A1vh5A1vh5A 1vh5A 1vh5A
1aqcA1aqcA1aqcA 1aqcA 1aqcA
1ail1ail1ail 1ail 1ail
1el6A1el6A1el6A 1el6A 1el6A
1dg6A1dg6A1dg6A 1dg6A 1dg6A
1jndA1jndA1jndA 1jndA 1jndA
1qtwA1qtwA1qtwA 1qtwA 1qtwA
1rgzA1rgzA1rgzA 1rgzA 1rgzA
1h4wA1h4wA1h4wA 1h4wA 1h4wA
1a92A1a92A1a92A 1a92A 1a92A
1adt1adt1adt 1adt 1adt
1k2xA1k2xA1k2xA 1k2xA 1k2xA
1r9lA1r9lA1r9lA 1r9lA 1r9lA
1jf8A1jf8A1jf8A 1jf8A 1jf8A
1ten1ten1ten 1ten 1ten
1xsqA1xsqA1xsqA 1xsqA 1xsqA
1gai1gai1gai 1gai 1gai
1eeqA1eeqA1eeqA 1eeqA 1eeqA
1fu3A1fu3A1fu3A 1fu3A 1fu3A
1o54A1o54A1o54A 1o54A 1o54A
1ecsA1ecsA1ecsA 1ecsA 1ecsA
1epuA1epuA1epuA 1epuA 1epuA
1bueA1bueA1bueA 1bueA 1bueA
1bhi1bhi1bhi 1bhi 1bhi
1uujA1uujA1uujA 1uujA 1uujA
1dxrC1dxrC1dxrC 1dxrC 1dxrC
1owlA1owlA1owlA 1owlA 1owlA
1qreA1qreA1qreA 1qreA 1qreA
1ayx1ayx1ayx 1ayx 1ayx
1bbg1bbg1bbg 1bbg 1bbg
1anf1anf1anf 1anf 1anf
1cg5B1cg5B1cg5B 1cg5B 1cg5B

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1b06A1b06A1b06A 1b06A 1b06A
1w8kA1w8kA1w8kA 1w8kA 1w8kA
1knmA1knmA1knmA 1knmA 1knmA
1budA1budA1budA 1budA 1budA
1s1dA1s1dA1s1dA 1s1dA 1s1dA
1v4pA1v4pA1v4pA 1v4pA 1v4pA
1ia8A1ia8A1ia8A 1ia8A 1ia8A
1irdB1irdB1irdB 1irdB 1irdB
1f8fA1f8fA1f8fA 1f8fA 1f8fA
1b4fA1b4fA1b4fA 1b4fA 1b4fA
2pth2pth2pth 2pth 2pth
1qh5A1qh5A1qh5A 1qh5A 1qh5A
1xqaA1xqaA1xqaA 1xqaA 1xqaA
1uj2A1uj2A1uj2A 1uj2A 1uj2A
2hft2hft2hft 2hft 2hft
1ju2A1ju2A1ju2A 1ju2A 1ju2A
1aq5A1aq5A1aq5A 1aq5A 1aq5A
1x91A1x91A1x91A 1x91A 1x91A
1dcoA1dcoA1dcoA 1dcoA 1dcoA
1sauA1sauA1sauA 1sauA 1sauA
1ypqA1ypqA1ypqA 1ypqA 1ypqA
1g4iA1g4iA1g4iA 1g4iA 1g4iA
1na3A1na3A1na3A 1na3A 1na3A
1edn1edn1edn 1edn 1edn
1mxiA1mxiA1mxiA 1mxiA 1mxiA
1t0pB1t0pB1t0pB 1t0pB 1t0pB
1adr1adr1adr 1adr 1adr
1e8cA1e8cA1e8cA 1e8cA 1e8cA
1vl7A1vl7A1vl7A 1vl7A 1vl7A
1km4A1km4A1km4A 1km4A 1km4A
1inlA1inlA1inlA 1inlA 1inlA
1bw31bw31bw3 1bw3 1bw3
1p9aG1p9aG1p9aG 1p9aG 1p9aG
1mla1mla1mla 1mla 1mla
1f00I1f00I1f00I 1f00I 1f00I
1ex2A1ex2A1ex2A 1ex2A 1ex2A
1gg4A1gg4A1gg4A 1gg4A 1gg4A
1bsmA1bsmA1bsmA 1bsmA 1bsmA
2gk9A2gk9A2gk9A 2gk9A 2gk9A
1df4A1df4A1df4A 1df4A 1df4A
1dkuA1dkuA1dkuA 1dkuA 1dkuA
1aqzA1aqzA1aqzA 1aqzA 1aqzA
1gd0A1gd0A1gd0A 1gd0A 1gd0A
1fipA1fipA1fipA 1fipA 1fipA
1f5qB1f5qB1f5qB 1f5qB 1f5qB
1fna1fna1fna 1fna 1fna
1ckxA1ckxA1ckxA 1ckxA 1ckxA
1unqA1unqA1unqA 1unqA 1unqA
1h6hA1h6hA1h6hA 1h6hA 1h6hA
1y8oB1y8oB1y8oB 1y8oB 1y8oB
1hbwA1hbwA1hbwA 1hbwA 1hbwA
1rzhM1rzhM1rzhM 1rzhM 1rzhM
1swxA1swxA1swxA 1swxA 1swxA
1c4qA1c4qA1c4qA 1c4qA 1c4qA
1sw5A1sw5A1sw5A 1sw5A 1sw5A
1f3vA1f3vA1f3vA 1f3vA 1f3vA
1dxgA1dxgA1dxgA 1dxgA 1dxgA
1mdc1mdc1mdc 1mdc 1mdc
1r29A1r29A1r29A 1r29A 1r29A
1sbxA1sbxA1sbxA 1sbxA 1sbxA
1s3cA1s3cA1s3cA 1s3cA 1s3cA
1cf7B1cf7B1cf7B 1cf7B 1cf7B
1fjgQ1fjgQ1fjgQ 1fjgQ 1fjgQ
1k07A1k07A1k07A 1k07A 1k07A
1kgsA1kgsA1kgsA 1kgsA 1kgsA
1fbr1fbr1fbr 1fbr 1fbr
1mxrA1mxrA1mxrA 1mxrA 1mxrA
1orvA1orvA1orvA 1orvA 1orvA
1aozA1aozA1aozA 1aozA 1aozA
1vmeA1vmeA1vmeA 1vmeA 1vmeA
1h2sA1h2sA1h2sA 1h2sA 1h2sA
1vicA1vicA1vicA 1vicA 1vicA
1gt1A1gt1A1gt1A 1gt1A 1gt1A
1n62B1n62B1n62B 1n62B 1n62B
1ghpA1ghpA1ghpA 1ghpA 1ghpA
1bco1bco1bco 1bco 1bco
1s9rA1s9rA1s9rA 1s9rA 1s9rA
1eb6A1eb6A1eb6A 1eb6A 1eb6A
1jzgA1jzgA1jzgA 1jzgA 1jzgA
1uteA1uteA1uteA 1uteA 1uteA
1ebfA1ebfA1ebfA 1ebfA 1ebfA
1dvoA1dvoA1dvoA 1dvoA 1dvoA
1lc0A1lc0A1lc0A 1lc0A 1lc0A
1g87A1g87A1g87A 1g87A 1g87A
1lycA1lycA1lycA 1lycA 1lycA
1hkfA1hkfA1hkfA 1hkfA 1hkfA
1t2wA1t2wA1t2wA 1t2wA 1t2wA
1bu8A1bu8A1bu8A 1bu8A 1bu8A
1ls1A1ls1A1ls1A 1ls1A 1ls1A
1mhnA1mhnA1mhnA 1mhnA 1mhnA
8abp8abp8abp 8abp 8abp
1hc7A1hc7A1hc7A 1hc7A 1hc7A
1it2A1it2A1it2A 1it2A 1it2A
1eyqA1eyqA1eyqA 1eyqA 1eyqA
1ery1ery1ery 1ery 1ery
1ctf1ctf1ctf 1ctf 1ctf
1g5jB1g5jB1g5jB 1g5jB 1g5jB
1dkmA1dkmA1dkmA 1dkmA 1dkmA
1uxzA1uxzA1uxzA 1uxzA 1uxzA
1r2zA1r2zA1r2zA 1r2zA 1r2zA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1rwhA1rwhA1rwhA 1rwhA 1rwhA
1cpcB1cpcB1cpcB 1cpcB 1cpcB
1pwgA1pwgA1pwgA 1pwgA 1pwgA
1g4mA1g4mA1g4mA 1g4mA 1g4mA
1a8l1a8l1a8l 1a8l 1a8l
1ojrA1ojrA1ojrA 1ojrA 1ojrA
1avbA1avbA1avbA 1avbA 1avbA
1pz7A1pz7A1pz7A 1pz7A 1pz7A
1o8bA1o8bA1o8bA 1o8bA 1o8bA
1vlyA1vlyA1vlyA 1vlyA 1vlyA
1ans1ans1ans 1ans 1ans
1ep0A1ep0A1ep0A 1ep0A 1ep0A
1pyfA1pyfA1pyfA 1pyfA 1pyfA
1d5rA1d5rA1d5rA 1d5rA 1d5rA
1h9dB1h9dB1h9dB 1h9dB 1h9dB
1v7wA1v7wA1v7wA 1v7wA 1v7wA
1fc6A1fc6A1fc6A 1fc6A 1fc6A
1c17M1c17M1c17M 1c17M 1c17M
1hx6A1hx6A1hx6A 1hx6A 1hx6A
1lfpA1lfpA1lfpA 1lfpA 1lfpA
3vub3vub3vub 3vub 3vub
1ed7A1ed7A1ed7A 1ed7A 1ed7A
1nofA1nofA1nofA 1nofA 1nofA
1n62A1n62A1n62A 1n62A 1n62A
1h2wA1h2wA1h2wA 1h2wA 1h2wA
1io7A1io7A1io7A 1io7A 1io7A
1pe1A1pe1A1pe1A 1pe1A 1pe1A
1b63A1b63A1b63A 1b63A 1b63A
1g9pA1g9pA1g9pA 1g9pA 1g9pA
1dyr1dyr1dyr 1dyr 1dyr
3ezmA3ezmA3ezmA 3ezmA 3ezmA
1tl9A1tl9A1tl9A 1tl9A 1tl9A
1fdr1fdr1fdr 1fdr 1fdr
1i9zA1i9zA1i9zA 1i9zA 1i9zA
1vc4A1vc4A1vc4A 1vc4A 1vc4A
1am21am21am2 1am2 1am2
1wz8A1wz8A1wz8A 1wz8A 1wz8A
1g0yI1g0yI1g0yI 1g0yI 1g0yI
2bjiA2bjiA2bjiA 2bjiA 2bjiA
2biqA2biqA2biqA 2biqA 2biqA
2nlrA2nlrA2nlrA 2nlrA 2nlrA
1y0kA1y0kA1y0kA 1y0kA 1y0kA
1x7dA1x7dA1x7dA 1x7dA 1x7dA
1jhgA1jhgA1jhgA 1jhgA 1jhgA
1nzyA1nzyA1nzyA 1nzyA 1nzyA
1t0tV1t0tV1t0tV 1t0tV 1t0tV
1y9iA1y9iA1y9iA 1y9iA 1y9iA
1qveA1qveA1qveA 1qveA 1qveA
1y9lA1y9lA1y9lA 1y9lA 1y9lA
1tyv1tyv1tyv 1tyv 1tyv
1cf4B1cf4B1cf4B 1cf4B 1cf4B
1wlgA1wlgA1wlgA 1wlgA 1wlgA
1i2kA1i2kA1i2kA 1i2kA 1i2kA
1ucrA1ucrA1ucrA 1ucrA 1ucrA
1nkd1nkd1nkd 1nkd 1nkd
1bjaA1bjaA1bjaA 1bjaA 1bjaA
1k3xA1k3xA1k3xA 1k3xA 1k3xA
1buoA1buoA1buoA 1buoA 1buoA
1mfgA1mfgA1mfgA 1mfgA 1mfgA
1ny1A1ny1A1ny1A 1ny1A 1ny1A
1j71A1j71A1j71A 1j71A 1j71A
1vhtA1vhtA1vhtA 1vhtA 1vhtA
1syyA1syyA1syyA 1syyA 1syyA
