Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
2bcoA2bcoA2bcoA 2bcoA 2bcoA
1yw4A1yw4A1yw4A 1yw4A 1yw4A
1wocA1wocA1wocA 1wocA 1wocA
1v1qA1v1qA1v1qA 1v1qA 1v1qA
1txyA1txyA1txyA 1txyA 1txyA
2g7jA2g7jA2g7jA 2g7jA 2g7jA
1mof1mof1mof 1mof 1mof
1rwzA1rwzA1rwzA 1rwzA 1rwzA
1dgsA1dgsA1dgsA 1dgsA 1dgsA
1htp1htp1htp 1htp 1htp
1vqrA1vqrA1vqrA 1vqrA 1vqrA
2gj0A2gj0A2gj0A 2gj0A 2gj0A
1i7kA1i7kA1i7kA 1i7kA 1i7kA
1xodA1xodA1xodA 1xodA 1xodA
1aqa1aqa1aqa 1aqa 1aqa
1um0A1um0A1um0A 1um0A 1um0A
2aebA2aebA2aebA 2aebA 2aebA
1fzyA1fzyA1fzyA 1fzyA 1fzyA
1eulA1eulA1eulA 1eulA 1eulA
1vorQ1vorQ1vorQ 1vorQ 1vorQ
1fxtA1fxtA1fxtA 1fxtA 1fxtA
1slvA1slvA1slvA 1slvA 1slvA
1wgtA1wgtA1wgtA 1wgtA 1wgtA
1zkoA1zkoA1zkoA 1zkoA 1zkoA
1hufA1hufA1hufA 1hufA 1hufA
1xgsA1xgsA1xgsA 1xgsA 1xgsA
1hpcA1hpcA1hpcA 1hpcA 1hpcA
2gwgA2gwgA2gwgA 2gwgA 2gwgA
1b5m1b5m1b5m 1b5m 1b5m
1b12A1b12A1b12A 1b12A 1b12A
1y4mA1y4mA1y4mA 1y4mA 1y4mA
1eueA1eueA1eueA 1eueA 1eueA
1kn9A1kn9A1kn9A 1kn9A 1kn9A
1ayzA1ayzA1ayzA 1ayzA 1ayzA
2aw4P2aw4P2aw4P 2aw4P 2aw4P
2e2c2e2c2e2c 2e2c 2e2c
1cxyA1cxyA1cxyA 1cxyA 1cxyA
1gutA1gutA1gutA 1gutA 1gutA
1awpA1awpA1awpA 1awpA 1awpA
1qqrA1qqrA1qqrA 1qqrA 1qqrA
1te5A1te5A1te5A 1te5A 1te5A
1wzvA1wzvA1wzvA 1wzvA 1wzvA
1zuoA1zuoA1zuoA 1zuoA 1zuoA
1repC1repC1repC 1repC 1repC
1jbbA1jbbA1jbbA 1jbbA 1jbbA
1tt7A1tt7A1tt7A 1tt7A 1tt7A
1v8qA1v8qA1v8qA 1v8qA 1v8qA
2g03A2g03A2g03A 2g03A 2g03A
1m93C1m93C1m93C 1m93C 1m93C
2erfA2erfA2erfA 2erfA 2erfA
1lqxA1lqxA1lqxA 1lqxA 1lqxA
2dg5B2dg5B2dg5B 2dg5B 2dg5B
1h9sA1h9sA1h9sA 1h9sA 1h9sA
1u9aA1u9aA1u9aA 1u9aA 1u9aA
1wpgA1wpgA1wpgA 1wpgA 1wpgA
1xa0A1xa0A1xa0A 1xa0A 1xa0A
3hmgA3hmgA3hmgA 3hmgA 3hmgA
1o9gA1o9gA1o9gA 1o9gA 1o9gA
1mj4A1mj4A1mj4A 1mj4A 1mj4A
1yh2A1yh2A1yh2A 1yh2A 1yh2A
1z2uA1z2uA1z2uA 1z2uA 1z2uA
1jatA1jatA1jatA 1jatA 1jatA
1nriA1nriA1nriA 1nriA 1nriA
1o0xA1o0xA1o0xA 1o0xA 1o0xA
1j7dA1j7dA1j7dA 1j7dA 1j7dA
2evrA2evrA2evrA 2evrA 2evrA
1h9mA1h9mA1h9mA 1h9mA 1h9mA
1xfoA1xfoA1xfoA 1xfoA 1xfoA
1cv81cv81cv8 1cv8 1cv8
