Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1b0b1426.91e-01 2fal a.1.1.2
1josA1281.34e+00   d.52.7.1
1e9gA2862.30e+00 1wgjA b.40.5.1
1iomA3772.70e+00   a.103.1.1
1qopB3963.13e+00 2tysB c.79.1.1
1a8y3673.15e+00 1a8y c.47.1.3 c.47.1.3 c.47.1.3
1pbjA1253.25e+00   d.37.1.1 d.37.1.1
1hh8A2134.45e+00 1e96B a.118.8.1
1dk0A1884.55e+00 1b2vA d.35.1.1
1mla3094.74e+00 1mla c.19.1.1 d.58.23.1
1k3yA2215.86e+00   a.45.1.1 c.47.1.5
1k6iA3525.90e+00   c.2.1.2
1l9lA746.27e+00   a.64.1.1
1it2A1466.70e+00   a.1.1.2
1fs7A4856.99e+00 1qdbA a.138.1.3
1s9rA4107.02e+00   d.126.1.4
1a32887.16e+00 1a32 a.16.1.2
1rjdA3347.34e+00   c.66.1.37
1hw1A2398.34e+00 1e2xA a.4.5.6 a.78.1.1
1g5aA6288.36e+00   b.71.1.1 c.1.8.1
1rrmA3861.01e+01   e.22.1.2
1a6m1511.05e+01 1a6m a.1.1.2
1ikpA6131.05e+01   b.29.1.7 d.166.1.1 f.1.5.1
1eaqA1401.07e+01   b.2.5.6
1alvA1731.07e+01 1alvA a.39.1.8
1oneA4361.15e+01 4enl c.1.11.1 d.54.1.1
1b4pA2171.15e+01   a.45.1.1 c.47.1.5
1dc1A3231.20e+01 1dc1A c.52.1.11
1f7lA1211.42e+01 1f7lA d.150.1.2
1dlwA1161.53e+01 1dlyA a.1.1.1
1mba1471.54e+01 2fal a.1.1.2
1psrA1001.58e+01 1psrA a.39.1.2
1qo7A3941.74e+01 1qo7A c.69.1.11
1moq3682.12e+01 1moq c.80.1.1
1as4B372.19e+01 1as4B
1hxiA1212.25e+01 1hxiA a.118.8.1
1eazA1252.27e+01   b.55.1.1
1n08A1632.27e+01   b.43.5.1
1mtyG1622.29e+01 1mtyG a.23.3.1
1d3vA3232.41e+01 1d3vA c.42.1.1
1b4fA822.53e+01 1b4fA a.60.1.2
1llfA5342.55e+01   c.69.1.17
1on2A1422.61e+01   a.4.5.24 a.76.1.1
1pjxA3142.83e+01   b.68.6.1
1dowA2053.13e+01 1dovA a.24.9.1
1k94A1653.61e+01   a.39.1.8
1r1tA1223.73e+01   a.4.5.5
1ek6A3483.79e+01 1xel c.2.1.2
1d2vC4663.81e+01 1mhlC
1no5A1143.83e+01   d.218.1.5
1kqpA2713.91e+01   c.26.2.1
1mgtA1743.94e+01 1mgtA a.4.2.1 c.55.7.1
1nxuA3334.06e+01   c.122.1.1
1i4uA1814.18e+01   b.60.1.1
1gs9A1654.27e+01   a.24.1.1
1hz4A3734.30e+01   a.118.8.2
1kgsA2254.33e+01   a.4.6.1 c.23.1.1
1nwwA1494.49e+01   d.17.4.8
1kicA3394.76e+01   c.70.1.1
1qgvA1424.85e+01 1qgvA c.47.1.8
1nkd654.90e+01 1nkd a.30.1.1
16vpA3664.97e+01 16vpA d.180.1.1
1aquA2975.05e+01 1aquA c.37.1.5
1q92A1975.06e+01   c.108.1.8
1p6oA1615.08e+01   c.97.1.2
1m6kA2515.18e+01   e.3.1.1
1pwxA2545.21e+01   c.2.1.2
1qnrA3445.44e+01 1qnoA c.1.8.3
1orc715.45e+01 1orc a.35.1.2
1nofA3835.53e+01   b.71.1.2 c.1.8.3
1brt2775.53e+01 1brt c.69.1.12
1bkrA1095.54e+01 1bkrA a.40.1.1
1p5zB2635.78e+01   c.37.1.1
1oaiA595.89e+01   a.5.2.3
1b5eA2465.99e+01 1b5eA d.117.1.1
1oxjA1736.18e+01   a.60.1.2 a.118.1.13
1odmA3316.71e+01   b.82.2.1
1go3F1076.89e+01   a.60.8.2
1ezwA3496.99e+01 1ezwA c.1.16.3
1e7wA2917.03e+01   c.2.1.2
1p4oA3227.12e+01   d.144.1.7
1fvkA1897.40e+01 1fvkA c.47.1.13
1g61A2287.55e+01 1g61A d.126.1.1
1sc3A1787.65e+01   c.17.1.1
1b3uA5887.65e+01 1b3uA a.118.1.2
1gk9A2607.80e+01   d.153.1.2
1oz2A3317.85e+01   b.34.9.3 b.34.9.3 b.34.9.3
1eexG1737.94e+01 1dioG a.23.2.1
1amx1808.02e+01 1amx b.2.3.1
1ajsA4128.10e+01 1ajsA c.67.1.1
1p3dA4758.29e+01   c.5.1.1 c.59.1.1 c.72.2.1
1ornA2268.30e+01   a.96.1.1

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1akhA618.34e+01 1akhA a.4.1.1
1lniA968.44e+01   d.1.1.2
1q0pA2238.44e+01   c.62.1.1
1jiwI1068.46e+01 1smpI b.61.2.1
1ok7A3668.48e+01   d.131.1.1 d.131.1.1 d.131.1.1
1r5rA1198.57e+01   a.39.2.1
1in6A3348.68e+01 1hqcA a.4.5.11 c.37.1.20
1ayaA1018.69e+01 1qadA d.93.1.1
1jtvA3278.81e+01   c.2.1.2
1kzfA2308.85e+01   d.108.1.3
1e1hA2878.86e+01   d.92.1.7
1odzA3868.98e+01   c.1.8.3

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001