1u5xA1u5xA1u5xA 1u5xA 1u5xA
1dgwX1dgwX1dgwX 1dgwX 1dgwX
1hj9A1hj9A1hj9A 1hj9A 1hj9A
1kw3B1kw3B1kw3B 1kw3B 1kw3B
1hcd1hcd1hcd 1hcd 1hcd
1ok0A1ok0A1ok0A 1ok0A 1ok0A
1fseA1fseA1fseA 1fseA 1fseA
1amm1amm1amm 1amm 1amm
1l1lA1l1lA1l1lA 1l1lA 1l1lA
1bhp1bhp1bhp 1bhp 1bhp
1c4oA1c4oA1c4oA 1c4oA 1c4oA
1dpjA1dpjA1dpjA 1dpjA 1dpjA
1yacA1yacA1yacA 1yacA 1yacA
1jkxA1jkxA1jkxA 1jkxA 1jkxA
1nuyA1nuyA1nuyA 1nuyA 1nuyA
1dzfA1dzfA1dzfA 1dzfA 1dzfA
1pjxA1pjxA1pjxA 1pjxA 1pjxA
1fehA1fehA1fehA 1fehA 1fehA
1gmuA1gmuA1gmuA 1gmuA 1gmuA
1bhe1bhe1bhe 1bhe 1bhe
1b8kA1b8kA1b8kA 1b8kA 1b8kA
1e0tA1e0tA1e0tA 1e0tA 1e0tA
3htsB3htsB3htsB 3htsB 3htsB
191419141914 1914 1914
1cnnA1cnnA1cnnA 1cnnA 1cnnA
1eerA1eerA1eerA 1eerA 1eerA
1arb1arb1arb 1arb 1arb
1ryqA1ryqA1ryqA 1ryqA 1ryqA
1gtfA1gtfA1gtfA 1gtfA 1gtfA
1uxy1uxy1uxy 1uxy 1uxy
1kw4A1kw4A1kw4A 1kw4A 1kw4A
1wubA1wubA1wubA 1wubA 1wubA
1dl2A1dl2A1dl2A 1dl2A 1dl2A
1ra0A1ra0A1ra0A 1ra0A 1ra0A
1jkeA1jkeA1jkeA 1jkeA 1jkeA
1atlA1atlA1atlA 1atlA 1atlA
1ohlA1ohlA1ohlA 1ohlA 1ohlA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1ls9A1ls9A1ls9A 1ls9A 1ls9A
1g2yA1g2yA1g2yA 1g2yA 1g2yA
1t9iA1t9iA1t9iA 1t9iA 1t9iA
1v54C1v54C1v54C 1v54C 1v54C
1jhjA1jhjA1jhjA 1jhjA 1jhjA
1osyA1osyA1osyA 1osyA 1osyA
1q92A1q92A1q92A 1q92A 1q92A
1h6pA1h6pA1h6pA 1h6pA 1h6pA
1bgp1bgp1bgp 1bgp 1bgp
1cvrA1cvrA1cvrA 1cvrA 1cvrA
1lqaA1lqaA1lqaA 1lqaA 1lqaA
1g2911g2911g291 1g291 1g291
1oqqA1oqqA1oqqA 1oqqA 1oqqA
1pb7A1pb7A1pb7A 1pb7A 1pb7A
1a9xB1a9xB1a9xB 1a9xB 1a9xB
1b34B1b34B1b34B 1b34B 1b34B
1iab1iab1iab 1iab 1iab
1dykA1dykA1dykA 1dykA 1dykA
1fk5A1fk5A1fk5A 1fk5A 1fk5A
1lb6A1lb6A1lb6A 1lb6A 1lb6A
1i88A1i88A1i88A 1i88A 1i88A
1d5tA1d5tA1d5tA 1d5tA 1d5tA
1ykiA1ykiA1ykiA 1ykiA 1ykiA
1sfdA1sfdA1sfdA 1sfdA 1sfdA
1dx5I1dx5I1dx5I 1dx5I 1dx5I
1cg5A1cg5A1cg5A 1cg5A 1cg5A
1dd9A1dd9A1dd9A 1dd9A 1dd9A
1btn1btn1btn 1btn 1btn
1bdfA1bdfA1bdfA 1bdfA 1bdfA
1fct1fct1fct 1fct 1fct
1dp7P1dp7P1dp7P 1dp7P 1dp7P
1d2zB1d2zB1d2zB 1d2zB 1d2zB
1aisB1aisB1aisB 1aisB 1aisB
1dl0A1dl0A1dl0A 1dl0A 1dl0A
1vpt1vpt1vpt 1vpt 1vpt
1dszA1dszA1dszA 1dszA 1dszA
1mqoA1mqoA1mqoA 1mqoA 1mqoA
1g4fA1g4fA1g4fA 1g4fA 1g4fA
1oruA1oruA1oruA 1oruA 1oruA
1jcdA1jcdA1jcdA 1jcdA 1jcdA
1h9oA1h9oA1h9oA 1h9oA 1h9oA
1vggA1vggA1vggA 1vggA 1vggA
1x6zA1x6zA1x6zA 1x6zA 1x6zA
1gpmA1gpmA1gpmA 1gpmA 1gpmA
1fi4A1fi4A1fi4A 1fi4A 1fi4A
1hgvA1hgvA1hgvA 1hgvA 1hgvA
1d5yA1d5yA1d5yA 1d5yA 1d5yA
1josA1josA1josA 1josA 1josA
1o6sB1o6sB1o6sB 1o6sB 1o6sB
1h4aX1h4aX1h4aX 1h4aX 1h4aX
1gky1gky1gky 1gky 1gky
1u55A1u55A1u55A 1u55A 1u55A
1sfxA1sfxA1sfxA 1sfxA 1sfxA
1dxrH1dxrH1dxrH 1dxrH 1dxrH
1lv7A1lv7A1lv7A 1lv7A 1lv7A
1vknA1vknA1vknA 1vknA 1vknA
1c8uA1c8uA1c8uA 1c8uA 1c8uA
1e42A1e42A1e42A 1e42A 1e42A
1ddjA1ddjA1ddjA 1ddjA 1ddjA
1cruA1cruA1cruA 1cruA 1cruA
1f35A1f35A1f35A 1f35A 1f35A
1o7jA1o7jA1o7jA 1o7jA 1o7jA
1q7eA1q7eA1q7eA 1q7eA 1q7eA
1vdwA1vdwA1vdwA 1vdwA 1vdwA
1fjgS1fjgS1fjgS 1fjgS 1fjgS
1f7zA1f7zA1f7zA 1f7zA 1f7zA
1e8gA1e8gA1e8gA 1e8gA 1e8gA
1mqkH1mqkH1mqkH 1mqkH 1mqkH
1bzg1bzg1bzg 1bzg 1bzg
1hc9A1hc9A1hc9A 1hc9A 1hc9A
1dxjA1dxjA1dxjA 1dxjA 1dxjA
1aep1aep1aep 1aep 1aep
1aun1aun1aun 1aun 1aun
1k7jA1k7jA1k7jA 1k7jA 1k7jA
1fjgI1fjgI1fjgI 1fjgI 1fjgI
1oafA1oafA1oafA 1oafA 1oafA
1giqA1giqA1giqA 1giqA 1giqA
1pvmA1pvmA1pvmA 1pvmA 1pvmA
1bkb1bkb1bkb 1bkb 1bkb
1jetA1jetA1jetA 1jetA 1jetA
1nytA1nytA1nytA 1nytA 1nytA
1eg2A1eg2A1eg2A 1eg2A 1eg2A
1bb1B1bb1B1bb1B 1bb1B 1bb1B
1dozA1dozA1dozA 1dozA 1dozA
1cjaA1cjaA1cjaA 1cjaA 1cjaA
1xe0A1xe0A1xe0A 1xe0A 1xe0A
1dtjA1dtjA1dtjA 1dtjA 1dtjA
1je0A1je0A1je0A 1je0A 1je0A
1gcvA1gcvA1gcvA 1gcvA 1gcvA
1d9pA1d9pA1d9pA 1d9pA 1d9pA
1frb1frb1frb 1frb 1frb
1euvB1euvB1euvB 1euvB 1euvB
1gvhA1gvhA1gvhA 1gvhA 1gvhA
1w1oA1w1oA1w1oA 1w1oA 1w1oA
1bm81bm81bm8 1bm8 1bm8
1e58A1e58A1e58A 1e58A 1e58A
1bkf1bkf1bkf 1bkf 1bkf
1gwmA1gwmA1gwmA 1gwmA 1gwmA
1fgyA1fgyA1fgyA 1fgyA 1fgyA
1m40A1m40A1m40A 1m40A 1m40A

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1e1oA1e1oA1e1oA 1e1oA 1e1oA
1efvA1efvA1efvA 1efvA 1efvA
1mg4A1mg4A1mg4A 1mg4A 1mg4A
1j30A1j30A1j30A 1j30A 1j30A
1a12A1a12A1a12A 1a12A 1a12A
1bebA1bebA1bebA 1bebA 1bebA
1fe0A1fe0A1fe0A 1fe0A 1fe0A
1fjgK1fjgK1fjgK 1fjgK 1fjgK
1yn9A1yn9A1yn9A 1yn9A 1yn9A
1ctj1ctj1ctj 1ctj 1ctj
1v54G1v54G1v54G 1v54G 1v54G
1egwA1egwA1egwA 1egwA 1egwA
1dptA1dptA1dptA 1dptA 1dptA
1xyiA1xyiA1xyiA 1xyiA 1xyiA
1e1hA1e1hA1e1hA 1e1hA 1e1hA
1i71A1i71A1i71A 1i71A 1i71A
1a1x1a1x1a1x 1a1x 1a1x
1fukA1fukA1fukA 1fukA 1fukA
1a7s1a7s1a7s 1a7s 1a7s
1acc1acc1acc 1acc 1acc
1id0A1id0A1id0A 1id0A 1id0A
1c8cA1c8cA1c8cA 1c8cA 1c8cA
1bed1bed1bed 1bed 1bed
1cdy1cdy1cdy 1cdy 1cdy
1f1uA1f1uA1f1uA 1f1uA 1f1uA
1qf8A1qf8A1qf8A 1qf8A 1qf8A
1pcfA1pcfA1pcfA 1pcfA 1pcfA
1g2bA1g2bA1g2bA 1g2bA 1g2bA
1auiB1auiB1auiB 1auiB 1auiB
1b8wA1b8wA1b8wA 1b8wA 1b8wA
1fm0E1fm0E1fm0E 1fm0E 1fm0E
1w6sB1w6sB1w6sB 1w6sB 1w6sB
1fjgJ1fjgJ1fjgJ 1fjgJ 1fjgJ
1a5t1a5t1a5t 1a5t 1a5t
1qstA1qstA1qstA 1qstA 1qstA
1dqtA1dqtA1dqtA 1dqtA 1dqtA
1v54B1v54B1v54B 1v54B 1v54B
1dqgA1dqgA1dqgA 1dqgA 1dqgA
1eexB1eexB1eexB 1eexB 1eexB
2biiA2biiA2biiA 2biiA 2biiA
1xocA1xocA1xocA 1xocA 1xocA
1b4g1b4g1b4g 1b4g 1b4g
1hw1A1hw1A1hw1A 1hw1A 1hw1A
1acw1acw1acw 1acw 1acw
1kp6A1kp6A1kp6A 1kp6A 1kp6A
1od6A1od6A1od6A 1od6A 1od6A
1em8B1em8B1em8B 1em8B 1em8B
1exg1exg1exg 1exg 1exg
1el5A1el5A1el5A 1el5A 1el5A
1d8bA1d8bA1d8bA 1d8bA 1d8bA
1xg0A1xg0A1xg0A 1xg0A 1xg0A
1g5tA1g5tA1g5tA 1g5tA 1g5tA
1my7A1my7A1my7A 1my7A 1my7A
1dpo1dpo1dpo 1dpo 1dpo
1h8mA1h8mA1h8mA 1h8mA 1h8mA
1ro0A1ro0A1ro0A 1ro0A 1ro0A
1ecmA1ecmA1ecmA 1ecmA 1ecmA
1n1jB1n1jB1n1jB 1n1jB 1n1jB