1d3vA1d3vA1d3vA 1d3vA 1d3vA
1lea1lea1lea 1lea 1lea
1qwyA1qwyA1qwyA 1qwyA 1qwyA
1lj0A1lj0A1lj0A 1lj0A 1lj0A
1u6dX1u6dX1u6dX 1u6dX 1u6dX
1y6lA1y6lA1y6lA 1y6lA 1y6lA
1pih1pih1pih 1pih 1pih
1mopA1mopA1mopA 1mopA 1mopA
1n2eA1n2eA1n2eA 1n2eA 1n2eA
2bepA2bepA2bepA 2bepA 2bepA
1colA1colA1colA 1colA 1colA
1rl2A1rl2A1rl2A 1rl2A 1rl2A
1l1oC1l1oC1l1oC 1l1oC 1l1oC
2hipA2hipA2hipA 2hipA 2hipA
1iloA1iloA1iloA 1iloA 1iloA
2tnfA2tnfA2tnfA 2tnfA 2tnfA
1zgkA1zgkA1zgkA 1zgkA 1zgkA
1opy1opy1opy 1opy 1opy
1pk6A1pk6A1pk6A 1pk6A 1pk6A
1hgeA1hgeA1hgeA 1hgeA 1hgeA
1y4hA1y4hA1y4hA 1y4hA 1y4hA
1axh1axh1axh 1axh 1axh
1gph11gph11gph1 1gph1 1gph1
1jatB1jatB1jatB 1jatB 1jatB
1n7lA1n7lA1n7lA 1n7lA 1n7lA
1rlaA1rlaA1rlaA 1rlaA 1rlaA
1nnxA1nnxA1nnxA 1nnxA 1nnxA
1vpmA1vpmA1vpmA 1vpmA 1vpmA
1dsxA1dsxA1dsxA 1dsxA 1dsxA
1c4zD1c4zD1c4zD 1c4zD 1c4zD
2rveA2rveA2rveA 2rveA 2rveA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1rms1rms1rms 1rms 1rms
1c9uA1c9uA1c9uA 1c9uA 1c9uA
1xr0A1xr0A1xr0A 1xr0A 1xr0A
2f6sA2f6sA2f6sA 2f6sA 2f6sA
1a3s1a3s1a3s 1a3s 1a3s
4matA4matA4matA 4matA 4matA
1h9jA1h9jA1h9jA 1h9jA 1h9jA
1qqhA1qqhA1qqhA 1qqhA 1qqhA
1cz4A1cz4A1cz4A 1cz4A 1cz4A
1dwkA1dwkA1dwkA 1dwkA 1dwkA
1hpi1hpi1hpi 1hpi 1hpi
1jsmA1jsmA1jsmA 1jsmA 1jsmA
2fo3A2fo3A2fo3A 2fo3A 2fo3A
1rds1rds1rds 1rds 1rds
3kvt3kvt3kvt 3kvt 3kvt
1c9bB1c9bB1c9bB 1c9bB 1c9bB
2fhxA2fhxA2fhxA 2fhxA 2fhxA
1k0nA1k0nA1k0nA 1k0nA 1k0nA
1mat1mat1mat 1mat 1mat
2fs3A2fs3A2fs3A 2fs3A 2fs3A
1pk6C1pk6C1pk6C 1pk6C 1pk6C
1qnaA1qnaA1qnaA 1qnaA 1qnaA
1su4A1su4A1su4A 1su4A 1su4A
2f6kA2f6kA2f6kA 2f6kA 2f6kA
1pij1pij1pij 1pij 1pij
1ehiA1ehiA1ehiA 1ehiA 1ehiA
1fr3A1fr3A1fr3A 1fr3A 1fr3A
1t1dA1t1dA1t1dA 1t1dA 1t1dA
1copD1copD1copD 1copD 1copD
1yf9A1yf9A1yf9A 1yf9A 1yf9A
1v9vA1v9vA1v9vA 1v9vA 1v9vA
1q6hA1q6hA1q6hA 1q6hA 1q6hA
1xe1A1xe1A1xe1A 1xe1A 1xe1A
1cdwA1cdwA1cdwA 1cdwA 1cdwA
2f96A2f96A2f96A 2f96A 2f96A
1o91A1o91A1o91A 1o91A 1o91A
1ej6B1ej6B1ej6B 1ej6B 1ej6B
1pyoB1pyoB1pyoB 1pyoB 1pyoB
