Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1g9oA911.97e-13 1pdr b.36.1.1
1ihjA989.68e-13 1pdr b.36.1.1
1q3oA1098.61e-12   b.36.1.1
1mfgA958.99e-12   b.36.1.1
1qauA1122.46e-11 1qauA b.36.1.1
1r6jA828.01e-09   b.36.1.1
1fc6A3881.12e-05 1fc6A b.36.1.3 c.14.1.2
1jhfA2024.37e-01   a.4.5.2 b.87.1.1
1cruA4544.67e-01 1c9uA b.68.2.1
1sw5A2757.17e-01   c.94.1.1
1p99A2951.33e+00   c.94.1.1
1fxlA1671.93e+00 1b7fA d.58.7.1 d.58.7.1
1bx4A3452.61e+00 1bx4A c.72.1.1
1a8l2262.74e+00 1a8l c.47.1.2 c.47.1.2
1koe1723.44e+00 1koe d.169.1.5
1se8A3015.39e+00   b.40.4.3
1h3qA1405.60e+00   d.110.4.3
1dg6A1916.74e+00 1d4vB b.22.1.1
1avaC1816.78e+00 1avaC b.42.4.1
1pvmA1846.93e+00   d.37.1.1 d.37.1.1 g.41.13.1
1j24A1437.03e+00   c.52.1.20
1kw4A898.41e+00   a.60.1.2
1gbs1851.06e+01 153l d.2.1.5
1r6xA3951.91e+01   b.122.1.3 c.26.1.5
1tif781.94e+01 1tif d.15.8.1
1obfO3352.02e+01   c.2.1.3 d.81.1.1
1a8y3672.05e+01 1a8y c.47.1.3 c.47.1.3 c.47.1.3
1bo4A1682.19e+01 1bo4A d.108.1.1
1r62A1602.21e+01   d.122.1.3
1ga8A3112.23e+01 1ga8A c.68.1.4
1k4iA2332.30e+01   d.115.1.2
1csh4352.31e+01 1csh a.103.1.1
1dun1342.36e+01 1dun b.85.4.1
1cliA3452.37e+01 1cliA d.79.4.1 d.139.1.1
1eo6A1172.41e+01 1eo6A d.15.1.3
2arcA1642.42e+01 2arcA b.82.4.1
1rz2A2542.43e+01   b.100.1.1
1iukA1402.44e+01   c.2.1.8
1nu4A972.52e+01   d.58.7.1
1jboA1622.54e+01   a.1.1.3
1a532472.59e+01 1a53 c.1.2.4
1ctqA1662.60e+01 1ctqA c.37.1.8
1bw31252.60e+01 1bw4 b.52.1.2
1din2362.69e+01 1din c.69.1.9
1gky1872.72e+01 1gky c.37.1.1
1earA1472.91e+01   b.107.1.1 d.58.38.1
1ga6A3722.99e+01 1ga1A c.41.1.2
1b43A3403.11e+01 1a76 a.60.7.1 c.120.1.2
1n0qA933.11e+01   k.37.1.1
1jy1A4643.14e+01   d.136.1.3 d.136.1.3
1a763263.15e+01 1a76 a.60.7.1 c.120.1.2
1mb3A1243.24e+01   c.23.1.1
1evlA4013.27e+01 1qf6A c.51.1.1 d.104.1.1
1qf8A1823.31e+01 1qf8A g.41.4.1
1p5vB1473.48e+01   b.2.3.2
1h6kZ983.73e+01   d.58.7.1
1exbA3323.73e+01 1qrqA c.1.7.1
1em2A2293.78e+01 1em2A d.129.3.2
1fkqA1243.82e+01 3lzt d.2.1.2
1at01453.92e+01 1at0 b.86.1.1
1hztA1904.04e+01 1i9aA d.113.1.2
1fadA994.06e+01 1fadA a.77.1.2
1ddgA3744.08e+01 1amoA b.43.4.1 c.25.1.4
1vlaA1504.19e+01   d.227.1.2
1g9gA6294.19e+01   a.102.1.2
1fo8A3434.21e+01 1foaA c.68.1.10
1oflA4814.22e+01   b.80.1.4
1a6cA5134.23e+01 1a6cA b.121.4.2 b.121.4.2 b.121.4.2
1dqtA1174.29e+01 1ah1 b.1.1.1