1rtqA1rtqA1rtqA 1rtqA 1rtqA
1gpuA1gpuA1gpuA 1gpuA 1gpuA
1d9oA1d9oA1d9oA 1d9oA 1d9oA
1dynA1dynA1dynA 1dynA 1dynA
1m7gA1m7gA1m7gA 1m7gA 1m7gA
1pxzA1pxzA1pxzA 1pxzA 1pxzA
1j8rA1j8rA1j8rA 1j8rA 1j8rA
1ep3A1ep3A1ep3A 1ep3A 1ep3A
2tpsA2tpsA2tpsA 2tpsA 2tpsA
1dmuA1dmuA1dmuA 1dmuA 1dmuA
1b9pA1b9pA1b9pA 1b9pA 1b9pA
1d2nA1d2nA1d2nA 1d2nA 1d2nA
1dceA1dceA1dceA 1dceA 1dceA
1pfbA1pfbA1pfbA 1pfbA 1pfbA
1x6iA1x6iA1x6iA 1x6iA 1x6iA
1hj0A1hj0A1hj0A 1hj0A 1hj0A
1byi1byi1byi 1byi 1byi
1cghA1cghA1cghA 1cghA 1cghA
1b0xA1b0xA1b0xA 1b0xA 1b0xA
1mtpA1mtpA1mtpA 1mtpA 1mtpA
1n4wA1n4wA1n4wA 1n4wA 1n4wA
1twdA1twdA1twdA 1twdA 1twdA
1gvdA1gvdA1gvdA 1gvdA 1gvdA
1q2hA1q2hA1q2hA 1q2hA 1q2hA
1f3uB1f3uB1f3uB 1f3uB 1f3uB
3sil3sil3sil 3sil 3sil
1fs1A1fs1A1fs1A 1fs1A 1fs1A
1ccwA1ccwA1ccwA 1ccwA 1ccwA
1h97A1h97A1h97A 1h97A 1h97A
1bqk1bqk1bqk 1bqk 1bqk
1kshB1kshB1kshB 1kshB 1kshB
1e7uA1e7uA1e7uA 1e7uA 1e7uA
1jakA1jakA1jakA 1jakA 1jakA
1hdlA1hdlA1hdlA 1hdlA 1hdlA
1df7A1df7A1df7A 1df7A 1df7A
2blnA2blnA2blnA 2blnA 2blnA
1ht6A1ht6A1ht6A 1ht6A 1ht6A
1avwB1avwB1avwB 1avwB 1avwB
1kmtA1kmtA1kmtA 1kmtA 1kmtA
1nu4A1nu4A1nu4A 1nu4A 1nu4A
1ybkA1ybkA1ybkA 1ybkA 1ybkA
1jovA1jovA1jovA 1jovA 1jovA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1r6wA1r6wA1r6wA 1r6wA 1r6wA
1z8kA1z8kA1z8kA 1z8kA 1z8kA
1cznA1cznA1cznA 1cznA 1cznA
1d2zA1d2zA1d2zA 1d2zA 1d2zA
1g24A1g24A1g24A 1g24A 1g24A
1s3eA1s3eA1s3eA 1s3eA 1s3eA
1aba1aba1aba 1aba 1aba
1dpe1dpe1dpe 1dpe 1dpe
1d9jA1d9jA1d9jA 1d9jA 1d9jA
1gl2C1gl2C1gl2C 1gl2C 1gl2C
1gvp1gvp1gvp 1gvp 1gvp
1jh6A1jh6A1jh6A 1jh6A 1jh6A
1jy1A1jy1A1jy1A 1jy1A 1jy1A
1guuA1guuA1guuA 1guuA 1guuA
1pmhX1pmhX1pmhX 1pmhX 1pmhX
2evbA2evbA2evbA 2evbA 2evbA
1ejpA1ejpA1ejpA 1ejpA 1ejpA
1sj1A1sj1A1sj1A 1sj1A 1sj1A
1jfuA1jfuA1jfuA 1jfuA 1jfuA
2nacA2nacA2nacA 2nacA 2nacA
1al31al31al3 1al3 1al3
1uptB1uptB1uptB 1uptB 1uptB
1ogwA1ogwA1ogwA 1ogwA 1ogwA
1bqbA1bqbA1bqbA 1bqbA 1bqbA
1vd5A1vd5A1vd5A 1vd5A 1vd5A
1od3A1od3A1od3A 1od3A 1od3A
1u7lA1u7lA1u7lA 1u7lA 1u7lA
1yfqA1yfqA1yfqA 1yfqA 1yfqA
1tif1tif1tif 1tif 1tif
1ei5A1ei5A1ei5A 1ei5A 1ei5A
1uv7A1uv7A1uv7A 1uv7A 1uv7A
1ek0A1ek0A1ek0A 1ek0A 1ek0A
2bjvA2bjvA2bjvA 2bjvA 2bjvA
1n8vA1n8vA1n8vA 1n8vA 1n8vA
1kgdA1kgdA1kgdA 1kgdA 1kgdA
1xmtA1xmtA1xmtA 1xmtA 1xmtA
1cpq1cpq1cpq 1cpq 1cpq
1ryiA1ryiA1ryiA 1ryiA 1ryiA
1jl0A1jl0A1jl0A 1jl0A 1jl0A
1aym31aym31aym3 1aym3 1aym3
1d0dA1d0dA1d0dA 1d0dA 1d0dA
1bku1bku1bku 1bku 1bku
1kqwA1kqwA1kqwA 1kqwA 1kqwA
1oi6A1oi6A1oi6A 1oi6A 1oi6A
1bts1bts1bts 1bts 1bts
1u0fA1u0fA1u0fA 1u0fA 1u0fA
1a0jA1a0jA1a0jA 1a0jA 1a0jA
1fjjA1fjjA1fjjA 1fjjA 1fjjA
1k1eA1k1eA1k1eA 1k1eA 1k1eA
1bio1bio1bio 1bio 1bio
1f9yA1f9yA1f9yA 1f9yA 1f9yA
1gotB1gotB1gotB 1gotB 1gotB
2dfkA2dfkA2dfkA 2dfkA 2dfkA
1gmjA1gmjA1gmjA 1gmjA 1gmjA
1xkpC1xkpC1xkpC 1xkpC 1xkpC
1hic1hic1hic 1hic 1hic
1dq3A1dq3A1dq3A 1dq3A 1dq3A
1nnlA1nnlA1nnlA 1nnlA 1nnlA
1bxvA1bxvA1bxvA 1bxvA 1bxvA
1fvkA1fvkA1fvkA 1fvkA 1fvkA
1ukkA1ukkA1ukkA 1ukkA 1ukkA
1mgqA1mgqA1mgqA 1mgqA 1mgqA
1wddS1wddS1wddS 1wddS 1wddS
1ed1A1ed1A1ed1A 1ed1A 1ed1A
2bikB2bikB2bikB 2bikB 2bikB
1dc1A1dc1A1dc1A 1dc1A 1dc1A
1mml1mml1mml 1mml 1mml
1gnxA1gnxA1gnxA 1gnxA 1gnxA
1w6sA1w6sA1w6sA 1w6sA 1w6sA
1me4A1me4A1me4A 1me4A 1me4A
1vr9A1vr9A1vr9A 1vr9A 1vr9A
1gib1gib1gib 1gib 1gib
1e2wA1e2wA1e2wA 1e2wA 1e2wA
1d02A1d02A1d02A 1d02A 1d02A
1ag61ag61ag6 1ag6 1ag6
1qg8A1qg8A1qg8A 1qg8A 1qg8A
1gvzA1gvzA1gvzA 1gvzA 1gvzA
1f53A1f53A1f53A 1f53A 1f53A
1r7jA1r7jA1r7jA 1r7jA 1r7jA
1tqgA1tqgA1tqgA 1tqgA 1tqgA
1ef1C1ef1C1ef1C 1ef1C 1ef1C
1c96A1c96A1c96A 1c96A 1c96A
1si6X1si6X1si6X 1si6X 1si6X
1gtvA1gtvA1gtvA 1gtvA 1gtvA
1tbfA1tbfA1tbfA 1tbfA 1tbfA
1cn3F1cn3F1cn3F 1cn3F 1cn3F
1gxrA1gxrA1gxrA 1gxrA 1gxrA
1sg4A1sg4A1sg4A 1sg4A 1sg4A
1cyx1cyx1cyx 1cyx 1cyx
1f6fA1f6fA1f6fA 1f6fA 1f6fA
1cliA1cliA1cliA 1cliA 1cliA
1dywA1dywA1dywA 1dywA 1dywA
2gkpA2gkpA2gkpA 2gkpA 2gkpA
1vhh1vhh1vhh 1vhh 1vhh
1tuaA1tuaA1tuaA 1tuaA 1tuaA
1b43A1b43A1b43A 1b43A 1b43A
1vjpA1vjpA1vjpA 1vjpA 1vjpA
1ekgA1ekgA1ekgA 1ekgA 1ekgA
1bolA1bolA1bolA 1bolA 1bolA
1bhtA1bhtA1bhtA 1bhtA 1bhtA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1p99A1p99A1p99A 1p99A 1p99A
1fexA1fexA1fexA 1fexA 1fexA
1gp8A1gp8A1gp8A 1gp8A 1gp8A
1avoA1avoA1avoA 1avoA 1avoA
1r0mA1r0mA1r0mA 1r0mA 1r0mA
1v33A1v33A1v33A 1v33A 1v33A
2ddrA2ddrA2ddrA 2ddrA 2ddrA
1bob1bob1bob 1bob 1bob
1n7oA1n7oA1n7oA 1n7oA 1n7oA
1eg3A1eg3A1eg3A 1eg3A 1eg3A
1p9hA1p9hA1p9hA 1p9hA 1p9hA
1auuA1auuA1auuA 1auuA 1auuA
1ash1ash1ash 1ash 1ash
1n55A1n55A1n55A 1n55A 1n55A
2cuaA2cuaA2cuaA 2cuaA 2cuaA
1h7sA1h7sA1h7sA 1h7sA 1h7sA
1d6bA1d6bA1d6bA 1d6bA 1d6bA
1dj7A1dj7A1dj7A 1dj7A 1dj7A
1eajA1eajA1eajA 1eajA 1eajA
1e4yA1e4yA1e4yA 1e4yA 1e4yA
1ypyA1ypyA1ypyA 1ypyA 1ypyA
1hi9A1hi9A1hi9A 1hi9A 1hi9A
1cnv1cnv1cnv 1cnv 1cnv
1h4rA1h4rA1h4rA 1h4rA 1h4rA
1yllA1yllA1yllA 1yllA 1yllA
1gk8I1gk8I1gk8I 1gk8I 1gk8I
1afoA1afoA1afoA 1afoA 1afoA
1b5qA1b5qA1b5qA 1b5qA 1b5qA
1ts9A1ts9A1ts9A 1ts9A 1ts9A
1lf7A1lf7A1lf7A 1lf7A 1lf7A
1r77A1r77A1r77A 1r77A 1r77A
2bjqA2bjqA2bjqA 2bjqA 2bjqA
1o7sA1o7sA1o7sA 1o7sA 1o7sA
1pbjA1pbjA1pbjA 1pbjA 1pbjA
1g8eA1g8eA1g8eA 1g8eA 1g8eA
1s5uA1s5uA1s5uA 1s5uA 1s5uA
1h80A1h80A1h80A 1h80A 1h80A
1qs1A1qs1A1qs1A 1qs1A 1qs1A
1emzA1emzA1emzA 1emzA 1emzA
1e9kA1e9kA1e9kA 1e9kA 1e9kA
1gadO1gadO1gadO 1gadO 1gadO
1cb8A1cb8A1cb8A 1cb8A 1cb8A
1yleA1yleA1yleA 1yleA 1yleA
1w0nA1w0nA1w0nA 1w0nA 1w0nA
1t8kA1t8kA1t8kA 1t8kA 1t8kA
1vr5A1vr5A1vr5A 1vr5A 1vr5A
1hqsA1hqsA1hqsA 1hqsA 1hqsA
1upqA1upqA1upqA 1upqA 1upqA
1bli1bli1bli 1bli 1bli
1cc8A1cc8A1cc8A 1cc8A 1cc8A
1dbfA1dbfA1dbfA 1dbfA 1dbfA
1cb0A1cb0A1cb0A 1cb0A 1cb0A