1owtA1owtA1owtA 1owtA 1owtA
1rvaA1rvaA1rvaA 1rvaA 1rvaA
1jsdA1jsdA1jsdA 1jsdA 1jsdA
1d2rB1d2rB1d2rB 1d2rB 1d2rB
1bmw1bmw1bmw 1bmw 1bmw
1cyo1cyo1cyo 1cyo 1cyo
1b4uB1b4uB1b4uB 1b4uB 1b4uB
1pxvA1pxvA1pxvA 1pxvA 1pxvA
1zxzA1zxzA1zxzA 1zxzA 1zxzA
1tm9A1tm9A1tm9A 1tm9A 1tm9A
1ytbA1ytbA1ytbA 1ytbA 1ytbA
1d3uA1d3uA1d3uA 1d3uA 1d3uA
1aisA1aisA1aisA 1aisA 1aisA
1ahtL1ahtL1ahtL 1ahtL 1ahtL
1d7qA1d7qA1d7qA 1d7qA 1d7qA
2a4dA2a4dA2a4dA 2a4dA 2a4dA
1kexA1kexA1kexA 1kexA 1kexA
1edsA1edsA1edsA 1edsA 1edsA
1xneA1xneA1xneA 1xneA 1xneA
1zy1B1zy1B1zy1B 1zy1B 1zy1B
2matA2matA2matA 2matA 2matA
1goh1goh1goh 1goh 1goh
1f44A1f44A1f44A 1f44A 1f44A
1df9A1df9A1df9A 1df9A 1df9A
1befA1befA1befA 1befA 1befA
1h8dL1h8dL1h8dL 1h8dL 1h8dL
1yrvA1yrvA1yrvA 1yrvA 1yrvA
1pse1pse1pse 1pse 1pse
1j1yA1j1yA1j1yA 1j1yA 1j1yA
1qp2A1qp2A1qp2A 1qp2A 1qp2A
1pru1pru1pru 1pru 1pru
1krhA1krhA1krhA 1krhA 1krhA
1t1gA1t1gA1t1gA 1t1gA 1t1gA
1xrjA1xrjA1xrjA 1xrjA 1xrjA
2fv6A2fv6A2fv6A 2fv6A 2fv6A
1jg7A1jg7A1jg7A 1jg7A 1jg7A
1jixA1jixA1jixA 1jixA 1jixA
1jnyA1jnyA1jnyA 1jnyA 1jnyA
2bh8A2bh8A2bh8A 2bh8A 2bh8A
1mjc1mjc1mjc 1mjc 1mjc
1yh6A1yh6A1yh6A 1yh6A 1yh6A
1b9mA1b9mA1b9mA 1b9mA 1b9mA
1hlqA1hlqA1hlqA 1hlqA 1hlqA
1iuaA1iuaA1iuaA 1iuaA 1iuaA
1gq6A1gq6A1gq6A 1gq6A 1gq6A
1lq7A1lq7A1lq7A 1lq7A 1lq7A
2fua2fua2fua 2fua 2fua
1a681a681a68 1a68 1a68
1wduA1wduA1wduA 1wduA 1wduA
1egxA1egxA1egxA 1egxA 1egxA
9wgaA9wgaA9wgaA 9wgaA 9wgaA
1lqc1lqc1lqc 1lqc 1lqc
1uxd1uxd1uxd 1uxd 1uxd
1ihoA1ihoA1ihoA 1ihoA 1ihoA
1jz8A1jz8A1jz8A 1jz8A 1jz8A
1mp9A1mp9A1mp9A 1mp9A 1mp9A
1jvr1jvr1jvr 1jvr 1jvr
2ucz2ucz2ucz 2ucz 2ucz
1bomA1bomA1bomA 1bomA 1bomA
1v8fA1v8fA1v8fA 1v8fA 1v8fA
2gcuA2gcuA2gcuA 2gcuA 2gcuA
2a84A2a84A2a84A 2a84A 2a84A

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1wluA1wluA1wluA 1wluA 1wluA
2bnmA2bnmA2bnmA 2bnmA 2bnmA
1wzuA1wzuA1wzuA 1wzuA 1wzuA
1csp1csp1csp 1csp 1csp
1c9oA1c9oA1c9oA 1c9oA 1c9oA
1ub4C1ub4C1ub4C 1ub4C 1ub4C
2a72A2a72A2a72A 2a72A 2a72A
1pv9A1pv9A1pv9A 1pv9A 1pv9A
