Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1vjvA4156.16e-01   d.3.1.9
1eu3A2101.47e+00 1an8 b.40.2.2 d.15.6.1
1fjgK1292.10e+00 1fjfK c.55.4.1
1ee6A1972.13e+00 1ee6A b.80.1.1
1n62C2883.09e+00   d.87.2.1 d.145.1.3
1jsdA3193.09e+00   b.19.1.2
1c8uA2853.64e+00 1c8uA d.38.1.3 d.38.1.3
1dkuA3173.86e+00 1dkuA c.61.1.2 c.61.1.2
1hx0A4963.89e+00   b.71.1.1 c.1.8.1
1rqpA2994.10e+00   b.141.1.1 c.132.1.1
1ikpA6135.69e+00   b.29.1.7 d.166.1.1 f.1.5.1
1hpi716.32e+00 1ckuA g.35.1.1
1o7nA4498.50e+00   b.33.1.2 d.129.3.3
1vhsA1758.60e+00   d.108.1.1
1g94A4488.68e+00   b.71.1.1 c.1.8.1
1ro7A2599.28e+00   c.130.1.1
1ic6A2791.10e+01 1gci c.41.1.1
1ei5A5201.21e+01 1ei5A b.61.3.1 b.61.3.1 e.3.1.1
1jsmA3251.27e+01   b.19.1.2
1n7oA7211.32e+01   a.102.3.2 b.24.1.1 b.30.5.2
1d4tA1041.32e+01 1d4tA d.93.1.1
1i8kA1071.36e+01   b.1.1.1
1jovA2701.69e+01   b.30.5.7
1ks8A4331.83e+01   a.102.1.2
1v33A3661.86e+01   d.264.1.1
1h8eH1461.90e+01 1e79H b.93.1.1
1ahsA1261.92e+01 1ahsA b.19.1.1
1agqA1352.01e+01 1agqA g.17.1.2
1n08A1632.06e+01   b.43.5.1
1inlA2962.15e+01   c.66.1.17
1hh8A2132.15e+01 1e96B a.118.8.1
1k7iA4792.18e+01   b.80.7.1 d.92.1.6
1jb7B2602.30e+01 1otcB b.40.4.3
1g4wR3832.33e+01 1g4uS a.24.11.1 c.45.1.2
1dcoA1042.45e+01 1dcpA d.74.1.1
1e6bA2212.55e+01 1e6bA a.45.1.1 c.47.1.5
1gy7A1252.58e+01   d.17.4.2
1bf27502.68e+01 1bf2 b.1.18.2 b.71.1.1 c.1.8.1
1aiw622.69e+01 1aiw b.72.2.1
1gkpA4582.77e+01   b.92.1.3 c.1.9.6
1d2tA2312.83e+01 1d2tA a.111.1.1
1d0dA602.88e+01 1kigI g.8.1.2
1umgA3623.00e+01   d.280.1.1
1bm8993.16e+01 1bm8 d.34.1.1
1a8q2743.18e+01 1brt c.69.1.12
1oxxK3533.20e+01   b.40.6.3 c.37.1.12
1c9oA663.24e+01 1mjc b.40.4.5
1fepA7243.25e+01 1fepA f.4.3.3
1kolA3983.37e+01   b.35.1.2 c.2.1.1
1wkrA3403.40e+01   b.50.1.2
1o1yA2393.43e+01   c.23.16.1
1el6A2193.44e+01 1el6B d.182.1.1
4ubpA1013.46e+01 1ubpA d.8.1.1
1ev7A3173.46e+01 1ev7B c.52.1.9
1f06A3203.56e+01 1dapA c.2.1.3 d.81.1.3
1a8y3673.63e+01 1a8y c.47.1.3 c.47.1.3 c.47.1.3
1brwA4333.71e+01 1brwA a.46.2.1 c.27.1.1 d.41.3.1
1go3E1873.78e+01   b.40.4.5 d.230.1.1
1ihjA984.14e+01 1pdr b.36.1.1
1im3D954.14e+01 1im3D b.1.18.5
1e9gA2864.17e+01 1wgjA b.40.5.1
1gtzA1564.22e+01   c.23.13.1
1jb0A7554.35e+01 1jb0A f.29.1.1
1sluA1424.44e+01 1sluA b.16.1.1
1et9A2044.51e+01 1an8 b.40.2.2 d.15.6.1
1jyhA1574.53e+01   d.60.1.3
1o6sB1054.53e+01   b.1.6.1
1f53A844.59e+01 1f53A b.11.1.4
1o54A2774.66e+01   c.66.1.13
1i7nA3094.68e+01   c.30.1.5 d.142.1.3
1qwrA3194.74e+01   b.82.1.3
1g31A1114.96e+01 1g31A b.35.1.1
1geeA2615.05e+01   c.2.1.2
1lniA965.07e+01   d.1.1.2
1mfgA955.14e+01   b.36.1.1
1kqfC2175.15e+01   f.21.1.1
2mcm1125.29e+01 2mcm b.1.7.1
1epxA3705.33e+01 1fbaA c.1.10.1
1pp0A1995.33e+01   d.103.1.1
1eaxA2415.55e+01   b.47.1.2
1gz2A1425.85e+01   d.169.1.1
1avaC1815.85e+01 1avaC b.42.4.1
1g4iA1235.91e+01 1poa a.133.1.2
1lb6A1605.92e+01   b.8.1.1
1qjpA1715.97e+01 1bxwA f.4.1.1
1udzA1826.24e+01   b.51.1.1
1e0nA276.47e+01   b.72.1.1

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1g9oA916.57e+01 1pdr b.36.1.1
1g4mA3936.65e+01   b.1.18.11 b.1.18.11
1kcqA1046.65e+01   d.109.1.1
1tovA986.73e+01   b.34.10.1
1fxxA4826.91e+01 1fxxA c.55.3.5
1bia3217.09e+01 1bia a.4.5.1 b.34.1.1 d.104.1.2
1ijvA367.16e+01   g.9.1.1
1fjgP887.41e+01 1emwA d.27.1.1
1fmhA337.51e+01 1fmhB k.6.1.1
1hkyA867.57e+01   g.10.1.3
1icpA3767.57e+01 1oyc c.1.4.1
1j1tA2337.64e+01   b.29.1.18
1euwA1527.73e+01 1dupA b.85.4.1
1vjoA3937.94e+01   c.67.1.3
1kqrA1797.95e+01   b.29.1.14
1ad22288.00e+01 1ad2 e.24.1.1
3vub1018.00e+01 3vub b.34.6.1
1jofA3658.22e+01   b.69.10.1
1i1wA3038.31e+01   c.1.8.3
1gpiA4318.34e+01   b.29.1.10
1aisA1828.39e+01 1ytbA d.129.1.1 d.129.1.1
1s29A928.45e+01   a.4.5.46
1d2sA1708.65e+01 1d2sA b.29.1.4
1eaiC618.69e+01 1eaiC g.22.1.1
1n9eA7878.70e+01   b.30.2.1 d.17.2.1 d.17.2.1
1lxjA1048.87e+01   d.58.48.1
1jae4718.98e+01 1smd b.71.1.1 c.1.8.1

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001