1n9eA1n9eA1n9eA 1n9eA 1n9eA
1edmB1edmB1edmB 1edmB 1edmB
1ghhA1ghhA1ghhA 1ghhA 1ghhA
1r0rI1r0rI1r0rI 1r0rI 1r0rI
1ew4A1ew4A1ew4A 1ew4A 1ew4A
1gq8A1gq8A1gq8A 1gq8A 1gq8A
1mqkL1mqkL1mqkL 1mqkL 1mqkL
1vioA1vioA1vioA 1vioA 1vioA
1atg1atg1atg 1atg 1atg
1gzsB1gzsB1gzsB 1gzsB 1gzsB
1g2hA1g2hA1g2hA 1g2hA 1g2hA
1dw4A1dw4A1dw4A 1dw4A 1dw4A
1b2pA1b2pA1b2pA 1b2pA 1b2pA
1fw5A1fw5A1fw5A 1fw5A 1fw5A
1ou8A1ou8A1ou8A 1ou8A 1ou8A
1iwlA1iwlA1iwlA 1iwlA 1iwlA
1rw1A1rw1A1rw1A 1rw1A 1rw1A
1cztA1cztA1cztA 1cztA 1cztA
1k5nA1k5nA1k5nA 1k5nA 1k5nA
1uvqA1uvqA1uvqA 1uvqA 1uvqA
1a3aA1a3aA1a3aA 1a3aA 1a3aA
1h2bA1h2bA1h2bA 1h2bA 1h2bA
1a621a621a62 1a62 1a62
1dec1dec1dec 1dec 1dec
1pot1pot1pot 1pot 1pot
1rm6B1rm6B1rm6B 1rm6B 1rm6B
1bb91bb91bb9 1bb9 1bb9
1wpnA1wpnA1wpnA 1wpnA 1wpnA
1o82A1o82A1o82A 1o82A 1o82A
1sh8A1sh8A1sh8A 1sh8A 1sh8A
1q5zA1q5zA1q5zA 1q5zA 1q5zA
1gs9A1gs9A1gs9A 1gs9A 1gs9A
1q5yA1q5yA1q5yA 1q5yA 1q5yA
1r5lA1r5lA1r5lA 1r5lA 1r5lA
1s99A1s99A1s99A 1s99A 1s99A
1lbu1lbu1lbu 1lbu 1lbu
1qv1A1qv1A1qv1A 1qv1A 1qv1A
1oaiA1oaiA1oaiA 1oaiA 1oaiA
19hcA19hcA19hcA 19hcA 19hcA
1a8rA1a8rA1a8rA 1a8rA 1a8rA
1ye8A1ye8A1ye8A 1ye8A 1ye8A
1gakA1gakA1gakA 1gakA 1gakA
1psrA1psrA1psrA 1psrA 1psrA
1ayoA1ayoA1ayoA 1ayoA 1ayoA
1vd6A1vd6A1vd6A 1vd6A 1vd6A
1vr8A1vr8A1vr8A 1vr8A 1vr8A
1g6hA1g6hA1g6hA 1g6hA 1g6hA
1aihA1aihA1aihA 1aihA 1aihA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1mun1mun1mun 1mun 1mun
1eljA1eljA1eljA 1eljA 1eljA
1v05A1v05A1v05A 1v05A 1v05A
1ijyA1ijyA1ijyA 1ijyA 1ijyA
1g92A1g92A1g92A 1g92A 1g92A
1s0aA1s0aA1s0aA 1s0aA 1s0aA
1goiA1goiA1goiA 1goiA 1goiA
1v8cA1v8cA1v8cA 1v8cA 1v8cA
1g3kA1g3kA1g3kA 1g3kA 1g3kA
1a531a531a53 1a53 1a53
1hq1A1hq1A1hq1A 1hq1A 1hq1A
1ej6D1ej6D1ej6D 1ej6D 1ej6D
1p1xA1p1xA1p1xA 1p1xA 1p1xA
1go4E1go4E1go4E 1go4E 1go4E
1pfvA1pfvA1pfvA 1pfvA 1pfvA
1a2yB1a2yB1a2yB 1a2yB 1a2yB
1u84A1u84A1u84A 1u84A 1u84A
1us0A1us0A1us0A 1us0A 1us0A
1p4oA1p4oA1p4oA 1p4oA 1p4oA
1d3cA1d3cA1d3cA 1d3cA 1d3cA
1ei6A1ei6A1ei6A 1ei6A 1ei6A
1fyeA1fyeA1fyeA 1fyeA 1fyeA
1h6kA1h6kA1h6kA 1h6kA 1h6kA
1l7lA1l7lA1l7lA 1l7lA 1l7lA
1hbkA1hbkA1hbkA 1hbkA 1hbkA
1gd7A1gd7A1gd7A 1gd7A 1gd7A
1gxuA1gxuA1gxuA 1gxuA 1gxuA
1f2vA1f2vA1f2vA 1f2vA 1f2vA
1t61A1t61A1t61A 1t61A 1t61A
1hfoA1hfoA1hfoA 1hfoA 1hfoA
1dqwA1dqwA1dqwA 1dqwA 1dqwA
1kid1kid1kid 1kid 1kid
1em9A1em9A1em9A 1em9A 1em9A
1rvkA1rvkA1rvkA 1rvkA 1rvkA
1gyvA1gyvA1gyvA 1gyvA 1gyvA
1ag71ag71ag7 1ag7 1ag7
1m15A1m15A1m15A 1m15A 1m15A
1doi1doi1doi 1doi 1doi
1aoy1aoy1aoy 1aoy 1aoy
1cnzA1cnzA1cnzA 1cnzA 1cnzA
1gnlA1gnlA1gnlA 1gnlA 1gnlA
1aoeA1aoeA1aoeA 1aoeA 1aoeA
1ow4A1ow4A1ow4A 1ow4A 1ow4A
1f5nA1f5nA1f5nA 1f5nA 1f5nA
1umkA1umkA1umkA 1umkA 1umkA
1e85A1e85A1e85A 1e85A 1e85A
1dgwA1dgwA1dgwA 1dgwA 1dgwA
1c93A1c93A1c93A 1c93A 1c93A
1mnnA1mnnA1mnnA 1mnnA 1mnnA
1bkpA1bkpA1bkpA 1bkpA 1bkpA
1gl2A1gl2A1gl2A 1gl2A 1gl2A
1fnnA1fnnA1fnnA 1fnnA 1fnnA
1gtkA1gtkA1gtkA 1gtkA 1gtkA
1hc9B1hc9B1hc9B 1hc9B 1hc9B
1rhs1rhs1rhs 1rhs 1rhs
1f8mA1f8mA1f8mA 1f8mA 1f8mA
1uwwA1uwwA1uwwA 1uwwA 1uwwA
1h9hE1h9hE1h9hE 1h9hE 1h9hE
1f1xA1f1xA1f1xA 1f1xA 1f1xA
1ejgA1ejgA1ejgA 1ejgA 1ejgA
1bqfA1bqfA1bqfA 1bqfA 1bqfA
1cdzA1cdzA1cdzA 1cdzA 1cdzA
1gl1I1gl1I1gl1I 1gl1I 1gl1I
1x8qA1x8qA1x8qA 1x8qA 1x8qA
1h3oA1h3oA1h3oA 1h3oA 1h3oA
1fgkA1fgkA1fgkA 1fgkA 1fgkA
1m65A1m65A1m65A 1m65A 1m65A
1ekrA1ekrA1ekrA 1ekrA 1ekrA
1t1jA1t1jA1t1jA 1t1jA 1t1jA
1cs8A1cs8A1cs8A 1cs8A 1cs8A
1iq4A1iq4A1iq4A 1iq4A 1iq4A
1fvgA1fvgA1fvgA 1fvgA 1fvgA
1p6oA1p6oA1p6oA 1p6oA 1p6oA
1mg7A1mg7A1mg7A 1mg7A 1mg7A
1pe9A1pe9A1pe9A 1pe9A 1pe9A
1ae71ae71ae7 1ae7 1ae7
1fu9A1fu9A1fu9A 1fu9A 1fu9A
1rwrA1rwrA1rwrA 1rwrA 1rwrA
1ez3A1ez3A1ez3A 1ez3A 1ez3A
1dmlA1dmlA1dmlA 1dmlA 1dmlA
1a911a911a91 1a91 1a91
1ow1A1ow1A1ow1A 1ow1A 1ow1A
1a2pA1a2pA1a2pA 1a2pA 1a2pA
1bby1bby1bby 1bby 1bby
1dnlA1dnlA1dnlA 1dnlA 1dnlA
1cq0A1cq0A1cq0A 1cq0A 1cq0A
1ornA1ornA1ornA 1ornA 1ornA
1b35B1b35B1b35B 1b35B 1b35B
1gyoA1gyoA1gyoA 1gyoA 1gyoA
1txlA1txlA1txlA 1txlA 1txlA
1iktA1iktA1iktA 1iktA 1iktA
1te2A1te2A1te2A 1te2A 1te2A
1oh4A1oh4A1oh4A 1oh4A 1oh4A
1wu9A1wu9A1wu9A 1wu9A 1wu9A
1du9A1du9A1du9A 1du9A 1du9A
1f2tB1f2tB1f2tB 1f2tB 1f2tB
1uf5A1uf5A1uf5A 1uf5A 1uf5A
1ql0A1ql0A1ql0A 1ql0A 1ql0A
1nrjB1nrjB1nrjB 1nrjB 1nrjB
1csn1csn1csn 1csn 1csn

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1eazA1eazA1eazA 1eazA 1eazA
1by21by21by2 1by2 1by2
1ekeA1ekeA1ekeA 1ekeA 1ekeA
1fs1B1fs1B1fs1B 1fs1B 1fs1B
1wkqA1wkqA1wkqA 1wkqA 1wkqA
1debA1debA1debA 1debA 1debA
1fp2A1fp2A1fp2A 1fp2A 1fp2A
1mh11mh11mh1 1mh1 1mh1
1pkoA1pkoA1pkoA 1pkoA 1pkoA
1w9aA1w9aA1w9aA 1w9aA 1w9aA
1faoA1faoA1faoA 1faoA 1faoA
1iw0A1iw0A1iw0A 1iw0A 1iw0A
256bA256bA256bA 256bA 256bA
1v7rA1v7rA1v7rA 1v7rA 1v7rA
1o4yA1o4yA1o4yA 1o4yA 1o4yA
1r0uA1r0uA1r0uA 1r0uA 1r0uA
1avsA1avsA1avsA 1avsA 1avsA
1f3uA1f3uA1f3uA 1f3uA 1f3uA
1dkzA1dkzA1dkzA 1dkzA 1dkzA
1vl2A1vl2A1vl2A 1vl2A 1vl2A
1ockA1ockA1ockA 1ockA 1ockA
1j54A1j54A1j54A 1j54A 1j54A
1c9kA1c9kA1c9kA 1c9kA 1c9kA
1nwaA1nwaA1nwaA 1nwaA 1nwaA
1o66A1o66A1o66A 1o66A 1o66A
1ltzA1ltzA1ltzA 1ltzA 1ltzA
1nulA1nulA1nulA 1nulA 1nulA
1ugpA1ugpA1ugpA 1ugpA 1ugpA
1ci9A1ci9A1ci9A 1ci9A 1ci9A
1wkcA1wkcA1wkcA 1wkcA 1wkcA
1nxmA1nxmA1nxmA 1nxmA 1nxmA
1o7nB1o7nB1o7nB 1o7nB 1o7nB
1svsA1svsA1svsA 1svsA 1svsA
1m1qA1m1qA1m1qA 1m1qA 1m1qA
1n9pA1n9pA1n9pA 1n9pA 1n9pA
1fp1D1fp1D1fp1D 1fp1D 1fp1D
1dxrM1dxrM1dxrM 1dxrM 1dxrM
1ckeA1ckeA1ckeA 1ckeA 1ckeA
1em2A1em2A1em2A 1em2A 1em2A
1fuxA1fuxA1fuxA 1fuxA 1fuxA
1bj71bj71bj7 1bj7 1bj7
1plc1plc1plc 1plc 1plc
1erp1erp1erp 1erp 1erp
2evaA2evaA2evaA 2evaA 2evaA
1j24A1j24A1j24A 1j24A 1j24A
1fiuA1fiuA1fiuA 1fiuA 1fiuA
