Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1g9oA915.60e-17 1pdr b.36.1.1
1ihjA984.87e-16 1pdr b.36.1.1
1q3oA1099.81e-15   b.36.1.1
1qauA1121.42e-14 1qauA b.36.1.1
1mfgA951.48e-14   b.36.1.1
1r6jA824.40e-12   b.36.1.1
1fc6A3884.49e-08 1fc6A b.36.1.3 c.14.1.2
1fm0E1503.90e-01 1fmaE d.41.5.1
1cliA3454.59e-01 1cliA d.79.4.1 d.139.1.1
1cq3A2338.05e-01 1cq3A b.27.1.1
1jhfA2021.02e+00   a.4.5.2 b.87.1.1
1rz2A2541.22e+00   b.100.1.1
1p99A2951.51e+00   c.94.1.1
1cruA4541.62e+00 1c9uA b.68.2.1
1sw5A2751.79e+00   c.94.1.1
1r62A1602.23e+00   d.122.1.3
1oxxK3533.35e+00   b.40.6.3 c.37.1.12
1k4iA2333.54e+00   d.115.1.2
1d3cA6864.38e+00 1cxlA b.1.18.2 b.3.1.1 b.71.1.1 c.1.8.1
1h3gA6014.94e+00   b.1.18.2 b.71.1.1 c.1.8.1
1csh4354.99e+00 1csh a.103.1.1
1eu1A7806.11e+00 1dmr b.52.2.2 c.81.1.1
1bx4A3456.25e+00 1bx4A c.72.1.1
1kw4A896.54e+00   a.60.1.2
1dg6A1916.79e+00 1d4vB b.22.1.1
1bw31258.11e+00 1bw4 b.52.1.2
1mzbA1368.49e+00   a.4.5.42
1h6kA7578.53e+00   a.118.1.14 a.118.1.14 a.118.1.14
1g7sA5948.75e+00 1g7rA b.43.3.1 b.43.3.1 c.20.1.1 c.37.1.8
1n0qA939.01e+00   k.37.1.1
1tif781.00e+01 1tif d.15.8.1
1fxlA1671.01e+01 1b7fA d.58.7.1 d.58.7.1
1f60A4581.09e+01 1efcA b.43.3.1 b.44.1.1 c.37.1.8
1koe1721.09e+01 1koe d.169.1.5
1eyqA2221.14e+01 1eypA d.36.1.1
1a8y3671.15e+01 1a8y c.47.1.3 c.47.1.3 c.47.1.3
1aky2211.15e+01 1zin c.37.1.1 g.41.2.1
1dxrH2581.16e+01 6prcH b.41.1.1 f.23.10.1
1se8A3011.25e+01   b.40.4.3
1vlaA1501.25e+01   d.227.1.2
1evlA4011.26e+01 1qf6A c.51.1.1 d.104.1.1
1avaC1811.28e+01 1avaC b.42.4.1
1h05A1461.28e+01   c.23.13.1
1gjjA1681.30e+01   a.140.1.1 a.140.1.1
1a8l2261.46e+01 1a8l c.47.1.2 c.47.1.2
1brt2771.48e+01 1brt c.69.1.12
1io0A1851.52e+01   c.10.1.1
1oc7A3641.55e+01   c.6.1.1
1qveA1261.62e+01   d.24.1.1
1ebfA3581.68e+01 1ebuA c.2.1.3 d.81.1.2
1iukA1401.69e+01   c.2.1.8
1fo8A3431.80e+01 1foaA c.68.1.10
1dvoA1521.81e+01 1dvoA a.136.1.1
1nz0A1181.88e+01   d.14.1.2
1i9zA3472.03e+01 1i9yA d.151.1.2
1ci9A3922.10e+01   e.3.1.1
1r6xA3952.18e+01   b.122.1.3 c.26.1.5
1cfzA1622.25e+01 1cfzA c.56.1.1
1dkuA3172.40e+01 1dkuA c.61.1.2 c.61.1.2
1qb7A2362.43e+01 1qb7A c.61.1.1
1syyA3462.43e+01   a.25.1.2
1j24A1432.45e+01   c.52.1.20
1at01452.57e+01 1at0 b.86.1.1
2arcA1642.68e+01 2arcA b.82.4.1
1h70A2552.69e+01 1h70A d.126.1.3
1i4jA1102.72e+01   d.55.1.1
1qw2A1022.78e+01   d.249.1.1
1rrmA3862.82e+01   e.22.1.2
1ek6A3482.84e+01 1xel c.2.1.2
1g3qA2372.89e+01 1hyqA c.37.1.10
1earA1472.97e+01   b.107.1.1 d.58.38.1
1ecfA5043.10e+01 1ecfB c.61.1.1 d.153.1.1
1am21993.12e+01 1am2 b.86.1.2
1fkqA1243.14e+01 3lzt d.2.1.2
1vljA4073.19e+01   e.22.1.2
1qmvA1973.20e+01 1qq2A c.47.1.10
1a2yB1163.32e+01 1gc1H b.1.1.1
4uagA4373.33e+01 4uagA c.5.1.1 c.59.1.1 c.72.2.1
1exbA3323.34e+01 1qrqA c.1.7.1
1oboA1693.34e+01   c.23.5.1