1tqjA2304.30e+01   c.1.2.2
1ne9A3354.42e+01   d.108.1.4 d.108.1.4
1eh8A2074.43e+01 1sfe a.4.2.1 c.55.7.1
1b35C2824.43e+01 1b35C
1vkeA1334.48e+01   a.152.1.2
1oboA1694.60e+01   c.23.5.1
1s29A924.65e+01   a.4.5.46
1r7jA954.68e+01   a.4.5.49
1i4uA1814.88e+01   b.60.1.1
1qw2A1024.89e+01   d.249.1.1
1ej2A1814.90e+01 1f9aA c.26.1.3
1c7kA1324.90e+01 1kuh d.92.1.1
1kicA3394.93e+01   c.70.1.1
1fm0E1505.25e+01 1fmaE d.41.5.1
1ogiA3035.37e+01   b.43.4.2 c.25.1.1
1gca3095.45e+01 1gca c.93.1.1
1rk6A4965.45e+01   b.92.1.6 b.92.1.6 c.1.9.11
1kgsA2255.48e+01   a.4.6.1 c.23.1.1
1dvoA1525.51e+01 1dvoA a.136.1.1
1h6kA7575.55e+01   a.118.1.14 a.118.1.14 a.118.1.14
1vmeA4105.56e+01   c.23.5.1 d.157.1.3

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1nulA1525.57e+01 1nulA c.61.1.1
1hb6A865.57e+01   a.11.1.1
1nepA1305.63e+01   b.1.18.7
1s5uA1385.69e+01   d.38.1.1
1mk4A1575.69e+01   d.108.1.1
1b8dA1645.72e+01 1cpcA a.1.1.3
1dabA5395.98e+01 1dabA b.80.1.7
1nvmA3456.12e+01   a.5.7.1 c.1.10.5
1cfzA1626.27e+01 1cfzA c.56.1.1
1g8sA2306.28e+01   c.66.1.3
1fjgQ1056.36e+01 1fjfQ b.40.4.5
1byrA1556.49e+01 1byrA d.136.1.1
1g3qA2376.54e+01 1hyqA c.37.1.10
1h05A1466.65e+01   c.23.13.1
1ow4A1296.71e+01   a.39.2.1
1gp0A1436.74e+01   b.64.1.1
1ockA4126.83e+01   c.117.1.1
1ok7A3666.83e+01   d.131.1.1 d.131.1.1 d.131.1.1
1gr0A3677.08e+01   c.2.1.3 d.81.1.3
1fk5A937.23e+01 1rzl a.52.1.1
1nf9A2077.24e+01   c.33.1.3
1rwzA2457.26e+01   d.131.1.2 d.131.1.2
1nlqA1087.33e+01   b.121.3.1
1ucrA787.52e+01   a.4.5.45
1fxkC1337.59e+01 1fxkC a.2.5.1
1bdb2777.67e+01 1bdb c.2.1.2
1bby697.69e+01 2bby a.4.5.15
1suuA3127.83e+01   b.68.10.1
1km4A2477.90e+01   c.1.2.3
1hfoA1137.91e+01   d.80.1.3
1rwhA7577.92e+01   a.102.3.2 b.24.1.1 b.30.5.2
1usgA3467.99e+01   c.93.1.1
1acf1258.11e+01 3nul d.110.1.1
1hkfA1228.17e+01   b.1.1.1
1fpzA2128.17e+01 1fpzA c.45.1.1
1ne2A2008.25e+01   c.66.1.32
1zin2178.31e+01 1zin c.37.1.1 g.41.2.1
1dpe5078.37e+01 1dpe c.94.1.1
1gqaA1308.38e+01   a.24.3.2
1h2eA2078.44e+01   c.60.1.1
1dlwA1168.51e+01 1dlyA a.1.1.1
1o3uA1358.51e+01   a.24.16.3
1fseA748.64e+01 1fseA a.4.6.2
2nlrA2348.66e+01 2nlrA b.29.1.11
1qmvA1978.68e+01 1qq2A c.47.1.10
1fhoA1198.80e+01 1fhoA b.55.1.1
1k7iA4798.81e+01   b.80.7.1 d.92.1.6
1augA2158.97e+01 1a2zA c.56.4.1

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001