1oqjA1oqjA1oqjA 1oqjA 1oqjA
1xdnA1xdnA1xdnA 1xdnA 1xdnA
1dlfH1dlfH1dlfH 1dlfH 1dlfH
1gpr1gpr1gpr 1gpr 1gpr
1xkiA1xkiA1xkiA 1xkiA 1xkiA
1u7gA1u7gA1u7gA 1u7gA 1u7gA
1os6A1os6A1os6A 1os6A 1os6A
1fqjC1fqjC1fqjC 1fqjC 1fqjC
1hh8A1hh8A1hh8A 1hh8A 1hh8A
1g6eA1g6eA1g6eA 1g6eA 1g6eA
1gcqC1gcqC1gcqC 1gcqC 1gcqC
1kr4A1kr4A1kr4A 1kr4A 1kr4A
1bypA1bypA1bypA 1bypA 1bypA
1fit1fit1fit 1fit 1fit
1b35A1b35A1b35A 1b35A 1b35A
1ijqA1ijqA1ijqA 1ijqA 1ijqA
1x6oA1x6oA1x6oA 1x6oA 1x6oA
1xg0C1xg0C1xg0C 1xg0C 1xg0C
1fleI1fleI1fleI 1fleI 1fleI
1chd1chd1chd 1chd 1chd
1usmA1usmA1usmA 1usmA 1usmA
1azo1azo1azo 1azo 1azo
1hj8A1hj8A1hj8A 1hj8A 1hj8A
1g1jA1g1jA1g1jA 1g1jA 1g1jA
1h12A1h12A1h12A 1h12A 1h12A
2bl8A2bl8A2bl8A 2bl8A 2bl8A
1cr5A1cr5A1cr5A 1cr5A 1cr5A
1d4oA1d4oA1d4oA 1d4oA 1d4oA
1etfB1etfB1etfB 1etfB 1etfB
1p0zA1p0zA1p0zA 1p0zA 1p0zA
1m70A1m70A1m70A 1m70A 1m70A
1ctqA1ctqA1ctqA 1ctqA 1ctqA
1t1vA1t1vA1t1vA 1t1vA 1t1vA
1vyiA1vyiA1vyiA 1vyiA 1vyiA
1izcA1izcA1izcA 1izcA 1izcA
1u8vA1u8vA1u8vA 1u8vA 1u8vA
1qopB1qopB1qopB 1qopB 1qopB
1bia1bia1bia 1bia 1bia
1lniA1lniA1lniA 1lniA 1lniA
2b4nA2b4nA2b4nA 2b4nA 2b4nA
1bl11bl11bl1 1bl1 1bl1
1guxB1guxB1guxB 1guxB 1guxB
1bwwA1bwwA1bwwA 1bwwA 1bwwA
1g3qA1g3qA1g3qA 1g3qA 1g3qA
1npyA1npyA1npyA 1npyA 1npyA
1c7qA1c7qA1c7qA 1c7qA 1c7qA
1fxd1fxd1fxd 1fxd 1fxd
1dmgA1dmgA1dmgA 1dmgA 1dmgA
1f9vA1f9vA1f9vA 1f9vA 1f9vA
1h2eA1h2eA1h2eA 1h2eA 1h2eA
1gd8A1gd8A1gd8A 1gd8A 1gd8A
1ga8A1ga8A1ga8A 1ga8A 1ga8A
1bcpD1bcpD1bcpD 1bcpD 1bcpD
1bei1bei1bei 1bei 1bei

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1kr7A1kr7A1kr7A 1kr7A 1kr7A
1lst1lst1lst 1lst 1lst
1ewsA1ewsA1ewsA 1ewsA 1ewsA
1fzqA1fzqA1fzqA 1fzqA 1fzqA
1o08A1o08A1o08A 1o08A 1o08A
1a591a591a59 1a59 1a59
1fonA1fonA1fonA 1fonA 1fonA
1r8sA1r8sA1r8sA 1r8sA 1r8sA
1bi6H1bi6H1bi6H 1bi6H 1bi6H
1qq9A1qq9A1qq9A 1qq9A 1qq9A
1fpoA1fpoA1fpoA 1fpoA 1fpoA
1luzA1luzA1luzA 1luzA 1luzA
2tgi2tgi2tgi 2tgi 2tgi
1erw1erw1erw 1erw 1erw
1fl0A1fl0A1fl0A 1fl0A 1fl0A
1gouA1gouA1gouA 1gouA 1gouA
1b8oA1b8oA1b8oA 1b8oA 1b8oA
1dkiA1dkiA1dkiA 1dkiA 1dkiA
1a4iA1a4iA1a4iA 1a4iA 1a4iA
1y8aA1y8aA1y8aA 1y8aA 1y8aA
1sdsA1sdsA1sdsA 1sdsA 1sdsA
1zelA1zelA1zelA 1zelA 1zelA
1gnwA1gnwA1gnwA 1gnwA 1gnwA
1k6kA1k6kA1k6kA 1k6kA 1k6kA
1btkA1btkA1btkA 1btkA 1btkA
1fhoA1fhoA1fhoA 1fhoA 1fhoA
1utg1utg1utg 1utg 1utg
1amx1amx1amx 1amx 1amx
1v2zA1v2zA1v2zA 1v2zA 1v2zA
1co4A1co4A1co4A 1co4A 1co4A
1csh1csh1csh 1csh 1csh
1ea7A1ea7A1ea7A 1ea7A 1ea7A
1ccwB1ccwB1ccwB 1ccwB 1ccwB
16vpA16vpA16vpA 16vpA 16vpA
1a4pA1a4pA1a4pA 1a4pA 1a4pA
1aym21aym21aym2 1aym2 1aym2
1h5oA1h5oA1h5oA 1h5oA 1h5oA
1dceB1dceB1dceB 1dceB 1dceB
2trxA2trxA2trxA 2trxA 2trxA
1fs5A1fs5A1fs5A 1fs5A 1fs5A
1b7yA1b7yA1b7yA 1b7yA 1b7yA
1d4tA1d4tA1d4tA 1d4tA 1d4tA
1bb1C1bb1C1bb1C 1bb1C 1bb1C
1gu9A1gu9A1gu9A 1gu9A 1gu9A
1jx4A1jx4A1jx4A 1jx4A 1jx4A
1vkfA1vkfA1vkfA 1vkfA 1vkfA
1f8rA1f8rA1f8rA 1f8rA 1f8rA
2ciaA2ciaA2ciaA 2ciaA 2ciaA
2bkxA2bkxA2bkxA 2bkxA 2bkxA
1a2yA1a2yA1a2yA 1a2yA 1a2yA
1evsA1evsA1evsA 1evsA 1evsA
1p57A1p57A1p57A 1p57A 1p57A
1uoyA1uoyA1uoyA 1uoyA 1uoyA
1gcyA1gcyA1gcyA 1gcyA 1gcyA
1w1hA1w1hA1w1hA 1w1hA 1w1hA
1se8A1se8A1se8A 1se8A 1se8A
1bds1bds1bds 1bds 1bds
1f4pA1f4pA1f4pA 1f4pA 1f4pA
1m1fA1m1fA1m1fA 1m1fA 1m1fA
1gci1gci1gci 1gci 1gci
1rz2A1rz2A1rz2A 1rz2A 1rz2A
1w27A1w27A1w27A 1w27A 1w27A
1xfiA1xfiA1xfiA 1xfiA 1xfiA
1dy9A1dy9A1dy9A 1dy9A 1dy9A
1e8pA1e8pA1e8pA 1e8pA 1e8pA
1oygA1oygA1oygA 1oygA 1oygA
1rkqA1rkqA1rkqA 1rkqA 1rkqA
1kngA1kngA1kngA 1kngA 1kngA
1bif1bif1bif 1bif 1bif
1l6pA1l6pA1l6pA 1l6pA 1l6pA
1d2vC1d2vC1d2vC 1d2vC 1d2vC
1ayaA1ayaA1ayaA 1ayaA 1ayaA
1xakA1xakA1xakA 1xakA 1xakA
1c1kA1c1kA1c1kA 1c1kA 1c1kA
1h2kA1h2kA1h2kA 1h2kA 1h2kA
1d3bB1d3bB1d3bB 1d3bB 1d3bB
1umgA1umgA1umgA 1umgA 1umgA
1lmiA1lmiA1lmiA 1lmiA 1lmiA
1bx1A1bx1A1bx1A 1bx1A 1bx1A
1aocA1aocA1aocA 1aocA 1aocA
1bazA1bazA1bazA 1bazA 1bazA
1cffB1cffB1cffB 1cffB 1cffB
1njhA1njhA1njhA 1njhA 1njhA
1x74A1x74A1x74A 1x74A 1x74A
1iqzA1iqzA1iqzA 1iqzA 1iqzA
1rm6A1rm6A1rm6A 1rm6A 1rm6A
1dnv1dnv1dnv 1dnv 1dnv
1jtgB1jtgB1jtgB 1jtgB 1jtgB
1ugxA1ugxA1ugxA 1ugxA 1ugxA
1flmA1flmA1flmA 1flmA 1flmA
1jnrA1jnrA1jnrA 1jnrA 1jnrA
1c4eA1c4eA1c4eA 1c4eA 1c4eA
1iyhA1iyhA1iyhA 1iyhA 1iyhA
1xjvA1xjvA1xjvA 1xjvA 1xjvA
1i4uA1i4uA1i4uA 1i4uA 1i4uA
1oxxK1oxxK1oxxK 1oxxK 1oxxK
1fmjA1fmjA1fmjA 1fmjA 1fmjA
1ouwA1ouwA1ouwA 1ouwA 1ouwA
1nn5A1nn5A1nn5A 1nn5A 1nn5A
1h3qA1h3qA1h3qA 1h3qA 1h3qA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1xauA1xauA1xauA 1xauA 1xauA
1ctt1ctt1ctt 1ctt 1ctt
1r5mA1r5mA1r5mA 1r5mA 1r5mA
2igd2igd2igd 2igd 2igd
1erv1erv1erv 1erv 1erv
1kwfA1kwfA1kwfA 1kwfA 1kwfA
1h4vB1h4vB1h4vB 1h4vB 1h4vB
1tfe1tfe1tfe 1tfe 1tfe
1c0pA1c0pA1c0pA 1c0pA 1c0pA
1a321a321a32 1a32 1a32
1rk6A1rk6A1rk6A 1rk6A 1rk6A
1kzfA1kzfA1kzfA 1kzfA 1kzfA
1bkvA1bkvA1bkvA 1bkvA 1bkvA
1y7yA1y7yA1y7yA 1y7yA 1y7yA
1g60A1g60A1g60A 1g60A 1g60A
1k4iA1k4iA1k4iA 1k4iA 1k4iA
1f28A1f28A1f28A 1f28A 1f28A
1kptA1kptA1kptA 1kptA 1kptA
1fm4A1fm4A1fm4A 1fm4A 1fm4A
1r45A1r45A1r45A 1r45A 1r45A
1ybiA1ybiA1ybiA 1ybiA 1ybiA
1r12A1r12A1r12A 1r12A 1r12A
1hf8A1hf8A1hf8A 1hf8A 1hf8A
1lq9A1lq9A1lq9A 1lq9A 1lq9A
1ec7A1ec7A1ec7A 1ec7A 1ec7A
1qw2A1qw2A1qw2A 1qw2A 1qw2A
1l6xA1l6xA1l6xA 1l6xA 1l6xA
1pj5A1pj5A1pj5A 1pj5A 1pj5A
1bx71bx71bx7 1bx7 1bx7
1cixA1cixA1cixA 1cixA 1cixA
1dqaA1dqaA1dqaA 1dqaA 1dqaA
1e6bA1e6bA1e6bA 1e6bA 1e6bA
2f42A2f42A2f42A 2f42A 2f42A
1t6t11t6t11t6t1 1t6t1 1t6t1
1qy1A1qy1A1qy1A 1qy1A 1qy1A
2ci9A2ci9A2ci9A 2ci9A 2ci9A
1d2mA1d2mA1d2mA 1d2mA 1d2mA
1d7mA1d7mA1d7mA 1d7mA 1d7mA
1pbyA1pbyA1pbyA 1pbyA 1pbyA
1dqbA1dqbA1dqbA 1dqbA 1dqbA