1ji7A893.54e+01   a.60.1.1
1pvmA1843.55e+01   d.37.1.1 d.37.1.1 g.41.13.1
1c3pA3753.68e+01 1c3pA c.42.1.2
1flmA1223.80e+01 1axj b.45.1.1
1p5dX4633.81e+01   c.84.1.1 c.84.1.1 c.84.1.1 d.129.2.1
1nulA1523.84e+01 1nulA c.61.1.1
1h3qA1403.87e+01   d.110.4.3
1obfO3353.90e+01   c.2.1.3 d.81.1.1

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1g5tA1964.08e+01 1g5rA c.37.1.11
1f28A2974.13e+01 1bkpA d.117.1.1
1ne9A3354.17e+01   d.108.1.4 d.108.1.4
1iibA1064.29e+01 1iibA c.44.2.1
1d3vA3234.39e+01 1d3vA c.42.1.1
1augA2154.43e+01 1a2zA c.56.4.1
1zin2174.44e+01 1zin c.37.1.1 g.41.2.1
1rwrA3014.46e+01   b.80.1.11
1nnhA2944.54e+01   d.104.1.1
1fxkC1334.54e+01 1fxkC a.2.5.1
1dysA3484.60e+01 1bvwA c.6.1.1
1oi2A3664.66e+01   c.119.1.2
1gky1874.70e+01 1gky c.37.1.1
1p1jA5334.79e+01   c.2.1.3 d.81.1.3
1mb3A1244.83e+01   c.23.1.1
1fjgK1294.87e+01 1fjfK c.55.4.1
1ctqA1664.97e+01 1ctqA c.37.1.8
1h9oA1125.09e+01 1qadA d.93.1.1
1eh8A2075.12e+01 1sfe a.4.2.1 c.55.7.1
1n4wA5045.13e+01   c.3.1.2 d.16.1.1
1fgkA3105.17e+01 1fgkA d.144.1.7
1pe1A2675.20e+01   c.1.10.4
1t6cA3155.46e+01   c.55.1.8 c.55.1.8
1a8o705.47e+01 1a8o a.28.3.1
1enfA2125.61e+01 3seb b.40.2.2 d.15.6.1
1ghpA2585.63e+01 1btl e.3.1.1
1ga8A3115.74e+01 1ga8A c.68.1.4
1sfdA1055.77e+01   b.6.1.1
1hztA1905.83e+01 1i9aA d.113.1.2
1gtmA4195.96e+01 1hwyA c.2.1.7 c.58.1.1
1cyx2055.96e+01 1cyx b.6.1.2
1gr0A3676.18e+01   c.2.1.3 d.81.1.3
1jykA2546.25e+01   c.68.1.13
1c44A1236.35e+01 1qndA d.106.1.1
1ojhA656.58e+01   a.214.1.1
1ga6A3726.65e+01 1ga1A c.41.1.2
1b65A3756.68e+01 1b65A d.154.1.1
1bwwA1096.73e+01 8fabA b.1.1.1
1hbkA947.08e+01 1aca a.11.1.1
1fr3A677.10e+01 1fr3A b.40.6.1
1byrA1557.14e+01 1byrA d.136.1.1
1st9A1437.15e+01   c.47.1.10
1ccwA1377.38e+01 1be1 c.23.6.1
1dpsA1677.41e+01 1dpsA a.25.1.1
1ceo3437.57e+01 1ceo c.1.8.3
1s5aA1507.67e+01   d.17.4.10
1n62C2887.75e+01   d.87.2.1 d.145.1.3
1a532477.79e+01 1a53 c.1.2.4
1g2hA617.79e+01 1g2hA a.4.1.12
1aj22827.84e+01 1aj2 c.1.21.1
1eu8A4097.87e+01 1eu8A c.94.1.1
1vc4A2547.89e+01   c.1.2.4
1ug6A4318.00e+01   c.1.8.4
1dun1348.10e+01 1dun b.85.4.1
1gmuA1438.15e+01   b.107.1.1 d.58.38.1
1t1vA938.20e+01   c.47.1.14
1f8mA4298.22e+01 1dquA c.1.12.7
1nykA1658.22e+01   b.33.1.1
1a9xA10588.29e+01   a.92.1.1 c.24.1.1 c.30.1.1 c.30.1.1 d.142.1.2 d.142.1.2
1ddgA3748.39e+01 1amoA b.43.4.1 c.25.1.4
1h8eA5108.52e+01 1skyB a.69.1.1 b.49.1.1 c.37.1.11
1eaxA2418.53e+01   b.47.1.2
1hgxA1838.54e+01 1tc1A c.61.1.1
1vybA2388.61e+01   d.151.1.1
1nu4A978.61e+01   d.58.7.1
1b43A3408.67e+01 1a76 a.60.7.1 c.120.1.2
1h5rA2938.80e+01   c.68.1.6
1fp2A3528.80e+01 1fpxA a.4.5.29 c.66.1.12
1fp1D3728.80e+01 1fpqA a.4.5.29 c.66.1.12
1he1A1358.84e+01 1he1A a.24.11.1
1nkiA1358.90e+01   d.32.1.2

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