1a8mA1a8mA1a8mA 1a8mA 1a8mA
1baj1baj1baj 1baj 1baj
2cevA2cevA2cevA 2cevA 2cevA
1ytbB1ytbB1ytbB 1ytbB 1ytbB
1efaA1efaA1efaA 1efaA 1efaA
1c28A1c28A1c28A 1c28A 1c28A
1ytlA1ytlA1ytlA 1ytlA 1ytlA
1zkpA1zkpA1zkpA 1zkpA 1zkpA
1zjcA1zjcA1zjcA 1zjcA 1zjcA
1p9eA1p9eA1p9eA 1p9eA 1p9eA
1nn7A1nn7A1nn7A 1nn7A 1nn7A
1c3hA1c3hA1c3hA 1c3hA 1c3hA
1pauB1pauB1pauB 1pauB 1pauB
1tbaB1tbaB1tbaB 1tbaB 1tbaB
1gr3A1gr3A1gr3A 1gr3A 1gr3A
1fqiA1fqiA1fqiA 1fqiA 1fqiA
1yliA1yliA1yliA 1yliA 1yliA
1xnzA1xnzA1xnzA 1xnzA 1xnzA
1dj8A1dj8A1dj8A 1dj8A 1dj8A
1r1fA1r1fA1r1fA 1r1fA 1r1fA
1gxjA1gxjA1gxjA 1gxjA 1gxjA
1b0yA1b0yA1b0yA 1b0yA 1b0yA
2bjcA2bjcA2bjcA 2bjcA 2bjcA
1cjgA1cjgA1cjgA 1cjgA 1cjgA
2b5iC2b5iC2b5iC 2b5iC 2b5iC
1wohA1wohA1wohA 1wohA 1wohA
1af0A1af0A1af0A 1af0A 1af0A
1hrq1hrq1hrq 1hrq 1hrq
1vokA1vokA1vokA 1vokA 1vokA
2czlA2czlA2czlA 2czlA 2czlA
2bngA2bngA2bngA 2bngA 2bngA
1suyC1suyC1suyC 1suyC 1suyC
1zeqX1zeqX1zeqX 1zeqX 1zeqX
1nmeB1nmeB1nmeB 1nmeB 1nmeB
1tnfA1tnfA1tnfA 1tnfA 1tnfA
1hjdA1hjdA1hjdA 1hjdA 1hjdA
1aum1aum1aum 1aum 1aum
1bu6O1bu6O1bu6O 1bu6O 1bu6O
1tueB1tueB1tueB 1tueB 1tueB
1far1far1far 1far 1far
1efcA1efcA1efcA 1efcA 1efcA
1qxyA1qxyA1qxyA 1qxyA 1qxyA
1y0yA1y0yA1y0yA 1y0yA 1y0yA
2ai4A2ai4A2ai4A 2ai4A 2ai4A
1faq1faq1faq 1faq 1faq
1sltB1sltB1sltB 1sltB 1sltB
1kk1A1kk1A1kk1A 1kk1A 1kk1A
2bt2A2bt2A2bt2A 2bt2A 2bt2A
1r53A1r53A1r53A 1r53A 1r53A
1k7gA1k7gA1k7gA 1k7gA 1k7gA
2br9A2br9A2br9A 2br9A 2br9A
2orc2orc2orc 2orc 2orc
1dw9A1dw9A1dw9A 1dw9A 1dw9A
1ugmA1ugmA1ugmA 1ugmA 1ugmA
1g8kA1g8kA1g8kA 1g8kA 1g8kA
2eboA2eboA2eboA 2eboA 2eboA
1qtoA1qtoA1qtoA 1qtoA 1qtoA
1ct9A1ct9A1ct9A 1ct9A 1ct9A
1hip1hip1hip 1hip 1hip
2ayvA2ayvA2ayvA 2ayvA 2ayvA
1slaA1slaA1slaA 1slaA 1slaA
1u0jA1u0jA1u0jA 1u0jA 1u0jA
1ad3A1ad3A1ad3A 1ad3A 1ad3A
1sqrA1sqrA1sqrA 1sqrA 1sqrA
1nx8A1nx8A1nx8A 1nx8A 1nx8A
1j75A1j75A1j75A 1j75A 1j75A
1jwqA1jwqA1jwqA 1jwqA 1jwqA
1o22A1o22A1o22A 1o22A 1o22A
1vkkA1vkkA1vkkA 1vkkA 1vkkA

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001