1xrkA1xrkA1xrkA 1xrkA 1xrkA
1mc2A1mc2A1mc2A 1mc2A 1mc2A
1cqqA1cqqA1cqqA 1cqqA 1cqqA
1b77A1b77A1b77A 1b77A 1b77A
1f8eA1f8eA1f8eA 1f8eA 1f8eA
1h7dA1h7dA1h7dA 1h7dA 1h7dA
1ezgA1ezgA1ezgA 1ezgA 1ezgA
1lopA1lopA1lopA 1lopA 1lopA
1dt7X1dt7X1dt7X 1dt7X 1dt7X
1fltX1fltX1fltX 1fltX 1fltX
1d3gA1d3gA1d3gA 1d3gA 1d3gA
1q74A1q74A1q74A 1q74A 1q74A
1mugA1mugA1mugA 1mugA 1mugA
1e5rA1e5rA1e5rA 1e5rA 1e5rA
1uxaA1uxaA1uxaA 1uxaA 1uxaA
1eexA1eexA1eexA 1eexA 1eexA
1bbhA1bbhA1bbhA 1bbhA 1bbhA
1ct9A1ct9A1ct9A 1ct9A 1ct9A
1bgvA1bgvA1bgvA 1bgvA 1bgvA
1mpgA1mpgA1mpgA 1mpgA 1mpgA
1hh1A1hh1A1hh1A 1hh1A 1hh1A
1olrA1olrA1olrA 1olrA 1olrA
1g8iA1g8iA1g8iA 1g8iA 1g8iA
1f6yA1f6yA1f6yA 1f6yA 1f6yA
1gk8A1gk8A1gk8A 1gk8A 1gk8A
1floA1floA1floA 1floA 1floA
1s2oA1s2oA1s2oA 1s2oA 1s2oA
1gpeA1gpeA1gpeA 1gpeA 1gpeA
1qq5A1qq5A1qq5A 1qq5A 1qq5A
1dbiA1dbiA1dbiA 1dbiA 1dbiA
1g5aA1g5aA1g5aA 1g5aA 1g5aA
1g3mA1g3mA1g3mA 1g3mA 1g3mA
1h98A1h98A1h98A 1h98A 1h98A
1gdhA1gdhA1gdhA 1gdhA 1gdhA
1h8eI1h8eI1h8eI 1h8eI 1h8eI
1qjpA1qjpA1qjpA 1qjpA 1qjpA
1jfbA1jfbA1jfbA 1jfbA 1jfbA
1xm3A1xm3A1xm3A 1xm3A 1xm3A
1jlvA1jlvA1jlvA 1jlvA 1jlvA
1bah1bah1bah 1bah 1bah
1vkpA1vkpA1vkpA 1vkpA 1vkpA
1fjnA1fjnA1fjnA 1fjnA 1fjnA
1ckmA1ckmA1ckmA 1ckmA 1ckmA
1o3uA1o3uA1o3uA 1o3uA 1o3uA
1wddA1wddA1wddA 1wddA 1wddA
1bxyA1bxyA1bxyA 1bxyA 1bxyA
1czaN1czaN1czaN 1czaN 1czaN
1xkpA1xkpA1xkpA 1xkpA 1xkpA
1dypA1dypA1dypA 1dypA 1dypA
1e5pA1e5pA1e5pA 1e5pA 1e5pA
1dpkA1dpkA1dpkA 1dpkA 1dpkA
1oywA1oywA1oywA 1oywA 1oywA
2mhr2mhr2mhr 2mhr 2mhr
1erd1erd1erd 1erd 1erd
1grj1grj1grj 1grj 1grj
1w2fA1w2fA1w2fA 1w2fA 1w2fA
1ji7A1ji7A1ji7A 1ji7A 1ji7A
1k3yA1k3yA1k3yA 1k3yA 1k3yA
1b8aA1b8aA1b8aA 1b8aA 1b8aA
1gveA1gveA1gveA 1gveA 1gveA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1d3bA1d3bA1d3bA 1d3bA 1d3bA
1e6cA1e6cA1e6cA 1e6cA 1e6cA
1gsa1gsa1gsa 1gsa 1gsa
1urrA1urrA1urrA 1urrA 1urrA
1w2yA1w2yA1w2yA 1w2yA 1w2yA
1r2qA1r2qA1r2qA 1r2qA 1r2qA
1lyqA1lyqA1lyqA 1lyqA 1lyqA
1sc3A1sc3A1sc3A 1sc3A 1sc3A
1ymkA1ymkA1ymkA 1ymkA 1ymkA
1uwcA1uwcA1uwcA 1uwcA 1uwcA
1hztA1hztA1hztA 1hztA 1hztA
1dvpA1dvpA1dvpA 1dvpA 1dvpA
1l3kA1l3kA1l3kA 1l3kA 1l3kA
1d7pM1d7pM1d7pM 1d7pM 1d7pM
1ft5A1ft5A1ft5A 1ft5A 1ft5A
1bb1A1bb1A1bb1A 1bb1A 1bb1A
2bemA2bemA2bemA 2bemA 2bemA
1gzcA1gzcA1gzcA 1gzcA 1gzcA
1zin1zin1zin 1zin 1zin
1ubkS1ubkS1ubkS 1ubkS 1ubkS
1ct5A1ct5A1ct5A 1ct5A 1ct5A
1ru4A1ru4A1ru4A 1ru4A 1ru4A
1u4gA1u4gA1u4gA 1u4gA 1u4gA
1devB1devB1devB 1devB 1devB
1b8dA1b8dA1b8dA 1b8dA 1b8dA
1agqA1agqA1agqA 1agqA 1agqA
1gvnB1gvnB1gvnB 1gvnB 1gvnB
1iujA1iujA1iujA 1iujA 1iujA
1hbnC1hbnC1hbnC 1hbnC 1hbnC
1oflA1oflA1oflA 1oflA 1oflA
1e0cA1e0cA1e0cA 1e0cA 1e0cA
1senA1senA1senA 1senA 1senA
1vmhA1vmhA1vmhA 1vmhA 1vmhA
1cs0A1cs0A1cs0A 1cs0A 1cs0A
1h1yA1h1yA1h1yA 1h1yA 1h1yA
1sgwA1sgwA1sgwA 1sgwA 1sgwA
1x9dA1x9dA1x9dA 1x9dA 1x9dA
1nnhA1nnhA1nnhA 1nnhA 1nnhA
1kafA1kafA1kafA 1kafA 1kafA
1oi2A1oi2A1oi2A 1oi2A 1oi2A
1eejA1eejA1eejA 1eejA 1eejA
1jg1A1jg1A1jg1A 1jg1A 1jg1A
1v6pA1v6pA1v6pA 1v6pA 1v6pA
1eyvA1eyvA1eyvA 1eyvA 1eyvA
1h1oA1h1oA1h1oA 1h1oA 1h1oA
1vprA1vprA1vprA 1vprA 1vprA
1a0tP1a0tP1a0tP 1a0tP 1a0tP
1vhuA1vhuA1vhuA 1vhuA 1vhuA
1qqqA1qqqA1qqqA 1qqqA 1qqqA
1bgc1bgc1bgc 1bgc 1bgc
1hp1A1hp1A1hp1A 1hp1A 1hp1A
1t6cA1t6cA1t6cA 1t6cA 1t6cA
1omrA1omrA1omrA 1omrA 1omrA
1rylA1rylA1rylA 1rylA 1rylA
2fdn2fdn2fdn 2fdn 2fdn
2bjfA2bjfA2bjfA 2bjfA 2bjfA
1bouB1bouB1bouB 1bouB 1bouB
1aj8A1aj8A1aj8A 1aj8A 1aj8A
1ezfA1ezfA1ezfA 1ezfA 1ezfA
1h8eD1h8eD1h8eD 1h8eD 1h8eD
1hgxA1hgxA1hgxA 1hgxA 1hgxA
1qmvA1qmvA1qmvA 1qmvA 1qmvA
2a0b2a0b2a0b 2a0b 2a0b
1fmtA1fmtA1fmtA 1fmtA 1fmtA
1eit1eit1eit 1eit 1eit
1cp2A1cp2A1cp2A 1cp2A 1cp2A
1g7sA1g7sA1g7sA 1g7sA 1g7sA
1djxA1djxA1djxA 1djxA 1djxA
1k4nA1k4nA1k4nA 1k4nA 1k4nA
1rgxA1rgxA1rgxA 1rgxA 1rgxA
1tu7A1tu7A1tu7A 1tu7A 1tu7A
1djtA1djtA1djtA 1djtA 1djtA
1ysqA1ysqA1ysqA 1ysqA 1ysqA
1cqyA1cqyA1cqyA 1cqyA 1cqyA
1fkmA1fkmA1fkmA 1fkmA 1fkmA
1h1dA1h1dA1h1dA 1h1dA 1h1dA
2gf9A2gf9A2gf9A 2gf9A 2gf9A
1fd3A1fd3A1fd3A 1fd3A 1fd3A
1ga6A1ga6A1ga6A 1ga6A 1ga6A
1yv4A1yv4A1yv4A 1yv4A 1yv4A
1ji1A1ji1A1ji1A 1ji1A 1ji1A
1ff4A1ff4A1ff4A 1ff4A 1ff4A
1v58A1v58A1v58A 1v58A 1v58A
1nr0A1nr0A1nr0A 1nr0A 1nr0A
1hxn1hxn1hxn 1hxn 1hxn
1ku3A1ku3A1ku3A 1ku3A 1ku3A
1e5dA1e5dA1e5dA 1e5dA 1e5dA
1uzvA1uzvA1uzvA 1uzvA 1uzvA
1bhu1bhu1bhu 1bhu 1bhu
1augA1augA1augA 1augA 1augA
1cl4A1cl4A1cl4A 1cl4A 1cl4A
1wr8A1wr8A1wr8A 1wr8A 1wr8A
1fmhB1fmhB1fmhB 1fmhB 1fmhB
1ftrA1ftrA1ftrA 1ftrA 1ftrA
1aho1aho1aho 1aho 1aho
1hb6A1hb6A1hb6A 1hb6A 1hb6A
1e8rA1e8rA1e8rA 1e8rA 1e8rA
2por2por2por 2por 2por
1hf2A1hf2A1hf2A 1hf2A 1hf2A
1obdA1obdA1obdA 1obdA 1obdA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1g1pA1g1pA1g1pA 1g1pA 1g1pA
2gfgA2gfgA2gfgA 2gfgA 2gfgA
1l6rA1l6rA1l6rA 1l6rA 1l6rA
1v8yA1v8yA1v8yA 1v8yA 1v8yA
1m45A1m45A1m45A 1m45A 1m45A
1mr7A1mr7A1mr7A 1mr7A 1mr7A
1khxA1khxA1khxA 1khxA 1khxA
1dzlA1dzlA1dzlA 1dzlA 1dzlA
1nqzA1nqzA1nqzA 1nqzA 1nqzA
1vm0A1vm0A1vm0A 1vm0A 1vm0A
1div1div1div 1div 1div
1dosA1dosA1dosA 1dosA 1dosA
1kmvA1kmvA1kmvA 1kmvA 1kmvA
1i58A1i58A1i58A 1i58A 1i58A
1g79A1g79A1g79A 1g79A 1g79A
1qsaA1qsaA1qsaA 1qsaA 1qsaA
1gu4A1gu4A1gu4A 1gu4A 1gu4A
1deuA1deuA1deuA 1deuA 1deuA
1vpjA1vpjA1vpjA 1vpjA 1vpjA
2sli2sli2sli 2sli 2sli
1yc5A1yc5A1yc5A 1yc5A 1yc5A
1jp4A1jp4A1jp4A 1jp4A 1jp4A
1c7kA1c7kA1c7kA 1c7kA 1c7kA
1ecrA1ecrA1ecrA 1ecrA 1ecrA
1nh8A1nh8A1nh8A 1nh8A 1nh8A
1bteA1bteA1bteA 1bteA 1bteA
1lqvA1lqvA1lqvA 1lqvA 1lqvA
1dfwA1dfwA1dfwA 1dfwA 1dfwA
1gd1O1gd1O1gd1O 1gd1O 1gd1O
1b35C1b35C1b35C 1b35C 1b35C
1a8d1a8d1a8d 1a8d 1a8d
1v0wA1v0wA1v0wA 1v0wA 1v0wA
1x9iA1x9iA1x9iA 1x9iA 1x9iA
1fjgT1fjgT1fjgT 1fjgT 1fjgT
1lwbA1lwbA1lwbA 1lwbA 1lwbA
1pq1A1pq1A1pq1A 1pq1A 1pq1A
1v2bA1v2bA1v2bA 1v2bA 1v2bA
1e7lA1e7lA1e7lA 1e7lA 1e7lA
1dhn1dhn1dhn 1dhn 1dhn
1g0sA1g0sA1g0sA 1g0sA 1g0sA
1npsA1npsA1npsA 1npsA 1npsA
1yx1A1yx1A1yx1A 1yx1A 1yx1A
1hyp1hyp1hyp 1hyp 1hyp
1kxoA1kxoA1kxoA 1kxoA 1kxoA
1d1qA1d1qA1d1qA 1d1qA 1d1qA
1hxrA1hxrA1hxrA 1hxrA 1hxrA
1cewI1cewI1cewI 1cewI 1cewI
1f94A1f94A1f94A 1f94A 1f94A
1xg4A1xg4A1xg4A 1xg4A 1xg4A
1frrA1frrA1frrA 1frrA 1frrA
1ryaA1ryaA1ryaA 1ryaA 1ryaA
1jo8A1jo8A1jo8A 1jo8A 1jo8A
1y7bA1y7bA1y7bA 1y7bA 1y7bA
1gv9A1gv9A1gv9A 1gv9A 1gv9A
1ejxA1ejxA1ejxA 1ejxA 1ejxA
1ntvA1ntvA1ntvA 1ntvA 1ntvA
1dgwY1dgwY1dgwY 1dgwY 1dgwY
4ubpA4ubpA4ubpA 4ubpA 4ubpA
1r9dA1r9dA1r9dA 1r9dA 1r9dA
1nscA1nscA1nscA 1nscA 1nscA
1j31A1j31A1j31A 1j31A 1j31A
1bd81bd81bd8 1bd8 1bd8
1exbA1exbA1exbA 1exbA 1exbA
1byyA1byyA1byyA 1byyA 1byyA
1cipA1cipA1cipA 1cipA 1cipA
1ktgA1ktgA1ktgA 1ktgA 1ktgA
1dugA1dugA1dugA 1dugA 1dugA
1g6uA1g6uA1g6uA 1g6uA 1g6uA
2baa2baa2baa 2baa 2baa
1kyhA1kyhA1kyhA 1kyhA 1kyhA
1dw0A1dw0A1dw0A 1dw0A 1dw0A
1r26A1r26A1r26A 1r26A 1r26A
1bywA1bywA1bywA 1bywA 1bywA
1gu3A1gu3A1gu3A 1gu3A 1gu3A
1gp0A1gp0A1gp0A 1gp0A 1gp0A
1m55A1m55A1m55A 1m55A 1m55A
1oi7A1oi7A1oi7A 1oi7A 1oi7A
2sak2sak2sak 2sak 2sak
1b9wA1b9wA1b9wA 1b9wA 1b9wA
1d9cA1d9cA1d9cA 1d9cA 1d9cA
1clvI1clvI1clvI 1clvI 1clvI
1wouA1wouA1wouA 1wouA 1wouA
1f46A1f46A1f46A 1f46A 1f46A
1tgsI1tgsI1tgsI 1tgsI 1tgsI
1ckaA1ckaA1ckaA 1ckaA 1ckaA
1fnd1fnd1fnd 1fnd 1fnd
1tzvA1tzvA1tzvA 1tzvA 1tzvA
1a2zA1a2zA1a2zA 1a2zA 1a2zA
1erjA1erjA1erjA 1erjA 1erjA
1nkpA1nkpA1nkpA 1nkpA 1nkpA
1h8eA1h8eA1h8eA 1h8eA 1h8eA
1gqnA1gqnA1gqnA 1gqnA 1gqnA
1iooA1iooA1iooA 1iooA 1iooA
1d2vA1d2vA1d2vA 1d2vA 1d2vA
1y0hA1y0hA1y0hA 1y0hA 1y0hA
1qkrA1qkrA1qkrA 1qkrA 1qkrA
1bb81bb81bb8 1bb8 1bb8
1fjgE1fjgE1fjgE 1fjgE 1fjgE
1fv5A1fv5A1fv5A 1fv5A 1fv5A
1i0lA1i0lA1i0lA 1i0lA 1i0lA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1frd1frd1frd 1frd 1frd
1k94A1k94A1k94A 1k94A 1k94A
1gvjA1gvjA1gvjA 1gvjA 1gvjA
1igqA1igqA1igqA 1igqA 1igqA
1nycA1nycA1nycA 1nycA 1nycA
1f6bA1f6bA1f6bA 1f6bA 1f6bA
1xk7A1xk7A1xk7A 1xk7A 1xk7A
1bbzA1bbzA1bbzA 1bbzA 1bbzA
1nthA1nthA1nthA 1nthA 1nthA
1czpA1czpA1czpA 1czpA 1czpA
1s5dA1s5dA1s5dA 1s5dA 1s5dA
1b79A1b79A1b79A 1b79A 1b79A
1nwzA1nwzA1nwzA 1nwzA 1nwzA
1lkkA1lkkA1lkkA 1lkkA 1lkkA
1o7qA1o7qA1o7qA 1o7qA 1o7qA
1a701a701a70 1a70 1a70
1faaA1faaA1faaA 1faaA 1faaA
1dcjA1dcjA1dcjA 1dcjA 1dcjA
1dsqA1dsqA1dsqA 1dsqA 1dsqA
1ef8A1ef8A1ef8A 1ef8A 1ef8A
1juvA1juvA1juvA 1juvA 1juvA
2ayh2ayh2ayh 2ayh 2ayh
1ty9A1ty9A1ty9A 1ty9A 1ty9A
1fp0A1fp0A1fp0A 1fp0A 1fp0A
1a761a761a76 1a76 1a76
1nbuA1nbuA1nbuA 1nbuA 1nbuA
1twyA1twyA1twyA 1twyA 1twyA
1h03P1h03P1h03P 1h03P 1h03P
1dfuP1dfuP1dfuP 1dfuP 1dfuP
1y0bA1y0bA1y0bA 1y0bA 1y0bA
1s7iA1s7iA1s7iA 1s7iA 1s7iA
1gcqA1gcqA1gcqA 1gcqA 1gcqA
1fs7A1fs7A1fs7A 1fs7A 1fs7A
1g66A1g66A1g66A 1g66A 1g66A
1fl1A1fl1A1fl1A 1fl1A 1fl1A
1i40A1i40A1i40A 1i40A 1i40A
1vhwA1vhwA1vhwA 1vhwA 1vhwA
1ws8A1ws8A1ws8A 1ws8A 1ws8A
1r1tA1r1tA1r1tA 1r1tA 1r1tA
1snrA1snrA1snrA 1snrA 1snrA
1tp6A1tp6A1tp6A 1tp6A 1tp6A
1xpcA1xpcA1xpcA 1xpcA 1xpcA
1dk0A1dk0A1dk0A 1dk0A 1dk0A
1fo0B1fo0B1fo0B 1fo0B 1fo0B
1su8A1su8A1su8A 1su8A 1su8A
1xvqA1xvqA1xvqA 1xvqA 1xvqA
1at01at01at0 1at0 1at0
1vkeA1vkeA1vkeA 1vkeA 1vkeA
1e0nA1e0nA1e0nA 1e0nA 1e0nA
1v9fA1v9fA1v9fA 1v9fA 1v9fA
1b8zA1b8zA1b8zA 1b8zA 1b8zA
1dcfA1dcfA1dcfA 1dcfA 1dcfA
1di2A1di2A1di2A 1di2A 1di2A
1dusA1dusA1dusA 1dusA 1dusA
1fzvA1fzvA1fzvA 1fzvA 1fzvA
1qtnA1qtnA1qtnA 1qtnA 1qtnA
1ej0A1ej0A1ej0A 1ej0A 1ej0A
1fh0A1fh0A1fh0A 1fh0A 1fh0A
1gw5S1gw5S1gw5S 1gw5S 1gw5S
1h8eH1h8eH1h8eH 1h8eH 1h8eH
1lm5A1lm5A1lm5A 1lm5A 1lm5A
1bupA1bupA1bupA 1bupA 1bupA
1g4wR1g4wR1g4wR 1g4wR 1g4wR
1he1A1he1A1he1A 1he1A 1he1A
1ocyA1ocyA1ocyA 1ocyA 1ocyA
1bnb1bnb1bnb 1bnb 1bnb
1rx0A1rx0A1rx0A 1rx0A 1rx0A
1s2wA1s2wA1s2wA 1s2wA 1s2wA
1aky1aky1aky 1aky 1aky
1g2oA1g2oA1g2oA 1g2oA 1g2oA
1m93B1m93B1m93B 1m93B 1m93B
1vclA1vclA1vclA 1vclA 1vclA
1awd1awd1awd 1awd 1awd
1d2sA1d2sA1d2sA 1d2sA 1d2sA
1dhkB1dhkB1dhkB 1dhkB 1dhkB
1n6aA1n6aA1n6aA 1n6aA 1n6aA
2gk3A2gk3A2gk3A 2gk3A 2gk3A
1dqpA1dqpA1dqpA 1dqpA 1dqpA
1ejfA1ejfA1ejfA 1ejfA 1ejfA
1ut1A1ut1A1ut1A 1ut1A 1ut1A
1fxxA1fxxA1fxxA 1fxxA 1fxxA
1nc5A1nc5A1nc5A 1nc5A 1nc5A
1ydyA1ydyA1ydyA 1ydyA 1ydyA
1gnyA1gnyA1gnyA 1gnyA 1gnyA
1w99A1w99A1w99A 1w99A 1w99A
1dciA1dciA1dciA 1dciA 1dciA
1czqA1czqA1czqA 1czqA 1czqA
1gu2A1gu2A1gu2A 1gu2A 1gu2A
1wdpA1wdpA1wdpA 1wdpA 1wdpA
1dpgA1dpgA1dpgA 1dpgA 1dpgA
1ehs1ehs1ehs 1ehs 1ehs
1i27A1i27A1i27A 1i27A 1i27A
1jbeA1jbeA1jbeA 1jbeA 1jbeA
1roaA1roaA1roaA 1roaA 1roaA
1y6xA1y6xA1y6xA 1y6xA 1y6xA
2aj0A2aj0A2aj0A 2aj0A 2aj0A
1d1gA1d1gA1d1gA 1d1gA 1d1gA
1e0bA1e0bA1e0bA 1e0bA 1e0bA
1eswA1eswA1eswA 1eswA 1eswA
1fr2A1fr2A1fr2A 1fr2A 1fr2A

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1gmxA1gmxA1gmxA 1gmxA 1gmxA
1ofzA1ofzA1ofzA 1ofzA 1ofzA
1p1mA1p1mA1p1mA 1p1mA 1p1mA
1epxA1epxA1epxA 1epxA 1epxA
1f0lA1f0lA1f0lA 1f0lA 1f0lA
1fas1fas1fas 1fas 1fas
1sjyA1sjyA1sjyA 1sjyA 1sjyA
1a34A1a34A1a34A 1a34A 1a34A
1jo0A1jo0A1jo0A 1jo0A 1jo0A
1p5dX1p5dX1p5dX 1p5dX 1p5dX
2arcA2arcA2arcA 2arcA 2arcA
1dzkA1dzkA1dzkA 1dzkA 1dzkA
1e6yC1e6yC1e6yC 1e6yC 1e6yC
1g5cA1g5cA1g5cA 1g5cA 1g5cA
1oz2A1oz2A1oz2A 1oz2A 1oz2A
1pg6A1pg6A1pg6A 1pg6A 1pg6A
1rzhH1rzhH1rzhH 1rzhH 1rzhH
1uehA1uehA1uehA 1uehA 1uehA
1mb3A1mb3A1mb3A 1mb3A 1mb3A
1ruwA1ruwA1ruwA 1ruwA 1ruwA
1tovA1tovA1tovA 1tovA 1tovA
1k2eA1k2eA1k2eA 1k2eA 1k2eA
1y4wA1y4wA1y4wA 1y4wA 1y4wA
1lucA1lucA1lucA 1lucA 1lucA
1msk1msk1msk 1msk 1msk
1st9A1st9A1st9A 1st9A 1st9A
1vp8A1vp8A1vp8A 1vp8A 1vp8A
1wehA1wehA1wehA 1wehA 1wehA
1f89A1f89A1f89A 1f89A 1f89A
1j77A1j77A1j77A 1j77A 1j77A
1lyvA1lyvA1lyvA 1lyvA 1lyvA
1lvmA1lvmA1lvmA 1lvmA 1lvmA
1y0uA1y0uA1y0uA 1y0uA 1y0uA
1zjjA1zjjA1zjjA 1zjjA 1zjjA
1y0yA1y0yA1y0yA 1y0yA 1y0yA
1fvpA1fvpA1fvpA 1fvpA 1fvpA
1g57A1g57A1g57A 1g57A 1g57A
1o8xA1o8xA1o8xA 1o8xA 1o8xA
1h8bB1h8bB1h8bB 1h8bB 1h8bB
1dy5A1dy5A1dy5A 1dy5A 1dy5A
1g2cB1g2cB1g2cB 1g2cB 1g2cB
1iu8A1iu8A1iu8A 1iu8A 1iu8A
1obfO1obfO1obfO 1obfO 1obfO
1yd0A1yd0A1yd0A 1yd0A 1yd0A
1ejbA1ejbA1ejbA 1ejbA 1ejbA
1fjrA1fjrA1fjrA 1fjrA 1fjrA
1n08A1n08A1n08A 1n08A 1n08A
1sfsA1sfsA1sfsA 1sfsA 1sfsA
1ygtA1ygtA1ygtA 1ygtA 1ygtA
1b00A1b00A1b00A 1b00A 1b00A
1b4pA1b4pA1b4pA 1b4pA 1b4pA
1dg9A1dg9A1dg9A 1dg9A 1dg9A
1drw1drw1drw 1drw 1drw
1khiA1khiA1khiA 1khiA 1khiA
1nrjA1nrjA1nrjA 1nrjA 1nrjA
1e3dA1e3dA1e3dA 1e3dA 1e3dA
1qgiA1qgiA1qgiA 1qgiA 1qgiA
1sqeA1sqeA1sqeA 1sqeA 1sqeA
1dbwA1dbwA1dbwA 1dbwA 1dbwA
1n93X1n93X1n93X 1n93X 1n93X
1whzA1whzA1whzA 1whzA 1whzA
1a7i1a7i1a7i 1a7i 1a7i
1dbxA1dbxA1dbxA 1dbxA 1dbxA
1eemA1eemA1eemA 1eemA 1eemA
1gxyA1gxyA1gxyA 1gxyA 1gxyA
1h72C1h72C1h72C 1h72C 1h72C
1n0qA1n0qA1n0qA 1n0qA 1n0qA
1cqtI1cqtI1cqtI 1cqtI 1cqtI
1fcqA1fcqA1fcqA 1fcqA 1fcqA
1hqkA1hqkA1hqkA 1hqkA 1hqkA
1rhcA1rhcA1rhcA 1rhcA 1rhcA
1uv4A1uv4A1uv4A 1uv4A 1uv4A
1v37A1v37A1v37A 1v37A 1v37A
1dysA1dysA1dysA 1dysA 1dysA
1m9zA1m9zA1m9zA 1m9zA 1m9zA
1g8mA1g8mA1g8mA 1g8mA 1g8mA
1iomA1iomA1iomA 1iomA 1iomA
1nq7A1nq7A1nq7A 1nq7A 1nq7A
1ro7A1ro7A1ro7A 1ro7A 1ro7A
1ui0A1ui0A1ui0A 1ui0A 1ui0A
1uwkA1uwkA1uwkA 1uwkA 1uwkA
1am9A1am9A1am9A 1am9A 1am9A
1alvA1alvA1alvA 1alvA 1alvA
1eexG1eexG1eexG 1eexG 1eexG
1f5jA1f5jA1f5jA 1f5jA 1f5jA
1h5bA1h5bA1h5bA 1h5bA 1h5bA
1mkkA1mkkA1mkkA 1mkkA 1mkkA
1c4rA1c4rA1c4rA 1c4rA 1c4rA
1dv0A1dv0A1dv0A 1dv0A 1dv0A
1dz3A1dz3A1dz3A 1dz3A 1dz3A
1ucdA1ucdA1ucdA 1ucdA 1ucdA
1x99A1x99A1x99A 1x99A 1x99A
3chbD3chbD3chbD 3chbD 3chbD
1bhdA1bhdA1bhdA 1bhdA 1bhdA
1dzaA1dzaA1dzaA 1dzaA 1dzaA
1ek9A1ek9A1ek9A 1ek9A 1ek9A
1eyhA1eyhA1eyhA 1eyhA 1eyhA
1fsgA1fsgA1fsgA 1fsgA 1fsgA
1rc9A1rc9A1rc9A 1rc9A 1rc9A
1efvB1efvB1efvB 1efvB 1efvB

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1qgvA1qgvA1qgvA 1qgvA 1qgvA
1hd2A1hd2A1hd2A 1hd2A 1hd2A
1qgeE1qgeE1qgeE 1qgeE 1qgeE
1e44B1e44B1e44B 1e44B 1e44B
1efdN1efdN1efdN 1efdN 1efdN
1ekqA1ekqA1ekqA 1ekqA 1ekqA
1fjgN1fjgN1fjgN 1fjgN 1fjgN
1nepA1nepA1nepA 1nepA 1nepA
1vjvA1vjvA1vjvA 1vjvA 1vjvA
1e0eA1e0eA1e0eA 1e0eA 1e0eA
1ezwA1ezwA1ezwA 1ezwA 1ezwA
1ggzA1ggzA1ggzA 1ggzA 1ggzA
1qusA1qusA1qusA 1qusA 1qusA
1a3c1a3c1a3c 1a3c 1a3c
1aym11aym11aym1 1aym1 1aym1
1gtmA1gtmA1gtmA 1gtmA 1gtmA
1mwqA1mwqA1mwqA 1mwqA 1mwqA
1tqjA1tqjA1tqjA 1tqjA 1tqjA
1agt1agt1agt 1agt 1agt
1kzqA1kzqA1kzqA 1kzqA 1kzqA
1oc7A1oc7A1oc7A 1oc7A 1oc7A
1e8aA1e8aA1e8aA 1e8aA 1e8aA
1fs0E1fs0E1fs0E 1fs0E 1fs0E
1h6gA1h6gA1h6gA 1h6gA 1h6gA
1qb7A1qb7A1qb7A 1qb7A 1qb7A
1qv9A1qv9A1qv9A 1qv9A 1qv9A
1rh6A1rh6A1rh6A 1rh6A 1rh6A
1wmhA1wmhA1wmhA 1wmhA 1wmhA
1f74A1f74A1f74A 1f74A 1f74A
1g26A1g26A1g26A 1g26A 1g26A
1nfp1nfp1nfp 1nfp 1nfp
1p5vB1p5vB1p5vB 1p5vB 1p5vB
1tyjA1tyjA1tyjA 1tyjA 1tyjA
2bopA2bopA2bopA 2bopA 2bopA
1rkuA1rkuA1rkuA 1rkuA 1rkuA
1wmhB1wmhB1wmhB 1wmhB 1wmhB
1bkrA1bkrA1bkrA 1bkrA 1bkrA
1efpB1efpB1efpB 1efpB 1efpB
1g2qA1g2qA1g2qA 1g2qA 1g2qA
1gen1gen1gen 1gen 1gen
1xs0A1xs0A1xs0A 1xs0A 1xs0A
1yb3A1yb3A1yb3A 1yb3A 1yb3A
1f15A1f15A1f15A 1f15A 1f15A
1gmyA1gmyA1gmyA 1gmyA 1gmyA
1gpqA1gpqA1gpqA 1gpqA 1gpqA
1j98A1j98A1j98A 1j98A 1j98A
1vkiA1vkiA1vkiA 1vkiA 1vkiA
1ve1A1ve1A1ve1A 1ve1A 1ve1A
1vlaA1vlaA1vlaA 1vlaA 1vlaA
1cpo1cpo1cpo 1cpo 1cpo
1djrD1djrD1djrD 1djrD 1djrD
1gkmA1gkmA1gkmA 1gkmA 1gkmA
1vl1A1vl1A1vl1A 1vl1A 1vl1A
1a6cA1a6cA1a6cA 1a6cA 1a6cA
1e0fI1e0fI1e0fI 1e0fI 1e0fI
1r62A1r62A1r62A 1r62A 1r62A
1w3oA1w3oA1w3oA 1w3oA 1w3oA
1b0uA1b0uA1b0uA 1b0uA 1b0uA
1chkA1chkA1chkA 1chkA 1chkA
1dowA1dowA1dowA 1dowA 1dowA
1l8rA1l8rA1l8rA 1l8rA 1l8rA
1sxrA1sxrA1sxrA 1sxrA 1sxrA
1wd7A1wd7A1wd7A 1wd7A 1wd7A
1xzoA1xzoA1xzoA 1xzoA 1xzoA
1agi1agi1agi 1agi 1agi
1eiwA1eiwA1eiwA 1eiwA 1eiwA
1l9lA1l9lA1l9lA 1l9lA 1l9lA
1o5kA1o5kA1o5kA 1o5kA 1o5kA
1of8A1of8A1of8A 1of8A 1of8A
1tjxA1tjxA1tjxA 1tjxA 1tjxA
1h4gA1h4gA1h4gA 1h4gA 1h4gA
1cfzA1cfzA1cfzA 1cfzA 1cfzA
1geqA1geqA1geqA 1geqA 1geqA
1e5mA1e5mA1e5mA 1e5mA 1e5mA
1gqvA1gqvA1gqvA 1gqvA 1gqvA
1q0pA1q0pA1q0pA 1q0pA 1q0pA
1yc9A1yc9A1yc9A 1yc9A 1yc9A
1mixA1mixA1mixA 1mixA 1mixA
1nrvA1nrvA1nrvA 1nrvA 1nrvA
1oneA1oneA1oneA 1oneA 1oneA
1brfA1brfA1brfA 1brfA 1brfA
1gvfA1gvfA1gvfA 1gvfA 1gvfA
1rb91rb91rb9 1rb9 1rb9
1g4yB1g4yB1g4yB 1g4yB 1g4yB
1gweA1gweA1gweA 1gweA 1gweA
1rqwA1rqwA1rqwA 1rqwA 1rqwA
1w3iA1w3iA1w3iA 1w3iA 1w3iA
1wdvA1wdvA1wdvA 1wdvA 1wdvA
1bouA1bouA1bouA 1bouA 1bouA
1cg2A1cg2A1cg2A 1cg2A 1cg2A
1gl4A1gl4A1gl4A 1gl4A 1gl4A
1j83A1j83A1j83A 1j83A 1j83A
1kfcA1kfcA1kfcA 1kfcA 1kfcA
1q6oA1q6oA1q6oA 1q6oA 1q6oA
1t9hA1t9hA1t9hA 1t9hA 1t9hA
2pvbA2pvbA2pvbA 2pvbA 2pvbA
1nrzA1nrzA1nrzA 1nrzA 1nrzA
1qftA1qftA1qftA 1qftA 1qftA
1v54F1v54F1v54F 1v54F 1v54F
1dekA1dekA1dekA 1dekA 1dekA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1g55A1g55A1g55A 1g55A 1g55A
1shuX1shuX1shuX 1shuX 1shuX
1uuzA1uuzA1uuzA 1uuzA 1uuzA
3proC3proC3proC 3proC 3proC
1byrA1byrA1byrA 1byrA 1byrA
1dytA1dytA1dytA 1dytA 1dytA
1o7nA1o7nA1o7nA 1o7nA 1o7nA
1pv5A1pv5A1pv5A 1pv5A 1pv5A
2gfaA2gfaA2gfaA 2gfaA 2gfaA
7odcA7odcA7odcA 7odcA 7odcA
1cnt11cnt11cnt1 1cnt1 1cnt1
1k8uA1k8uA1k8uA 1k8uA 1k8uA
1r5yA1r5yA1r5yA 1r5yA 1r5yA
1ujpA1ujpA1ujpA 1ujpA 1ujpA
1viaA1viaA1viaA 1viaA 1viaA
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